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05/28/2006 3:55 PM

*Looking back, a woman in a fitting, dark green cloak walks through the forest. The hood over her head hides the details of her face all but her white cheeks and lips. Her hands grip the slightly faience bordered edge of her cloak in front of her, and hold it tight; making sure it is snug around her neck and body. The cloak is looser around her feet, keeping a small sway while she walks through the forest. Gold embroidery on the bottom holds details for flowers, making the dressing slightly classy.*

*Looking back the path she came, searching for a friend, her brown eyes peek out of the dark shadows of her hood. Maybe friend wasn't the best word to describe his relationship with her, but then again acquaintances don't spend so much time following you. The sun had set a few hours before now, but he was no where in sight. She wasn't sure if she should have been relived or worried, but for now she would enjoy the peace of the wilderness.*

*Spring had began to touch through the small bits of snow, as if to blow the rest away would leave a bed of flowers. So tempting was the thought that the lady began to toy with the wind around her using a push of magic. Spiraling it up around her form, she relaxed to the crisp air and what scents of the wilderness pass her. A few strands of hair got caught in this wind and moved before her face in a long, brown wave. As soon as this became apparent, she nervously tucked the hairs back in. Not only hair did she look for while her hands checked the collar of her cloak, her small heart beating at a high rate than usual. With her heart being so small due to her race, its pumps were at the speed of a normal, relaxed humans now. When assured that nothing showed, she took a sigh of relief and looked for any signs of others around.*

*Traveling was one of her favorite hobbies, as if new places to go called for her and pulled with unseen forces. Scooping up some pure snow, her other hand fumbled with a pouch inside her cloak. Taking care not to let anything under the cloak be seen, she drew out her hand with some herbs grasped in her palm, and held it above the icy ball. Pulling magic from the inside of herself and making it flow to her cold hand, the ball of ice lifted, held by compacted air. Using the elements, she began to pull the cold out of the ice and push fire into it. Soon, the ice melted and began to boil while she crumbled the herbs above the bubbling sphere. Sprinkling down in a fine powered, the water took a deeper color of chartreuse.*

*The sphere began to cool down to liquid warm while mixing itself in the air, the flow of magic being pressed through her into the ball with ease. Placing a hand on nearby oak and keeping her eyes on the water, her finger brushed up its bark and drew away like one would motion for a loved one to move closer. More magic, and that which she was most skilled with brought a leaf from the tree and it reached out for her hand. It grew large for a single leaf, and she bowled it up and folded its wedges while she plucked it from the trunk. Holding this makeshift bowl out below the water, it plopped down without a sound. Satisfied, the woman leaned against the tree while sipping at her warm drink. Cider it was not, but the sweetness would give her strength just the same. Natural sugars were a must for her body, and without a nice supply life wouldn't last long.*

*Even though she rested most of the sunlight away, she was not nocturnal. Doing so was easier for her friend, who strictly was. Ever time the sun was close to rise, he would leave her only to come again after sun set. She did it again -- thought of him as a friend... and repressed a sigh. Friendships were so easy before, just be nice and yourself. Before her friends were nice, she could still remember them all. Yet most of them left, called to things of importance or an adventure just the same. Was she leaving her old friends for the same reason so many had her? She checked her neck line again for strands of hair and other things, deep in thought. This time, she would be just as friendly yet not call one a friend as easily, and with that she sipped again at her drink.*

*What if trying to follow her had driven him insane? She had heard traveling can do that to people. He never did talk much, maybe he was. She started to tremble, and hugged her cloak closer with her free hand. She looked up at the tree above her, and took her hand into her cloak while she pondered. Her eyes looked over the plants; some she had taken closes looks at before out of curiosity. Nothing here was much of what she hopped for; these plants didn't glow. She finished off her drink, worrying about her friend, missing those at home, and still wondering what to do now. Time in these had been grand; she'd never forget what she had learned about the wilderness here. Dragon Court was her main land, and having a break from there for over six months was more than she needed; now she found just how much she missed everyone. She was after all, a Titan, not by birth, but still she missed her clan mates. The leaf that once held the cider crumbled to dirt in her hands, and fell to the ground before she stood.*

*She dusted her hands off by rubbing them together, and wondered what memories she would acquire here. So far, it wasn't to good seeing as her friend was missing, and she was paranoid enough to hide. Why am I so frightened? she asked herself. Maybe it was because she was alone, though with travel she always was. Normally she'd slip into a state of higher alertness and simply take her mind off of worries by looking at the plants. This time, her fears weren't so much for herself. Her friend was out there, he could be hurt. Why wasn't he with her by now? And darn it, not a friend. Her hands were rubbing up and down arms, more for comfort than warmth. She didn't have any friends here, and wondered if the people she would run into would be even close to friends. She hugged her cloak tighter around herself, hiding in its green folds.*

*Looking to the north, she thought of heading back, stay at the tavern for a while, or at least until she could find her acquaintance. Maybe just a ways wouldn't hurt; she didn't have anything else to carry other than that light pouch on her hip. Some day, she'd have to learn to use a real weapon; all this traveling is putting her in danger. What if something popped out and killed her? What would her friends say if they knew she was in danger? She pulled the cloak tighter, hoping to disappear in it and be safe. A weapon -- why would she ever find the need for such a thing? She had her magic. But she needed it to cut open anything that attacked her, magic runs out, a blade can keep slicing.*

*She felt as if she'd loose her stomach, but managed to hold it down. Why would she think these horrible things? She would never have to hurt someone, or something for that matter, unless she was positive it was a must and that the person had a reason that was truly wrong or crazy. Defense was the only skill she had ever seeked to train, well, until she posed that flyer for another trainer; hopefully it would not be like the last in that spooky fortress. Ominous, the name of her elemental magic trainer, taught her in that layer of a necromancer, and she still shivered from it. When she noticed just how much her teeth were chattering, she forced herself to be still.*

*That was it, she had to go back to the tavern. Maybe the people were right; she'd go nuts with time if she didn't have company. She did not want to hurt people, never before had she even thought of such a thing. She headed back the way she came, her hood hiding her features. This time, she'd stay on the trail, getting back as quickly as possible. If people saw her, well she'd just keep herself concealed in her cloak. She has yet to let anyone here see what makes her so different, those few vital abnormalities. It would be a bit of a trip, but she was up for it. Her rest was well, and so she could travel for quite some time. On the trail, she was headed for Pravize, to the north, back to the tavern and hopefully, her friend.*

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05/30/2006 12:19 AM

..:: Walking the forest, a pale man, or by age of body boy, dressed in a black kjortel with golden and green embroidery on the trimming steps over fallen branches. His black and short hair was a bit messy from the travel, but after running his hands through it a few times it was within his satisfaction. These forest travels were becoming more casual for him, after all; the woman he has chased ever since his first encounter happened to go out much. She always was a strange lass, being paranoid of nearly everything. He did not really like her; she was overly kind to everyone -- even those she was afraid of. Though she was naive and annoying, he was willing to travel the worlds if it gave him that chance for which he craved so deeply. ::..

..:: He thought of his time at their last, and first stop together. That inn was odd, and they had stayed there for several weeks just to try and have someone train her. Well, mostly she stayed. He stepped around a large, dead branch in the moonlight while he wondered; he knew she was in this direction, or headed this way. Either he would run into her, or the other way around. He didn't really care which, and so was taking his time. Back in the EchoSphere, he gave himself an oath that time would be nothing but what it was; something that was in the way of his goal, but that could only fade. ::..

..:: Life, for him, was like walking on a red sheet of velvet made of coals. How you stroked velvet decided how pleasurable the sensation was, and that was just as life in the sense that you had to do as the other influences wanted to be happy. Just like his old master, but he would only punish you for going against him and not have any rewards if you did as he expected. Having your steps be on velvet left others feeling like there was something special about you and that you looked as if life is wonderful. This was shown with the grace and control of his body with every step he took. No matter what people saw, he would always suffer the entrapment of his young body. The hidden coals though& that was the lust; blood and that of any man, but without further development there would be no way for him to get all he wanted, all he needed. He would be left for eternal suffering to walk on the red velvet of coals. Youth, being his curse. ::..

..:: Still, there was blood, and that would have to be enough. The Amentan, that girl he has been chasing, her juice of life was like no other. Ever sense the day he met her he could not take the sent of her blood out of his mind; it was so attractive with its promised flavor. He grinned, laughing at himself silently about how the thought of blood took him away from what he was trying to ponder. The inn, of course, that was it. He left her before the day, going to rest away from the light of the sun. He feed on special wines and even paid the vixens for a drink at the times he was there; he was doing his best to be a good boy and not attack the poor little people on the streets at night. Though having a twelve year old male walk into a room with a coin of gold and a woman at his hands did give him a bad reputation with a few folks. ::..

