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05/06/2006 7:08 PM

A young Tserillian elf-like woman she is. Inwe Orgulas was an elven magess. Her mother an elf, her father a mage. Although she heard lots of stories about her father from her mother, she never actually knew him. He had walked out on them the day she was born, for reasons..unknown. When she was just barely 14 years old her mother had died of a serious illness known as Typhoid Fever. Ever since then she had taken care of herself. Three years later her village, Aleneth, was ambushed and burnt to the ground and she fled to a nearby town named Vaddem. But once she had reached there, she noticed pieces of parchment tacked to walls and the streetlamps. Upon them was written:

WANTED: Elf magess of age 17. Fair-skinned. Golden hair. Is to be brought to the King of Vakar alive. Those caught assisting the elf magess will be tried for treason in the Court of Valadineth, the punishment being death.

Long Live the King of Vakar!

:This discovery forced her into hiding and to go nowhere in public without a hooded cloak. But a very intelligent philosopher by the name of Korbinn had figured her out. Although the thought of death was a good enough reason to obey the King of Vakar's notice, he assisted her anyways. He had sent out messengers to recruit soldiers for her to help build up an army for the upcoming war. But that was all he could do for her, for right after he had no choice but to travel away, going into hiding. Now she was waiting anxiously for the new recruits, because if Korbinn had figured her out, it wouldn't be long before someone else did.

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05/06/2006 7:44 PM

A darker race was on the move, a race she had to fight. She didn't want anymore wars, but it was her duty. There were new recruits for her army on their way, and she was getting a bit impatient. It had been about a week since she was told this, and she wanted this war to be over and done as soon as possible...

She sat in the corner of a pub in a small wooden chair next to a rather large fireplace, dressed in a long black cloak with the hood pulled up over her head, only slightly revealing her fair-skinned face and her slightly pale, pink lips. Sword at her side, she watched everyone and everything in the pub. She heard someone speak worried words of her, yet she ignored them. It wasn't new to her to hear that she was just a small bit frightening in her dark, mysterious appearance. She was about to turn her attention to the fire when a hooded man walked into the pub. There was something about him that drew her attention. As she turned to further watch this stranger, her crystal riverstone necklace glistened in the light issuing from the fire.

She stared in silence..

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05/09/2006 2:58 PM

OOC: I have a hooded charactor that will "fit" this rp. I hope I can join. If you have a different idea for this hooded man than I will edit this post.

IC: Chaos had only heard of this female warrior and traced her to a local town out side of the masive city Kemana. Mose of the people there had normal soul indicatoins of farmers, shop owners and lower level soldiers. Exept one. HIs black cloak and hood shrowded his body and hid his face. His glowing red eyes illuminated more exprestions than anything else. His black liquid metal gauntlets refelcted the fire along with with the natural fists he carried.

He took a seat across the bar, ordered a drink from a young pretty blond. Chaos could feel eyes watching him and it was no supprise who it was. She was but a shadow near the fire in a corner. He didnt even have to look at her to know this. She didnt want to be seen and for the most part wasnt, yet. He turned is attention to her and returned her stare.

The words shot strait from his mind to her's ~Greetings young lady, Im Chaos. You are looking for an army are you not? I have been a genral in many different wars. Your cause is as good as any to join. Revenge, my beauty is a dish best sterved cold, no?~

05/12/2006 1:13 PM

OOC: That's great! You're more than welcome to join! :)

She stared at him staring back at her, for a moment. Then answered back;

~ Kvetha fricai, ika ekar vinr, oei kir falghra..~

She smiled with satisfaction, then standing up, she stared still. And with a quick smile she broke the stare, and, turning to leave, quietly slipped out of the bar.

05/14/2006 4:21 PM

'What was that?' his curiosity always seemed to get the better of him and this time was no different than the rest. He finished his drink and fallowed her out. She was walking with a swag entising him to fallow. 'I hate it when women do this...'

"Excuse me miss?" walking fast try to catch up to her, he tried for her attention.


05/15/2006 2:40 PM

It was no surprise to her that he had followed. After all, it was what she had planned to happen. Inwe had always found ways to follow her plans through, even if it took some deeper thought. But this plan wasn't the hardest, in fact it was quite simple. A mysterious approach and her native tongue would have worked all on its own but a sway in her walk ensured a follower.

And so it was, the man she had so closely eyed in the pub was the one she wanted to be followed by. There were many spies and thieves about and she just wanted to be positive he was who he said he was.

She waited until both were out of view of others and turned around abruptly, only to be ran right into by the stranger. Her hood slid off as she landed on her back, revealing silken pale blonde hair and her fair-skinned face, which glowed a pale-blue in the moonlight. Inwe sat up slowly and eyed him with brilliant blue eyes, which contained such a cold stare it sent shivers down the spines of those who noticed it.

