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04/17/2006 1:05 AM

Dawn broke over the hills and grasses, and with it, spring. The winter had been snowy and hard for the residents of Restoration, but they had plenty of winter stores and resources. They had celebrated the darkest eve of the year with a reverential vigil, breaking into morning celebration as the solstice gave way to the warming trend and spreading daylight.

When the vernal equinox came, a party of scouts took supplies and tools to the outlying cottage to the east, dubbed Hawthorn House for the stands of old, gnarly Hawthorns in the yard. These trees seemed to have a wisdom and life of their own, soaking up the snowmelt and sun equally. Their limbs, growing in spirals and knots, seem imbued with a frozen kind of motion.

The villagers took up temporary residence in the log house, tending to the surrounding gardens and cleaning the interior of the house for the new residents who would be coming soon. As they worked, they took notice of the quietness of the area, and how when a wind blew through the trees, it sounded almost as if there was hushed conversation, or as if nature was trying to let them in on some secrets.

To the west, the stream called Willow Creek flowed southeasterly, forking off into the southwesterly flowing Whispering Creek further downhill from the house. As the season warmed, amphibians could be heard further south, in Sun Pond, and the blackbirds and robins began nesting in the more woody and wet areas west of Hawthorn House.

As the festival of Beltane approached, the villagers, having finished their spring cleaning, left Hawthorne House open and inviting for her new inhabitants, whom would be arriving any day. In a small shed at the base of the northern hill, they left an assortment of shovels, spades, rakes, hos, and hand tools for the upkeep of the garden. A new compost bin had been readied from fallen leaves and other organic materials. The icebox in the kitchen had been stocked with smoked salmon left over from the winter, as well as fresh apples and berries. In the hallway, the villagers left gifts for the four new residents to distribute among themselves: a carved walking stick with pheasant feathers tied to its top; a charcoal pencil and a small journal; a tinderbox, flint, and bundle of smudging sticks made from juniper, lavender, and sage; and a bowl made of many colored blown glass, which had been filled with pure water with some of the first blooms of spring floating on the surface.

Dawn broke over Hawthorne House, and the light and colors of a new season poured through the newly polished windows of the cabin, playing over the floor and the gifts. Outside, the hawthorns stood in their strangely graceful and grotesque dance, the willow soaked up nutrients from their creek, and the grasses and wildflowers stretched upward and outward after their winter slumber. The birds called and sang in the morning, and the sun, untouched by clouds, spread her warm abundance over the land, welcoming the return of life.

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08/15/2006 10:25 PM

The cool crisp air filled the valley, followed by the warming presence of Life and Revitalization. Further adding to the already soothing atmosphere, birds began to chirp a melody, accompanied by the rustel of leaves and underbrush under the command of the slow moving winds, creating a harmonius world of serenity.

Though seemingly undisturbed for centuries, even millenias, the forest valley infact did invite a stranger into it's mists this very new day. Breaking the peacefulness of the world, small shadowy figured plunged through the high brush and climbed the slick ridge before him.

He was a young boy of nearly 17, just coming of age in the world he had left. But now it was obvious, physically he had broken this boundry and showed genuine signs of adulthood. Of course this would have had to been true, for he had traversed the entire North American Continent, experiencing the worst and best of the American Country side. Though even he had forgotten, or atleast hidden the things he saw, things he had done, and people he had met upon his journey.

But now he had finally reached the top of the valley and looked across an area of vast rolling hills, and diverse terrains. In the distance a single house protruded above the horizon. Forcing himself to travel just a little bit more, he stumbled upon a small sign, humble yet inviting, it read:

"Welcome all to Hawthorne House. Please Come and visit our quiant community. All are welcome in our doors!!!"

The Word welcome struck a chord in the young boys heart. It was something unrecognizable, yet oh so warming. Those words in themself were seemingly taken for granted in the world he had escaped. Welcome; such a simple word, though holding more meaning and effect then the most complex of phrases. it was a word of hope, of friendship, of love. And with those concepts it brought acceptance, care, and most important to him an absence of judgement, or so he hoped.