..:: Never sense the time he was locked in the cave a hundred years ago did he take an unwilling meal other than animals, and so he was trying to be more of a citizen or commoner in places. Though of course, people did at times recognize him, when that happened his pray, the girl that thought she saved him once, was always there to stand up for him. Pray she was, he wanted her, badly, but his oath would have him make her willing first. An interruption once stopped him from taking her in trance, and though at the time he cursed the child that walked into their room, now he was content that he did not feed off of her and risk it. He would not have it as just eat and have that be it; he wanted to enjoy her for the rest of her life. That was why he had to make her or anyone else willing, and why accepted that he would have to go by the laws; so he could have his wish. ::..

..:: This new place though, he hadn't yet learned everything, but figured it would be much like the last couple. Mostly, he stayed away from others as to not have a single chance at breaking his oath. The forest was quiet other than the chirping of insects, the soft steps his feet had on the ground, and the distant sound of civilization. His black eyes were watching for any movement, from up in the branches and all around. He wouldn't have her sneak up on him again. When the forest cleared and the sounds of laughter grew louder, he knew he was back at Pravize. The city was well populated, but at this time of night not to many people were on the streets, but the laughter and most of the light came from one set of windows -- the tavern. He put on a grin before heading in and walking through the double doors, trying not to attract attention as he walked to the rooms of the working ladies. For a gold coin, they would always let him lock himself in one of their pitch black rooms for a day after a serves. Tomorrow night, he would look for zip again. ::..

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07/08/2006 10:05 PM

*There was the sound of a town ahead, only a lot louder than it should have been for the distance she still had to go. She remembered that Pravize was still a bit away, but the noise of the city was so loud. There was a lot of banging; she could hear the hammers on mettle. Even the sounds of the forest were masked by all the shuffle of mettle. zip could feel her heart pounding more slowly, something that sometimes happened when she wanted to hide.*

*She closed her eyes, trying to block the sound of the city out of her mind for a bit longer. She wondered for a brief moment what they may be doing. Then, a soft chirping came to her ears. The sound was so pleasant, so peaceful; it was nice to hear nature again instead of the rustle of man. The chirping became more rhythmical as she could hear it more distinctly. There were three sets of chirps, a pause, and then another giggle of thee notes. There was something special about the song, zip could feel her worry leaving her and a small smile forming on her face.*

*As her focus grew, the song grew more delicate, each course gentler. She wondered if she was the only one able to hear such a song. Then she heard it. With each pause, the wind brought a whisper back -- a tiny mumble of a tone. Putting all of her thought into it, she could hear that it was a reply, the same song being given back. She was amazed at how the birds had all their focus on their notes, and the response. It was beautiful how the birds would listen over the racket, to sing to each other. Even the distance didn't keep the two love birds from trying to word their music. There was nothing more beautiful than what zip was hearing now.*

*Soon though, zip had to pull her attention back to the world around her. The sound of the city was right back on her, and with a sigh she continued her walk through the last of the forest. Just when there was only enough trees to block her from the view of anyone in the city, she ran her hands around the neck line of her cloak, searching to make sure every abnormality was hidden well out of sight. Her eyes peeked up one more time; she could see just how much shuffling everyone was doing in their rush to run around. Feet flowed through the dirt roads, children trying to rush between them. Carts lead by mules and horses parted people, pushing through with heavy loads.*

*A piercing noise then took the air, a scream from what was sure to be a younger person. All the relaxation zip gathered moments before seam to slip away, she was once again in a cold state. The shouts of an older woman followed right away, and through the moving and armored legs zip saw a lady hunched over a young boy. People walked by unnoticing the pain of the child, other than a few who only watched. zip quickly pushed her way between all of the men in steel and horses to crouch on the other side of the boy. The woman was sobbing uncontrollably, not even seeing zip. With the gentlest of a touch, zip hesitantly tapped the woman on her shoulder.*

*Only after another, firmer poke did the woman look up. zip spoke up before the lady could be frightened by the stranger, using the most caring and sympathetic voice she could. "Excuse me, but would you like some help?" She paused, suddenly seeing how challenging this might be. If she did all she could--as a good person do when someone is hurt--she might give herself away. zip didn't care, she wanted to help the boy. Looking over the child, she saw that his leg was broken. Splintered bone pierced his skin, his femur in the worst state it could be. Looking around, zip reasoned that the child might have been trampled, maybe by one of the many rushing horses.*

*Then zip realized that the lady was trying to talk to her, and zip quickly gave her attention. The woman motioned to pick up the child, and with care, zip lifted the boy. He was a bit heavy, but not too much. zip made sure to hold the child so his leg didn' bother him while the lady pulled her ahead by her arm. The woman's eyes did not leave her screaming boy. zip wanted to do more, she had a potion someone showed her how to make out of a poppy that would work as a sedative, but she couldn't get to it with the woman pulling her and her other arm trying to support the boy. Soon the woman led her into another home, a rather small one on the edge of town. There were less armored people here.*

*Inside, the windowless room was dark other than a round hearth with burning logs. The smoke went up through a hole in the tapered roof. To the right, there was an elbow high table, a few stains of blood darkening the wood. Everything was going so fast, zip didn't know what to do and in the confusion she had even lost her since of direction. A tap on her own shoulder turned her head, zip was to shaken to be startled. "Please, lay the boy down so I might get a look at him." spoke the man who had touched her in a gentle yet deep voice. Quickly doing as he said, zip stepped out of the way and quietly watched as he wrapped the boy's leg to slow the bleeding. She wished she could help the boy, and mindlessly slipped her fingers into her pouch to stroke the vale of tonic. The man in plain, hoodless brown robes looked over a shelf. After a moment, he turned to the lady, his expression both sympathetic and remorseful. "I'm sorry, but I'm out of poppy, and so can not dull the pain before the healing."*

*zip straightened, and quickly pulled the vial out. Under her cloak, the pouch closed on its own. Holding it out to the man just enough so that he could reach it but not expose her abnormalities. It took her a moment to gather the will to speak, she didn't want to interrupt and prevent the child from getting help. "This analgesic should help; its main component is the dissected leaves of the Eschscholtzia californiaca." The man played a quick smile before grabbing the small bottle and popping the stopper. He held it up to the light of the fire, the lady trying to comfort her child who could now only sob lightly. Instead of feeding it to the child, to zip's surprise, he poured it into a strainer held over the flames. Most of it drained right into the fire, making the flames spark and rise. The man's face glowed with the flames as he rushed to his task.*

*The man motioned over his shoulder as he scooped up the thick paste still in the strainer. "Grab the mortar and pestle there, on the shelf, if you wouldn't mind." She got them quickly, watching the man grind the wet flower bits in the weird bowl. When he finished, he added other powders and liquids to the mortar. With every thing he did, he explained to zip's curious eyes of what everything was and why he used it. zip only wished he'd focus on his work, but when she tried to say so, he insisted that talking of things helped him concentrate. Seeing as it was for the best, zip listened closely, putting things to memorization and fetching things when she could.*

*Holding the boy's head up in her hands when the man motioned to, zip watched along with the mother as he lifted the bowl to the boy's lips, going slowly and pausing so the child could swallow. As soon as he finished, he gently yet securely tied the boy's wrists and good ankle to the table. He looked up to the still panic faced mother, "I don't want him to hurt himself more than he is," trying to explain why he would do something that seams so inhumane to a child. The man unwrapped the now red cloth off of the boy's leg, zip standing on the other side of the blood stained table when he glanced at her and pointed to the spot. The child didn't stir, hid open eyes white while he looked up into his head; zip reasoned that he was unconscious.*

*zip was surprised to see the man hover his hands over the boy's splintered leg. Slowly, the shards of bone moved down into the small leg, glancing up she could see pain take every feature of the robed man's face. The child's once still arms convulsed, the mother was crying just as loud as the boy did moments ago. zip had no idea what to do, the man was sweating, making whiter lines down his soot masked face and dripping off of his chin like tears. The boy's muscle stretched back over the now whole bone, followed by skin. Even the scar faded away.*

*It was obvious that the man was exhausted; his hands were flat on the table holding himself up while he fought to catch his breath. Without looking up at the lady, he motioned with an open hand to the bindings, and spoke as he turned toward the back door, "He'll sleep for the day, and see to it that he drinks well." The woman quickly scooped up her child, and watched with zip as he ducked to go through the short door, looking back again. "Please put a silver in the mantle and be on your way. If you don't trust the child's health, however, for another you and the boy can stay the night in the back room, down this hall to the right. If he does need to be aided again, it will cost one more silver." The woman's eyes widened, "I have no money."*