"Who are you?" She had a thick english-like accent, but was a softer tone, as was the mix of elven and mage accents. Slowly, she pulled her hood back on, awaiting an answer.

05/15/2006 5:29 PM

He fallowed around the corner and came to a halt as he met her face to face. She was beautiful and dangerous. A very powerful mix for a woman. His hood didnt slide off as her's did. In fact his hood almost never came off. Only the people that he trusted with his life has seen his real face. Well, and the women that he slept with but he made sure they could never remember it. His glowing red eyes pierced her hard blue gaze. It was cold yet comferting.

"Who are you?"

"I am Chaos Dark of my lord Thanis. I was made for war, but my life has given me much different missions. I now run my own life, though his lordship does call for me occasonally." His voice was deep but soft, "Now im here for you and your war. If you will have me." He took her hand and kissed it softly, "I am at your service, if you will?!"

05/16/2006 4:22 PM

"You are late, Chaos Dark," her cold stare still lingered.

Inwe watched him closely. She wasn't yet sure if he could be trusted, she trusted few these days, and wasn't one to jump at the offer anyways. But his stare never faltered and she could tell he wasn't lying.

She shifted to a softer tone.

"Kvetha..I am Inwe Orgulas, daughter of Orlindel." She bowed low and graceful, looking up at him, still keeping her stare.

05/16/2006 6:33 PM

His bow was honorably returned, "Greetings...So, does that mean that I am not too late?"

He felt a tremble behind him. A dark soul? Or just a bunch of bandits? Either or, it was something that might entertain him and give him a little practice.

"Excuse me my lady." He darted around the building to examine the presence.

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05/17/2006 12:57 PM

Inwe stared after him curiously, then walked over to a nearby tree and sat down with her back against it. Spotting a good size stick nearby, she reached over and snatched it from the ground. As she waited she played with her magic, lighting the stick on fire, freezing it, then healing it, and repeating the process.

With this, her energy level only shrunk little by little, and after a few minutes of this charade she had managed to push herself over the edge. She had fallen asleep.

05/22/2006 11:49 PM

Chaos was suppriesed to find a group of only five badits. They where heaviely armed with battle axes and broad swords and alot of gold and jewelry. His presants was no supprise to them as he walked up to them. His sword drawn and fist tight, he didnt even say a thing. His right foot left the ground frirst as he came down and he cut through the hanld of an axe then right through the person holding it. He parried a broad sword and did a spinning kick to his jaw knocking him out instantly. Two of them ran like cowards but the the third mush have been the boss. He slowly made his way up to him and threw his battle axe at Chaos' head. He moved to the right and the badit drew a short bow and fired, Chaos jumped out of the way. Once again time slowed down for him as energy formed from this arms and gathered between his hands in a ball. He relesed and time caught up to its self. All at once he watched the energy blast hit the man and fry time, knock him back twenty feet an smashe all the bones in his body.

"Now where was I. Excuse me, miss?!"

05/23/2006 4:39 PM

Inwe woke only moments after falling asleep. It didn't take long for her to regain some energy, but in a battle it would be too long, and could risk her life as well as others.

But it wasn't her regaining-of-energy that woke her; it was the commotion. She watched the fight from where she sat, her back still against the tree.

But then, something she saw made her nervous. Inwe watched a glowing orb from between his hands and a flicker of fear flashed through her blue eyes. She had not met another who could use powers such as those, such like hers, and she was afraid. Inwe kept a mental note not to ever get in a fight with this stranger, sure she knew how to use her powers in a battle, but those battles were of nonmagic creatures. She didn't know how to combat with powers.

Inwe heard him call for her not a moment later. She stood quickly, feeling her heart beat a little faster. Her breath quickened but she tried her hardest to not let her fear show. She was not one to give in and surrender, but she feared she might not have a choice.

05/24/2006 12:49 AM

He noticed her over by a tree, standing a little different than she was before. He made his way over to her and looked into her eyes. Her soul couldnt hide her feelings of fear and wonder. Unfortunatly this was a reaction he had to get used to very quickly and does his best to not get supprised by it. The light in his eyes lightened to a soft red and he extened his hand to her, "Do we have an accorde?"

~I can see yoru fear and humbly request your acceptance of me and my abilities. I will not fail you and you will not find a more loyal leader. I can promis these things on my life.~

05/24/2006 1:21 PM

Inwe still felt terribly exhausted from her energy playing. It was foolish of her to do so, but she was young and still learning. She answered him, a little softer of a tone than ever, for she was tired.

"I've never met another who can do that..use the powers like you did."

Inwe glanced at his hand a moment, a little confused. Then glanced up at him, then glanced back at his hand, and back at him again. She was curious.

