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05/10/2006 11:22 PM

Based off of my own books.

Eight shards hold the planet together, making it so that the planet is kept alive. If it weren't for the eight shards, then the planet would cease to exist. Eight shards that hold the planet together have been separated, spread across the world of Quar, never to be heard from for eight thousand long years. No one has seen a single shard since then. It has been said that it might have been only a legend, that it was made up, in order to create havoc amongst the races, for they have been trying to find the eight shards of Quar, for it is said that the wielder of the eight shards will have unremarkable power. Though no one knows what kind of power it is. All that is known is, that if the eight shards ever came into contact with one another, the outcome wouldn't be good at all. The people of Quar mainly fear of what could happen to their planet.

The High King Quzar called upon the legendary Dragon Warriors, the honorable people who protect Quar from the dangers of the world, to try to make sure that no one hunts down the eight shards of Quar. He fears that if the Dark Lord, Geogon got a hold of a single shard, then it would be the end of their planet. The Dark Lord has been trying to find scrolls on the eight shards for many years. He seems to be the only one interested in finding the eight shards. The High King does not know about his plans at all, which is fortunate for him. The Dark Lord moves in secret, and he doesn't reveal his plan to anyone, until it is fully completed.

It is said that only one person ever got close to having the eight shards of Quar. The Queen of the Damned possessed seven out of the eight shards, and she was about to get the eighth, until Wizard Skalra of the Second Order confronted her. A fierce battle happened between the two. Magic was used greatly, in hopes of trying to stop the other. The Queen of the Damned created a diamond sword, known as the Elzera Blade, from the seven shards. This blade was the strongest sword ever created, and it had the sharpest tip, and the edges were able to cut a limb off, with just one clean slash. It had seemed that it was going to end right there for Wizard Skalra.

A wizard of the Second Order, such as he, had a limited amount of magic. They could only do so much, and since he wasn't of the First Order, that meant that his chances of survival were very unlikely, and him killing the Queen was close to impossible. The wizard was furious as the Queen of the Damned vanished from his sight. He tried to follow her, and the only way that was possible, was because she had destroyed three major cities in that one day. He knew what she was trying to do to him. To provoke him, and to try to make it so he would surrender, and join her side. He honestly had considered it for a few minutes, but as he was reading the scrolls of Senercha, he soon realized what he could do.

Once more, Skalra faced her head on, his head was up high, and he wasn't going to give in to her tricks. Sword in hand, he lunged at her, only to find out that the Elzera Blade came into contact with his own, and it shattered upon impact. Her blade didn't even have a scratch on it. Still, he was determined to do what he had to do. In his cloak, he had an orb, and he hoped that this would be the thing that would stop her. He was going to drain his magic into it, along with his Life Force, hoping to create a prison for her, never to see daylight again. He knew that it was impossible for him to kill the Queen, and that this was the only way of getting rid of her.

The orb, at last was revealed. He had drained his magic, and almost drained his Life Force, when he realized the one mistake he had made. The eighth shard was within the orb that he planned on sealing her in. Her sword had made contact with the orb, and it soon havoc came. When the Elzera Blade made contact with the orb, it soon became unstable. A group of wizards had appeared, the strongest of them all, and they had drained their magic, and Life Force into the orb, in hopes of forcing the Queen in it. Soon after they had drained their magic and Life Force, the Queen was imprisoned as they had hoped. The shard from the orb disappeared, and the seven other shards were never to be seen again. That was eight thousand years ago.

Now in present day Quar, it was a time of war. It was the calm before the storm. Men and elves, side by side, marched to war against the armies of undead and varders. This was Quar's last defense, in hopes of freeing their lands. The Dragon Warriors were mounted upon their dragons, led by the half elf, Seth, with the sword, Drynth in hand. They were to attack head on, hoping that they would be able to rid the world of the Dark Lord. On the ground, the men and elves of Quar fought vigorously, hoping that they had the chance to win against the armies of the Dark Lord, though they knew that their chances of victory were unlikely.