*Just as the man was about to walk back into the room with them, zip pulled out two silvers and put them in the bowl, she didn't mind paying for it. The woman smiled her thanks and scurried out to watch her boy before zip could take back her payment. The man smirked for a moment. "Could I use the room for the night?" zip asked; she wasn't sure if he would let her. After all, she didn't need any healings. The inns here, or rather the people in them, made her feel uneasy. The man looked her over, his eyes taking off her cloak in his mind; but not like the men at the tavern.*

*He was checking for weapons, so zip didn't get that insecure feeling. The cloak was a bit looser from her movements trying to help, but still snug enough for it to be seen that there weren't any weapons, at least not any that he could see. zip knew she was unarmed, but didn't say so. "Of course," he winked before leaving to his own room. zip planned on locking her door and blocking it so none could come in, even with a key. The room was small, but a dresser worked fine to block the door. The bed was dusty, but it would be fine. She laid her cloak over herself, and quickly fell to sleep; her last thoughts were of Blythe, her friends, and her soon-to-be-husband.*

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07/22/2006 1:00 AM

*Feng had been traveling for what seemed like months when he arrived, he was utterly lost and had no clue that he was hundreds of miles off course. However, he never really had a set destination in mind when he left his newfound home in Titan lands. He just wanted adventure, knowing that he has a safe place to return and heal up if things get too hairy for his taste, though he has yet to be in a fight he didn't like.

As he stopped to take in his surroundings, he realized he was in a new town, and a new town means a new bar, a new bar means something to drink, something to drink could mean a fight, is was nt much of a search to find the first tavern on the edge of town.

Walking in to the bar for the first time was always a fun experience, the strange looks and odd stares as a half-orc walked in and ordered a round for the house and talking to as many patrons as possible to make new friends. This night however, Feng felt that an evening workout was in order, nothing serious, but something to loosen up from traveling so far with nothing to do.

After a few rounds bought for the house, and a few people considered friends getting slightly drunk, the idea of a fight began to circle around, nothing too serious, just a test of strength for something to do besides weigh down bar stools.

A sizeable group took up the open challenge Feng provided, and they all moved outside drinking and sharing stories, Feng gave his word that he would not draw a sword or sheild and made a few comments in jest about not needing them, the group replied in kind and an old fashoned bar brawl began in the streets. Feng was laughing as he fought, being careful to keep to his word and not use arms nor armor. In truth, he did not want to, finding somewhere to just duke it out as a way of having a good time was quite rare and he knew instantly he wanted to return in the future.

As the fight rolled on the entire group was moving around from street to street, a few participant's stopping on occasion to get a fresh drink to nurse a black eye for a moment before diving back in. The only ill effect at the time seemed to be the noise, as most every building that was passed seemed to have at least a few people lean out of their windows and yell, and as they yelled, more people woke up and rushed to see what was happening.

Feng did notice, but didn't act on it yet, he was having fun drinking and fighting and yelling and...*

07/25/2006 3:34 PM

..:: Blythe woke alone, sitting up straight off of the wooden floor. He didn't want to sleep on one of those filthy beds. He clasped his hands on his lap, waiting. He knew that someone would soon enter, offering the service he paid for the early morning before. Just then the door opened, and the bold blond woman entered. She didn't know what was coming for; none but the woman from the night before knew about him. He would pay her too, to forget. ::..

..:: Before the woman could lay her hand on his neck and pull him into what she expected him to want, he drew a golden coin out of his pocket. He didn't think that the lady had ever seen such a treasure. He would take his time, talk no more than he needed to, and in that; explain his wishes. She thought it was a fair price for what he wanted, and presented her wrist. He would be most gentle. ::..


..:: In the bar, Blythe listened in to the conversations. By the amount of people awake, something must have been up. Everyone was garrulous with their whispers. Even shoulders would come in and rant their cause. Blythe picked up what he needed while making his way to the door. One group of people complained about a draft, others about blasphemy against their royals, just about everything. One solder that stood caught his attention. ::..

"People of Pravize." The man's voice silenced most others, but fed the whispers. He waited until the rest of the bar quieted, Blythe found a spot to stand by a wall. "I bring news of a sickness killing many in the north, all those that Vauljer spares at least." Oh this was new, Blythe had not understood why the place was so well guarded at first. He leaned in just a bit, much like everyone else. "The Vauljer army is taking our people to their deaths, and their madness takes more each day, in both death and captivity. All able men are to be in the center of the city by tomorrow morning to try and fight off these inhumane people, other than farmers and those with a trade that wouldn't help with this war."

..:: Blythe had heard enough, he left. He didn't care about their problems, only how they could affect him. He knew that now. If he were to have zip, he would need to take her away from these cities. He couldn't have her forever if she died. He had only to find her. He did not know where she was at this time, but he would run into her. After a short while, he did run into one thing; a group of drunkards. ::..

..:: Blythe smiled at their stupidity, soon the guards would take them too for the war. While looking at the fools, one of them stood out. Blythe did noneed to be told to know that he was part orc. Maybe the orc could help him, for the man did look humane and strong. Blythe had plenty to pay for the aid of such men, but mostly he did things alone. A child in a city would still need help protecting someone as week as zip, at least until they got out of the town. Blythe pulled out a coin, and spun it in his fingers, his grin still in place. He kept his distance and spoke so they could hear, hopefully not the guards as well. His eyes locked with the well-armed half orc, and he waited to be noticed. He knew the others would stop fighting if the strongest one had his attention elsewhere. ::..

..:: Blythe slipped the coin away. "I'm willing to pay for your protection." The others were sure of who the dark boy was speaking to, and kept out of it. "I've lost a good friend of mine, an Amentan named zip. If you walk us out after you help me find her, I'll pay you well to keep her out of danger on the way." He gave the man reason to think it would be a heroic act, "There is a lot of harm she could find, I can't keep her safe alone." He didn't want to give out too much information, but none from these lands would know what an Amentan is, so he didn't worry. Even he did not know what they were until he learned so much about zip. She was a beautiful thing. If this monster tried to take zip, he knew that he could kill the half-orc. Blythe waited silently for a reply, his grin still fixed in place. ::..

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07/25/2006 10:00 PM

*zip slept reasonably well, the mattress was soft even if it was a bit dirty. She reasoned it was about midnight when she woke too, but she had plenty of sleep. Putting all of her weight into it, she pushed the dresser out of the way. She pulled on her cloak, and made sure everything was tucked in. Peeking through a crack in the door, she saw light coming from the end of hallway. With only a bit of hesitation, she walked into the hall. She paid for a whole night, but that didn't mean she would have to stay. She crept towards the room she first came into, back where the boy was once healed.*

*The walk down the hall felt like forever, the light coming from the end room's open door covering less of her legs as she came closer and closer to the main door. Then, something blocked the light in the hall. zip turned around. There, standing in a towel, a rag from the wash basin his hand, was the man from before. He looked younger, around her age, without his robe on. zip swallowed. "Where are you going?" he asked, his voice as gentle as always but with less of it's commanding, deep tone.*

*zip didn't turn all the way around when she replied. She didn't know why he would need to know, but reasoned it was simply concern. "To look for someone." He didn't say anything. "I guess I don't really know..." she added with a sigh. She started for the door, the healing room was dark so she had trouble finding its exit. A touch on her shoulder turned her around, and her back found the door she before couldn't find. Her hand found the handle.*

*The man took his hand away, "I'm sorry I frightened you." He was dressed in his robes again. "...but I'd like to offer a place here. With the war and all, I just thought it might be safer for you to stay for a while; you could help me with my healings." He put both of his hands into his opposite arm's sleeve, making him look old again. "Good luck finding your friend though."*

*zip blinked. She didn't know about a war. She also didn't need a place to stay; she had her home and the Estate. But as for her aid with healing, "I can heal people like you did, not to well but..." she stopped when the man smiled. The light wasn't strong, but she could see his smile. He had a smile that told her he had no ill intents. She felt ok sharing with him, one of the things she planned to keep secret in these lands. "...I learned a lot yesterday. I'll visit you again if you want to help me with my healing skills."*

