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05/26/2006 8:07 AM

"Welcome young Padawans," Master Jin-shu said as he greeted these new recruits, "Today is the first day of your training, many will try, few will succeed."

"Heh, if i had a credit for every time I heard that," one of the recruits whispered to another. They both got a chuckle out of the mild joke.

"Is there something wrong Kacy?," Master Jin-shu asked the joker.

"Uh..No Master, Everythings fine," Kacy replied back.

"Fine, then lets continue on to your bunks. We will begin your training tomorrow," Master Jin-shu said as he left them to rest.

09/03/2006 1:53 AM

hearing the two joke at master jin's word's he stood in silence as they got scolded with his hand's behind his back and standing at 5'8 he looked at the othere's in the room trying to take in as much as he could about the otheres in the short time he had. well following master jin to the bunks he thought to himself 'one day i will be great and this is just the begining of my way to become a jedi master" and with a smile he walked to the back of the room and sat on a bunk lisening to the othere's talk about what might come about there live's. being human he started to yawn as he layed down on his bunk and fell asleep....

09/03/2006 11:17 AM

Being a Padawan, Ailyn was all but enraptured to here the training would begin tomorrow. Independently with her master (ANyone can take that role if they would like), Ailyn had mastered the basic form of light saber training, and began to slightly delve into the arts of the force. This all only took about a week, incluing the trip to Coruscunt and the days during and after her acceptance to the temple. Now she waltzed slowly out of the room waiting for teh remaining learners to leave the room.

Turing Ailyn went to teh front alter, and cleared her throat, to get Master Jin-shu's attention.

"Ahhh yes Ailyn, what would like young Padawan?"

"I would like you to answer some questions for me."

"Ask and I will deliberate on whether I can answer."

"What is the force? What will I be able to become after learning it?? And, what will becoem of my father, now he is all alone???"

Jin-shu looked own warmly yet with a stern stare, "I sense your latter question is what this revolves around. ANd Answer that you seek, lurk with in your self and the ripples of the force. Meditate on this all Ailyn, search with in teh force, trust in teh current of teh force, and answers you will find. Now I must bid you adue, so join the rest of the Female Padawan's inside the dorm rooms. May the Force Be With You."

"And With you Master Jin-shu. Thank you."

Turning Ailyn departed teh room and laid into her warm soft bed, closing her eyes and meditating.

09/30/2006 5:25 PM

may i join as Si-Wan

10/04/2006 6:43 AM

Master Jin Shu looked at Mara Jade and then to mablung.
"He is too old." Jin Shu said matter of factly, Then he looked straight into Mablung's eyes in them was the innocence of the young, perhaps he thought this person is young in his own people's eyes.
"His people live to be over 5,000 years old." mara said as if to confirm his suspicions.
"How feel you?" He directed the question at Mablung. mablung replyed with a scarily neutral voice.
"What do you mean sir?"
"Are you frightened or nervous?"
"I am neither sir, my people can easily get rid of any emotion they care not to use."
"how old are you?"
"I am in my own years 12." Jin Shu looked,
'impossible' he thought, this person was at least a foot taller than than most lads his age
"make sure you arrive at the here an hour before sun up, you shall join the other new recruits." With that Jun Shu walked away leaving mara Jade and Mablung alone.
"Good Luck mablung, may the force be with you." And with that Mara Jade left him facing the bunk room, he was all alone and allowed himself to feel scared and unsure, whatever the future held for him it would be interesting.

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10/09/2006 7:08 PM

The warm blanket of virgin light poured soothingly onto the creamy skin of Ailyn. Her long flowing hair, of crimson red shimmered as her head lifted from the enguklfing pilow of the cot. Her eyes contradict her beauty and the peace of this morning. Rung with a heavy darkened tone, and the green of her iris surrounded by small lightning bolts of red, it was obvious she had gotten little sleep.

Weeks earlier, she had recieved letters from her father. They talked of disturbing things on Mabus and a few of his more dangerous missions he was to be taking on soon. The last one Read in the last sentence:

"They found me. I still am unsure at who they may be, or what I have done, but I must hide, for they have found me."

The words had since grappled Ailyn's heart, causing her to meditate harder on trying to find a solution. This night, though, she had infact found something. A smallspark inside which gave her emmence clarity and power. An ambition unsurpassed by any. For once in her life she had focused inward upon her ownself, her own desires. It felt, [/i]powerful[/i].

"Rise and shine young one!!!"

THe heavy, yet elegant accent of the Core Worlds poured rudely from behind Ailyn, as a force was applied to the bottom of her top cot. Tumbling from her perch, using her Jedi reflexes she landed on her feet, standing poised and ready.

"Good morning Master, Markas-Wan."

Sneering at her, seemingly radical, yet joyfully brilliant master, she hads forgotten about the events of the past night, and focus on teh now. Beckoning for him to turn, he obeyed as she removed her garments and put her padawans robes on, clipping her saber carefully to her belt.

"Late morning again Ailyn. Havent you ever heard the early bird gets the worm young one!!!"

"Yes master, I will keep it in mind next time."

"Good, now you have your lessons this morning, I want you to go to them and at the end of your lessons join me at the council, we have a briefing."

"A Mission!!!"

"I knew you would be delighted. However when you find out the details you may not be so thrilled, now run along!!!"

10/11/2006 11:26 AM

Mablung entered the room full of young padawans, standing at about a foot taller than them he stood out like a sore thumb. Kacy looked straight at this new comer, his ears were pointed yet were floppy so they looked like very small wings and his skin was a purple colour and his eyes glowed, but unlike normal eyes mablung's were half purple and half yellow and appeared to glow.
"Who are you purple boy?" kacey asked, not thinking that this might hurt the other one.
"my name is mablung surion." Although his voice was even mablung felt a rejection in his heart.
"Well i'm kacy, nice to meet you." Kacy spoke with such entusiasm that mablung rejected his own idea and smiled.
Another one of the padawans spoke up,
"here mate," mablung looked toiwards the voice, sitting on a top bunk was a fish looking person. "You can share my bunk." Mablung bowed and thanked the fish type person.
"No sweat mate, the name is Ackmar."
"Pleasure and isnu, vala freind."
"What does that mean?" several trainees asked at once.
"it means gretings." several of them attempted to copy mablung's graceul speech and the majority failed and for at least another hour each was leardning a different language.
before they went to sleep mablung kneeled in his bed and muttered a silent pray to one of his god's and then thought to himself.
'at last i am finally welcome somewhere.'

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