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04/23/2006 3:49 PM

The year is 2008. The united states is reconstructing. The Iraqi war is over, plans are to be made. The new President, President Sheffield has plans to invade Iran for plans to destroy their nuclear devices. Many are supporting his campaign, others begin to riot. The US is turning into a hell whole, many believe hell is awakeining. Saturday June 27th 9:00 A.M is President Sheffields desicion about the war. For many its a new day, but really its a new hell. The dead will punish the living.

04/30/2006 4:45 PM

It was Saturday morning. The temperature reached a high of 87 degrees. The New York must was carried outside to the suburbs. Joey was wakeing up from a groggy sleep, the alarm was beeping 8:58. Quietly he rubbed his eyes and turned the alarm clock off. He switched the tv on, not knowing what channel came up.

"Welcome to NBC news, today Saturday June 27th, marks the day were the United States will make a crucial desicion. President Sheffield will announce the US desicion of declaring war on Iran. Thousands have gatherd outside the White House. Half of them are rioting, causing mass chaos. The President has issued Washington's national SWAT force to calm the riot down. We will send you over to President Sheffield in just a moment".

With great force, Joey slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. His head throbs, Joey didn't fall asleep until 4:30 a.m. Opening the medacine cabinet, he yawns a great length. "Man....I feel like I got hit by a semi-truck." Joey took the asprin and walked out of the room. Going to the kitchen Joey flipped on the living room tv.

"We are back, and President Sheffield is ready to give his speech".

"My fellow Americans, today marks the day of United Independence, United Independence from any other threat. Over the past years we have been in a fight, a fight for freedom from forces hidden from civilians eye. President Bush had brought us on a campaign of freedom. This campaign I wish to continue. The Iraqi forces are destroyed and the new democracy reigns all over that country. But there is a threat, a threat that wants to get rid of that and our freedom. They want us to become weak. But we won't fall, oh no, we will fight. My fellow Americans, Iran must be controlled. Their nuclear threats must be contained. We are going to war! *Boos break out all over the white house, guns shots break loose* Calm down my Americans, we will not be economically weak, we are taking every procausion with our new Republic plan. Be assured that everything will alright. *Riots begin to break out*.

"President Sheffield is now leaving the area, we have just been notified to leave also. Riots have over runed the SWAT force. We will be back with an update as soon as possibly. Mike Michelle NBC 7 news."

Joey looks over at the televison with awe. Surprised that his parents did not wake up, he quickly turned off the loud tv. "What the hell was that?"

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05/01/2006 7:16 PM

hasim woke up, he was in some craphole motel in downtown D.C. where he paid a few bucks to get some shut-eye for the night, any alleyway would do but this city wasnt exactly the safest of places as of right now. he looked around, the walls were a plain white, the whole joint was real dilapidated but it was a slight improvement then if he had decided to sleep somewhere in the projects. he got out of bed and grabbed a beer off of the table, after drinking the whole thing in one swig he put the empty bottle back on the table. he turned on the radio only to hear some speech from the pres so he shut it back off, something told him that sticking around would be a bad idea. he took off his mossberg, it had a leather rifle strap attached so he could wear it on his back. he reloaded and opened the window curtains....nothing for now but it would undoubtedly come in handy if some fuck thought they could take him. "crazy fucks" he muttered, he put the shotty back on his back and put his trenchcoat over it, he could grab it fast if he needed it but there was no need to alert anyone that he had it.

he had to check around downtown, he could probably arrange to purchase a car cheap from someone around here, it would undoubtedly be stolen but its not as if anyone gave a damn any more. he began heading to an area he knew he could complete such a transaction but he swore he could hear yelling and alittle gunfire in the distance

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05/02/2006 5:23 PM


Feodrich sorry but there are no zombies in the plot yet, just riots. Please edit your post, and by the way indicate where your character sees, hears, or knows about the speech.

In Character:

Joey stared at the tv with a blank expression. The tv read please stand by, and colored lines ran down the screen. "What just happened?". Joey shook his head and clicked the tv off. He went to go change and came back into the kitchen. Grabbing some pen and paper Joey wrote a note to his parents which read -Went to hang with Jimmy be back tonight, love Joe.

He went out the door and got into his car. It was njothing special, just a old Jeep Wrangler. His family wasn't the richest in the world. He backed out and flicked the radio on.

"We interupt this music station to bring a special bulliton. The White House gates were broken down earlier today at 9:30, just shortly after President Sheffields speech. A rolling squad of 70,000 armed citizens stormed the front lawns of the White House, knocking down all who opposed. The President was taking to the United States embassey in Mexico City for saftey. Washington has officially been declared a war zone and officals encourge cictzens to head towards the Mexican Boarder. A chain reaction of similar events happened in New York city and Chicago where citizens attacked the city halls. Those two cities have also been delcared hot spots. United Citiznes are being encouraged to head towars the boarder alos due to the risk of staying if another warzone erupts. We will get back to you shortly, thank you."

Joey turned the radio off slowly. He began to drive with a blank face. He remember what Mike said before he commited suicide. "Damn you Joey! we are best friends, why didn't you call me why the fuck did you see me. Fuck, I didn't know what was going on, but she had to die, that bitch! GrrRRrr......Dammit Joey because of this the worlds going to change very soon, your lifes going to suck huh? You'll always remmeber me saying this shit huh? Well if you fucking tell anyone of this or of me killing my girlfriend I swear my twisted soul will not rest until it sees you die a fucking horrible death. *laughs* Goodbye Joe, Arrievederci!".

"Ahh" Joey shook his head getting the thoughts away from him, but before he could look Joey plowed into a car. "Oh shit, now I have to deal with this."

The angry driver got out of the car, "What the Fuck are you doing kid, are you one of them?" Joey had a puzzled look on his face, "Uh, one of who mister?".

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05/07/2006 1:45 PM

The man looked at Joey with a sour face. Out of no where, the man took out a crowbar and took a swing at Joey. With quick agility, Joey ducked just in time, but the swinging continued and Joey was getting a quick work out. "Man, calm the fuck down, what are you doing?"

"You little prick, your one of those punk kids gone KKK, they set fire to my whole neighboorhood, the funny thing is, the government has your back *swings* now you take advantage of that and give me a nice dent in the back of my chevy *swings*."

"I don't know what your talking about dude, *ducks* but your fucking out of your mind". The man kept on throwing full swings at Joey, but thankfully Joey found an opening. POW, Joey threw a strong jab into the mans stomach. The fat lard fell down like if a sack of potatoes. Before he could get up Joey kicked the crowbar far away from the mans reach, and continued to walk forward.

There was a huge line of traffic, people everywhere, some even getting into fist fights. Police squadrens were all over the place, throwing terror gas near the front. "Oh, just great, how the hell am I getting to the city?" Joey was desperate, he wanted to see his friend Jimmy. Blankly Joey noticed an alley way, he could just squeeze his car into it. Sprinting back into his car, Joey turned on the ignition and drove forward.

The alley was narrow, so he had to keep straight. He could see an empty road at the end. Bang, a gunshot was fired at his car. Joey spun out of control n hit the side building walls. The car stopped, Joey thankfully wasn't injured. "Who the hell is shooting at me?" Joey got out of the car and saw 7 teens, roughly around 16 to 19 years old. One had a gun, the rest were defence less.

"Ok, we are going to make you a deal", said the oldest looking kid. "You give us your car, we leave you alone, well slightly bruised of course. But if you refuse, we fuck you up, plain and simple." Laughing the kid quoted a tv line "Deal or no deal?"

"Umm, no deal fuck face", Joey blurted out. He remember his nine iron was under his jacket, he was ready to take it out if necessery. The kids started to advance towards him. One kid turned into a full out sprint towards him. His mind was ready "just a little bit more and bam right in the head, that fast". The kid was about to swing at hime, when Joey whipped out the nine iron and cracked the kid right across the face. Blood sprayed out of his mouth and the kid fell hard to the ground.

"Oh, so thats how you want to play". The rest of the kids came running after him, Joey ran towards the opposite end of the alley, passing his car. He was out in the middle of the street, the only stores were a tv store with please stand by on the show case screens, and a local quickie mart. The kids came out of the alley. One punched Joe in the face, but Joey quickly clocked him in the neck with the end of his golf club. Quickly he fucked up another kids face with the iron part of the club. It was only him, the older kid, and the youngest looking kid out of the bunch.

"You little bastard, you had to fight back well, I think we should..." and that was the last words that kid said. Joey took him out with his club, the kid lay cold on the floor his right eye almost out of the socket, blood running down his face. The little kid ran back into the alley before more trouble came.

"Why....did I just...do that....." Before Joey could say any more the tvs went to a news broad cast. He quickly turned and saw the tv.

"We interupt this broadcast with an urgent bulliton" The white house raid was broken up not by the police force, but from an unknown group. The group was said to look like cannibals. The group pounced the raid party and began feasting on the people. The whole city is overrunned by this group and other cities as well. Everyone should evacuate to Mexico City. We will be back with more information."

