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05/15/2006 5:34 PM

This is something I'm running on another forum, Flat Earth.

It follows the missions/adventures of a Border Squad that is good but not too good. Also many characters will die in this Rp but well always get reinforcements regualary and normaly have a few dozen NPCs that you can play. There are Ranks, which I'll explain if this takes off. Also another thing I have made called Community Controled Characters, which I'll explain aswell.

05/16/2006 3:51 PM

Well it might help to explain those things beforehand to make sure the players know they want to or don't want to play in the RP. But it sounds interesting... to a point. If you explain all that you had I might end up joining. Just make it interesting.

05/16/2006 6:46 PM

This is where the little arguing and questions will be, I hope to see very little OOC in the actual thread
Make sure to read everything in red

Rules: Please follow these and the punishments section wont be needed will it.

1: No super powerful guys, I don't want your guy to be a push over, this is an elite unit, but he shouldn't be proficient in all weapons, or all magic.
2: Characters will die in this, that's going to happen.
3: To say again, little OOC in game.
4: Be nice, help your squad but don't fight with them, or the Captain will have to intercede.
5: You can have more than one character just not more than one at a time.
6: Prepare for punishment

Game Play
This game seeing as nobody likes to see their character die, and therefore wont normally make that kind of post will be slightly D&D just no dice or anything, no math either. I want you to have fun but I want it realistic. When we get into combat I'll let the players do something, then post about the results, this should encourage team work and conservation. There will be one healer that somebody can play if they want, as well as an assistant that I'll use to make sure some people get out of the skirmish, also there will be a wizard, if you want it PM me with your character I'll pick the best or most realistic for a squad mage.

Community Controled Character control
As an officer you can control more than just you're main character, depending on what rank you are you can control up to 30 recruits, and even a few officers if you are a leutinant, or just 5 recruits if you are a corpral. This will changed when we get ready for a battle, the command of CCC's gets delegated throught the ranks of officers to their under officers and themsleves.

1. and all. If you break a rule your character breaks a leg. break a lot and he breaks a neck, or a random arrow will attack.

I'll be unbiased when doing this if I feel you've broken a rule I'll send for another bandage.

Height: (No giants, Please. average height was 5'4)
Hair color/style:
Race: Human (more will come but not right now)
Age: 38 (this is old for this time period especially for a solider)
Weapons: (Again no special weapons you are enlisted men and women after all, also the main weapons in this story are the horse bow, long sword, lance, short sword, and dagger pick one of these or two) (Shilds are okay, as long as it isn't a tower one, those wouldn't fly on horseback) (no infinite arrows people, somebody has to fletch all of your arrows and that takes a while). (This is a fast squad and will provide all of it's members with a horse)

Uniform: For the Border Squads it is an all green overcoat with a small red band on the arm with a golden shield on it. They were light chain for chest protection and a helmet of padded leather along with leather greaves.

Horse:Their horses are all breeds but are all near the same speed, and mostly the same height, they are kept a little shagy to put off enemy guards.

Bio: Put a bio or don't I'm opting not (cause I've got things to do after this) to but for those that would like to go ahead.

Mage wanna bes please read this

Magic: (what kind of magic does your guy have, I.E. Offensive, defensive, support, preporation)
Speed/Power/Energy: Your Speed weakens your power, your power slows you down, and you use energy with every spell you do, a mage isn't important enough to waste the squad on don't use all you've got unless we really need it. It's on scales of 1 to 10 with speed and power, this fluxes for every spell you cast, I've got your energy level and will post them when you give me the character. I'll also give you some limits on your power and speed depending on your Magic type.

The Mage's energy level is dependent on a few factors, age (younger isn't nessisaraly better), sex (again no discrimination males may have more energy but are much slower) height vs wieght,(musle mass and possible endurance calculations) bio, and your mages magic types, you use energy at a level of speed X power, so if you are casting a spell at 10 speed with 4 power, it's 40 energy points. You'll have to post the speed and power everytime you cast a spell. Being an offensive mage you have a speed cap of 5, and a power cap of 15, that meens you can only spend 75 points at once.

There is the possiblity of misscasting a spell, I take you're energy and and times it by the 1/100 of the energy used, so if you use 40 energy it would be Total Energy X .40 then for every 5 numbers over your energy, I put that against a role of 4 dice. If it is below that you cast the spell sucessfully.

Ranking syestem: Squad Ranks
Top: Captain
Corpral, Scout- They are technicly the same rank but their jobs are very different
Battle man, Recruit- Battle men have take 10 enemies down, they haven't been premoted due to troop constraints or officer execss.

Command Structure for the Border Squads

Captain- Commands up to 90 recruits- and his command structure
Leutinant- has command over 3 Sergants, and those Sergants sub-bordance
Sergant- they command 2 Corprals, and those corprals sub-bordance
Corpals- command 5 recruits
Scouts- command no one but can't be ordered my anyone less than a Leutinant/ or scout master

As of now 5/15/06 I reserve the right to play your character if you haven't posted in 36 hours, this is not due to my being mean just I don't want one person to bring the rest of the RP, this is the warning, this is the only warning, please remember this.

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