*If the man could stand any straighter, he did. Oddly, the posture reminded her of Blythe; he would grow up into a man like this. "You know a lot about plants too, maybe more than I do," the man replied with a shrug. "If you teach me what you know; I'll teach you what I know." That made zip smile; she loved plants. She didn't feel uneasy any more, she didn't know why this man reminded her of some people at distant bars, but he did at times. Now, he just seamed like a kind old man, even if he was young. "I plan on journeying these lands for a while if you want to join me, we can learn on the rode." The both agreed.*

*The man insisted that he come with her on her night walk to find her friend, Blythe. He said that it might have been better to find him to the morning, but zip told him that he never came out in the day. He showed her around town, there were a lot of cool things about. From the way he told her uses of some of the plants on window seals, zip reasoned that he exaggerated when he said she knows more about plants. Maybe she did know a lot, but mostly things about plants in Titan. She'd see if she knew something he didn't on something. When they stopped in the middle of town, where there where several big trees planted, zip realized something. "Who are you, anyways?" The man had a week laugh. "I'm Milton." He told her, she introduced herself as well. She didn't prod for more things, even she had her secrets.*

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07/26/2006 7:58 PM

*On a worm night, a single ship slowly makes its way into harbor. With its large deck, and three lower stories, the ship is used mainly for transportation. As it creeps its way to the docks, the captain yells to the crew to hoist sails. With its lumbering hull slowing at a pace of a snail, the crew, and passengers make ready to leave. most of them, merchants, refugies, or criminals. Different in careers and ideals, but equal in the dream of finding wealth and home in the capital city of Guarde. Voices become louder, and movement becomes more frequent as people hear the captain say, "Drop anchor"! People begin leaving even before the crew drops the landings. As the people pile up, carrying their luggage and packs. Children cry, and old people lumber in the back of the crowd, they begin to spill out onto the docks. People start running for the nearest inn, for fear of it becoming crowded. While the last of crowd disapear into the streets of the city, a figure makes his way down the landing. A cloak and hood hide his features, but anyone who has been to Elsinvally will know instantly he is an elf, due to his graceful strides. As he passes the captain, he gives a nod, and the captain replys, both show an understanding to oneanother.*

He walks down the shadowy ally, making quick and quiet strides. With intentions no one knows, he stops and looks around him. The night air is still, and distant noises fill the area. He looks up, with his eyes, he fallows a pipe leading to a roof of a tavern.
"To be the hunter, or the hunted." he says quietly, and jolts to the pipe. With ease, he shimmies up the water pipe and makes his way to the roof. He shows no signs of distress as he hoists him self up the last bit, and leaps off, landing quitely on the roof. He walks to the peak, and pulls off the hood, a long braid falls out and a pale face shows amaezment as he looks upon the city. A cornicopia of towers and buildings fill his view, and he cant help but smile as he realizes what he has found, Opportunity. His head fills with visions of heavily armed guards patroling a museum, or castle. Images of guards trying to capture him fill his head, and he playfully runs through what he would do in the situation when it accures.

After moments of stareing and day dreaming, he begins to feel hungry. He gently strokes his stomach and pats it to stop the growling. He hasnt eaten in over five days, the food on the ship was scarce, and water was only given to those who helped work. So he quickly looks around, trying to find somesorte of bakery, or even a tavern. With no luck, he figures the inn will have something to eat, and runs to the edge.

Hanging from one hand, he quietly opens a window, and sneaks his way into the third story. A single candle fills the room he entered with dim light, and a guard sleeps in a chair next to the only door out. He grabs his studded club he calls a Blackjack, and whaps the guy over the head. Then he grabs his clothes and keys and walks out the door. Dressed as one of them, he walks now with confidence down the stairs to the lobby. The bottom floor is just as dark, and empty. The only person there was another guard walking in the shadows of the back rooms. He walks nonchalantly to the back area, as if he worked there. When he reaches the door to the kitchen, he discovers its locked, and goes for the set of keys on his belt. After amny tries with his keys, he discovers his may be for just the top story. So he grabs a set if lockpicks hidden in his hair, and begins to go to work.

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*Feng was having a good time when the boy approached the fight, though he had no magical ability or way of being sure, he did have a set animalistic instinct of when not to trust someone. Feng dropped the man he was fighting with and walked over, resting a hand on his great swords as he spoke, the words spoken to him still processing through the guarded thoughts and mistrust, emotion becoming more apparent as feng replied:*

"Who are youse? Youse interrupted a good fight fer cash, I don't work fer just cash fella. I don't think youse gots many friends around these par--"

*The name of a dear friend rang out like a beacon in the dark in feng's mind, hearing that a good friend such as Zip was here made his thoughts jump, hearing that she may be in danger made feng quite... upset.*

"How do youse know Zip? An if she's in trouble why is youse not lookin fer her right now 'stead of tryin to buy 'elp from me? I'll work just fine at guardin her if it gets youse movin'."

*With that, feng began to wade through the crowd with an obvious change of disposition on his face, those that had no way to move in time were either thrown at random, or knocked down and walked over. Feng stopped being considerate when someone he didn't trust was telling him a friend was in danger. For the time being, feng was more concerned about Zip then anything else and made his way through the city as fast as he could. Coming to the center of town, feng spotted Zip with some unknown individual, they were talking peacefully, so feng's mood was pure joy upon seeing his friend.

Feng broke into a full run at the pair, the goofy grin on his face showing his relief at finding Zip unharmed. Skidding to a hard stop right in front of her, he picked her up with ease and laughed as he spoke:*

"HI! It's been forever since I been able to see youse! How ya doin? Wanna go get a drink an catch up on da days gone by?"

*Feng was still holding Zip a good two feet off the ground while looking around to see if the warning about people wanting to hurt her was about to come true or not, he was also eager for a reply and realized his drunken state of mind wore off in worry for his friend, so he did hope to pass a bar on the walk, but it never regestered as a priority.*

07/26/2006 11:51 PM

*zip rested her hand on one of the trees, leaning against it only to be close. The tree was old and large, it reminded her of the one in her cave at Titan; the one she slept in. Some of her secrets were its location, others how she kept the under ground garden thriving. She still waited on the results the man back home planed to give her about the glowing plant she showed him. The thought of those beautiful plants made her home sick -- something that didn't happen too often when she was out. That wasn't her home now, it was the Estate, and some day, she would live there for good...for the most part. She had to check up on the cave once in a while; it made her feel like she was really home, in some other land that felt strange compared to the life outside. She would always search to try and find where plants like that were, where her family was, where all of the Amentans are.*

*She planned on visiting Aku soon too, it always made her feel bad knowing that she spent more time alone than she did with him. Under her cloak, she thumbed over her engagement ring, recalling the day she met him. It wasn't love at first sight, but the attraction she first had did become something more with time. Loving someone just on appearance was not something she understood why people would brag about, she wanted to share her life with someone she knew she wanted to be with because she knew she was, and always would be, happy with. She wanted to be with him forever. She missed him so very much.*

*A hand on her shoulder turned her from the tree, she had forgotten about Milton. She always thought of herself as a good friend, but here she was ignoring someone who was going out of his way to spend time with her. She thought he might ask what was wrong, but instead he gestured with an open hand. zip noticed that he wasn't smiling; "Should we hide, or is this the Blythe you've been looking for?" he asked. zip quickly glanced down the rode, she was worried too, what might happen to a boy in these lands. She knew it was her fault that she left him alone every day; she didn't want to know what it would feel like to be at blame if he was hurt. She stopped herself before thinking about how she might feel if he died.*

*zip saw then that the form was too big to be Blythe, way too big. She could see well in the dark, almost s well as humans in moonlight, and when she realized whom it was she couldn't keep from letting a giant smile over take her. She knew just what a giant hug was coming for her, so she gave Milton a look to know it was ok. She didn't know if the healer worried or would defend her in an attack, but she didn't want a misunderstanding more. The hug from the half-orc came just as quickly as she knew it would, she didn' brae herself for it, knowing it would be easier to take the hit than hold up against it and double the impact. When the hug came though, it was more gentle than she expected.*

*When she could feel herself turning pale with the lack of air, she poked at her friend until he noticed and put her down. He was always so curious. She gave him a friendly pat on the chest, his shoulder being too high for her to want to reach up for until she had her breath back completely. When she did have it, she worked at giving him the answers. "I've been alright, and I bet you have been too, Shumpy." She always called him Shumpy, that's the name she remembered and it was perfect for him. "...and thank you for the offer, but I'm not too fond of the drink." She took her hand back and looked around, soon her eyes found Blythe. Even though he wasn't as good as a friend as Shumpy and didn't give her that uncontrollable happiness, but she still smiled at knowing he was ok. Blythe had a way about him that zip didn't want to ask how he was. That would be like saying he let himself get sick or down, and when it came to Blythe, it felt rude even thinking about it. Lifting a hand towards her newest acquaintance, she went on to the next matter, "This is Milton." He smiled at them both.*

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..:: Blythe's expression didn't change at first when the beast touched his sword. He knew that many people did so when they were afraid, even if they could protect themselves well and do harm to him in the process. That, did make him smile. He watched as the half orc was at first frustrated with the 'interruption', asking many annoying and pointless questions. He didn't care if the beast wanted money or not, Blythe expected his help. When the hybrid again changed expression and the direction of his questions, Blythe assumed he had heard of the Amentan. Blythe was glad that he darted off without giving him a chance to answer all of the questions, especially because he didn't want to. ::..