06/13/2006 8:51 AM

Joey looked at the televison with awe. What was happening to the US, he didn't know. But one thing is for sure, he wasn't going to stick around much longer. But what about his parents? Joey began to pace back and fourth wondering whether or not he should go back and leave with them. He looked at his car, it was wrecked. At least the best thing he could do was call them. He slowly took out his cell phone and dialed home.

No answer. He dialed again...still nothing. "Maybe they left, I mean things are getting bad, they proboly think Im ok." "I guess I can continue." Joey began to walk down the street, the whole area was in was a total wasteland, nobody was around. He could faintly hear screams and gunshots, utter turmoil. Further down the road he saw a car approching. It looked like Jimmys Hummer, it was. The hummer slowed down and Jimmy rolled down the window, "Hey buddy need a lift" He smiled and began laughing hysterically. "Wow Jimmy I was just about to come get you, hows it going" Joey jumped into the back seat. "Going good I guess, My parents left for Jamaica and arnt returning for a month, IK was going to throw a party, but the way things are going right now...I guess the partys off the question." Joey began to chuckle "Yea I guess it is, so were are we going?"

"Well I have to head over to our work, They have a new shipment of Nike soccer balls that I have to put in order, after that Im taking a road trip to Mexico City, you up for that?"

Joey replyed, "Sure I think my parents left for there, I wanna get there as soon as possible" Jimmy laughed and sped down the road.

06/14/2006 7:48 PM

Sam was driving himself out to lunch blastin' his radio in his El Camino, he had his electric guitar in the flatbed of his car. Then the the radio announcing the riot at the White House, some freaky cannibalism stuff going on over there. He continues driving spacing out during the radio, feel things actually make it to his head, Mexico City and evacuation. He turned off the radio continuing down the road, till he sees some freaky guy walking after this woman, he stops the car, and gets out and grabs his electric guitar. He walking towards the guy and says "the fuckin hell his going on," the zombie *groaning* then takes lunge at and misses causing Sam to fall. He gets up taking his electric guitar and smacks the zombie in the back of his head. Sam keeps on swinging his electric guitar at the zombie, eventually shattering its skull. He thens walks to the lady and asks the what is going on. She tells him that she doesn't know much expect that her sister told her that there is a large party of cannibals in Chicago. Sam looks at her confused and asks her if she wants to come with him. She says no and says she doesn't trust some high schooler to protect her. Sam *shrugs* says "whatever if you don't trust me then thats your problem" He gets back in his car and drives off.

He turns the radio back on, he actually believes something kind of conspiracy is happening. All he can do is just play along. He continues driving seeing more zombies walking in the middle of the street and on the sidewalk. The radio announces that the source of the zombies is coming from Chicago, and that the military is expected to arrive in Chicago by night. Sam switches stations and hears an emerency broadcast that the citizens of the United States must flee to Mexico City. If he going to get to Mexico City, he going to need to pick up some more supplies.

Sam drives up the the nearest 7-Eleven and walks in the store. The convenient store clerk behind the cash register starts to groan, eyes Sam awkwardly with look of food in his eyes. Guessing the ain't normal, Sam runs out of the store and back to his car and grabs his electric guitar. He walks back in, this time the clerk not behind the register but is actually in front of it and walking towards Sam. Sam smacks the clerk with his electric guitar, knocking the zombie down for only a few seconds, he smacks the zombie again with his electric guitar. Finally, the zombie stops groaning. Sam then walks behind the register and picks up a carton of cigarettes. He then grabs a bunch of cheap lighters, some newspaper, and some bottles of whiskey. He walks in the back of the 7-Elven storehouse and finds a remington m870 underneath a desk, he then looks around seeing some corpses with that have been bitten. He gets out of the storehouse and runs back to his car with all his supplies.

Then continues down the road, then figures the only way to get to Mexico City is to drive through Chicago. *Hoping* That the military will be in Chicago by the time he gets there, but who knows what if the army never appears. All Sam knows now is just to get through Chicago in one piece and alive.

06/15/2006 8:34 AM

Jimmy pulled into the Sports Authority parking lot. Cars were not even parked properly, it was one big junk pile. "Wow, said Jimmy, they sure did fix this place up." Niether of them laughed. Jimmy pulled into a parking spot and got out, Joey followed. Joey was following Jimmy into the store, but he was thinking of Mikes last words, "I will make sure your lifes a living hell!" Screaming Joey shook his head. "I have to stop thinking about that."

They entered the store and it was empty, "HELLO!! yelled Jimmy" "I guess Im the first one here. "Here Joey you walk around I'll just be a minute. Joey started walking down the baseball aile, it was near the back of the store, the staff room in the back. Inspecting the bats, he walked into a pool of blood. "Ahh disgusting...omg..." A lifeless corpse was laying dead near a cage of baseballs. "What the hell is going on?!" *TUB TUB* Joey quickly turned towards the staff room door, *TUB TUB* there it was again. Joey walked over to the door and began to open it. Out came 5 people toppling over each other. "Are you guys alright?" They looked wounded blood, and scars all over them. One got up and inched towards Joey, "Who are you....dude stay back" The person started into a full out lunge towards Joey.

Joey dodged and the person ran right past him, without hesitaion he pulled out his nine iron and stabbe dthe other pseron right threw the face. "These arnt humans, there monsters!" He yanked the club out of the thing and started running away. But right behind him were the disfigaured people. "JIMMY!!" No sound in a panic Joey was racing threw the store. He eneded up in a dead end. They were on top of him now, "What to do what to do!!!" *BANG* a shot went off and a bullet went past a zombies head. *BANG BANG* two more dropped. It was Jimmy he was fireing a Winchester Hunting rifle. "Thanks dude, but how did you know how to kill those things?"

"Well Joesph, I was putting away the balls near the hunting equippment and these two crazy bitches came after me so I ran to the hunting equippment found a winchester got ammo, and pow lights out. I figaured there were more and I found you by luck, lol" Joey didn't smile, "We could of gotten killed!" "I know I know, Jimmy chuckled."
"We have to get out of here Joey any ideas?" Joey bagn to think....."My friend Sam lives in Chicago, he plays for some band, he has a house in arizona a mansion we can hideout at...lets go to chicago."

Jimmy nodded, "Ok lets go road trip." They left the store taking the winchester extra ammo and Joey took an archery set. They were off to Chicago in search for Sam Ash.

06/15/2006 10:36 AM

Sam continued his way into Chicago, the city looked completely abandoned not single person in the whole city of Chicago. Sam remebered he had a friend back up north, Joey he wondered if Joey was alive or dead. Sam continued driving once he got into Chicago, his car all of suddenly just died. "Fuck!" I'm gonna be stuck in Chicago, Sam then grabbed all his supplies and headed towards Nike Town.

Inside Nike Town, Sam found a duffel bag he threw all his things inside the bag. He went throughout the store searching for more supplies. Soon, Sam had the feeling of going to the bathroom really badly. Took off his duffel bag, and walked into the men's bathroom. While Sam was taking a piss, he heard a loud groan coming from one the stalls. He then zipped of his pants and took his electric guitar to go investigate. Sam kicked each stall door open, empty, followed by a bunch of more empty ones. He finally came to the stall, the handicapped stall, there the groaning was much louder, he kicked open the door to find a zombie sitting on a wheelchair, Sam then took his electric guitar and took a swing at the zombie, knocking the zombie off the wheelchair. Zombie started crawling on towards Sam, taking another swing with his electric guitar, Sam knocked against the stall's wall. Thinking that the zombie was knocked out for a while, Sam left the bathroom and grabbed his duffel bag. Then Sam took a look out the window and saw the Michigan Avenue was crawling with a bunch zombies. Freaked out, Sam thought he must find some find way to get out of Nike Town and past Michigan Avenue. Sam left the Nike Town walking away from Michigan Avenue and toward the nearest subway entrance.

Sam entered the subway entrance finding, that no one was there. He passed through gate and went down the stairs. Walking down the stairs, looking to see if there was any subway car, apparently there were none. Once he got to the bottom the stairs, all of sudden there was a swing that came out of nowhere and hit him in the head. There Sam fell down and was knocked out by the swing.

Waking up laying on the ground, with a fuckin' headache, Sam sat up and looked up and saw some damn highschooler holding a iron pipe. "What hell did you do that for you asshole?" The highschooler looked at him and said "I thought you were one of the zombies so I hit you in the head and apparently knocked you out." Still having a headache, Sam lays back down, "What's your name kid?" The kid looked at him and said "I'm Ryan Mercado, who are you" "I'm Sam Ash" I was fleeing a bunch of zombies and came down into the subway and you knocked me out. "Hey kid why are you even down here?" "I lost my family to the zombies, I think, that or they abandoned me." "Had to use the bathroom and when I came out, I heard a bunch of screaming and looked outside and saw bunch zombies walking on the street." "I ran down into the subway and found no one here, and saw a loose pipe so I yanked the pipe off the wall, and I hid here, till you came down the stairs." "Hey kid are gonna stay down here forever or come with and maybe survive." "I'll follow you Sam. "Alrite." Sam thought of two different plans: Plan one- to try and contact Joey and see if he can meet him in Chicago. Plan two- move ahead and try to get out of the city alive with Ryan. Sam decided he and Ryan should move and try to get out of the city, who knows maybe they would find Joey.

