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04/12/2006 3:18 PM

Starting over...

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04/20/2006 2:19 PM

San Francisco, Earth

Leera was gone and old Samuel Vortusigan found himself rotting in his cold lab within Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, Earth. Samuel was a professor, working long and hard to train the new cadets with the best technology Starfleet had to offer. Leera, on the other hand, was his wife, almost 20 years younger, whom he had met due to sheer proximity. Currenly, she was at Jupitor space station. The two had been working for five years now. Samuel thought of how lucky he was. No children as of yet; working long and hard on the knowledge donated by Doctor Carol Marcus, he never had time to devote himself to her or to family. Project Genesis was just too intriguing to waste time on anything else.

Samuel looked up. The display above connected to a massive intermix chamber where proto-matter stood. The chamber was protected from the outside by Strength 10 shielding. It was held together by artificial gravity fields.

Suddenly, Samuel noticed that the reader was ticking. The display read 60 seconds.


Samual fixed his attention on the readouts and paced his fingers onto the shutdown menu.

"Password Nullified"

Samuel felt desperation cover his brow. There'd be an explosion, one much worse than an antimaterial detonation.

"Password Nullified." It said.

He didn't know what to do. Who had tampered with the device?

The numbers counted down... 9... 8...


Cairo, Egypt

Mara lay limp on the sand. The bright sun glimmered on her blonde hair, which flustered in the evening breeze. A lip with full blush, her breasts slightly tilted upward, she lay limp on the beach. Her hands caught one strand of hair and put it to her mouth. Her thighs mixed with the sand and she remembered her first days in Egypt. At the time, she had thought her new home was exotic. The natives, too, thought she was exotic. The natives were amazed by her well-rounded thighs, peering eyes, and reddened lips. That, and her amorous stand could make any man tremble with lust.

Not so with Jonathan Muller. Mara had been married to Jonathan Muller since December. It was the reason she was here. Egypt wasn't a peaceful vacation, it is her home. Jonathan was a headman stationed in New Cairo, Egypt. His position as supervisor, gave Mara many freedoms. Jonathan had gotten the job because he was a leader.

It has always been that way, thought Mara. There was no one more ambitious and vicious than Jonathan. Mara remembered him in her school days. Jonathan had always bullied all the other kids. No one wanted to mess with him. Mara supposed it was his will to dominate.

Sometimes, she wondered if her marriage, like the sand she laid upon, was barren. Did she love him? Yes. Maybe. Perhaps. And perhaps not - "Mara?!!"

Mara turned and saw her husband run towards her.

"Mara! Get out of here!" Yelled Jonathan. Mara suddenly saw a greenish glow coming from behind him. It was large, larger than anything she'd seen before. It covered the entire horizon was quickly getting larger. Suddenly, the ground exploded in a dazzling array of blue-green and yellow lights. Mara felt her skin burn.

"What the hell?" She screamed.

Her eyes widened when Jonathan Muller evaporated in a thin yellow dust.


The earth collapsed in a green ball of proto-matter. The gush of the entire genesis wave expanded like a supernova. The Earth exploded in a cataclysmic green fireball with the outer rims of genesis wave approaching multiple light speeds.

Starfleet command, Starfleet intelligence, and Starfleet Academy all disappeared within a matter of minutes. Without Earth, the Federation existed without leadership. At the moment, there was simply nothing at all...

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04/20/2006 2:52 PM

Five of Eight supposed it was his duty to do what he was doing. It hadn't always been that way. As borg, Five of Eight never had to question orders. They were simply given. Millions of people died at his hand...

But now, there was freedom. He always wondered if what he was doing was for pure enjoyment, or whether there was actually a job meant to be done.

The game was set. Five of Eight piloted the holocruiser. All the talk lately was about this game. The Game of Worlds, it was called. Each person piloted a craft, which had seperate multiples of disruptors, torpedos, and phasors. It was the latest installment of a popular hologame and most citizens of the federation (and parts of the Klingon Empire) watched the broadcast. Klingons especially loved the Game of Worlds, because there were so many ways to die.

Long ago, there was Strategema. Now, there was this.

The player wore an interface that allowed him to simultaneously pilot the ship, fire its weapons, and regulate its shields. When a player won, that player gained credits, which he could use to purchase more weapons against an even tougher challenger.

Large and massive, extending beyond 100 meters, Five of Eight's holocruiser was designed to match the wits of any challenger. The deficit in his ship was that it was slow. However, Five of eight's implanted borg cortical nodes allowed him to fire the weapons on his cruiser with pinpoint accuracy.

