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05/15/2006 7:41 AM

Vigorous flames, playing at the edge
Engulfing souls, destroying lives
No one escapes, no one can
The Inferno is coming,
The Inferno is here

The prophetic mind of Vahn Almasy has revealed a devastating storm is on it's way. He has seen the forces at work in his dreams, and they seem to be creating a storm of flames. All across the planet, clouds are turning red and constantly in fierce motion. They never clear or fade, and their violent red color grow brighter each day. The sun hasn't been seen for months. The authorities have tried to find out what is happening, but every scout they have sent up has been killed. With the flames coming ever closer, the planet is in danger.

Your goal is to find out what's causing the Inferno and stop it.

This is set in a different dimension and pretty much anything is possible. It's more of a midevil thing, no guns or plasma. Certain people may wish to have animal body parts such as wings, this is allowed. Magic is also allowed, but you can only have elemental spells that work with your element. The only element that is not allowed is fire. Any general spells are fine (I.E., Speed). You may have a crest that gives you abilities such as speed, telekinesis, temporary transformation, etc.

Tryout form:

Element: (No fire)
Crest: (A brief description of the crest)
Physical: Description (No clothes)
Weapon: (please, no more than 2)
Race: (Must be partially humanoid)
Cut scene: (Not optional)

My Tryout Form:

Name: Vahn Almasy

Age: 19

Element: Lightning

Crest: A black metal crest imbued with the power to unleash a devastating electric explosion at the cost of most remaining energy. Bears the image of a fox with the word 'Fal' carved into it.

Wills lightning to leap from fingers
May form a large electrical ball and hurl it at... anyone
Is immune to electric shock (I.E., enemy lightning users)
Can move at the speed of light

Physical Description: Tall and muscular. Spiked blond hair, electric blue eyes. Has a blue tattoo up his left arm.

Clothes: Wears a black hooded shirt with no sleeves. Large blue bolts of lightning cross the chest, and the hood has a blue line up the back. Wears black denim pants with straps. Also have blue wrist cuffs.

Weapon: 2 katanas

Race: Primarily human, large black feathered wings. Hawk demon.

Cut scene:
Vahn was walking through a long narrow canyon. He looked up at the blood red clouds and shivered. He saw a shadowy figure in the haze of the canyon. Vahn unfurled his large, black wings and leapt up into the air. Vahn glided forward for a better look. A large demon was supervising what appeared to be a mining site. It stood motionless in the dusty haze. Vahn clung to the canyon wall and folded his wings. The chord, seemingly a part of him, unwrapped itself and hooked around a thick branch. Vahn lowered himself down by the chord on his arm and gazed at the brute before him. He grasped the bound, demonic chord and pulled. The branch broke free and alerted the guard. By the time the guard had spun around, Vahn had jumped into the air. The guard braced for impact, but it wasn't enough. Weapon first, Vahn landed on the large guard and wrapped the chord around the veiny neck of the guard. With a single pull, the surrounding veins exploded in a purple torrent of blood. The guard shouted in pain as the bodily fluids sprayed all over the dusty canyon. He attempted to shake Vahn off, but the boy's grip was firm. The chord was tugged from the hell-spawn's neck and shot through its heart. The demon stopped squirming, though the blood continued to gush, and died. Vahn wiped the blood from his whip and continued walking. The Inferno drew closer.

To join this RP, please post all of the following:

Element: (no fire)
Crest: (A brief description of the crest)(optional)
Physical Description: (No clothes)
Weapon: (only ONE)
Race: (Must be partially humanoid)
Cut scene: (Not optional)

Also, here are the avalible elements. If they have a name next to them, they are taken:

Lightning - Vahn (Vahn_Almasy)
Water/Ice - Brad Chance (Thanis)
Earth -
Wind -
Light -
Dark -

Also, there will be 3 bad guys. Those bad guys will have the element of Fire. The bad guys will be chosen on a basis of first-come-first-serve. But, the badguys will also need to be on when there is a fight because they need to have minoins. If you want to be a bad guy, you need to say so in the tryout form. Here are the bad guys:

Bad Guy 1 -
Bad Guy 2 -
Bad Guy 3 -

I want this to be as organized as possible and if you would like to be second in comand to control this, post it in your tryout form and tell me why. The best one I see will be second in comand.

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05/15/2006 8:18 PM

Name: Brad Chance


Element: Water/Ice

Crest: His birth mark was a simple one: A circle with and eagle in the middle with the word "Aerious" With this he can shoot him self from one place to another as long as he can see this destination.

Magic: Can create, condense and control ice and water. The less water in the air there is the more energy it takes for him to do this.

Physical Description: 5'8" blond hair, pale bluish eyes, med build.

Clothes: White cargo pants with a light blue hoody with the saying freezer burn on the back and white and blue sneakers.

Weapon: Retractable tri-claws that are hidden underneath the hoody.

Race: human

Cut scene: The days seemed to get longer and longer as the red clouds grew in strength. The city thinned more and more the longer the fire burned the sky. Even the moisture in the air lessened. All the while he had stopped three break-in's, six bank robberies, and a murder. And he watched as some one had snatched a young lady and drug her in the ally way right in front of him. He followed every step making him madder and less controlled. The Latino man had his full attention on ripping this girl's clothes off and cared nothing for what was going on around him. Brad's eyes turned from pale blue to a dark ocean blue. The man before him stopped dead in his tracks and started to convulse. His arms and legs flailed wildly then suddenly stopped. His skin turned hard and brittle. All of the water had been sucked out of him and into the air. He leaned over and offered the young blond woman his hand. She covered her self up with one arm and grasped his hand reluctantly with her hand. Chad used small ice crystals to pull her shirt together. "That will last you until you get home." She threw her arms around him then sprinted off. This job was not over for today. Only a few miles from the city was a canyon, he needed to go there...

05/16/2006 6:23 AM

Good Job, Thanis. Your in.

05/16/2006 6:43 PM

*Gives two thumbs up with toung sticking out of mouth*

05/25/2006 4:56 AM

Name: Dozer Monroe

Age: 23

Element: Dark

Crest: A dark burgandy colored metal crest that allows the user to manipulate others with their mind. Cost depends on the strength of the targets mind.

Globe of Darkness
Can blend with the shadows (can physically go into shadows)
Immune to Dark spells
Teleportation (if allowed) (was taught as a youngin)

Physical Description: Tall and medium size. 6'3" Long white mainy hair Black eyes Black widow tatoo on back

Clothes: Black hooded cloak on top underneath the cloak he wears an all black outfit

Weapon: Two Daggars one with a gold handle the other with a silver handle

Race: Drow with large white wings

Cut Scene: The red clouds had been there for many days. Luckily for Dozer though, he needn't have to look at them. Even though his eyes had to adjusted to the more reddish light, he still preferred to look at the dark. As he adventured through the wildnerness he came upon a group of Gnolls wandering the forest in search of food. As soon as he saw these fiends he unsheathed his scimitars. Swiftly he ran behind them and hid behind a tree. The gnolls heard the sound of the grass behind them, they whipped around and started heading in the direction of the sound. Dozer figuring that they had heard them, put a globe of darkness around the gnolls. He then, ran out and leapt into the globe. As soon as the globe wore off Dozer was standing around the bodies of the dead gnolls. The bodies were drenched in pools of blood. The blood was the same shade as the sky. Dozer left the bodies and returned on his adventure.

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06/06/2006 1:55 AM

Hey Vahn are u ever gonna start this or did we just waist our time??

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