Sam grabbed his things and Ryan picked up his pipe, both of them headed down the subway tunnel, into who knows where?

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06/15/2006 12:55 PM

Joey and Jimmy Found an entrance on the expressway. The expressway they were on would lead to a couple open roads they could take to Chicago. Awakward silence filled the car, Joey was thinking about his old pal Sam. Sam and him were good friends until Joey moved to New York at age 14. Both were extremely intrested in Rock and Roll, Joey playing the bass Sam the guitar. After he moved they still kept in touch and hung out a few times, but they started to drift apart when Sam hit a big record deal with his new band, but they still weren't famous. Shaking his memories away, Joey bagn to think about Mike again. It was so chilling, seeing his friend hang himself, his last words still haunted the very thought of Joey, "I swear if you tell anyone about what I did or am about to do, I swear my ghost will make your life a living hell!" Joey winced and shook his head. Jimmy quickly went to turn the radio on, "Lets see whats on."

"President Scheffield has issued an United lockdown throught the US. With the recent outbreak of living dead, Scheffields Republic plans are seeming to deminish. A quote from Scheffield earlier today.

"My fellow americans, the United States is an era of utter chaos. We did not expect to have such madness run loose. Every inch of American soil is no being turned into a war zone, and one who is inffected by these creatures or any one who refuses to obey the Republic military will be thrown in an intermentcamp until further notice. No one will be allowed to leave the US until things are straighten out, seek shelter and hiding from the dead and allow the military to take action. In order to get back to normal and allow further Republican peace we will need to coporate and god help us all. Our plans to invade Iran are still in affect, and when the situation at home weakens up we will begin to make preperations for a new government and military proceders for the invasion of Iran."

"Millions of rioters have gone billestic over Scheffields plans to invade Iran once the problem here resolves, many people believe these zombies are punishment from God for the Us's wrong doings, but really where did they come from? I am Todd Anderson ABC news."

Joey looked at Jimmy, "How long do you think this will go on?" "I dont know good buddy, but alls I know is I hope we find your friend." Joey forgotten about Sam, he was to busy listening to the announcement. "Oh that remindes me, I have is cell number maybe he will pick up?" Joey began to dial Sams number. *Ring, Ring, Ring* Someone picked up it sounded like Sam. "Sam hello?"

06/15/2006 1:57 PM

Sam and Ryan continued down through the subway tunnel, all of a sudden Sam hears his phone *ring, ring, ring*, Sam picked his phone and heard "Sam hello." "Yeah this is Sam who is this?" "It's Joey remeber me your old friend." *Static* *Static* *Static* The calls breaks. Sam then looks at his phone seeing the Joey's number, Sam then saves his number in his phone, Sam looked the reception he was getting no bars at all. Sam and Ryan continued walking until they came across a CTA subway train. There were no lights were on inside the train, it looked completely dead. Sam then pulled the doors apart, Sam and Ryan both entered the subway car.

Inside the train, Sam asked Ryan "hand me the flashlight kid" Ryan hands Sam the flash light, shining the light through the subway car, the first car looks completely empty. Sam walked over to the conducter control room and wondered if he could start it up. Looking at the wires they looked like they were chewed or bitten through. No there was no hope in starting the subway car, Sam and Ryan continue throughout the entire train. In the second car, the seats appeared to be stained with blood, but there was anybody else in the train but Sam and Ryan. Ryan asks Sam "do you think the this entire subway train is completely empty?" "Wish it was, but I got a feeling that it isn't." Walking into the next subway car, they found a radio next the conductor, all of a sudden the conductor gets up and starts moving towards Sam, Ryan *swings* hits the conductor down, saving Sam's life. Sam steps the conductor's skull breaking it. "Hey kid thanks for saving my life." "No problem that why am here aren't I." Sam picks up the radio and puts it into his bag. After when they got to the fourth car, there were more corpses laying in the seats, Sam and Ryan ran through past the corpses to the end of the car. Sam then kicks the door open and the jump out of the subway car.

They continue walking, all of a sudden Sam phones starts up *ring, ring, ring* Sam picks up his phone and hears an unknown voice "I *static* help *static* meet *static* bus *static* *call ends*." "Hey Sam who was that?" "I really don't know kid, i think he is trying to help us, but I don't know" Sam and Ryan continue walking until they get to the next subway station. They walk out of the station, Sam then calls his friend Joey, no one picks up the phone "Hey I think I found someone who can help us, meet me at...*phone dies*."

06/16/2006 8:29 AM

"It's Joey remember me your old friend." *Static* *Static* *Static* the calls breaks.

"Dammit" was all Joey could say. "Did you get a hold of Sam? asked Jimmy" "No the signal was lost half way, he must be underground somewhere, or somewhere were there is interference. We should probably arrive in Chicago by tomorrow evening, hopefully he stays there. Hey Jimmy, what way"...*BOOM* the car was lifted from the ground. A helicopter sent a rocket at the hummer missing, but hitting the back end sending the car flying off the road. It finally stopped after rolling three times. They were stranded in an open field.

"Argh.....Jim, you alright? Jimmy?" "Yea Im alright, just shaking up baby, nothing big. Why the hell did they fire at us?" "I dont know maybe they thought we were leaving the US?" "Yea thats the reason; we are leaving the us yet 5,000 miles from the nearest exit." Joey chuckled. They slowly unbuckled and crawled out of the car. They were thrown at least 10 miles from the road, a few hills in the distance. Joey quickly checked his phone too see if it was damaged, surprisingly it wasnt, but his nine iron was bent. Dammit, my grandpas club, its destroyed, just fucking great. His phone beeped, there was a message from Sam.

Hey I know someone that can help us meet me at&. That was the end of the message. Joey was pale faced. What the hell, meet you at Where?!?!? Joey threw his phone and sat down. This is just fucking great, how are we going to get to Chicago. Before Jimmy could answer a few Military Jeeps were rolling along towards the two. There were about 30 soldiers; from the looks of it two were high ranking officers. One of them got out of the first jeep and advanced towards Joey and Jimmy.

State your business and if any, your destination Joey was quiet, and shocked. Well, um&my names Joey Francesco and this is my friend Jimmy Richardson, we were headed to Chicago to find my friend. Hopefully find a safe place. The officer began to laugh, Son Chicago has been totally evacuated, it was hit hard earlier today, and the few soldiers we had stationed there were mowed down. Its a total war zone; we are trying to find a way in without being noticed and hit those damn zombies hard.

Joey looked blankly at the Officer, Look mister, my friend is there; we just got a call on my cell&. Joey remembers he threw his cell and now its lost. Look kid we are heading over to Indianapolis, we have a large military base set up there, we are going to pass Chicago, so if you come with us we can drop you off at the outskirts. But we have to warn you, if you do go in there, I doubt you will come out. Joey began to have a relived look on his face. Yes sir, that would be good, I think we can handle it. By the way were we hit by one of your helis?

The officer chuckled. Well I dont remember any thing about a helicopter hitting two teens. He looked at the mangled Hummer, But since it looks like you were, those zombies arent the only problem we have. A few gangs are forming with protester to form a rebellion holding near 400,000 members fully armed. Some say its the KKK whos behind it but eh I dont know. Ha they wont even attack the zombies, they call them there brethren. They probably thought you were one of there military SUVs. Any ways come on hop in.

Joey began to think, First zombies now this. Maybe those were those kids beat up earlier in the city Joey and Jimmy hopped in the first Jeep and began thinking off what was going to happen next. They already lost there cell, Joeys nine iron, and the archery set. Jimmy still had the Winchester but with less ammo. Joey hoped Sam was still in the City.

06/16/2006 9:55 AM

Sam and Ryan finally got out of the subway station, they the city to be in a state of chaos, car accidents, telephone poles knocked down, broken windows, open doors, and nobody was in sight at all. *Thinking* Should I try to find that person who wanted to help us or should I try to find more supplies and set up camp somewhere in the city where Joey can find us. Sam decides to find supplies and set up camp. Sam and Ryan continue walking through Chicago, until they came across the Chicago Police Department. The entire building looked boarded up, *thinking* maybe somebody is hiding inside and can help us. Sam and Ryan walk up to the door and find that it is boarded completely. Ryan charges the door barley doing anything to it. Then, Sam pulls out his Remington m870 and is about to blast the door open when Ryan just steps in front of the shotgun. "If blow the door open you might just waste the ammo we might need later." "Alrite kid you got a good point." Ryan takes out his pipe and starts bashing at the door and finally breaks off all the boards. Sam and Ryan both enter the Police Department.