The game began...

ooc: I was hoping D'Yanir Sharr would hop in, perhaps as either a challenger or a spectator. Anyone else who wants to join can do the same thing.

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04/25/2006 3:52 PM

D'Yanir watched this round from the sideline, her last round had given her enough profit to get her ship the modification she had been after since she started this game. Her heavy fighter, 50 meters meters in length and fitted with abrasive armor, had blown her opponent out of the sky with more ease then she had expected from a Klingon, which had brought her enough credits to install a cloaking device. The new equipment was currently being programmed into her holoship.

She observed the proceedings of this round with care, for it was certain she would find the victor on her path during the game. Always good to scope out the enemy. This was her third month of her leave and she had gotten into the game just over a month ago, playing at least one round every day and thus far had managed to elude being blown apart. The look on the face of the klingon as she had left the field and he found out that she was not only a woman, but a goodlooking one at that had made her smile.

The klingon didn't like it much and had begun to try to insult her, but she had worked with them before and gave him a loud verbal brush off... in his own language. The friends of the klingon had laughed themselves silly and took their friend with them, in search for a bar to drown his sorrow.

04/27/2006 3:47 PM

Five of Eight ducked below a large polaron beam that penetrated the back section of the Holocruiser's main shields, nearly missing the aft thrusters by mere meters. Five of Eight readjusted his shielding to reinforce the aft shields in case another massive blast was accurate.

Five torpedo bays sprayed a barrage of antimatter warheads towards the offending vessel. The enemy vessel's shield matrix exploded in white fiery flashes. The explosion trippled the width of the entire vessel and for a moment Five of Eight's sensors could not determine the existence of anything within.

Moments later.. the enemy vessel emerged from the blast wake with shields still fully charged. Something was entirely wrong. The enemy vessel recharged its polaron beam once again. This time, Five of Eight's holocruiser would not be so lucky.

Five of Eight ducked his ship again, but this time the beam hit dead on. It blew through the forward ventral section, discharging large amounts of hull. Energy leaked from damaged conduits. The entire engineering section collapsed within itself.

Above alpha centuri, Five of Eight's holocruiser was completely aghast. With no shields, no weapons due to the nonexistence of power, Five of Eight could only sustain his life support through the backup generators.

If he were klingon, he supposed he would enjoy the moment.

04/28/2006 2:19 PM

Spectators cheered and suddenly silenced as the screens went black. A few seconds later they came back online, but showed the news of what happened to Earth. Everywhere was silence, which seemed to take ages, then a buzz of indignation filled the stadium. People began commenting on what they had seen, before the screens changed again.

The starfleet logo appeared on the screen, followed by the image of one of the highest ranking admirals that happened not to be on Earth during the blast, calling out for all starfleet personnel to return to their assignments and every officer to report in. Temporary headquarters were being established on Vulcan and aid had been requested to all allies to harbor the few survivors of the disaster.

D'Yanir looked around and saw the former borg exit the holosuite, then without hesitation she got up and walked towards him. As she came close enough, she began to speak. "Nice flying, but that ship you were up against had already been the cause of death of every enemy it had encountered so far. You lasted longer then I expected. Most were killed during the first attack of it."

She gave the man/machine a faint smile and pointed at the screen. "The game was cancelled before it finished you off, due to the urgency of the news, so you might get a new chance later. I'm Lt-Commander D'Yanir, can I have your designation and the name of the ship are you assigned to?"

05/01/2006 12:50 PM

Sighed and reliefed of not having to face a kingon death, Five of Eight exited the chamber with a deep sense of gratitude towards whatever the galaxies had occurred. He didn't know what had happened, yet, but he was sure happy that he wouldn't loose 10000 credits and his ship.

Five looked at Commander D'Yanir and saw a keen interest in approaching her. "I'm assigned to the Nova Class Starship USS Trucuclent."

Five of Eight remembered his vessel and tried to give a good depiction of it: " It's a science vessel made for deep-space voyages. Although it is relatively new, designed to replace the oberth and galaxy classes, it's weapons and shields are still minor compared to the Enterprise-E. Perhaps you've heard of it? It doesn't have much, but it has a crew complement of 80, 11 phasor strips, and 3 torpedo launchers. Our captain says that starfleet had planned to upgrade the photon torpedo bays with quantum weapons but lately the maintainence crews have been getting somewhat lazy... Would you like to come with me?"

