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05/22/2006 6:12 AM

Would anybody be interested in joining this RP? The synopsis is below...

The minotaur stronghold of Kraetos stood strong and proud over the eastern boarder of Etalo, beyond which lay the catmen desert tribes. The catmen also had a fortress a few miles into the desert, called Jikalab; the Mountain. The two forts had different architects and races guarding it but both had a similar purpose: to keep the other race out of the border.
The minotaurs are strong warriors and masterful smiths, artisans and builders. Their cities were large and plentiful; filled with statues, gardens, bustling agoras full of exotic and outlandish goods, smithies and workshops turned out goods on a daily basis and all were surrounded by large, white walls of marble. The minotaur's themselves were peace loving beings who wanted nothing more than another flagon of wine and a good spot to sunbathe, yet their hatred of catmen fueled them to constantly marshal and equip massive armies to try and drive them away from the oasises of the desert.
The catmen are a sophisticated race and rather strong themselves. They were organised into individual tribes and clans that watched over a certain oasis so that their traders could find water for their camels. They traded with the Humans of the east, Orcs from the south and the Elves from the north, as such they possessed valuable and rare goods like silk, platinum, ivory and incense. They were not very welcoming however; life was hard enough in the desert as it was without others making it harder. They have mastered the ways of assassination and guerilla warfare and this proved useful in their endless wars with the Dihalalom, the Horned Devils.
How the war began is unknown, it was known that the two were once firm allies and fought together in the War of Illyriam, where the Elves were beset by demons from the sea and were in desperate need of aid.
It seems that after a century or two of peace, the two eventually started to try and outdo each other. The minotaurs began building grand cities and inviting the Shahs and Sultans of the catmen for visits, whereas the catmen began trading in rare and exotic goods, effectively becoming one of the richest races in the world.
Finally it just broke out into war.
Now the two are starting to move against each other, minotaur against catman, spear against scimitar, horn and hoof against claw and fang.

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