05/24/2006 6:18 PM

There was still a little energy left over in the black, metal gauntlets that covered his hands and most of his arm, but he knew that his leather gloves would keep that from reaching her. A blue arc cracked from the metal on his wrist to the top of his gauntlet, only inches away from his elbow. The remainder of the energy had spent itself. Chaos couldnt notice that Inwe kept looking at him then his hand.

"What?" Her curiousity sparked his.

05/25/2006 1:24 PM

She flickered her eyes up at his and held her gaze. She was very curious about why he held his hand out like that, and figured he was physically asking her for healing. Inwe would have been reluctant to help, but had spent most of her energy playing. And she scorned herself for being so foolish.


"Are you hurt?" Inwe took his hand to look at it, and her hand accidentally brushed against the metal. At that moment, she felt her energy being sucked out of her, slowly, and her hand latched onto his arm as if they both were magnetic. Visions of places and things she'd never seen before, wars and cries, then dark tunnels and large rooms; these visions pierced her mind like a nightmare.

She was getting weaker, but could not move or remove her hand from his arm. Inwe trembled, the colour disappearing from her body leaving nothing but paleness, as she saw these images. Tears streamed down her face, and her breath quickened as she dropped to her knees, but she still could not let go of his arm. Her trembling became more and more violent, but her hand refused to release his arm. And her energy was almost spent.

05/25/2006 10:43 PM

His arm touched hers and with in seconds she slupped to the groud, her skin going pale. He could feel all of his memories and tragaties flood her mind. He pulled away and caught her be for she hit the ground but the damage had already been done. He gently set her down next to the tree. Chaos pulled his glove off and placed his hand on her chest and closed his eyes. He could feel her life energy on the brink of extinction she was bearly even breathing. 'Stupid idea, Chaos! You knew that could happen if you where not carful and now look what happened...' he scorned himself.

Placing his other hand over his first one he started to transfer his own life energy to her. His heart started picking up speed then to a full on race. It was beating wildly, he started feeling weak and disoriented. Trying his hardest to stay awake all of a sudden he felt her's and it imediatly slowed his down. His beat matched his and he knew then that he was done. She should be completely replenished, and all went dark in his mind. He slumped to the ground, knocked out cold.

05/26/2006 5:28 AM

Inwe could feel life return to her, but she was still very weak in her state. The images that had burrowed into her mind now stuck and they were all she could see in her mind. Everything else was black and she couldn't tell whether her eyes were open or if they were closed. No, she wasn't blind.

She could pick up faint, blurry objects. She could make out trees and bushes and...the stranger?

Inwe crawled over slowly, almost dropping. She leant over him, and heard his breathing. Her body trembled as it came in close proximity of his arm, and she quickly pulled back. Inwe figured he might have been hurt like her, too. Without thinking, she put her fingertips to his and tried to heal him. But with the first spark of energy from her to him, she dropped to the ground, and lost her consciousness.

05/31/2006 12:22 AM

Red eyes splintered the blackness of Chaos' hood. The sky was no brighter than his clothes. They must have been lying there for hours. Night time had swallowed they day and the moon showed its face. He looked to this right and saw Inwe lying next to him still out cold. He picked her up and brought her to the neares Inn. He rented a two bed room and gently put her down and covered her up with the blankets. He walked over to the window and unlatched the locks. He pulled the glass windows open and let in the cool breeze and soft moon light.

Using his telekinesis he blew out the lights to darken the room. He could see the few people that stumbled around the streets but they couldnt see him. He let down his hood, something he didnt do often, and the moon graced his pale soft skin. Medium white hair was carresed by the wind and his eyes still pierced the darkness. His face was clean and clear, not one scare or even scratch to indicate the hundreds of battles he had been in and tens of hundreds of wounds he hand endured. He turned to back into the room and put his sword on the ground next to the empty bed and moved to a corner of the room. He sat down, cross legged, and started to meditate completely forgeting to put back on his hood...

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05/31/2006 4:23 PM

Inwe remained unconscious for many hours, which was strange for it only took a matter of minutes before her energy was regained. And at that, it was only mere healing, nothing big. Yet something had caused her delay in the supplying of her energy, and not even she knew what it was.

Inwe stirred, the moonlight making her skin glow a pale blue, and making her hair look white. She felt around before opening her eyes, trying to figure out where she was. Her eyes flickered open when all she felt was the smooth softness of bed covers. She reclosed her eyes, feeling a little lightheaded, and grumbled. Her hands were numb from her unsuccessful try at healing. She rolled over onto her stomach, squeezing her eyes shut and holding tight against the pillow.

Inwe felt a small bit ill, but she ignored it. She thought it was probably just the side effect of over-energy use, but in any case, it was nothing serious.

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