Inside the Police Department, it was just like outside, everything was a mess and out of order. Walking further into the building, Sam and Ryan eventually find the armory, "Damn Boy! Look at this Shit!" "Grab a bunch of ammo, firearms, and put on some S.W.A.T. armor. After, they both suit up, they grab some more things. Sam walks to the infirmary, there Sam grabs some medical supplies: first aid kits, medical kits. Ryan walks to the prisons inside the station, and he found some crazy people who locked themselves up. Ryan then leaves the prison. Sam and Ryan find one officer in the station alive. "What the hell are two boys doing in here and alive!?" "We just seeking shelter sir, there not many places to go, and were going wait here for my friend. "Fine boys, better do anything stupid.

Ryan walks over to a window and sees a giant mob, "Sam get over here" Sam walks over, "hey aren't those guys wearin' white pointy hats?" "Yeah they are, its probably the KKK, what the hell are they doing in Chicago." "This is really suspicious, the KKK in Chicago, it might connect up to all the zombies apperances."

06/16/2006 10:55 AM

The day turned to night and the night turned into a new day. The long car ride was getting to Joey, he and Jimmy slept on and off, barley noticing their surroundings. The soldiers didnt talk much, so the conversations were limited. Joey still remembered Mikes last words, it was getting to him he had to tell someone. It was the 2nd night, they should be arriving soon. Joey sat up and nudged Jimmy. Jim, Jim wake up. Aw&whu&what is it dude? Dude I have to tell you something, about Mike. What about him? Joey began explaining what happened to Jimmy, Jimmy was just speechless, it looked like he just saw a ghost, or worse. After Joey finished his story, all Jimmy said was Wow. The rest of the night it was quiet, both friends awake, Joey didnt know if Jimmy was ashamed of him or not.

We are here men! shouted the officer. Joey didnt even notice they were parked in the middle of the oncoming loop, hell he didnt even notice the city buildings, they were about to enter the city. It was so dark, a city that was always lit up, was dim and so lifeless. The Jeeps started up again, We will drop you off at e-vac point A which is near water tower, close to the central police station. Now hold on its going to be bumpy. It was a horrible sight, so gloomy and musty, corpse lying on the street, zombies down distances a far. Cars were all over the place flipped or wrecked, buildings on fire, and debris littering the streets. The Jeep kept bouncy hitting anything in its path, the 3 large Jeeps filled to the brim with soldiers. Just as they were making there last turn, a mob was spotted camped outside the police station, putting flames to buildings all around, trying to open up the police station doors, they seemed to be bordered up. Ah, dammit looks like we have some cleaning up to do hand me the MIC. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES REPUBLIC MILITARY, SET DOWN YOUR ARMS AND YOU WILL NOT BE HURT. *BANG BANG BANG* Gun fire shot out at the oncoming vehicles. The jeeps swerved into cover. The soldiers jumped out as quickly as possible, a skirmish broke out in city streets. Joeys Jeep was in the back so they got out safely, they were ducked behind the jeep.

God Dammit, these fucking rebels keep hitting us at bad times, they just wont face the facts that we are going to another war. Ok I say make a run for it, we have everything under control here. That was the officers last words, a blood shot out the back of his helmet, a riflemen from the back side shot him dead on in the head. There was no way out, the soldiers were boxed in, more rebels were coming towards Joey and Jimmy. Dude Jimmy, we have to go forward, theres a better chance. Joey looked down and took the Officers handgun, a simple Glock, resembled a regular police officers handgun. He also took extra ammo, Jimmy try to find a gun lying on the street. Ha, no need I got my Winchester. And with those words, Jimmy Took off from behind the Jeep, Joey right behind him. They were right in the middle of war, gun fire flying past them, they were running then taking cover behind ally walls. It was so loud, Joey had to yell at the top of his lungs, JIMMY WE HAVE TO GET INTO THAT POLICE STATION, ITS BORDED UP! Jimmy nodded and they darted out again. Soldiers were falling down left and right, Blood splattered all over Jimmy after a man in front of him was shot in the chest. Argh! Jimmy was shot in the shoulder, Joey looked back. Jim we are almost there man Jimmy nodded again. Both sides were in a stalemate, but the soldiers who were the flankers were getting mowed down by the mob coming form the back. A soldier was shot in the knee right next to Joey. Jimmy kept running, but Joey came back to help the soldier. The rest of the squad was retreating into the police station. Dont worry you will be alright, here get up. Joey picked up the soldier, he screamed with pain. Argh, I dont want to die, Ive got a family at home, please&please get me in there. Joey nodded Ive got yea, come on! They began walking forward, Jimmy was no where in sight. Jimmy! JIMMY! Joey turned and saw Jimmy lying on a sewer hole near the station. By now the only thing to worry about was the mob form the back. Joey trotted over to Jimmy with the soldier, and saw the most horrifying thing ever. Jimmys whole face was blasted off, blood all over a pool of it running down the sewer, his brains were flopped on the pavement. A white hooded protester was lying dead with a rifle wound to the cheat, but his bloody hands held a Remington shotgun. NO!!!! Joey couldnt believe it, his friend was killed. Joey didnt cry though, he was angry, and upset at the same time.

He quickly took the shotgun and reached for the extra ammo in the guys pocket, he carried the soldier into the police station and locked the door behind him. The mob would break down the building sooner or later, but at least they will be safe. Joey was alone now, hoping to find Sam, his two best friends were killed. One from suicide one from war. Who would have thought, Joey said he would never join the Army.

06/16/2006 11:54 AM

Couple days have passed since being in the police station, barely surviving on food from the vending machine, Sam and Ryan were tired of just sitting in the police station waiting and hoping. Sam had barricadedthe front door of the police station after Sam and Ryan broke in. The next day, turned out to be horror, as more and more white hooded members of the KKK appeared in Chicago, heavily armed, with the look of wanting to storm the Police Station.

Ryan was watching the window, when all of a sudden military jeeps started pulling into the area the station. "Sam come over here, check this out!" When Sam got to the window heard a loud announcement: THIS IS THE UNITED STATES REPUBLIC MILITARY, SET DOWN YOUR ARMS AND YOU WILL NOT BE HURT, shortly followed by gunshots. Many people just fallen shortly after the arrival of the army, both the military and the KKK suffered heavy casualties. All of sudden Sam sees a familiar face, Joey. Joey was carrying a soldier towards the police station. Soon,the front door blew with a bunch of soldiers and Joey carrying another soldier.

Sam walked to the front door with Ryan and help rebarricade the door. Looking at the wounded soldier "Oh! Fuck that is sick, which one you people is a medic, we got the medical supplies." The medic applied first aid to the wounded soldier, "He's going to be okay, just give him sometime and let him rest.

Sam was happy to see Joey alive, but Joey wasn't in the mood to talk, and losing two of his best friends recently. "Ryan go check with everyone else to see if they are okay." "I'll go check" A couple minutes later, the door started banging really loudly, boards became loose, as the KKK were about to break in any moment. One of the remaining officers started ordering people around to take positions throughout the entire building and to move the injured soldier to the infirmary.

Sam started passing out some guns and ammo, and medical supplies. "Joey go find the armory and suit yourself up and get ready to shoot down the KKK!"

06/16/2006 12:09 PM

Joey hadn't much time to recooperate. He went into the police station, and the soldier he was carrying was patched up by the medic. He didn't even relize that Sam was in the building. Sam began asking Joey questions, but Joey was not in the talking mood. He was full of anger, he just wanted all of this to stop. Before Joey was about to talk to Sam, the door was cracking open, boards breaking. Any second they would storm in here. Sam issued Joey to go to the Amory and suit up, with out hesitation he did.

Inside the armory there was only one kevlar chest plate left and remmington shotgun ammo. Joey slipped on the plate, and took the ammo. There was also an attachable flashlight. He attached it to the Remmington he took from outside, and he loaded the weapon up. It held 12 shots, but on the negative side, it was pump. He herd a corpral giving orders to the rest of the men, Sam was helping too. Joey left the armory in surch of some way out, just in case. He headed downstairs to the cell area. Near the right was the garage door, it was open. He opened it up and held a grin. The garage door was open, and a SWAT van was parked inside. Joey went to inspect it. It had keys and a full tank of gas. That is just what they needed.

Joey quickly ran upstairs and headed to the front door. Everyone was battle ready, the door about to bust. "Everyone I found a way out, in the basement is a SWAT van we can all go in, the garage door is open, we can take off and leave Chicago. Sam looked at Joey. "Joe, how are we supposed to get down there in time, all of us, I just sent the wounded man to the informory, I dont intend to leave him there."

The Door broke open.

