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06/07/2006 12:26 PM

The style and feel of the RPG is something like Naruto.

Heres the backstory ( this was the original RPG i did with a group on newgrounds)

Long ago, in feudal Japan, two boys trained under a master by the name of Hotomo Nyru. Nyru's skills were famed to be miraculous. The two boys went by the names of Tamen and Ryu. Ryu was the older, and stronger of the two. The other, Tamen, didnt really care for the techniques he was being taught, it was shadow, but Tamen always had a weird tie to nature. So thus Ryu was skilled in shadow and Tamen was skilled in nature. At the age of 16 and 18, they left they're master and planned to make some thing of their lives. They separated for 4 years...

*4 years later*

Ryu is traveling down a road while Ratagi (another character)is about a mile ahead . They fight, Ratagi strikes out thinking hes a thief, he speeds off. As Ratagi countinues to the next two, it hits him! Ryu shot him with a knockout dart. Ratagi passes out. Meanwhile Ryu is watching him, he miraculously spots Tamen! They greet each other and Ryu asks Tamen for help with Ratagi. They bring him to a village. Ratagi sleeps. Meanwhile Tamen and Ryu ask around for their old master, this is their old village!

They come across an old man, and he tells them a terrible story!

" Well, it was three years ago, Nyru was a great tresure hunter. he came across somthing one day. A sword,of great power. Forged of hellfire and wrought from the bones of demons. He fell under the spell of the blade. He drove himself into suclusion. There, he slowly lost his sanity. Then the massacre... 104 people were slain in under one minute! My wife was one of them."

Ryu: " and the name of the sword?"

" well we all know the name. It is of course, The Hellfire Bl..."

Tamen& Ryu: ...ade


Ratagi awakes...

Ratagi: "What the hell!? let me outta here!"

*Ryu and Tamen rush back*

Ryu: calm down

Ratagi: How can i be calm!? im tied down!

Ryu: its ok.. *ryu tells the story of what's happened to Ratagi*

Ratagi: wow

Tamen: yeah, its bad

Ratagi: Well, im willing to help!

Tamen& Ryu: ok!

and so they decided to go out and find out the whole story of what happened to Hotomo Nyru. But first they wanted a little aid.

Ratagi: Ok! we're going out on a great journey! Some of you may die. Some of you may gain fame and fortune! So... does anyone wanna come with?

Thanks and hope to make a good Rpg with you all!!!

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