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06/02/2006 3:49 PM

Well, its obvious what the world is going to be but I am wondering what side I should go towards. I am not going to have that the rpers can pick either the horde or the alliance cause when the players meet and battle in an RP it never works out cause neither one dies or wants to give up playing so it keeps going on and on. So I am only going to have players on one side. But I am wondering what side should we have Alliance or Horde? I am just wondering for anyone interested what we should be. I prefer Alliance a bit over Horde but either is fine with me. We are using the races from World of Warcraft. For those who do not know what the races are I will post them and also the classes they may use.

Humans: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Priest, Warlock, Paladin
Dwarf: Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Mage, Rogue, Paladin
Gnome: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Warlock
Night Elf: Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Rogue, Druid

Orc: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Warlock, Shaman
Troll: Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Priest, Shaman
Tauren: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Druid
Undead: Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock

To check on the races, class abilities and others check on http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/
I would personally like Warcraft players to be part of this so they know what to know about. Especially since if non-warcraft players will join without checking the races online then they will probably mess up with the idea of a troll. In this they are slim, and quick. In other RP's and stories they are usually(from what I see) known as large, and clumsy.

On a final note I was wondering if you guys would like for me to put the races from the Burning Crusade expansion set; the Draenei(Alliance) and the Blood Elves(Horde). If so I will need everyone to look them up and know what they are. For they will need to know where the races inhabit and such. Also, most of the classes will be thought of. The only ones I am sure of are the ones below.

Draenei: Warrior, Paladin
Blood Elves: Warrior, Mage

06/02/2006 11:24 PM

judging by what you've said it appears as if the rp is going to be focused entirely on the fight between the horde and alliance, sounds fine to me but is there anything else we should expect? like the main threat being arthas and the parts of the undead he controls or something? (sorry if im confused or got something wrong, i did war3 & TFT but i never did WoW or the original warcraft, nor did i read the books)

another question, would this just be another random war between the alliance and horde or would there be some new factor? all sounds tight to me but i was thinking that if the fight wasnt just between the alliance and horde, that something new has happened then you wouldnt have to pick between the two at all considering they would surely join forces against this new threat for the greater good for all, im probably interested either way but im a tad curious.

06/03/2006 2:19 PM

Well there is a certain storyline but the fact is that even though the races banded together against Archimonde during number 3 ties between most races are still not good. The entire alliance is against the undead and the orcs and trolls still don't trust the humans. The only race that could really be easily seen as such would be the Tauren. But since the horde has the undead as one of its allies none of the other alliance races would dare help them in any way(especially night elves). I just don't want people picking both sides because even in the beginning if they meet they will fight since they won't know the grand scheme of things going on so they will keep the battle going on forever with no one losing. Also, there are a couple races that will have to change sides and outlook on races throughout it. Also, yes Arthas is going to be part of it but there is much more. Unless you guys truly want to pick both sides then that is okay. I can always just make the storyline move around it. Just no picking already made characters like Thrall, Jaina, Tyrande or anything of the sort.

06/06/2006 5:40 PM

This seems interesting. I am a bit of a fan of Warcraft, and it seems to be picking up somewhere around World of Warcraft, correct? You can fit the Burning Crusade in if you want, but it might make the world a bit overly advanced for those not familiar with the origins of Outworld of such.

But if you can explain this, and think you can keep the players interested with including the Burning Crusade, by all means, I'd love to give it a shot. I also see what you mean about having no real PvP action in it, I can see people giving themselves immortality that way. Appears to be a good idea, I hope to see it into an RP soon!

06/07/2006 6:26 PM

Well I think I am not going to put in the Burning Crusade. Too much complication and I would have to change around the storyline I am hoping to center it around quite a bit. But none the less I will try and work on it. We can go with picking any race. Just make sure no player vs. player battles. I want to keep them completely out of this. Other than that I just want to see others interested before I start to make the storyline. I know what it is to be about and the overall things happening I just need to set it up to be realistic with the world and characters. So once a person or two is interested in it as well then I will start. Any suggestions for it is fine.

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