06/16/2006 1:26 PM

All of a sudden, the KKK rush inside the station, but were held down by gunfire, more KKK members swarmed in spreading throughout the building and shooting everything that wasn't a member of the KKK. Suddenly, the KKK surround majority of the military. Ryan pulls out a grenade and throws into a crowd of KKK members, injuring both the KKK and the soldiers.

Currently knocked out the grenade explosion, giving some of the soldiers not in the blast radius, Sam, Ryan, and Joey time to move out of the station. Joey shouts out again "Everyone I found a way out, in the basement is a SWAT van we can all go in, the garage door is open, we can take off and leave Chicago." "We need to grab the soldier in the infirmary if we still have time." "Who knows how long the KKK we knocked out for." "Joey show us the way to the basement" Joey leads the remaining soldiers, Sam, and Ryan to the basement, while two other soldiers went to the infirmary to grab the wounded soldier.

When they got to the basement they saw the S.W.A.T. van, everybody started loading their supplies inside the van. Soon, the the two soldiers and wounded soldier appeared in the basement. "We got here with no trouble at all, but we got passed the lobby there were no KKK members there at all just some soldiers who said they couldn't make it."

Everybody got into the S.W.A.T. van with a full tank of gas they would surely make it out of the Chicago. One of the soldiers started the van and began driving out of the basement. When they pulled out of the parking lot, they were surrounded by the KKK.

06/16/2006 1:53 PM

They were all over. The soldier driving the van yelled "Hold on!" The van plowed through the pool of rebels. Joey and the 7 others were being thrown around the back of the van. There were nine in all. They pulled onto the road, heading down towards the Chicago loop. "Ok guys we can either head out towards southside, past US Cellular feild and too St.Louis then keep heading south towards New Mexico, West side towards california and the west coast, find a ship or we can head up north and find help. Joey was thinking and asked, "My friend Sam here owns a mansion down in Pheonix, its all the way out in the desert, excluded from hostil area, we can stake out there and call for pick up." Sam began laughing. "Of course it has to be up to my friend here" Joey chuckled.

The driver replied, "Sounds like a great idea, I think we will head southwest then, this van can hold a couple more people if we find any survivors. My names Roger by the way, that there with the wounded leg is Bradly, the rest of the soldiers are, Tom, Chris, Gabe, and LJ." "Nice to meet you said Joey, my names Joey, thats Sam and Ryan. Thanks again for helping us back there." "Aw, its our pleasure kid, hell we are all working together now, your on our squadren as of now." Joey felt a sense of pride, this was probaly what my brother felt like during the Iraqi war. The roads seemed clear excpet for the few zombies that walked around. There wasn't a sign of Rebels either. They began to get on the south west expressway. Something didn't feel right, Joey sensed it.

A couple minutes later, Roger was clam and said "Well, guys...I think we hit a dead end". The van stopped and roger came back and opened the doors. What was ahead was the most horrifyin thing ever seen. The whole express way was filled to the brim with zombies. Roughly around 3,000. The squad was out numbered. "We cant plow through there, its too thick, they will slow us down maybe even tip the van. Do we have any ideas? Better yet explosives?"

06/16/2006 2:18 PM

"I got some explosives, just give me some time to make molotov cocktail, I got all things with me here." Sam pulls out his whiskey bootles, newspapers, and lighters, alrite I need someone to help with all these things." "Hey Sam I'll help you" "Thanks kid." "Ryan shove the newspapers into the whiskey bottles, next light start lighting up the newspapers." Sam lit up about 30 cocktails, "well doing the math hopefully each cocktail can take out about 100 zombies each." "Well let's go see."

Sam grabs one of the cocktails and throws it into the swarm of zombies. One zombie catches on fire, and spreads the fire around killing some more zombies. "That's good the one cocktail takes out about 82 zombies. "I guess we better start throwing some more cocktails."

After an 40 minutes had passed, the were only about 540 zombies still left, "the road still isn't clear, but I guess we can force our way through the rest." As Roger started up car again, car's engine was attracting all the zombies toward the S.W.A.T. van. "Shit! Roger GUN IT! before we all die." Rogers hits the gas pedal soon heading up 80 m.p.h. Roger smacked through a bunch of zombies, but manged to get through knocking them off. The zombies continued to follow the van but soon it was too far for them to catch the van. Roger slowing down the speed, "Alrite where are we heading now?" "Let's just go south to my mansion, we'll be safe there." "Alrite Sam if you say so."

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06/17/2006 3:36 PM

VAROOM! The van sped up like a bullet, smashing into zombies left and right. Everybody was getting thrown about like rag dolls, eventually the van got through the mess and began to get under control. Sam mentioned to Roger to head the van southwest to his mansion. Roger agreed and they were off. There were only two large caged windows on each side of the back of the van. Everybody was sitting about, looking tired. The funny thing was no one seemed nervous or scared. It seemed that each person was battle ready, tense faces every were. But there was one soldier that looked like he held a dark secret, he was a big fellow, muscular, scars on his right cheek. It was Bradly. Joey felt somthing different, he knew this guy wasn't like everyone else. It seemed he had a dark past, somehow the same as Joey's.

Joey nudged over to Bradly, and quietly tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey Brad, is something bothering you dude?" Brad looked at Joey with a cold face, "What the hell kid, you gay or something?" Joey began laughing, "No im straight, but seriously dude, you looked pissed off." Bradly began grunting and he turned around, it looked like he just killed someone and chopped up the body. "Kid Im 46, I've been surving the army since I was a your age and I've seen some sick shit, but nothing compared to this. This takes me back to when something like this happened. I was a Navy Seal, my squad was sent to the Rain Forrest in Brazil to track some terrorist organization. We were spotted and three out of the six members in my squad were mowed down. The other two and me made a run for it, we ended up in some temple village. The third member of our team was killed by some ancient booby trap, and let me tell you it was a graphic thing to see. Well to make a long story short, me and my friend Jerry, the other one left ran past the village into a smaller one, this time it was filled to the brim with these natives. They killed my friend, spear right threw the chest. I had to defend myself, I mowed down almost anything near me, even the children. Kid....I killed the whole tribe, just for killing my frined. Eventually the military found out, and I was tried for the death of my partner, but not the villagers which I was surprised. I was set up, I spent 5 years in prison, my wife left me taking my children, hell I don't know where they are. But that one day, so much graphic stuff happend, ARGH!!! I don't want to relive it." Joey couldn't think of anything to say, he was in a van with a killer, how big was a tribe, 500, 1,000 people? 1,000 people?! Joey was frightened, if Bradly snapped over his friends death then what would he do to them.

Joey quietly nudged back to his seat, and just sat blankly looking at the wall. Out of no where Roger yelled "Brace yourselves, we are going through another pit of slimebags hold on tight." The van sped up and everyone was flung forward after the van hit the first wall. The van slowed down and was crusing going about 15 mph through the whole mess. Tom walked over to the drivers wall and knocked on it "Roger how bad is it?." Roger replied "More then the bridge, I can't even see a damn clearing!" The zombies were all over the sides of the van, both side windows showed nothing but flesh. Joey sat up and gave orders. "Ok everyone, fire your weapons out the window to speed up the van!" A wail was let out and Gabe was thrown against the left window, zombies got a hold of him, chokeing him digging into his flesh. One of the zombies dug so deep it pierced his throat, right in the wind pipe, blood was ozzing out, and his screams died down, Gabe was a goner. Everyone grouped into the middle and began fireing, gun fire flying off, blood from the zombies splattering the group. Joey who was drenched in blood yelled over to sam, "Sam any more cocktiles?"

06/17/2006 4:05 PM

"Holy Fuck!" That's a lotta zombies, Sam continued firing into the crowd of zombies, falling zombies, but quickly replaced by more. "Joey still got some cocktails, but barley any though about 15." "You think you guys can hold them off for while while I make some cocktails." Sam pressured by time began making cocktails as fast as he could, passing them to LJ to throw out the window. "Shit! I ran out of cocktails." Roger how many more zombies do we have, till its clear?" "I don't know its too many count." Sam moved back to his spot and began firing at more zombies. Sam took a quick look at Gabe, he was completely lifeless. Sam shot at more zombies, when suddenly one of zombies started grabbing Chris through the window, Sam quickly grabbed his knife and stabbed the zombie's arm, releasing its grip of Chris.

Soon, the van got farther and it was clear enough for them to move through. Once, they got passed the zombies, the decision was to do something with Gabe. "I say that we take him out of the van and shoot him, before he eats us, or we dump him off the highway saving us a bullet." Well who wants to do what? Majority of the group choose to throw Gabe off the highway. "Alrite, let's take all his supplies and things before we throw him off." Grabbing all of Gabe things, Tom and Roger grab Gabe's body and throw him off the highway.

"Roger we better stop and get some more supplies soon, I'm out of cocktails, and running low on ammo." "I think so too, the van is running low on gas, so we better also fill it up soon." The van continues to drive down the highway, Sam looks Brad in the eye, just thinking of what he heard not too long ago, him committing mass murder.