..:: Blythe made his way through the town, not taking his time but not causing as much attraction as the orc obviously did. He hated that he would need to get away now the destruction and disturbance, along with that from the fight earlier, would bring many eyes to him. Guard's eyes too. Soon, the monster was in his sight, zip in his filthy arms. Blythe stood behind them, waiting to be noticed. He crossed his arms in front of his chest. He knew he should go back into the little kid act before zip saw him, but he didn't want to just yet. Shumpy, that was what zip called the monster. Great, she knew him; of curse they were friends, they would be perfect as good friends, they both asked too many jejune questions. When the monster put zip down, Blythe let out a sigh and dropped his arms to his sides and put on his well-learned smile. ::..

..:: With a very faint bow of his head, he greeted the man. "Minton." He straightened his neck. Blythe didn't bother introducing himself, he turned to the monster, his grin gone, "Shumpy, I take it?" He didn't wait for a response before looking to zip, she was always hiding in that cloak. Standing up on the front of his feet, he pushed her hood back. That was better. "I'm glad to see you are well, zip." He smiled at that, he didn't want her hurt. His grin faded as he walked past zip, out of her sight and heading for a rout perpendicular to the one he just came from. "I'm afraid that people may be looking for your friend, zip, he caused quite a ruckus. With the damage he did, though not much, it will for sure bring some of those armed men after us." He looked back at them over his shoulder, he was sure he knew how guarded the place was and why that could be so bad. "You've brought danger to us all, Shumpy. So, it would be wise if we leave. Fleeing as it may be, I'd rather have us avoid a fight than win one." He started down the rode, "Lets go." ::..

..:: Blythe was really starting to dislike the monster. He brought trouble, even if he could fight it away. Blythe always tried to keep trouble away from himself; trouble would keep him from having zip. Milton however, seamed to stay out of things. With the uncertainty about both men, Blythe knew he would be keeping an eye on them most of the time. He spoke over to Milton, "I'm guessing you're coming with us, then. Do you know your way around these lands?" Blythe wondered if they would need horses. He knew that zip could be very fast, and that orcs tend not to let things slow them down. Milton and him though, weren't gifted in speed. He made sure to stop at a stable before leaving town, knowing zip would follow and her friends with her. He would have no privacy with her if they were always around. He wanted them gone after they get out of town, and to never see them again. ::..

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*Feng extended a hand to greet milton as Blythe approached, still feeling a bit uneasy about the child. The half-orc bristled a bit at the thought of avoiding a fight, but slowly realized that it would be best to not get Zip or Milton involved in a massive brawl. Listening to someone like Blythe made Feng a little uneasy, but given the time to process what was spoken he would see the wisdom in not picking a fight at this time.

As Blythe started down the path, Feng realized the reason he had gone on a bit of a rampage looking for Zip in the first place and stopped to voice his concern:*

"Th' lil guy says youse might be in trouble, is anyone after youse zip? If I can 'elp youse know I will."

*With that Feng stayed close to Zip the entire way through the town, speaking long enough to deny a horse for himself knowing he could keep pace and fight better, if the need was apparent, on foot. The half-orc asked to stop once, just to get some supplies for the trip, only the basics of food and water to travel lightly.

True to his word, Feng refused to take a horse at the stables and waited patiently for the others to make their choice. Though he still kept a close eye on Zip, his natural curiosity got the better of him on the subject of Milton. He hadn't spoke much thusfar and Feng intended to remedy that:*

"Milton? 'Ave youse known Zip fer awhile? I don't sees anybody 'round 'ere that looks to 'urt her, but thats what the lil guy said. Did youse already 'elp her out of a jam?"

08/14/2006 7:51 AM

*zip wished that things were going better, though everyone greeted each other, it wasn't all too friendly. At least her and Shumpy were happy to see one another, but she had no idea what Milton or Blythe thought. It had been a while since she was on a big trip with other people; she wondered how this one would go. Before, she would always travel alone, though she never got lonely. Even if she missed people, never was she sad simply because she felt alone. She knew that people never missed what they didn't have, just as they didn't value what they never had to go without.*

*She felt a chill with the thought, that even though she loved being with her friends she never recognized the company enough to feel alone without it. It wasn't all the way true for she did miss people, but even when she was with them there was always something that wasn't there. She wondered what other emotions she never feels simply because she didn't know their opposites... like anger. She never did get angry, but she knew she could be happy. With a silent sigh, she put her attention back on those around her rather than herself.*

*She blinked when Blythe pushed back her hood, but then quickly checked to make sure every little thing was out of sight. When Blythe said he was glad she was well, she smiled her thanks for his care. From the corner of her eye, she saw that Milton was smiling too at the chance to see her face. When she looked back, she saw Blythe moving away and quickly followed him. She didn't want to separate now that the child was in her sight. Not wanting to go against what he said, she frowned. She didn't know what Shumpy did, but it couldn't have been bad enough to attract the guards; Shumpy wasn't like that.*

*Like her, Milton followed the boy quietly, almost as if he didn't have any say or concern about what was going on. The talk of plants didn't continue now that the others were here, but he didn't turn to face Blythe when he answered his question, "I know them well." zip stayed by Shumpy behind the other two while they made their way through the town, seeing the guards that Blythe had mentioned before. There weren't as many out at this time of the night, and she hoped that word of whatever Blythe accused Shumpy of doing hadn't gotten around too much yet.*

*Hearing Shumpy's question made her frown, she didn't know what Blythe must have told him. She shook her head slowly, "No, I'm not in any trouble Shumpy." She looked ahead to Blythe, wondering just what had happened while she was sleeping at Milton's place. She would never denigh protection, but she didn't understand the need for it, either. After all, there were guards around and they had always kept danger away elsewhere. Soon, Blythe took them to a stable.*

*She didn't need a horse, but Milton got one. The Amentan never really liked riding horses, and did so as little as she could. Even when people bought her one for trips she tended to walk the animal, petting it and treating it like a friend. She could do more on foot, too, and it allowed her to watch the plants at her feet or jump into a tree if need be. She loved the feel of the ground under her bare feet, too.*

*zip watched as Milton turned from the horse who's cheek he was petting to Shumpy. Milton looked the half orc over like he did to her before, but not nearly as long. Soon, turning back to his horse he answered Shumpy, "She was in no danger for she slept at my place." The way he put it left so many things out, but zip didn't say so. Her thumb stroked her engagement ring with loyalty, both of her hands behind her.*

08/15/2006 6:40 PM

..:: Blythe frowned at the monster, trying not to glare, he was good at controlling his tone, too. He sighed for show, "Shumpy, I'm afraid we should head out quickly. If there is anything we need, I am sure zip will be able to grow or collect them. I'm sure you know her skills in this, seeing how you two are such good friends and all. We'll be fine without supplies, and are risking enough to get horses." ::..

..:: It was good that Milton knew the lands, at least that way they wouldn't be going no where. Having not been here very long, Blythe didn't know much of them. They had been here too long already, and he was getting sick of it, all because zip wanted to look for a plant, too. ::..

..:: Blythe rested with his back against the stable's door, watching both those with him waste their time and any possible disturbers outside. He twiddled his thumbs before him, waiting. He had plenty of patients, when it came to something he had to work for, but not when others were to blame. When they were finally ready, he slipped out into the town and took the quickest way out. ::..

..:: On the way, Blythe smiled at zip, but then went back to the matters he needed to fix. "Milton, might you have some advice on where we should go?" He turned to the beast, still half listening to the robed man. "And Shumpy, how did you get here, if you don't mind me asking?" ::..

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*Feng was lost in thought when Blythe unexpectedly asked a question of him that didn't sound completely dismissing in tone and context. The half-orc still had no reason to doubt his initial instincts even after seeing Zip greet him as a friend. A thought struck as an entertaining way to respond and test this child's temper, after all, he did interrupt a good fight:*

"I got 'ere wit my feet, how do youse get places?" The half-orc shook lightly with a chuckle at his idea of a joke.