Taking now to a gentle yet, excited and speedy jog, the boy hurried toward the Welcoming house. The road below him left a trail of dust covering the steps before him, erasing his journey physically and mentally. By now he had become out of breath, showing the fatigue that should have set in long ago. Finally falling to his knees before the door, dropping his bag, and knocking with his final reserves, he awaited the world he hoped was behind that door. Fear had set in once again. He was a child before this new endeavor, once again lost in the possibilities and to afraid to face them.

The door swung open cautiously, revealing a pair of pearing eyes, no doubtly ensuring the safety of the visit. Setting it's Gaze upon the young boy the door continued open and allowed for a voice to be heard.

"Oh young one, what's your name???"

He could not Answer. He had forgotten his name long ago. However observing the surroundings of the room and the figure that stood before him, a small book stuck out revealing part of the word Sudoku. Panicing the boy forced out the words: "Doku."

"You look exhausted, maybe even hurt. Please Come in."

However, he had run out of energy long ago. Doku tried to scramble to his feet, but instead found himself falling to the ground, his face crashing against the wooden floor. Silently the world quieted around him. Now he slumbered peacefully, awaiting what would become of him the next day. What new things would be shown to him in his waking.

OOC: ANyone can take the role of the one who greets me. I am just hoping to jumpstart this awsome concept. Please all come on in.

08/20/2006 5:35 PM

Lieing in silence, the room became engulfed by a warming accepting aura. The presence grew with every passing glance through the door that remained slightly ajar. As Doku continued to lie dormantly on the, large soft cot, his mind sank deep into a dreaming wonderland; a world of mezmerazing unfamiliarity, yet spontaneous and affectionous acceptance.

Finally Doku awoke, to the sweet aroma, of an unknown yet attracting substance. Pouring into his nostrils, the spicy, sweet sour, fragrance of the unknown food item, rejuvinated and refreshed his burdened and fatigued soul. Rising slowly from the soft inviting bed, Doku rubbed the sand that encrusted his eyes shut, revealing the dimly lit, wooden room.

Scanning his surroundings, Doku found peace within it's humble yet heart warming decour. The room was lined with sparse pictures of an unknown painter, and few stands holding vases full of not-so extravagent flowers.

Gazing scepticly into the streams of light pouring into the dimly lit room, Doku pushed himself to his feet, allowing the sleep to remain encased in the comforter of the warm cot, and letting the sweat of his slumber pour over his lips and eyelids and eventually down to the floor.

Fixing himself onto the majestic aroma, Doku waltzed into the corridor outside his room, leaving the darkness and becoming illuminated by a shower of golden drops comprised of candlelight and sun rays. Staring in everywhich direction Doku became engulfed with uncertainty and confusion, yet deeper was an old sensation of adventure.

And so he went exploring the house, and all it's humble glory, learning and soaking in it's every stained wooden wall board. And in his heart a new fire burned with ferocious, interest, and the flames of compassion, he hoped would bring acceptance; [i]Welcome to Hawthorne House!!![/i]

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08/25/2006 10:41 AM

A gentle smile spread across Aprils face as she hummed a lilting Irish folk song from another time. It was a glorious morning and the fresh aroma of apples permeated throughout the kitchen as she dropped slices of the produce into a bowl of spices. Though the darkness of night had already faded it was fairly early, and April had decided to begin the day by preparing her famous apple pie. She well knew that with the turning of seasons came a new band of visitors to the house shed come to love; a new batch of guests to entertain. As she stirred the mixture with a long wooden spoon, April heard a shuffling of feet from the floor above. Her sweet vibrato was interrupted squeal of girlish excitement for anticipation of meeting the new arrivals.

Though her responsibilities would make her seem motherly, April was in fact but eighteen. With both parents gone, the girl adapted to life on her own by taking on the jobs that a guardian would see to. As partial caretaker to the Hawthorne House, April found it her duty to look after a bulk of the household chores. It was amazing how mature the young lady was for her age.