06/17/2006 4:37 PM

The van finally got out of the jam, and the vote was final. Joey opened the back doors and LJ threw Gabe's corpse out of the van. "Well, that sucka is gone...shame...he was a good friend". LJ began laughing, shaking his head, "Just a lil' fun, no harm in that. Roger Sam's got a point, we need some supplys I just used up all my sub ammo back there". Roger yelled to the back, "I will try to find a place to stop, as of now its all highway, just hang tight". The hours past, it ws night time, everybody was a sleep. Joey was having a nightmere, he was in the jungle behind a bush watching Bradly and his partner.

"Jerry, we have to get out, or our ass is grass". Jerry looked around, the village was empty, huts all around. All of a sudden an arrow flew past his ear. Then another slightly closer. "Brad duck!" Bradly turned and saw strange figuars on the hill tops just diagonl from them he ducked just in time three arrows passed his head. Both of them took off in a sprint, but ended up at a dead end. More strange people surrounded them. "Were trapt Brad?! Call for back up now". A tribal member stepped in front, "Neglauck Molook kamba shcuimba!" Three warrios stepped forward and jammed a spear in Jerrys Chest, blood sprayed backwards. The cheiften yelled more unknown language, "Ahullok, mallok fembimba!" The warrios took out scmitars and sliced off the head, arms, and legs of Jerry, then stuck his head on a spear and set it in the ground. Bradly was speechless, he looked for an opening, he pushed away from the captors and took off running forward, he tripped and struck his head on a alrge rock, he was knocked out. Out of no where military SUVs came plowing into the village. Turrets were firing off rounds killing everyone in paths way, soldiers jumped out stabing children, women. Warriors getting picked off one by one, blood every where, the head of a tribal man rolled over to Joey. Joey never saw anything so gory, screams horrible screams! Bradly lyed on the ground knocked out. An officer walked over and yelled "Take him to HQ, he wont remember a thing make sure of it, do it now!" Soldiers picked him up and put him in an SUV, the officer walked off and lit fire to one of the huts, which started a chain reaction. Joey was shocked he began backing away when he tripped, on the hill he saw a shadow, it was Mike! Mike began laughing and chanting "You fucked up! You fucked up! You had to tell Jimmy, You Fucked up!"

ARGH!!!! AHHH!!! Joey woke up sweating, it was only a nightmere, but it seemed so real. So bradly didn't kill those people, it was the US army! No, it was a dream, it couldn't be. But it was so real! Joey looked around everyone still sleeping the van still moving, it was morning, wait no it was mid afternoon the sun was way to bright and hot. Joey quietly walked over to the drivers wall and knocked. "Roger, where are we?" "I don't know kid, If I made a guess we are in Colorado, gotta go south now, its been 3 days since Chicago, we are riding on fuems, I see a city up ahead, maybe its Denver". Joey felt like he was in there forever. "Theres a gas station near the entrance of the city, we'll stop there". Joey gave a yes knock and went back. LJ woke up and asked, "where are we?" Joey told him and he laughed and went to sleep. Joey was nervous, what will await them in the city of Denver?

06/17/2006 5:43 PM

Waking up after a long ride, they end up in Denver, Roger pulls into the nearest gas station. "I'll fill up the van, you guys go get some food and things. Everyone, but Roger walks into the convenient store. Looking around Sam finds the clerk actually alive, everyone starts stocking up on food, water, alcohol, medical supplies, matches and lighters. Sam picks up a newspaper and reads the headline: Chicago Becomes New Necropolis- City becomes filled with the dead. Sam grabs a bunch of newspapers, and and everyone is about to head out the door. "Hey you! aren't you gonna pay for that!" "Uh! How bout NO!" "I just got through Chicago, and that place with filled with the dead. I just shot a bunch of them just trying to get out of there, so I am willing to put a bullet through your head if you try and make me pay for all this shit!" "Wait, wait, you just came from Chicago. "Yes I did, what is it to you." "Can I come with you, I mean like kinda freaky just staying here all day, I'm sure if Denver is even safe." "Fine you can come with us" "Thanks, I am Pete. " I am Sam, that him over there is Joey, that kid is Ryan, those military guys over there are Tom, Chris, and LJ. The guy outside getting gas is Roger.

Everyone leaves the convenient store, with the new addition to the team Pete. "Everyone have what they need?" *Everyone* "We got some things, let's go." Everyone starts loading things into the back of the van, as Roger climbs into the driver's seat. "Everyone buckled up let's go." Roger pulls out of the gas station and back onto the road. The drive into Denver was peaceful, "This looks completely abandoned, I guess everyone evacuated the city. Roger turns on the radio.

"This is the KKK radio, we have seized the radio towers all over the country." "If anyone stands in our way, they will be annihilated, we our the KKK and remeber people, WHITE POWER!!" "Shut the radio off Roger, I don't wanna listen to this bullshit anymore." Roger turns off the radio.

The van continues to head south into Arizona, "it will take us some time before we make it to Arizona, we'll be making stops on the way if you need to. Soon the van drives more into the city, soon they pass a gun shop. "Hey Roger stop there, let's go load up our guns boys."

06/18/2006 8:57 AM

The newcomer Pete seemed to be an alright guy. Nothing too scary about him. Joey and the rest of the gang jumped into the van and pulled out from the gas station. The radio was on and a protestor was speaking, it was a damn KKK protestor. Sam refused to listen to the rest of the broadcast so Roger turned it off. They arrived at a gun shop. Joey and the rest decided to stock up on ammo, Roger opened the doors and gave orders. "Now don't take too long, or too much. Take what you like and get as much ammo as you like". Joey never was a skilled marksmen, he did go hunting a lot with his uncle. He was known to shoot down big game before, but not often. His brother taught him how to handle a gun too. On top of that he learned how to use one during his time at St. Johns military academy. When he turned 16 he went to a public school to graduate.

Joey was the first to open the door and walk in. It was like stepping into a military armory. Guns all over the walls, automatics and what not. Joey was acctually suprised, how come no one took any thing from this store, and why was Denver so empty, yet no signs of damage? He shook off his thoughts and took a look around. He threw away the shotgun he was handling and took a new 12 gauge automatic shotgun and he took three boxes of shells, each box containing 50 shells. He loaded up his weapon which held 12 shells. Everyone was done, and Joey was the first one out. There was no sign of Roger, Joey knew he wasn't inside the store, because he was watching the van. *WOOSH* Joey turned, he thought he saw something, nothing. He walked into the store and asked LJ if he saw Roger, "No I havn't, isn't he outside watching the van?" Joey shook his head, and ran back outside.

"Where are you Roge"...*Woosh* there it was again. Then Joey heard a slow breathing sound, faint in the distance. Quietly Joey turned and looked up. A Dark creature was ontop of a 7-11 roof. The creature was all black you couldn't see its eyes, its body was that of a human, hell it looked like a human, but it was like looking at a human painted all black without a mouth nose. Then Joey saw it, the creature was holding Roger, but it was is skin and outside body! In the left hand was his innards, and skeleton. More dark creatures came upon the roof then more on other roofs, and more! Joey ran inside the store, and yelled "Everyone in the van now we got trouble". Everyone without hesitation ran outside, and then slowed down to take a glimpse of the black figuares. "Hurry up guys, Bradly drive the van head out that exit, thats the southwest one". "Ok cheif, hurry up guys". Everyone got in the van and Brad pulled off, the van doors were pulled off. "What the hell said LJ?" The black figaures jumped from the roof, the van was far away from them. "Why are they just standing there?" All of a sudden one of the black figaures took off into a full sprint, it was moving so fast, at an unbelievable sprint. Then the rest followed, they were almost on top of the van. "Floor it Bradly!!, yelled Tom". Bradly hit the gas and took off, but the figuares were still on top of them, some jumped on to the city buildings wall running tryign to jump on the van.

"Weapons ready!!, yelled Tom". Everyone was ready. *Thud* a black figaure was on the roof of the car. It riped the roof off clearly and grabbed Chris and jumped off with Chris, Chris's screams were heard far away. Joey shot a figaure that was about to jump into the van it flew off and hit another. There were so many it was a wave of black trying to hit the van. LJ shot one right in the head, that was wall running. "GTA mutha fucka ten points!"

06/18/2006 9:31 AM

Grabbing two Desert Eagles and twoColt Pythons and a bunch .357 Magnum, Sam was rushed out of the gun shop, to find Roger being abducted by black figures. Everyone rushes into the van, soon more waves of black figurines appear. Sam lights a moltov cocktail, and thows it into the crowd of blackness. The cocktail hits one of the black monsters and fries it to death. Sam continues chucking more cocktails into the crowd. Pete not really holding on to anything inside the van falls out, many black figures jump on Pete and start ripping him apart, "Pete!"