Five of Eight looked at the woman once again. Standing up and tall, she looked about ready to do anything. Five gave a funny sneer, "Oh, were you the one who was going to fight me after this?"

ooc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nova_class_starship

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05/02/2006 11:56 AM

D'Yanir glanced at the former borg and smiled, both warm and something predatorial was present in the gesture, then she replied Five of Eight. "The USS Trucuclent is third on the current list for refit, scheduled to be overhauled or upgraded in about six months. With all that is going on at the moment, that might as well be six years. I'd need to see your Captain first, but I think he will not refuse. I served with him before aboard the Lexington."

Then slowly she reacted to the sneer the borg had given her. "Apparantly not, as you were about to lose. You have a rematch coming up and strongly suggest to hit that ship mid deck on level 8, then take out the weaponsarray by shooting a torpedo into the hole you created. You may wish to upgrade your engines a little though, that tub you pilot may be sturdy yet it is slow. Manage that and you won't see what hit you in the next round, that'll be my ship. The klingon back there can vouch for it, he knows what a cloaking device can do." Her tone of voice had sounded detached, as if she merely summarised a fact.

05/02/2006 6:49 PM

As they walked down the corridor, Five of Eight said, "Agreed. I will speak to my captain."

Then he turned around.

"But on the contrary, your ship doesn't seem to be much of a match. I watched how you fired your weapons yesterday. Although you perform feats in piloting, your helmsman skills are no mirror for my accurate phasors. I will, however, thank you for the suggestion. I did not see the weakness on deck 8 of the enemy's weapons array. Perhaps you would like a match for the score? Winner takes all the scraps... and a new nanobooster I have recently "acquired" from a ferengi."

Then he sneered once more, "I do have two game face interfaces ready onboard the Truculent. Perhaps you'd like to test your wits there? But this is after we are debriefed on our upcomming mission..."

Five of Eight walked towards a consol and watched the repairing crews patch up on their last minute adjustments to the Truculent. This was all due to the beating from the last mission, in which the Truculent encountered a devious Ferengi Marauder on a profit-driven mission by kidnapping the princess of Trilaria.

The Truculent stood apt and steady with the prominant forward triangular saucer section connecting directly to enginnering. There didn't appear to be a neck in the Nova Class, due to a more formidable defensive design. The Truculent's bridge stood on top of the saucer much like the Defiant Class. This was due to the fact the Truculent was originally designed as a Defiant Class vessel, but later was opted for a replacement vessel for the Oberth... its size was slightly larger than a Defiant Class vessel, but just like other small ships in the fleet, the Truculent was a formidable and agile craft designed for many encounters with the enemy. Originally, the galaxy class was planned to have a more "Truculent" look, but that idea separated into the development of the Soveriegn.

Five of Eight stopped typing and looked at D'Yanir with a astonished glance. He hadn't expected the captain to actually confirm his request, but upon submission, he was surprised. What had the woman done to deserve such merit?

"The captain says you may come on board. Oh, and by the way, my official designation is Javin Andora, First officer on board the USS Truculent. From the way the captain addressed you, he inferred your familiarity of the ship. I am somewhat awed.... go ahead and lead the way."

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05/03/2006 10:59 AM

D'Yanir now smiled at the former borg and nodded. "I'll gladly help you set those interfaces up, I think we can learn from eachother. Let's go see the Captain then shall we?" She extended her hand to Javin and held it there. "Now that I know your name, I shall refrain from asking your designation with the borg, until a later date."

As they walked through one of the alleyways of the Nova class ship, D'Yanir explained a little more. "Like I said, your Captain and I served together on the Lexington, which was my first commission on a starship. I operated in security at the time, specialising in away team missions. As for the knowledge of the ship, Javin, the USS Uxbridge was my latest assignment, she is a Nova class, upon which I have your rank on this one." Until that moment she had been leading him towards the Captains room without a single flaw. Upon reaching it, she pointed at the door and smiled. "The announcement is yours."

05/06/2006 6:50 PM

The door chimed and a former Borg and a woman walked in. The room was clean and the bright lightning reflected off polished metals. Except for the lack of a collection of former ships named Truculent, the room was the same as that on the Enterprise. To the right and left of the room, two vertical stripes running from the top to the bottom gave viewers a glimpse of the stars.

Captain Jonathan Gallworthy, an elderly man with a slight bald, forwarded them to their seats in the center of the room. He spoke,

"Our mission will be to warp to the forefront of the wave. At this point, the federation cannot determine what it is. No ship has been able to penetrate the wave and return to the point of origin. No warp capable ship has been able to determine its make.

Only the Truculent, with its powerful sensor arrays and science equipment, can determine what it is, and more importantly, how to stop it.

