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04/22/2006 3:32 AM

Yes.... it's long to read... but I took a lot of time doing this RP and tried to include what an RP ususually would include. So, yea.... here it is:

1) No God moding.
2) No cybering.
3) Only mild cursing.
4) Never control another's character without said member's permission.
5) If you have any questions about the RP or about RPing in general then ask me or someone else that might know.
6) No insulting someone elses character(s). Everyone has their opinions but no need for crude remarks. If you do do this please do private message them.
7) You can be any creature/thing you want (even the creatures/things I haven't listed you can be, some examples would be: an orge, goblin, witch, wiccan, human, pixie, ect.) as long as you follow the theme and the rules of the RP, if not then you won't be aloud to RP.
8 ) Read all of the information given on the RP. If not then you'll be lost, and won't be able to understand some of the stuffs.
9) And, last but not least have fun.

Some advice:
1) There have been a lot of characters already where that they've been cursed or forsaken. I suggest you go with something more original, like your doing something for money or someone kidnapped someone else that you'll like back or something like that. It'll be more interesting that way if you do something along those lines. But, you don't have to.
2) We all know it's fun to play a character that is all mysterious or something, but come on try to be your own self instead of someone your not. Or try to be more un-mysterious. It starts to get boring if a lot of people are like that, try to make your character more interesting and unique maybe.
3) Yea, we love to have romance in some of our RP's but still it's also fun to just have good friends in it. And, try to include more then one person in your group of your friends. It's more fun that way.
4) How about instead of just talking or something like that you try to put more action into the RP. Or more drama. But, not too much or it'll turn out to be corny. Like, more fights or something along those lines. And, if you do fights put details so it's more interesting to read.
5) Yes, it's fun and interesting if your character is really into one person on the RP, but maybe if your character interested in more then one person it'll be more fun for you and everyone else.
6) And, last but not least, you could always say someone is your brother, sister, cousin or something like that, even if you don't know them. It's more interesting if you knew a character already in the RP instead of introducing your character to someone, sometimes.

It was the year 2000 when everyone finally accepted that vampires, werewolves, fairies, ect exist in the real world. Now it is 2005, vampires and all of those creatures now are legally aloud to be out in public without getting staked or something. But, along with those creatures there are some rouged ones still, and with that there are slayers that go after those creatures that had broken the laws.
This RP takes place in L.A. In a town in the middle of the state, where the most unnatural activity takes place in the USA. In this town they have the bad part of the town and the good part. The bad part has many bars in it and clubs. In the clubs not a lot of humans go there, if they did they want to become a creature or just like to let to hang out with the creatures. In the good part of the town, it's usually clean and have a lot of street lights. There are some clubs there but not many night creatures go to them.
There is a organization called, S.D.S which means, Supernatural Detective Squad. This organization is kind of like slayers but they are controlled by the government. So, far there is only one S.D.S in the USA. So, it's a new organization that the government is trying out. To see how they do in L.A, because L.A gets the most action in the USA. This squad does what slayers do, but with the bigger problems. They hunt down creatures that have broken a law or is suspected of something. There only can be six to eight people on the squad, because if the squad is too big then it wouldn't be organized well. And, it would have to be even number of people so just in case they have to spilt up into groups or something.

For the creatures there are some rules:
1) No one can turn into a vampire, wereanimal, ect until they turn 18 years of age and they have to completely agree with what they want to turn to.
2) If someone is turned before they are 18 and their still alive and in the state then the parents get to decide weather they want their child to stay alive and live through their life as what creature they are, or they can have their child killed because they don't want their child to go through life as they are.
3) If a vampire or any other creature turns a human before their 18 or turns them unwillingly then they would be hunted down and killed, or just brought to court and then their fate is decided there.
4) If a creature kills someone then they'll hunted down, then they would be killed instantly. But, sometimes they would just put them in jail& but usually just kill them since humans haven't made a cell that could hold any kind of creature yet.
5) And, then they have the laws the humans have too.