*Feng went back to watching the preparation of the horses. The ones selected were the strongest of the group, but like most animals, the half-orc didn't think they looked all that fast or strong. But he did see where some people would find a use for them, even if it sounded bad to call an animal just simply useful. The stable hands took quite excellent care of the animals and had shown an obvious pride in the horses.

This wouldn't be a usual trip in any respect, and hindsight finally caught up with the dimwitted oaf that maybe the guards in the town would be unhappy with the way he went running through town. Feng guessed that he could apologize if the need arose, and promised himself he would only fight if he had to. The thought of avoiding a fight still seemed to bother him, but everyone looked eager to leave.

The horses had finally been readied to go and all the gear was loaded for the trip. As a whole, the group would look rather odd going through the path leading away from the town, but none of them were concerned with appearances anyway.*

08/19/2006 7:14 PM

*zip was glad that Blythe smiled, he seamed so stressed, even for a child. She was glad that Blythe trusted and acknowledged her skills in the wild, feeling pride that she could. Glancing towards Milton, she wondered if he knew non-medicinal uses for plants, too. All he did was smile at her, the smile that made her shiver as if one of the bar men grinned. She dismissed the feeling, Milton was a healer, and he had yet to do anything that would show bad intentions.*

*He also seamed to care about her, and respect her. After all, he kept his distance, and this reassured the Amentan. When they left the stable with only the horse Milton picked out, zip kept close to Shumpy. His joke made her smile, but she didn't know how Blythe would take humor. She had never joked with Blythe before, he just didn't seam like someone who liked amusement. zip wasn't a joker, anyways, but they did make her laugh and smile at times.*

*While making their way out of town, she listened to what Blythe and Milton said. The man on his horse watched only where he was going as he spoke to the child. "Assuming that you wish to be away from the guards, I'd recommend that we travel to Zesflu. There shouldn't be anyone there that the Guarde forces would think of recruiting, and they don't have much trade to offer for their uses. I know the stars here if you would like to stay off of the roads as well. There are other smaller towns, too, which don't have routs to them."*

*The Amentan just followed, she had come here so that she might find something, but instead was running for reasons she didn't understand. She didn't want to just go where other wished for no reason when she had other things to do. She spoke up, even though she didn't want to, but because she had to. "Blythe, I have no reason to go to towns, or worry about protectors. I only need to search the forests."*

*She wasn't going to tell him why, though. She couldn't bring herself to tell an acquaintance something so dear to her. When Milton looked at her in a way that made him look as if he was trying to study her, she looked away. It made her feel horrible knowing that her wishes were against the others, she didn't want to appear selfish; but she didn't want to explain herself more.*

08/19/2006 7:32 PM

..:: Blythe didn't like Shumpy's humor at all, simply because it wasn't funny. His expression didn't show this, for he still held one that was just as anyone's should be; serious. He didn't like that zip tried to smile, either, but at least she seamed troubled about it. The vampire knew better than to show anger, or give the reason to start a fight that the beast would obviously enjoy. Instead, he knew to stay call calm, yet serious as he gently explained to the monster why he was foolish. ::..

..:: He walked half facing zip's filthy friend, "I didn't believe that you would joke when we're trying to get away from the danger that these guards bring us, Shumpy. I had only asked so that we might return, and would appreciate it if you saved your jokes for when we didn't have reason to worry." He paused, "Do you at least remember your way back to Titan?" ::..

..:: Blythe hoped that he wouldn't have to play this game for long. He turned half way to Milton, listening and nodding to him while giving the beast time to think about answering him properly. He shrugged before replying to Milton, "I think it would be best if we stuck to the forests, and went anywhere the guards will not go." Blythe twisted back towards the monster, now hearing him anything he had to say. ::..

..:: Smiling at zip, he nodded, "Sure, zip, we can stick to the forests until you are done, I would like to go home." He didn't have a home. It didn't matter to him, he only wanted to get this over and get zip. He stopped everyone right at the edge of town, considering and thinking everything over. There were several things he planned to do, but so much of it had the weights of other things. ::..

08/20/2006 6:09 PM

*A young vampiress named Abyss came upon a town.She had icy blue eyes,pale white skin,black lips,and black hair w/ purple streaks.Abyss wasn't an ordinary creature.She was anything but ordinary.She was rather peculiar.She started walking into the town in search of her Aunt and Uncle's house.Her mother had just died a month ago,so she decided to go live with her aunt and uncle.She didn't actually want to live with them,because of her uncle no less. He was an alcholic,and was always drunk when he came home;and he hit her aunt all of the time and her cousins too.She was rather terrified that he would hit her too.*

*So she continued her journey.'Psst,over here!' said a voice. 'Huh?' she said, to herself. So she turned around to see who it could be, her dagger held tightly in her hand;her hand in her cloak.It was a young teenager boy with black hair,blue eyes and pale white skin. 'I'm zorry..and who are you?' Abyss said,with a hint of shyness in her voice.'The names Black Crow..well that's my nickname anyway.' 'And yours,what's your name?'he said with awe,as he looked at the young vampiress;who he thought was very beautiful. 'Abyss.' she said,as she blushed.*

*He grabbed her hand and kissed her forehead ever so slightly.She looked back at him her blue eyes sparkling with passion. 'I've been watching you for a bit..whom are you looking for?'Crow asked. 'My aunt and uncle.They told me to meet them at the tavern.' 'But theres more than one tavern love,theres four.' 'There's north,south,east,and west.'he said with concern.So they walked together looking for the tavern her aunt was talking about.'About earlier..why'd you kiss me?'Abyss asked, as she tilted her head to one side.'Because your beatiful..I always kiss beatiful girls I see..But you,your unique.' he said quite frankly. So they continued walking and searching for "the tavern" and found her aunt two hours later.*

*Her aunt Gina ran to her and hugged her,while her uncle just stood there and drank his bottle of liqour. 'Oh Abyss..it's so good to see you!'Gina said. 'I must go Abyss..'said Crow. 'No please..don't go...I need you.'Abyss whispered,as tears rolled down her pale ghostly cheeks. So he kissed her forehead softly,and hugged her.And he gave her a dragon-shaped necklace with a picture inside.It was a picture with a little boy that looked just like Crow,and a little girl that looked just like Abyss.*

*And with that he kissed her black lips,and flew away.(he was a vampire.) So her aunt drove them home,and Abyss walked to her new room.She started unpacking her many belongings.Her room was an attic but she had many things she liked in her new room.Her bed had black and blood red satin sheets,and a black quilt.And she had many candles around her room.She sat on the bed staring out at the town from her window.She fell asleepand she thought that she felt someone wrap there arms around her;She thought it was Crow whom wrapped his arms around her.*

*Abyss woke up two hours later,to find that in fact Crow was near.He was outside her window on her rooftop.She went over to the window and opened it.And stepped out onto the cold rooftop.(she was barefoot.) 'Crow, hon.. what are you doing here?' she asked.'I came to see how you were.' 'And to tell you that you can always come visit me..I live a block away from the church.' he said,as he smiled. And so they went to the house where he lived.He lived in a mansion on top of a hill. He lived there with his mother.His dad..well he couldn't visit his dad.He was very abusive,and was in prison.*

*Crow was 17 years old,and Abyss was 15 years old.But yet they loved each other a lot.They went into Crows' house and he showed her around the house.It seemed like it took forever! But at last they finished with the tour.They hid out in the secret room and kissed for what seemed forever.(sorry about the mushy gushy stuff..I can't help it! lol.. so anyways)*

*There was a knock on the door.And the wind blew the door half way open.'I better go see who it is,stay here ok?'said Crow.Abyss nodded,and he went to go check the primisis of the house. Ten minutes later he returned with one of her cousin's,Sabrina. 'Gosh damn you Abyss!' 'I've been looking for you for an hour!' 'I didn't know where you were!' screamed Sabrina,one of her older cousin's.(the mean cousin.) Abyss knew that Sabrina did not care,all she saw was hate in her cousin's eyes. 'You just came to look for me,because aunt Gina told you to!' Abyss screeched back. So Sabrina yanked Abyss by the arm, and Sabrina started walking to the front door.*

*That night at midnight,Crow went up to Abyss' window to see if it was open.But she was awake and saw him.And motioned for him to come in.But then suddenly there was a tap at her door. 'Abyss.' said Charlotte,Abyss' younger cousin said.(Charlotte's five years old.) 'Yes?' she said. 'May I barge in?'said Charlotte, with a cute giggle.'Um..sure just a second.'Abyss said as she grabbed Crows' arm gently and hid him in her secret door way.'Stay here i'll tell you when you can come out,ok?' Abyss whispered. He nodded, ok. And she gave him a kiss.*

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08/22/2006 6:47 PM

*Feng did take time to consider the words of the child for a few moments, but never really thought of the word of the small one to be that trustworthy. Memories of being told a friend was in trouble proving to be a lie by all accounts and the unnatural distrust proving to be difficult to surmount. The half-orc chose to leave thing as they were with his reply:*

"I gets where I'm goin' and back ok, youse wanna get somewhere bad enough youse can do the same. Don't worry 'bout da guards though, I can fight 'em off long enough to get me mates anywhere."