As powerful as it may seem, we have also underestimated the duration and the speed of advance of the anomaly. It will reach the planet Vulcan and Andoria, both planets first contacted by Earth, within 12 days and 18 days, respectively.

We will go into more detail in the conference room at 0800 hours, in which you'll be able to meet the bridge crew. By then we will have already embarked on maximum warp.

Need I remind you that 2 other systems and potentially numerous others are in danger of being wiped out? If that wave reacts with these M-class planets the same as it did with Earth, trillions, not just billions of lives will be lost."

"Dismissed!" said Captain Gallworthy.

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05/07/2006 7:22 AM

D'Yanir lingered in her seat after the Captain had finished his small speech and eyed him directly. "Permission to speak, Sir?" Gallworthy raised an eyebrow, but nodded nontheless.

D'Yanir spoke in a casual tone, swift but informal and easy enough to follow, even without having to be a rocketscientist. She seemed to have a knack for cutting through the information. "I assume you have sent a message to the vulcans, andorians and what is left of starfleet already, so they will no doubt be moving already. In twelve days these planets would essentially be deserted. The wave, is it fanning out or is it staying within a limit? If it is fanning out at the front it will also lessen the effect, perhaps not destroying the planet. Finding the point of origin would then be a case of finding the middle and traject this back. If it is not fanning out, then this wave was purposely set to destroy Earth and the other planets with it. It would narrow down the list of suspects that could have sent it."

She paused for a moment and looked at the door, where Javin still stood, then spoke again. "No warp capable ship has been able to determine its make. Javin, what would be needed to give this ship transwarp capability? Perhaps transwarp will enable us to penetrate it. It would cut down our traveltime considerably as well. What do you think, Jonathan, worth a try?"

05/10/2006 7:59 PM

Captain Jonathan Gallworthy replied, "We have sent word to the Andorians and Vulcans of the wave. But first, I must tell you of it's direction and distribution."

The captain touched something, which transmitted a holoimage of the entire wave onto his brown metallic desk. This green holoimage stood in front of Javin.

"Most of the wave appears to spreading randomly outward." Said Javin.

"Yes," said the captain, "However, a noticiable section is concentrating towards the direction of Vulcan and Andor. It is as if the wave is condensing towards THAT direction."

"How can this be?" Said Javin.

Captain Gallworthy replied, "Starfleet does not know. However, it does appear that there is some type of intentional agent causing this shift in focus. So yes, you are correct commander, the wave is being concentrated. From what we do not know. Or how. However, if this wave does consume Vulcan... or andoria... there will be a mass evacuation. Federation is calling on all commercial and military ships in the sector. Unfortunately, even the federation's standard heavy liners can only carry 3000-4000 passengers each. At best, we would be able to evacuate less than 1% from either planet. That is only 4 million people, out of populaces 4.9 billion and 8 billion, respectively.

"Therefore, Starfleet is requesting that all science vessels in the sector to converge towards the wave, in the hopes of preventing the disaster. We must find a solution to the problem!"

At this point, Five of Eight shifted his vision towards D'Yanir. "I seem to remember a case concerning the Starship Pegasus. It used a form of phase-cloaking. However, since the pegasis and its phasing device was dismantled, it will take us significant amount of time to reach those who are able to recreate such a device.

"On the other hand, the federation is developing a form of transwarp. However, early experiments of this technology indicated that it is only capable of creating a subspace tunnel for 3 seconds. 3 seconds is enough to navigate through the forefront of the wave, however, might I remind you that if we do not travel through the wave entirely, we will be stranded inside the wave. And if anything happens in any way similar to the crew of the USS Relentless, you and I will be dead. Some experiments of this transwarp technology lasted for only 0.03 microseconds."

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05/10/2006 8:12 PM

A sound chimed on the intercom, someone spoke, "Sir! The recordings from the USS Relentless are being made public."

Captain Gallworthy nodded, "Send the transmission to my desk."

Captain Gallworthy spoke, "The USS Relentless was the first ship sent to directly investigate the wave phenomenom. It gave several scans before returning home. When it attempted to engage warp, part of the wave traveled through the Relentless's warp trail and into its warp nessels. It then traveled through the hull. There was an emergency recording right before the wave entered the bridge. I will play it here."

The captain shifted his display screen in the direction of D'Yanir and Five of Eight. Within the center of the screen was a single ensign, female and scared out of her wits. Suddenly, the bridge was encompassed with a jet of greenish substance. Massive screaming and flailing ensued. The recording continued for 7 to 8 seconds before it, too, disappeared.