Brad continues swerving on the road, trying to ditch as many possible black swarms. Sam pulls out his new Desert Eagles and starts blasting at the black figures as they get closer. One of the figures jumps into the van and grabs Ryan, Sam fires straight at its head and knocks it down and out of the van. "Were even now kid." More swarms appear, Brad thinking quick skids the van onto the highway.

"Brad go faster damn it! they're catching up to us!" Sam grabs moltov cocktails and throws them onto the highway, creating a wall of fire. Swarms continue chasing after the van, but runs into the fire weakening them, and making them more vulernable to the gunshots. Brad continues driving and sees a sign *Make Right on Route 45 to Arizona* Brad sees the ramp heading up into Route 45 and then makes a right turn into Route 45. Driving speeding even faster now they eventually manage to avoid most of the swarm and continue down into Arizona.

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06/18/2006 9:51 AM

The swarm of black figaures vanished as Bradly pulled on to the highway. Joey knew they would be back. What were those things he asked himself. He didn't want to know, all he wanted was for a peaceful drive to Arizona, hopefully. The van was turned into a mangled convertable, the back doors gone, the roof gone, it was like a loading truck now. Everyone was holding on to something avoiding being thrown out. It was only Joey, Sam, Ryan, LJ, Bradly, and Tom left. The gang lost three members back in Denver.

"Man it's a shame we lost Roger, he was a good guy". Joey hadn't really thought much about his nightmere since the get away. He wanted to know the truth about Bradly. He knocked on the drivers wall, and asked "Brad, I need to ask you somthing dude". Brad was silent for a second then said "Shoot kid". Joey explained to him his nightmere, and how it was so real, and he asked "Bradly, you didn't kill that tribe...did you?" Bradly was quiet, then puttered out a sharp "No" Joey knew he wasn't going to tell him any more, so he back away back to his seat. He somehow belived Bradly. He knew everything was alright wtih him.

LJ was looking out the back watching the road pass the van. Ryan was tired and a little bit shaken up, due to what happened back there. He crouched over to LJ and sat down. "Nice day isn't it?" LJ looked at Ryan and said "Ha, yea sure is, isn't cool though, how God still makes nature wonderful dispite hell coming". Ryan nodded and asked LJ, "Where you from LJ?" LJ turned to Ryan and told him, "Me, why I was born in Alabama, my father was some store owner, he ran one of the biggest markets in Alabama, everyone loved to go there. I had a good life, a great family of an older brother and sis. Everything was great". Ryan smiled and asked, "Oh thats nice, where are they now?" LJ turned and shook his head. "There dead, thats all I can say". "Oh im sorry, how did they die?" LJ turned and started scolding Ryan, "You really want me to tell you kid fine, A market enterprise company came into Bama setting up stores all over, but you see my Dad was still doing better business. When I went to go pick up some supplys for my dad's store I came back the store was on fire. I ran in, and found my family hung from the butcher racks. So you know what I ran over to Walters Altra Super market, found the manager who hated my dad and fucked him up, fucked him up good. I slit his throad and ripped out his treachea. So I ran away, changed my last name and Joined the military later on".

Ryan was speechless.....he didn't know what to say. He went back to his seat, and closed his eyes, trying to get rid of the story LJ told him.


06/18/2006 10:20 AM

Sam wondered if he would ever see the swarm again. Sam just sat back in the van and kept on looking back at to see if they were being followed, the road was empty, not a single car was seen on the highway. Sam wanted to know how many of the civilians had horrible pasts behind them, but Sam wouldn't ask. Sam was tired from shooting monsters in Denver, so he took a nap.

By the time Sam woke up, he saw that they passed through Utah. Sam still tired, "Hey do you think we should stop at some motel, cause I think we all need rest." "Thats a good idea Sam, the next motel we pass I'll stop there." Brad pulled into the Motel 6 in Utah, eveyone got out of the car and took their things with them.

Everyone went inside the lobby of motel, and saw no one there. "O'well guess there's nobody here. LJ, Tom, Joey, and Brad found keys for a room. Everyone went inside their room, Sam not having a key just pulled out his Desert Eagle and shot at the lock, "That works for me." "Ryan who are you staying with?" "I don't know, dont really want to stay with Brad or LJ and I don't know Joey or Tom. "Don't tell were gonna end up sharing a room." "I guess we are Sam." "Damn it!" "It's not that I don't like you kid, but it's wrong for two guys to share a room.

Sam and Ryan entered their room. "Kid take the bed, I'll sleep on the floor." Sam unpacks all his things and walks into the bathroom. Sam leaves the bathroom go sleeps on the floor. Ryan goes takes a shower, and goes to bed.

The next morning, Sam is awaken by a loud car pulling into the motel parking lot. Sam gets up and wakes up Ryan. "Kid go wake everyone else, looks like we got visitors." Ryan leaves the room to wake up everyone else, everyone gets up looks out their window at the car the pulled into the parking lot.

06/19/2006 8:31 AM

Joey was about to fall asleep, but Ryan came rushing into the room. He was yelling "Everyone look out the window we have visitors!" Joey ran over to the window and looked out, a large Jeep Wrangler much like his old one pulled into the parking lot. In the car were about nine people, some wearing bandanas one wearing a cowboy hat. They held AK-47s and M4s. The doors opened and the strangers came out.

Joey ran out into the hall, everyone was out of there rooms. "Who the hell are those punks?", grunted Bradly. Joey shrugged "I don't know, get your weapons ready, we don't know if they are hostile or not". Joey ran back into his room and grabbed his 12 gauge. Everyone was battle ready, already in protective formations. "Ok me and Bradly will go check things out stay here". Joey and Bradly slowly walked down the motel hall. They turned and went to the entrance. The nine people were about to enter the motel. Joey and Bradly popped out and yelled "Freeze and drop your weapons!" The strangers were surprised and they followed the orders. One of them, a muscular looking fellow stepped forward.

"Whao, whao whao...look mate we aint bad guys. We are just a bunch of pups who are stickin togetha trying to find some damn help. You see we are part of an organization called the Anti-Flag militia. We help find survivors and bring em to bases which we formed round the states. We you can say are protestors who don't want violence, so we only kill those zombies, and anyone who is a threat. Like you see mate, the military we hate, but we arnt like the other organization forming trying to kill the military. Argh, Im rambling on....We are hunters, we kill zombies only and disrespect the military, we help them only to gain help ourselves". The man looked at Joey, some how he looked formalier, Joey could of sworn he saw that mark before on the mans right bicep. Bradly looked at the guys and asked, "Can you guys bring us to safety?" The man looked at Brad, "Hell yea we can mate, just stick with us, we came here to rest, cuz we are heading back to our Arizona camp".

Joey asked, "Arizona? We are heading there..if we could follow you that would be great". The man said "Sure mate, just follow us, by the way my names Nate". "Joey...nice to meet you, we have more inside..four more". "Al'right then...go get em".

06/19/2006 10:47 AM

Sam walks out his room holding his Desert Eagles, these guys are safe right Brad? "Huh, yeah I guess they're alright, they're gonna let us follow them to Arizona." "I'm good with that I'll tell the others. Sam goes back to tell Ryan, Tom, and LJ, "Hey guys, those people outside our gonna take us to Arizona, they're safe people. "If you trust them Sam, I guess we can trust them.

Everyone loaded their things back into the van, "So were following you, to Arizona." "Yup." The Jeep Wrangler starts up, and pulls out of the motel, Brad pulls out of the motel and follows the Jeep. Well its a smooth ride from here to Arizona, "I guess I'll put the car into cruise for a bit." Brad takes a nap, while Tom takes over the wheel and watches the road.

Sam hangs on in the back, thinking what a journey its been, from Chicago to Utah, its been quite a journey for him. Sam looks at Ryan, "Kid is anything wrong?" "Uh, I still can't get LJ's story out of my head. Its freaky, I can't sleep because of it, it drives me crazy." "Kid you'll get over it, things like that are bound to pass over."

After, a couple of hours the Jeep Wrangler stops, Tom stops. "Anything wrong over there Nate." "No, just need to strecth a bit," "Alrite." The Jeep starts up again, Tom starts following again. Finally, they past the Arizona state sign, "So Sam wheres your mansion again?" "Its in Phoenix, you gotta go a south a some more." "Alrite."

06/19/2006 11:36 AM

Joey was relaxed for the first time. So much has happened during the past week and a half. He lost his family, or at least does not know the where abouts of them. He changed his mind about politics. He also made new friends, and unfolded his horrid past. So much overwelming stuff, yet he was relaxed. Nate told Joey about how the new Republic government would work, and how the whole US would change into some big tech, iron fist run country. Joey began hating it more and more, and he blamed them for what happened. But no one knows for sure, yet how these things came to be. Where did the zombies come from? Joey went back to sleep and awoke to see the welcome to Arizona state sign.