Little did they know, the Dark Lord hired eight of the best warriors to find the shards of Quar, in hopes of using them to defeat the peoples of Quar. One of the eight warriors stumbled across the orb, in which the Queen of the Damned was sealed in. She immediately brought it to her master, and the Dark Lord had a look of confidence now. He summoned Wizard Busidion of the Second Order, in hopes of releasing the Queen. Scouts had saw what was going on, and only one of them had escaped. He had fled to the elf encampment, and told them of what he had saw. It was feared for the worse, that the Queen of the Damned, known to the elves as the Skeletal Mari would be released from her prison.

The armies of Quar rallied outside of the gates of Denor, the Dark Lord's stronghold, when something unlikely happened. The Dark Lord surrendered his land, and everything he had accomplished. The Wizard of the First Order, Ithrandir came forth, and met with the Dark Lord, to create a sort of negotiation. They had agreed upon that he remained freed, but his magic was to be sealed in the same orb that the Queen was in. He was to rule no more than his own country, and if he did violate any of the terms, he would be sealed away in the orb, in which the Queen was in.

Though the Dark Lord didn't plan on agreeing to the terms that were made. The Dark Lord still had his eight faithful, and loyal warriors, who would do as he asked. They each controlled an army of undead, orcs, varders, and even trolls. They were about to march off to the heart of Quar, it's capital Quarathian City, going to take the orb back from the wizard. They had arrived at Quarathian City, prepared for the war.

~This is when the story starts~

Plot: The first plot is to defend the capital of Quar, or if you are with the Dark Lord, you are to help with the attack of the city.

Other things will be added upon the plot, depending on which way the tide goes.

Character Sheet:

said ...

Name: What is the name of your character?

Age: How old is your character?

Sex: Male or Female?

Realm: Whom does he/she owe loyalty to? The Dwarves of the east,
the Men of the west, the Elves of the south, or the Dark Lord's Realm, off to the north?


Race: What Race are you? Elf, Dwarf, Man, Varder, Orc, Troll, etc.

Class: Hunter, Ranger, Scout, Paladin, Knight, Dragon Warrior,
Wizard ((wizard is available upon request.))

Weapon: A simple weapon to start off with.

Armour: no armour to begin with.

Items: What personal weapons do you have with you?

Skills: What kind of skills does your character have?

Strengths: What strengths does he/she have?

Weakness: What sort of weakness(es) does your character have?

Loyalty: To the Dark Lord, or to the High King?

Description: What does your character look like? ((please use descriptive words, and more than 3 sentences))

History: Please make at least a two paragraphs of the history of your character. And it isn't going to be something like his/her parents were dead, and he/she had to do this...or this character had to do that...

Sample RPG: Please create a two paragraph sample of your character. This, along with everything else is required.

Note that posts are going to have to be at least five sentences. I am not going to ask for anyone to create a novel, but I would like to have more than five sentences. Once in a while it is okay to have less than five sentences.

(please do not post your character forms yet. I am still making the list of locations.)

((aditionally, no pictures of your characters, and you are limited to three characters, no more unless you request it with me))

05/14/2006 2:12 PM

Gawd dangit! I just posted my character form on your other thread. When are you ever coming back on anyways?

05/14/2006 4:32 PM

Well this is... interesting. I might join.

And it isn't going to be something like his/her parents were dead, and he/she had to do this...or this character had to do that...

umm.... exactly what else are they going to put. Yes, they can come up with something better but a lot of the time people have to fall back to the parents dead and stuff. Is that just there so they don't create the same backrounds as half the characters in RPs or that these end up being too short and non-descriptive for the RP? I am guessing the second of the answers but which one or if another reason then put it.

05/15/2006 8:35 AM

umm.... exactly what else are they going to put. Yes, they can come up with something better but a lot of the time people have to fall back to the parents dead and stuff.

That's exactly why he/she doesn't want it. I mean, it's one of the most common RP backgrounds around.
Not bad per se, but just very overused. You said it yourself, people can come up with something better. It just requires a little more creativity and thought to go into it is all. And, to keep life in the RP and character, creativity is definitely a must.

Besides, why do the parents even need to be dead? I mean, I hate to think how many people the "Dead Parents of Teenage Avenging Heroes Convention" would attract....:P

Just one cliche they don't want is all, and a little more thinking "outside the box".

Sage away! *poof*

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