April swept the strawberry blonde bangs out of her eyes as she scooped the viscous filling into a pie crust, pausing briefly for a sigh of self-satisfaction before she slide the pan into the oven. The corners of her mouth curled once more as she heard the footsteps echoing down the stairs.

08/25/2006 10:03 PM

Chad came upon a house after his long journey. It looked humble in appearence, like something out of the past ready to greet anyone who would come.

"Hmm...that's a smell I haven't come across in a while." he said breathing in the fragrence. A smile spread across his face as he made his to the front door. He took the back-pack off of his shoulders and set it down next to his feet and knocked at the door. He waited for a moment and no one came, so he tried the handle. It was unlocked and the door eased open with just the slightest creak.

"Hello?" he said sticking his head inside just enough to take in the surroundings. It was a very pleasant house indeed, he thought to himself.

08/27/2006 7:20 AM

Doku stepped into the large lobby room at the east side of the house just as a series of raps on the door initiated. Doku was still afraid, and the thought of yet another visitor frightened him. Hurrying to the hall way, Doku began to back up slowly as he watched the man step slowly into the home.


The word echoed through the wooden corridors and rooms of the humble yet inviting home. Doku was now backed up behind the first set of rooms, and as he began his backing up a large fella, swung the door in front of him open.

He was big and gentle, sporting Thick Red Hair and a full beard. He walked with a slight limp as he waddled through teh corridor toward the great lobby. He was dressed in all white clothes, sporting a large apron, soaked in spots of blood, and grease.

Focusing on his appearance Doku recognized the man as his greeter, and guessed he was some kinda butcher.

"Aye, Top o'the Mornin' Ta ya. Welcome ta Hawtharne House."
The Accent was of a full and hearty Irish Sound.

By Now Doku had backed up out of the sound of their conversation and into a kitchen, smelling of glorious and sweet fragrances. Finally Doku had run out of room, backing into a form, who let a gentle squeal out across the room. Embarrased Doku gained his composure and hid behind a counter, putting a baracade between him and the unknown person.

However, as Doku opened his eyes he was taken aback by the site before him. It was a young lady, not yet in her twenties, slender yet fit, accented by a wave of beautiful and Passionately Strawberry Blond hair. Her complexion was pale yet dotted with light freckles underneath her eyes, bringing color to her creamy cheeks.

Doku stood just over her in stature, yet found himself humbled in her presence.

"Ah Now I'm sorry. You must be a new comer."

"I...I Doku."

"Yer not Shy are ya."

Doku did not answer, her beauty had silenced him. Standing, Doku was stunned, for so many new feelings filled his body, and brought warmth, to his mind and heart. Doku had fallen in love.

OOC:Hey if ya dont like your appearance I will change it I just thought it fit. ANd DOn't worry about the love thing it doesn't have to go anywhere.

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09/03/2006 3:21 AM

Feeling the calm breeze that flew over the river, hiting his face as it swept down stream I gently put his hand's in the water and scooped some up as I washed my face. the sparkeling water felt as if it were washing away the pain that had set on me over the year's. With my eye's closed I then smelt the freashness of the air and smelt a slight pressence of apples in the air. Not eating for a couple of day's he set out to find some food of any kind. heading upward upon a hill i set off to follow the sweet sent that had overwhelmed me. To my dissbelieff i sat a large house and the residence that lived there. With the intention's of geting a meal. I walked up to the Hawthorne house in hope that someone was home.with a slight 'cough' i knocked on the door in hope's that I would be greeted.

name: Sir Justin fredrick

race: human

sex: male

descrption: wears a white button up long sleeve shirt with light blue pant's and a leather brown belt. Also has a pair of light brown boot's.

age: 24

bio: Justin grew up in london next to the royal palace in a small cottage. With a royal blood line he urged to start training in hand to hand combat, along with lanceing, and horse riding. Living with his mother and father well not being rich to say in the least. He learned how to deal with hunting, cleaning, and othere small skill's. Well' at the age of 15 his father was killed in a hunting trip, leaving him to fend for himself and his mother. Geting a job as a servent to the prince of England, he then roomed up in rank's as a personal friend and was taught an education along side the prince. After being banished from his home land for sleeping with a noblemen's daughter he set out his voyage to find some where new.