Explanation of creatures:
Now, I'm going to explain some of the creatures in this role play so you get an idea of what they are and how they may interact with their own kind.
Each vampire has a master, the vampire that turned them, and they work for their master. If their master dies then they are free from their master hold. Some vampires have different kind of powers, it depends on who their master was/is and how old they are. Like for instance, a 400 year old could have the power to read someone else's thoughts or to control someone. So, far the oldest vampire ever is 1000 years old. And, he still lives. Yes, he. Vampires enemies usually would be a necromancer, because a necromancer can control the dead. An old enough vampire, that has enough experience, can have a human servant. A human servant is obviously a human, who was chosen to be by a vampire until that vampire died. Once the human's master died then they would die too. The human servant in some cases, could have super strength. In other cases if the human servant and the vampire had enough of a strong bond and the human servant died then the vampire would die too. For a vampire to get a human servant then they would have to put three marks on the human. After those three marks then the human would without or with their permission, would become the vampire's servant forever, or at least until the vampire died. The first mark the vampire must bite and drink the human's blood. The second mark would be either intercourse while taking blood from their human or to go into their human's dream(s) and mark them, like put an visible mark on them. And, the third mark would be to put an invisible mark on the human, the invisible mark would come in a form as two lights, possibly as a pair of eyes, and then they become bonded to each other. If a vampire is really old then they might not be able to taste anything but blood, so if they were to eat bread or ice cream or drink wine they wouldn't be able to taste it. And, so if they had a human servant, the human servant could eat food and the master would be able to taste the food and stuffs like that. And, for the whole vampire population there is a vampire consular, that vampire consular can decide if a certain vampire is to dangerous to be out in the human world. There are only five on the consular. Vampires can also smell blood anywhere, and they can usually tell if someone is a vampire, wereanimal, dragon, ect by the scent on the person or the aura around the person. Oh and a vampire could also have a wereanimal as a kind of like pet, that might be because they made a deal with the dominate male. Oh and some vampires can make their bodies rot like zombies. They can make their skin smell and turn green and make their skin rot off their bodies.
There are all kinds of different wereanimals. Some examples are: werewolves, wereleopards, werefoxes, wereswans, werebears, wererats, ect. Each wereanimal is in a pack, pride, ect. And, in the group there is a dominate male and female, a healer, the fighter, the body guards for the dominate female and male, and the lower ones. The dominate male is responsible for helping the new comers with their transformations and helping them keep control. If one of their pack gets out of hand the dominate male goes over and tries to get control over them again. The dominates also has the responsibility to punish anyone of their pack that has misbehave. And, if someone were to hurt one of their pack members then the dominate male would go after that person and decide what to do with them. If the pack's dominant dies then the female takes lead until another dominate male comes. And, the males in the group can challenge the dominate male for his position. And, same with the females. For a new wereanimal it would usually hurt for them to change and sometimes their inner animal would take over. That would be why the dominate male would be there to help them out, and usually the dominate female was there just to help the rest of the pack out if the male was gone. And/or she would help make important choices. And, of course, the dominate female was the dominate male's mate. If there was a loner that wanted to come into a group they would have to first prove themselves and prove that they know who the dominates were too. If a wereanimal haven't fed in a long time and it's near the full moon then they may lose control and their inner animal would take control. They wouldn't attack their own kind but a human or something else they would. A dominate male can take anyone as their mate as long as he makes them into a wereanimal too. And, sometimes wereanimals can mate with other different kind of wereanimals but that's rarely. Inside the pack there are sometimes submission wereanimals, were they would do anything, even if it would be painful. And, so in some packs, were they have crude and abusive leaders, they would take the most submissive wereanimal in their group and cause them pain by either intercourse or just whipping them. And, after so long the submissive wereanimal starts to like the pain and can't go without it, sometimes.
