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05/26/2006 9:18 PM

Gray Skies and Blood Painted Blades.

Where does the time go?

Why won't it rain already?

This rapier is getting heavy on my side, my hip is starting to hurt.

Where is my challenge?

The sun was behind a mass of gray clouds, surrounding it's light and muffling it so no beams could warm the earth. The earth was humid in this meadow, making skin let out a thin layer of sweat to make you 'sticky'. The air was too cold to not wear a jacket, but too warm TO wear a jacket. Trees were scarce in this meadow, only seeing up to three when taking a simple look along the path infront of you, and there were a bunch of rocks, randomly placed and shaped. Not too many, but not too little either. You could trip over some of them, back up to some of them, or just crush them under your boots. If you were wearing any.

The grass was very short and had patches of dirt in certain spots, where you would sometimes see a bugs hole dug out if you looked closely enough. There were no wildflowers growing from the endless span of ground, which meant there were very few bees and other bugs nearby. The wildlife was scarce within this meadow, believe it or not, but it was all because of the volcano about ten miles away. The volcano was very much active, but was not showing any signs of erupting. The mountain range made it look like someone tore half of the ground from the sky and made an odd shape if you looked at it with your head tilted sideways.

The ground was clean,

The land was nice,

Now if only it would rain.

Two people were destined to fight here, two supposedly great fighters, from who knows where. One had simply requested for the other to meet him in this very meadow on that time, on that very day. Now if only he were here.

The person who walked along the short grass had a red bandana over his buzz cut hair. The bandana looked new, and had no decals or embroideries on it, to make it look nice. It was simply a blood red bandana. It looked to be worn very many times, and had some of the threads pulling loose, slightly revealing the brown of his hair. The man had a goatee over his chin and upper lip, and a nicely shaven face around that. His facial expression looked somewhat agitated, although not many could see it. He had a tan caused by being out in the blazing sun for countless hours, and also a mind with plenty of experience from long and hard travels. His ability with the sword was hard to come by, as it was so well tuned he had not been defeated since he took the blades hilt into his own hand. He wore a white shirt over his nicely built torso, with a somewhat thick leather button-up vest over it. The white shirt was slightly baggy on the sleeves, and had a collar sticking out, slightly touching the leather over his shoulders. He had matching white pants on which were very dirty and covered in sand and mud and who knows what else. The man for protection of his feet, wore black boots that went up slightly past his ankles, and were made of nice leather to avoid stabs. Within the right boot was a three inch knife, mostly used as a tool, but could be seen as a last-ditch weapon.

Upon the mans right side, would look to be a gold pommel shaped to resemble a lions head. The lion had no eyes, and it's mouth was opened wide as if it were letting out a fierce roar. The shape was very carefully designed and was finely polished to reveal beauty from the head. The steel hilt was also finely polished to shine a brilliant silver as it made the diamond-shaped crisscross pattern along the hard obsidian which was the material that made up the majority of the hilt. The handguard was made of steel, much like the hilts reinforcing shape, and had a circular shape to block off blades from touching his hand. There was also a bar that went across where the mans fingers would go to protect his knuckles slightly as well. The blade measured a simple length of eight inches, and was to be wielded in his left hand. This blade was known as the main gauche dagger, which is known to be used along side the french blade known as the rapier. On the mans left side, was the rapier, and had all the same aspects as his main gauche, exept the blade length. The main gauche's blade was very short compared to the rapier, as the main gauche was only to be used in parrying while the rapier did the dirty work. The raipers blade was very thin, no more than an inch wide at most. The blade was razor sharp, extended to a length of thirty eight inches, and could pierce through skin and flesh as if it were paper. The mans skill with it would show lightning fast speed and dexterity as he wielded it. Making him a fearsome opponent.

Now all he did was wait for his opponent to show. His urge to battle was next to filling him with anger. The pirate stood there, watching from where his opponent would show. His brown eyes examined the land carefully. Farran Gennadius "Bomb Dodger" Williamson, would shed blood soon.

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07/26/2006 8:35 PM

Dahmnall O'Dochartaigh walked through the meadow to his urgent appointment. He was tall and powerfully built. He wore a green shirt and loose brown pants over his sinewy form. He tied back his long red hair. At his side was a long sabre, elegantly curved slightly, the blade sharp as a fresh razor. On his belt hung a medium sized hand axe, freshly sharpened. Then he saw Bomb Dodger Williamson, his opponent. "Greetings boyo." Dahmnall said in a thick accent. "Are you prepared to die?" Dahmnall said softly unhooking his axe and drawing his beautiful sabre.

09/06/2006 8:21 PM

(OOC: My most sincere apologies to you, renegadeirishman. I couldn't keep coming here as my computer desktop name corrupted and I lost all my cookies, therefore losing all my bookmarks so I lost the link to this page. I finally found it after a long hard look through google searching. If you still wish to continue this battle, we can. If so, I will edit this post and add IC momentarily.)

09/07/2006 4:53 PM

ooc:if your up for it, by all means

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