*Feng quietly resumed his spot at the edge of the group, waiting to see if any of the guards even knew where they were. He seemed almost depressed about missing out on a fight, but was still happy to be traveling with a good friend like Zip. As a traveling companion, Zip was always happy and willing to talk with someone to help pass the time, and the lummox never realized how much he missed having company on long trips. He did however, realize that he had yet to offer to help with the situation other then keeping the guards at bay, and decided to fix that oversight the instant realization hit him:*

"Hey Zip? If youse is lookin fer somethin', is there anything I can do ta 'elp? I figure I should be more then just one of da lookouts on dis trip."

08/25/2006 5:19 PM

* zip bit her lip as Blythe's questions continued, she didn't see why answering it plainly would be so hard. To help with the conversation before it could be worse, she hoped that speaking up wouldn't cause more problems. "I remember the way back, Blythe." She had always traveled a lot, and never got lost. Even in the most labyrinth-like settings she found her way after she had been through it once. She had to put her mind to it, and on long journeys she always did so it would be easy. *

* She turned back when Blythe said that they could stick to the forest, happy that he wouldn't mind not going to another town. She doubted that she would find it, but would still always look for it and hold hope. Even if she was realistic, she would always hope for the best. zip had always respected people, but the wonder hit her of why she would listen to a child so much. He seamed like so much more, but she couldn't put her finger on it. *

* The Amentan respected Blythe, like everyone else, but something made him so much more mature than his age. She worried what he may have gone through to become so old in temper. Following Blythe's lead, she stopped at the edge of the town, looking at the forest ahead. When Shumpy spoke up, she smiled at him, "I'm sure you'll point it out if you find what I'm looking for, Shumpy, but I would rather not say what." *

"Don't move."

* Startled by the commanding voice behind her, zip didn't even turn to see who had said it. Her heart stopped, along with her breathing. Milton peeked over his shoulder from his place beside Blythe. The voice continued its instructions, "If any of you move for your weapons, all of these arrows will be released into you. Turn around, and clasp your hands behind your back." zip quickly did as she was told, Milton doing so more reluctantly. *

* Now facing the man who spoke, behind him she could see the armored men moving out from behind some of the buildings. More bows pointed through freshly broken windows in civilians' homes on each side of the dirt path. There had to be at least fifty men. Her eyes already adjusted to the weaker light, zip could see that these men looked to be much better trained than the others and that they had other weapons strapped around them, axes hanging off of their belt along with swords of differing sizes and shapes. *

* Her main instinct was to run, but even one of those arrows could kill her. She didn't want to chance it. The main man in front of them continued. "The healer of this town will do his duty in the war, if you continue to aid him in this escape, then you will all be killed. Healer, if you do not come willingly to join the Guarde's side then you will be executed." The speaking man looked them over, seeing only a woman, child, the healer, and what looked to be a strong man in the dark. *

* The man pointed at Shumpy, "If you do not show up in the center of the city tomorrow morning, then you will be hunted down and killed." zip's eyes were wide, she didn't want her friend to die. She didn't want to have Milton taken from her. She only wanted to be left alone, but these men were going to break them up. *

* She almost dared to test her abilities, but with so many men she couldn't have blocked all of the arrows. She was so scared. Almost as if he read her mind, Milton rested his hand on her shoulder comfortingly, and looked at the others. She wasn't sure, but she thought that the look on Milton's face said to let him go, but he didn't look happy to. His hands held up level with his head, he started to walk towards the man who had first spoken. *

08/25/2006 6:02 PM

..:: Blythe kept the side glance on Shumpy as he spoke, wondering if his points had gotten through. The vampire knew that things could go bad when guards were all about in a town, worse when they were drafting people, and far worse when one of them caused trouble  just like Shumpy had done. However, Blythe had hoped that the beast could keep smaller troubles away once they got into the forest. ::..

..:: When zip said that she remembered, Blythe gave her another pleased smile. At least someone had their mind on what they had to do, which was get home and out of this war land. Remembering what Shumpy had said moments ago, he pushed in to zip's and the monster's conversation before the beast could reply again. "The forests are dangerous, from what I have heard. This is why I asked you to come, Shumpy, but I would appreciate it if you both kept up your guard." ::..

..:: As soon as someone spoke behind him, Blythe turned. The vampire's innocent and child like eyes glanced around, seeing the other men hiding. Such cowards. Doing what was best, Blythe kept his place and mouth shut. The leader of the men obviously only thought of Blythe as a child. ::..

..:: A healer? This was new. Blythe hadn't known that Milton was a healer. He wondered what else he didn't know about the man. It didn't matter to Blythe if they took the healer, though, but something about the man told the vampire that he may help him get what he wanted. That was always good. Still though, he kept his place as Milton made his way to the leader. It didn't matter if they took Shumpy, either, then they could just leave. Blythe hoped that the beast wasn't stupid enough to try and block all of those arrows. ::..

08/25/2006 10:59 PM

*Feng was looking around as Zip spoke, as if expecting whatever she was looking for to suddenly appear and shake his hand. He was unceremoniously interrupted by Blythe telling him that the forest could be dangerous. The half-orc prepared a response but was cut short by the new "company" suddenly making demands from behind him. Feng remembered his promise to himself about not fighting, and chose to vent his frustration another way:*

"Youse sure know how to make folks feel welcome 'round 'ere. I wonder if youse is da seedy type what would put an arrow in me back. Maybe youse is da famous guards one of me buddies was talkin' bout. What do youse want with Milton if youse is? If youse are so great I bet none of youse get 'urt bad enough to need his services in da first place."

*The audible clank of pseudo-steel was heard as a gauntlet made a fist, attached to the arm of the sizeable half-orc. Feng wore a mischievous grin as he turned, leaving his arms down in a show of defiance. Had he been asked, the lumbering half-orc would have pointed out that his swords were currently set for an over the back draw, in place of the semi-traditional side scabbard. In the interest of full disclosure however, Feng had visions of broken bodies flying through the air playing in his mind's eye as he spoke:*

"If youse think I'll be back in town come mornin', then feel free to go wait at da bar. I gots stuff to look for 'ere an I don't feel like---"

*Feng stopped suddenly seeing Milton go with the guards, his train of thought was derailed instantly by seeing someone he traveled with stoop to following the orders of someone who would sneak up and outnumber someone from behind. The thoughts in the oaf's mind were sent spinning as he asked the only question that would form in his mind:*

"Youse is really goin' with these jokers Milton?"

08/25/2006 11:39 PM

*Even though it couldn't be seen, the air was being compressed in front of zip with the use of her magic. It wasn't the best, but she hoped that it would slow any arrow enough to keep it from being fatal; she didn't trust herself to do the same in front of the others. She wanted to, but she couldn't let them know and that could limit them. She didn't want to hurt her friends.*

*zip did her best to look as small as she could. Her cloak hugged tightly around herself, she wished she could disappear. She wished that they could all disappear. The Amentan only heard half of everything Shumpy was saying, but as he spoke zip thought more and more that he shouldn't chance intimidating people who could easily kill them.*

*When Milton turned to answer Shumpy's question, zip thought it was even scarier. She didn't want anyone to die. She was so afraid that they would let an arrow in Milton's back. However, Milton didn't look concerned as he answered.*

"I will be doing what I do best, why should I fight it?"

*With that, Milton turned back, one of the men pushing his back to urge him ahead. zip didn't know what Milton meant, for sure, but she assumed that he was talking about healing. Not knowing what to do, she turned to look at her friend and Blythe.*

08/26/2006 12:15 AM

..:: Blythe silently cursed the monster repeatedly as he continued to voice himself when he should not. If it wasn't for the beast being some all special 'Titan' that could keep zip safer in the woods, Blythe would have told the guards to take him then. He knew the guards would with just a bit of persuasion, seeing as what Shumpy had said already put them a bit on the edge. ::..