Necromancers are people that can control the dead and see spirits. They can summon spirits and talk to them, and also they can raise zombies and still keep the soul inside of the zombie. A necromancer can raise a whole grave yard full of zombies, if their powerful enough. They also prose a threat to the vampires, because since they can control the dead they could also bind themselves to a vampire, if they are powerful enough. Only in rare occasions can a necromancer bind themselves to a vampire and a wereanimal. That would be called a trivalent. A necromancer could also have a vampire servant, like a vampire could have a human servant. But, instead of the three marks they would do something else, but no one know how since no one had done that about ten years ago. The necromancer did that is now dead because the vampire consular decided to kill him. There are not that many necromancer in the world now, and the ones that are known are watched by the vampires just in case they try to do what the last necromancer did. And, sometimes a necromancer would raise a zombie because they did a crime or was murdered or something. But, if a necromancer raised a zombie to kill or just because they wanted to, without an actually purpose, then that would be breaking the rules and they would go to jail& or if the problem was bad enough they would get killed instantly. But, usually they would raise the zombie and then put them back into the ground after they are done, and they would get paid for it too& if they wanted the money that is. Oh and they sometimes have other kinds of powers.
A fairy can be human size or as tall as a pencil or so. A fairy usually stays out of the cities and lives next to nature. They can create spells that makes people fall in love for a short while. They are usually happy, perky, sneaky creatures. They are usually independent, they don't have a master. Back in the old days they had a leader and village and stuffs, but after the law for the creatures to have rights came they decided to become independent. They once in a while do favors for the vampires, because a long time ago the vampires helped out the fairies. But, usually they just play tricks on people and mess with trolls and giants. Because trolls and giants are kind of stupid creatures. If a fairy was to be shot by a lead bullet then they would be badly wounded too.
Dragons are what you think they are. Just a creature that can breath fire and fly. But, these dragons are usually seen in their human forms. They could transform to their dragons form if they wish, but now they usually just stay in their human forms to not scare anyone and to be sneaky. They can smell any gold or sliver almost anywhere. And, usually they steal gold and sliver from things. Like the legendary dragons, they have a treasure they keep. It's like a hobby for them. And, of course the have clans, there is one leader in the whole clan, that disciplines anyone who misbehaves. There are rarely any dragon females, if there are that would mean that their probably the mate of the leader most likely. Dragons can summon demons through a summoning spell, which would be a circle then they would put the demon's symbols then their master's symbols. Actually anyone could summon a demon but mostly dragons summon demons. A dragon can smell blood instantly from anywhere from three yards away mostly. Dragons mostly have huge castles or buildings that they live in, because they make a lot of money from the things they steal and because they like big buildings to hide their treasures. A dragon can track a scent anywhere if they memorized the scent on the person/thing. Dragon's are mostly known to be seductive, they like to flirt a lot. And, they believe in soul mates& each dragon has a life mate but they have to find them first. Once they find their life mate they become more powerful. They first would mark their life mate with a visible burn on their life mate's body somewhere. Sometimes other dragons try to take another dragon's life mate too. A life mate can be taken with or without their permission. And, a dragon can go into their life mate's dreams too. Dragons can be killed by stabbing them in their heart, cutting of their head off, or if they have a life mate already they would die if their life mate died. Some dragons have the power to heal themselves and others too.
A slayer can also be known as bounty hunters, because they could take a job by hunting down a creature. After they would do what the job description then they would get paid. But, sometimes the slayers just do it to either have fun or to just keep the streets safe more, without pay. A slayer can use anything he/she wants. Whether it's an old fashion with a stake or arrows. Or with guns. Slayers usually have holy water and sliver things with them when they go on the hunt. Like for instance, a slayer could have guns that have sliver, lead, or have holy water bullets in them. Or they could have a different type of weapon. A slayer is usually trained by another older slayer. And, a slayer is usually in their 20's or so. But, sometimes in really rare occasions a slayer could be as young as 16 years old. If a slayer is younger then 16 then the person that taught them would have to keep them off the hunt until they at least turn 16 years of age.
And, there are other creatures but I just gave the basics of stuffs. If you want more information on a specific creature that I have or haven't listed then just tell me and I'll try to give you more information on them.

The problem for the city right now is that there has been many killings. And, no one knows who/what is doing it. They have a clue it might have been some vampires, or it could be one serial killer vampire. But, on the other hand it could be a different creature. So, far there has been about four killings. Even the S.D.S squad can't figure out who would kill and why. Talking to some of the master vampires in the city they still couldn't even get a clue as to who or what it could be exactly. So, everyone is on alert, and slayers are moving around slowly talking to people and such. Everyone, even the vampire masters, are starting to become restless.

Character description:
Before you start to RP, you first need to put some stuffs about your character. Now, the stuffs I'm going to list you DON'T have to use it's just something you CAN use for your character's information:

Age appearance:
Weight (if you want):
Creature type:
What position you are (eg. dominate, master, servant, ect):
Occupation(s) (eg. slayer, works at a club, is a member of S.D.S, ect):
Why your in L.A:
Where you live:
Your appearance:

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