2 hours past since the sign was passed, and Joey began to wonder how far Sam's mansion was. But then he soon found out they weren't going to the mansion, in the distance smoke could be seen, tents and small shacks where set up, people walking all over, it was one big community. "Aite, before we take yous to Sam's mansion, we have to make a pit stop, this is Anti-Flag base Alamo, this is HQ to the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. The military knows nothing of this, or our organization. They've been attacking our jeeps, mistaking them for the Surrealists, or the SCAGOA (Surrealist Colonies and Gangs of America). The SCAGOA are the people who are friendly to those zombies, and not to anyone else. We Anti-Flag, go after two people SCAGOA and Zombies. Yes we still protest against the damn military, but we help them find SCAGOA they give us supplys. So its a good-bad hate I guess. Any ways here we are".

Joey was inside Base Alamo, it reminded him of tatooine from the old star wars movies. People all over, holding different types of weapons or none at all. There were poor looking people and rich looking people, it seemed that Base Alamo was the melting pot of the US. Nate lead the six left of the original group into the biggest and only building in the middle of Base Alamo. "Aite this is BA's HQ, I'll introduce you to BA's supreme commander, Commander Porter. And to the people that want to stay here can enlist at the enlistment booth, you can enlist as a missonary, or a citizen. Aw, here he is, General Wanger reporting for duty sa!" The Commander was a Mexican American looking fellow, he was about 5'10 long dark hair, and he wore an oakly hat backwards. He wore kevlar chest plate and camo cargo pants. "Who are these people?" "I found them at a motel, they needed a ride into Arizona and we picked em up." "These two are wearing military uniforms", Commander Porter pointed to LJ and Tom. "Sorry I cant have military officers stay in my camp, safety for us." LJ shrugged, "Im going with the rest of them to the mansion". "Me too, replied Tom". The Commander smiled and said "Ok, fair enough."

Joey had never seen such a hightech place before, he was surprised this group even got a hold of such equipment. There were TV's all over, HUD's, computers left and right. People were running all over monitoring the camaeras and other junk. It was all too confusing to him. "Ok mates, we will head out in three hours, till then make your self at home, and take a look around the place".

06/19/2006 12:11 PM

Finally, being able to relax Sam takes seat, and pulls out cigarette and lights it. Ryan walks up to Sam "You know thats bad for you Sam." "Kid, I don't care, if been through as much shit as me then maybe you know that smoking doesn't bother me. "You mean getting through all those zombies and seeing people die." "No." "Its a long story, kid I guess I got time to tell you."

"It was a long time ago, go through school and everything. All whole bunch of pressure on me. I didn't have really much for me, the only person that ever cared for me was my Grandpa. Thats why I have a mansion. Joey was always there for me but he left and moved to New York, then I couldn't really count on him. My parents were abusive people, when I became 17, I left my home and moved a way to live in an apartment. My grandpa always sent me money. That's how I got through living on my own. One day, my grandpa just died, unexpectedly. I had no more money to support myself, and I became in trouble. When I saw his will, it said that he left his entire savings and his mansion. I can't really inheirit these things until I turn 21. I started a band called 6 Eyed Zeros, we all started drinking and smoking together. All of a sudden, it started to relieve my pains. When I turned 18, I started smoking a lot more, since it easier to get than alcohol. My band had a chance for stardom, but I blew it and missed the recording, I had too much a hangover. The next day, my friends kicked my from the band and became the 4 Eyed Zeros. My drinking got even worse, I wandered the streets like a homeless person. Until one day, Chuck Norris he then helped my to recuperate and I became better over time. He helped teach me karate and self defense. He told me that I should believe in myself. I still smoke these days now, but I'm done with drinking, it had turned me into a monster. Thats pretty much my life kid."

"Let's go see what the others are doing and see how long it takes before we leave."

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06/19/2006 2:50 PM

Joey was so tired, he found a food stand and they gave him a coke. Funny he was always a pepsi guy. He chugged the coke and sat down in a hut. Everything was different, his life was going to never be the same. He hadn't relized that he never once thought about Mike since Denver. Maybe things were looking up, but wait what about his family. Quickly Joey got up and ran to Nate. "Dude, Nate is there a place I can use a phone?" Nate pointed to the HQ and Joey ran there. He then called his house when he got there. *Ring* *Ring* *Ring* "Hello?" It was Mario his brother. "Oh thank God, Mario its me Joe! Wheres mom and dad?" "Joey dude I wondered where you were, mom and dad got worried and waited for you, but I told them they would be safe in New Mexico, so I sent them with my troop unit. They didn't make it...........". Joey was dead silent, he was hit hard, his chest encaving in "What happened Mario?" "The unit was ambushed by rebels, everyone killed. Im staying in New York protecting the city, theres a total war here Joe boy, you left right on time. Im staying in the house, we are using it as a base. Im sorry dude.......When I get to New Mexico I promise we will see each other, but dude you have to get there. They will send you to Mexico City, Mexico from there, I have to go, good luck bro and God speed". He hung up.

Joey was speechless for a moment, if his brother died, then where would he go. He hadn't a clue where the rest of his family is now. He knew for now on hes in the real world.

06/19/2006 3:27 PM

Sam and Ryan entered the HQ tent, "Nate are you going to take us to my mansion soon." "Yeah, I will just wait a bit." Soon, everybody entered the tent. "Everyone ready to go my mansion." "Yeah Sam let's go." Everyone got back into the van, Nick drove of in the Wrangler.

It took, them a while before they got to Sam's mansion. "Whoa, Sam you didn't tell you mansion was this big." "You never asked LJ." Everyone unloaded of the van, Sam ran out the backyard. When he came back he had a key with. Sam walks up to the door and unlocks it. Everyone enters the mansion, "I know it maybe a little dusty, but its the only place we got."

Everyone was finally able to relax. "Make yourself at home." Sam thought of what he just gone through over the past few weeks, he was glad that he survived. "Sam is the nightmare really over, I mean were safe in your mansion, I think Nate will have some people watching the house making sure we don't get into trouble." "Ryan I really don't know what happen over the upcoming days, weeks, months, or years. We just have to wait."

06/19/2006 4:06 PM

The ride to Sam's mansion was very long, or so it felt to Joey. He was all alone, well he had no family at the moment, but he had friends. Everything was just new to him. The ride finally ended after a few minutes, and they pulled into the mansion driveway. It was huge, Joey never seen a house so big, only on mtv. The Jeep and van pulled up to the door and everyone got out. Sam went to the backyard for a second. Joey just relized the date, it was Friday June 9th, it has been almost two weeks since he left Chicago and the incident began. He also relized that it was his birthday, he was nineteen. Joey let out a faint chuckle, Tom stepped over and laughed, "What are you so happy about". Joey looked to him and said, "It's my birthday dude, haha". Tom laughed and said "Happy birthday kid". Sam came back from the backyard and he was holding a key. It must be the house key.

Sam opened the door and everyone went in, it was so big they stepped into the living room and everyone took a seat on one of the couches. Nate yelled back, "Aite mates, here yea are, good luck mates and if you need help, Base Alamo is 30 mins away down south". Everyone said goodbye and Sam closed the door, he told everyone to get a room and make your self at home. Tom stood up, "Guys, we've been through a lot together, and as you can see now we are a team. If we are going to get through this mess we have to stick together and fight. As of now we will camp out here, we need to wait until we go to Mexico City. Ok, good...LJ can you turn on the TV, I think the government is broadcasting news from Mexico City".

LJ turned the tv on, and it went to a news broadcast. "President Scheffeild has announced to close down the rescue gate, Mexico City is overloaded with refugees, scoring around 2.5 billion Americans. The space is limited so no one will be allowed to enter. As for the home war, the situation is getting worse, more zombies have appered recently, and some different creatures the military is classifying as BIO's. As for the protestors they are recruting more members and calling themselves SCAGOA, they are even more furious for President Scheffeilds plan to close the rescue gates, so for the many still in the US, seek heavy shelter, and keep watch for any threat including SCAGOA. I am Matt Lowert, God speed, NBC news".

"FUCK" yelled LJ, "They can't do this shit, they fucking can't!" Joey walked over to him and said "Whao calm down Tex, yea this is bullshit, but hey we have a shelter already, we will find a way out, trust me". Tom stood up, "Now what we need to do is recruit more people, or find people to join us, this can be our HQ, I guess we can start our new alliance, the Civilians. We will get through this, I promise". The six of them were silent then Ryan spoke, "What about the other countries, why arn't they helping us?" "Well President Scheffield ticked them off when he issued war on Iran. They won't help us at all, on top of that he has the whole US on lockdown, nothing goes out of the country no one hears of the country, so they don't know whats going on". "But won't they soon figaure out somethings wrong?" "Even if they do, I doubt they will do much, all we can do is fight this off, it might be around for a long time". Tom shook his head and sat down.

This was the beginning of a new age for all six of them. Everything would change, their lives, and the lives of millions. People think this is the apocolypse, others think its the next Great Depression, but the civilians know, its hell. They are safe now, but what will happen to them? We will find out as their storys unfold.

END OF PART 1 of The Civilian Chapters.

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