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05/29/2006 6:01 PM

It has been a year since the last stand occured, and xaviers school is a mysterious place. Things begin to be different, signs show that scott is alive, Logan is hearing Jean over and over. Things do not seem at all in place. Storm and Beast are working hard to figaure out whats going on. Is magneto back? Is the brotherhood evolving? The war is not over, it has only begun.

07/05/2006 9:11 AM

The sun is setting down slowlly.Soft evening breezing carries a scent sorrow of those who has the ones that cared about once.After the last stand many died, and much more got hurt.It's not secret that a rumors running across the world....a new generation of mutants are comming.What destinyv is waiting for them is this ruined world.?

A slight moan of a pain cand be heared from somewhere all of sudden.Theres a young womoan laying on the ground seemed to be hurt.Some spear is stabed into her stomuch and she is bleeding.The girl with still long blondy and silky hair that are swaying in a wind.Her deep blue vivid and rather captivating eyes are opening slightlly.On her angelic face can be seen expression of a pain cleary.

She looks at her stomach slowlly and carefull pulls out a spear from it tossing it abit away, with short and slight yell.Slowlly wincing she stnds up and looks around.No ones there.She sighs some and begins to wonder looking for some help.She still has a little hope to be found and saved. Serenity would use her healing powers, but there left so little energy that useing it she'd only die sooner.

Not much there left anything from her clothes, body is dirty, but still can be seen a divine beauty through dusts and dirt.Barelly anyone could resist to it.But she even doesn't cares bout it any more.She only wnts to survive somehow.But how?If she won't find any help.

All of sudden she remember professor Xavier...she thinks he might be the only her hope and chance to be saved.Knowing that he has telepathic powers, Serenity trys to connect to him by useing her mind.A faing signal of help flying to Xaviers mind." Proffesor?...Proffesor Xavsier....if you here me....please...help me....i do badlly need....help...". The signal is fainting.....for Serenity loosing much blood cause of her wound, but she still keeps on trying, maybe he will hear her.Who knows." Proffesor...please..."She looks around and finds a few trees.Walks towards them and sits down wincing and holding onto her stomuch slightlly.Trying not to pass out.Thought is very hard.Energy is slowlly fainting, her life is slipping away, eyes are already half closed down.She only now can wait and pray to the gods that Xavier heared her and wil come to her...

07/05/2006 11:27 AM

OCC: Sorry Tris, but this RP is closed. We are running an RP called Civilian Chapters if you want to join that one, its part 2. So once again im sorry, and by the way check your spelling, a good Roleplayer knows how to spell and avoids bad grammer. So come to Civilian Chapters part 2 if you want, but X-men is closed.

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