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05/10/2006 11:20 PM

I've had this idea for sometime, and I want to be able to role play the three books, or at least to try. Using the book only as a guideline though.

Making your own characters would be allowed. You can be any character from the Fellowship besides Aragorn (me). Only thing really is a basic knowledge of LOTR's, and or a book which has a map. I'm not telling you to go out and buy one at all.

Cannon/Made up character sheet.
Sample RPG:

05/20/2006 2:38 AM

Ok I want to join in on this one..*Grins* and this should be fun I want to be Arowen the Elven Princess...*Grins* here I will make Her Char sheet....

Name: Arowen
Alias: Arowen
Age: Unkown
Sex: Female
Race: Elvin
Class: Elvin Princess
Weapons: Two Elven Swords
Armor: None
From: Rivendale
Description: Long dark hair stands about 5'8" has Brown eyes and slim and proper.
History: Born in High society to the Elven King of Rivendale Arowen fell in love with A Ranger called Aragon. She longs to be with Him but the fellowship keeps them apart Untill the end when Aragron becomes the King. She was destend to leave with the ships
Sample RPG:
She stands upon the balconey her dark eyes gazing down below as she searches for Him. Her father had told her that He had returned, her heart racing at the thought of seeing Him again. She turns heading down to the meeting hall where they would gather for dinner, stoping at the end of the stairs she sees Him her eyes take in his form as He stands in front of the statue and Alter that holds the sword.

06/01/2006 4:35 AM

Ooh.. LotR. Adding a new character to the story could be interesting.

Name: Daniel Firenze
Alias: Dark
Age: 215 human years
Sex: Male
Race: Half-Elven
Class: Master-Swordsmen
Weapons: An enchanted bastard sword that, when the command word is spoken, can neutralise any magic in effect.
Armor: The nature of his fighting style means that Dark does not wear any armor as it could encumber his movement.
From: Was born in Rivendale but currently has no permanent home to speak of.
Description: Short black hair, about 5'11, has largely elven features excepting that he is a bit more solidly built.
Strengths: Dark is an exeptional swordsman and has a grace that trancends humans, as well as an elven sixth sense for magic.
Weakness': While Dark has a sense and understanding about the natures of magic, this also makes him highly succeptible to it and the wielders of it.
History: Born from the unwelcome union of a human and an elf of high standing,(royal?) Dark grew up in an environment that he felt did not welcome him. So he left at a young age to persue the life of a warrior, since then he has found the 'human world' to be not much more welcoming.

06/05/2006 5:02 AM

Name: Tarkiz
Alias: Shadow
Age: 137
Sex: Male
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Rogue
Weapons: Two long swords, light crossbow with poison darts
Armor: Light Armor
From: The Underdark
Description: White mainish hair, 6' 2", Strong built, Ebony skin
Strentghs: Shadow is a master of the Draa Velve style of fighting
Weakness: The Drow do not show weakness
History: Tarkiz had been a renegade Drow ever since he killed his matron mother. He had always hated his heritage. So he ran like hell after he killed his matron motherm, lucky for him, he had not had to deal with the mind flayers at all. He ran for the surface, and whehe reached the surface he had found a village of small humanoid creatures. For years he had settled with these...Hobbits. He had grown to appreciate their culture. He had trained himself to fight. He had a sort of natural ability with swords. He loved to hear the stories that the hobbits told, they told stories of a group of adventurers who sought to destroy the one ring. He had always been fascinated with that one. He had become one with the hobbits you could say.

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