..:: When they had taken Milton, the healer's last words stuck in his mind. He wasn't sure just what he meant, but there seamed to be much more to it than healing. Blythe wanted to know, but the man would soon be taken into the army and war. When the guards were well away, Blythe put a glare on Shumpy for just a moment, and was about to explain to the beast why what he had done was wrong. But something came to mind. ::..

..:: If Milton meant what Blythe thought the man meant, then there could be so much gained through helping him out. It wouldn't be too hard to do before they took him to the main army. The vampire wasn't sure if it would be best to do it with Shumpy's help or not, but then the best way to do this came to mind. ::..

"Shumpy, zip, you two need to go back to Titan together." He turned to look straight at the beast, "Shumpy, when you get back, we will save Milton, and you can take your anger out on them then. You will have to do as I advise you, though, but I see you have done well on that already."

..:: He sighed before continuing, just to show his trouble with explaining this all suddenly and trying to do it in time. ::..

"I do not think either of you need more proof that this land is in war, and so I am sure you both understand the danger of just being in a town. Do not let her out of your sight, Shumpy, and make sure that she makes it back safely. I don't want her hurt. Can you both get back quickly, and make the best of time? You can use Milton's horse to carry any supplies you need so that you can go with less stops. ::..

08/27/2006 2:21 AM

*Feng thought for a moment, trying to decide if he would protest being told to run, ignore the child and slaughter the guards, or get his friend somewhere he knew she would be safe. It only took a moment to realize that of the available options, the safety of his friends would always come first. No fight was good enough to needlessly put his mates in danger, and he was told the fight would be waiting for his return. The lumbering brute had every reason to go, every reason to hurry, and every reason to come back. His tone still sounded almost as insulting as when he spoke to the guards as he addressed Blythe:"

"Youse got a lot of growin' to do afore youse can do anything but offer ideas, but I'll get Zip back to Titan just fine. Youse just see to it there's a fight waitin fer me 'ere, I don't wanna disappoint da guards ya know."

*Feng took a moment to take a large blanket from Miltons horse and bundle the supplies in it. When the blanket proved it would hold what little there was, it was quickly knotted into a sack and slung over the half-orc's shoulder. The horse was relieved when it's saddle and tack were removed, but thought the slap on the rear that got it running free was rather rude.

In the time it took to ready the supplies, feng calmed himself down a bit and was ready to be in motion. He had completely ignored Blythe as they parted ways for the time being and did everything he could to speed up the return trip. At the end of the first day, they had cleared the outer edge of the forest and found one of the many small towns that dotted the lands.

Or rather, what was left of it. The homes were all in ashes and the people were all dead. The bodies were burned along with the structures like a great funeral pyre. The ground had completely blackened with the ashes from the fire. There were groups of weapons scattered everywhere, bits of the arms and armor used by the guards, and what was left of farming tools like pitchforks and scythes that had been pressed into service for what had obviously been a losing battle.

Though it was a terrible sight, the pair had to keep moving. They didn't know if the guards would return or not, and they had their own concerns that were quite pressing at the time. The following two days were spent off any of the main trails but within eyesight as a point of reference. When the half-orc tried to rest he slept very lightly, propped against a tree with a hand on his great swords, and often started at the slightest provocation. He managed enough rest to keep moving at a good pace though, often with spare energy to carry his friend whenever she looked tired. The half-orc would always remove the plate that covered his shoulder and leave the padding so that Zip would be comfortable, and replace it without conscious thought when she walked with him.

In the total of four days they had walked so far, the pair had seen another town that had been pillaged just the same as before, only on a much larger scale. The whole of the structures had been demolished, and everything and everyone was reduced to ashes completely. Mixed in with the scattered weapons were a few very poor short swords and bucklers, almost as if this one had been slightly better prepared for an assault, even if it carried the same results.*

09/10/2006 5:03 AM

*Abyss' cousin Charlotte finally left,and she went to her secret doorway and opened it. 'Sorry it took so long she wanted me to keep reading her stories'..Abyss said,as she rolled her eyes.'Oh it's ok...no problem.'Crow said, as he gave her a slight smile.So they crept out her window,and flew down to the ground.They jumped up on his horse Stormy,and rode off.What Abyss didn't know was that her uncle saw them leave,and that he had his gun with him.Her uncle didn't know who Crow was,and he didn't want Abyss to leave.So he ran down the stairs,grabbed his coat and his gun,and went out the door.He followed them until he got to Crow's front door.They had already gone in.*

*[Knock Knock] 'Ummm who is it?' Crow asked. 'It's Abyss' uncle now let me in!' he bellowed.'Sorry can't allow that,my mom's trying to sleep.' Crow said,as he hid Abyss behind the secret stairwell. 'Stay here until he leaves ok?' Crow whispered. "'kay' What seemed like forever,Abyss' uncle finally left and Abyss came out of the stairwell.'Sorry about that love.'Crow said, as he held her tightly;as to never let her go.'You can stay here whenever you want ok?' 'okay'she said, with a hint of a smile.They fell asleep in each other's arms,on the secret stairwell's couch.The next morning they awoke to hear another's presence in the room.*

*Crow opened his eyes,and looked around.And saw his mom going through a pile of clothes to see what to wear that day.His mom Betherg stopped and looked at Crow.'Who's that girl laying in your arms?' asked Betherg. 'Oh this is Abyss,she's my love.'said Crow,as he kissed Abyss' cheek.And with that Abyss woke up,and saw his mom looking at her from across the room.'Oh ello'..said Abyss,as she blushed.She got up and went to their kitchen to eat breakfast.'She seems a bit shy Crow.'said Betherg. 'She is a little bit..but she's gone through some hard times.'Crow said,as he got up and walked over to his mom.'Hard times?..like what?'his mom asked. 'Well she lives with her aunt and uncle now. Her mom died so she decided to live with them.Her uncle's an alcholic,and he hit's her aunt and her cousins,and she's probably next..so I said she could stay here whenever she wanted to.'Crow explained.*

* 'Oh ok that's fine.'Betherg said with a smile,as she walked to the kitchen.Crow followed her,and his mom wrapped her arms around Abyss.Abyss looked at Crow with eyebrows raised,and Crow smiled.'Welcome to the family Abyss,it's good to have you here.'said Crows' mom.She took the hint,and hugged Betherg back.What seemed like 5 minutes, Betherg finally let go.*

*Well..it was nice meeting you Betherg.' Abyss said,sweetly. 'Oh it's olright call me mom,hon.' 'I love you "mom" 'Abyss said,as tears filled her eyes,and her vision blurred.Crow took her by the hand,and held her tightly in his strong arms;And she cried into his chest.Betherg looked at Crow with sorrow,and he mouthed "She'll be alright." and with that she went back to the laundry pile she was working on.After that Abyss washed up in the basin,and clothed herself.And Crow and her rode away on his horse.*

*They rode to her aunt's house on his stallion Stormy,and got there 10 minutes later.When they got there, they hid Stormy behind a tree and flew onto the rooftop by Abyss' window.Abyss opened the window,and someone pushed her back.[her uncle none the less..he was waiting for her to get home.] Abyss fell into Crow's arms with a limp.'What the 'ell is wrong wit you?'!"Crow shouted,as he was about to throw a punch at her uncle.Her uncle walked off,and went to the bar.Crow went into Abyss' room, with her in his arms and placed her gently on her bed.*

*She had hand marls on her neck,where her uncle choked her.Crow went downstairs and got some ice cold water and placed it on her neck.With that she flinched,and sat up.After realizing it was just ice cold water she layed back down.Crow sat beside her on her bed,and soothed her. 'Shhhh..it's ok.'Crow cooed,as he pet her hair.After Crow had been petting her hair for awhile she fell asleep.Crow kissed her eyelids,and grabbed another quilt from her closet and wrapped her in it.*

*And with that he layed beside her,and fell asleep as well.A bit later Abyss woke up and turned towards Crow,only to see him asleep.As if he felt her breathing on his skin,he opened his eyes.'Hey..'ow are you?' 'I'm fine..I guess,still pretty exhausted though.'Abyss said,as she kissed his soft lips gently.He grabbed her brush and brushed her hair,and went down stairs and got more ice cold water for her neck.*

*10 minutes later Abyss' uncle came back from the bar [drunk of course] and saw Crow in the kitchen.'Ey 'ow are you?' said her uncle. 'Whatever'Crow said,as he shrugged his shoulders.So her uncle went to his room,and fell asleep.Crow went back up stairs and placed the sponge of cold water on her neck.After the sponge was dry again.Crow and Abyss climbed out the window,and leapt down from the rooftop.Crow helped Abyss onto Stormy,and they rode off.*

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