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09/03/2006 10:33 AM

OOC: WOw you are the first First person RPer I have seen in awhile. I tried it at the beginning but was urged to change, however your difference in style is wlecome if you'de like.

A Rapping nock, jolted Doku back into existance. Perring over his shoulder, he saw the the new guest and teh greeter had headed upstairs, probably showing his accomodations. Looking back to the Young Lady, Doku smiled.

"Now look at this, my hands are all dirty, no way to answer any door."

"I... I will... I will get it for you." the words came out roughly, and sounded illiterate, yet slowly became more natural.

Smiling with glee, and nodding, Doku backed out of teh room, nearly tripping over a stool, before turing and walking for the door. Giving a last glance at the angel in teh Kitchen Doku chuckled to himself, before letting his face fall flat again, as he stood at the large wooden door. The knocking continued louder than before, whoever it was, they seemed desperate on getting in.

Bolstering up the courage, DOku reached for the handle and lsowly pulled the door inwards, setting his eyes upon a male. He smiled, in a relieved gaze.

"I Doku, this is Hawthorne House...Welcome."

The word "welcome" sounded warm to his own ear, and he remembered the sign that led him here the day before. Waving the man in Doku shut the door and smiled again, at the new life he was beginning.

09/03/2006 4:32 PM

as i nocked on the door i heard noise from in the house. anoise that someone was in a hurry and i didn't want to rush no one.but as the door opened i looked at the fellow and heard the word's 'i doku, this is hawthorne house...welcome' i was relieved to see that they were of kind nature and i walked in. not knowing what to expect i kindly replied 'my name is justin and i have traveled from a land far from here i am seeking a meal and a room if you have one, i will work and help in anyway i can for your kindness' smileling back at the othere's i gave a slight bow.

09/05/2006 2:43 PM

"Aye, now their is a fine boy!!!"

Doku jumped at the booming voice errupting from behind him at the stair well. Following was a small faint giggle, which Doku now knew was the Young angel from the Kitchen. Straightening up, Doku attempted to hide any hint of fear, yet was obvioulsy unsuccesful. Backing behind the approaching Gigantious hulk, who had greeted him, and had just nearly scared away any bit of dignity left in him, DOku hung his head in slight shame.

"Tank ya lad fer answerin' the dar For me. Now why don't ya run along and become acquainted with the Hawtharne Settlement Property."

Nodding Doku obeyed the giant who stood in front of teh new comer, and slipped out behind the stranger.

"I guess ya got dis one Mr. O'Kelly."

"Why yes miss April, and might I add yer lookin lovely this fine mornin'!"

"I accept yer compliment thankfully, now back to work I must go. More guests means more mouths ta feed."

Turning April left the new comer with Mr. O'Kelly. Reaching behind Justin, Mr. O'Kelly shut the door, and put his hand upon the man's back leadingh im down a hall.

"The Names Patrick, Patrick O'Kelly, but everyone here knoes me as simply, Mr. O'Kelly."

"Justin, fine place you got here."

"Tank Ya lad, now here is your room. Nothing special, just a cot, and a few desks. Feel free ta hang and ecorate as ya please. Now Meet in the Main Lobby tanight fer supper, that should be in aboot an hour. We will discuss yer duties than. In the mean time feel free ta make yerself at home!!!"

Turning Patrick left the young man to himself, to ready his room, and explore the grounds.

OOC:I will make a Chracter Sheet for Mr. O'Kelly sooner or later. Just a little facilitator type character, A sorta grounds keeper, and founder almost.

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