"At least we know how the people of Earth died." Said Captain Gallworthy.

"Both of you will be assigned quarters until 0800 hours. We will be engaging at maximum warp. If there is further questions..."

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05/11/2006 1:00 PM

D'Yanir slowly rose out of her chair and took out a pad, which she started typing upon, only dividing her attention when Javin began to speak of the phase cloaking system. "The entire procedure used to be in the starfleet database and normally the Enterprise should have it on their computer, including the people's names who developed it. If the ship is still running, perhaps Jonathan can contact them to obtain details, unless he gives either of us the permission to do so." She held out the notepad to Cpt. Gallworthy and grinned silently.

"Transwarp isn't stable yet, I know, but you as a former borg should have some ideas, Javin. Captain, could the wave be attracted to density of lifeforms?" The calculation she had made on the pad now passed from her jands to that of the Captain. "From the earliest point of sighting and afterwards, the wave looks to have been travelling from one highly populated planet to the next. It skipped the bases on Mars and the stations in between. As far as I am concerned, whichever pattern it follows, it is anything but random."

05/11/2006 6:29 PM

"Indeed," Said the captain "the wave is anything but random. Furthermore, the question arises as to how the wave detected life forms over 16 light years away from Earth. One possible conjecture is that the wave can innately sense life across light years. The other possible explanation is that the wave is able to read from the databanks on Earth.

"As for the USS Relentless, we could follow it, but it is well within the wave. We would only be able to examine after we path through the wave. It is highly unlikely anyone is alive in there, but if there is, we may be able to retrieve crucial data."

Now, Five spoke, "We may be able to reconfigure the main deflector dish to emit a pulse. With my modifications, we may be able to allow the ship to transwarp across the wave."

05/18/2006 10:43 AM

D'Yanir nodded to both the Captain as well as his first officer, then commented on what each had said. She had taken the time to reflect upon these thoughts, not wanting to come across as wanting to be smart. "Not necessarily, Captain. Any device such as the genesis wave, which was originally developed to create life in dead environments, can be set to do the reverse. A course could have been pre-engineered inside it. Priority question then would be: Who'd be bold enough to do it? The cardassians came to mind, but these probably would have started with Bajor. The Klingons crossed my mind, but these would probably have wiped out the Romulans first or the Cardassians. The Romulans are still an option as well, if we can find proof that the wave was engineered to kill."

She slowly turned towards Javin and winked briefly. "As for you, I might be able to give you a hand, but there's another thing we have to set up as well. In the meantime, if someone could direct me to my quarters, I have a need for a sonic shower and some clean clothing. I assume the replicator can provide me with those?"

05/18/2006 6:13 PM

ooc: alright, let's just skip directly to the good stuff.

Two hours later...

Javin's massive starcruiser roamed space. Its mark 8 warp core was especially designed for Gemini. Its antimatter combustion could create an maximum output of 2 x 10^17 joules/s. Javin's starcruiser was now retrofitted with a thruster twice.

A denser hull was also grafted.

05/19/2006 10:11 AM

In the distance, another ship appeared, it's bulky mass and configuration remembering of what had gone wrong the last time Javin had tried this. No other ships were in view, yet a voice broke through on the comm system. "Don't forget, hit him hard on deck 8 and watch out for that polaron beam, Javin. I'll be watching your back. Set your scanners to grid 4 of his third deck, that is where the beam emanates from, if you see an increase of energy he is about to fire. At that moment he will drop his shielding. This should give you enough time to fire and alter course."

Suddenly it was clear that he was not alone in the field with his last opponent, but that D'Yanir had slid herself into the round as well.

05/20/2006 11:10 AM

Suddenly, the large Jem-Hadar battlecruiser broke away from its path and headed directly towards Five of Eight's (Javin's) Gemini. The large Jem-Hadar battlecruiser was almost 600 meters long. There were three large sections of the cruiser. The middle section, being the largest, was the main body of the craft. Each section was connected to another by a 100 meters wide wing. On the main body, there were long protruding sensor arrays and navigation deflectors.

Above, the main polaron weapon was located on the large forbody, on deck 8. The battlecruiser was also equiped with 6 additional phased polaron beam emitters. 3 Torpedo decks held plasma warheads ready to impact the Gemini's hull.

05/20/2006 4:15 PM

D'Yanir piloted her craft within firing range, her ship running on full cloak, hovering approximately 4 Km above the Jem-Hadar ship with the nose pointed towards it. Her scanners were running a passive scan of the section she had indicated to Javin, from where the polaron beams got their energy. As soon as it would try to fire, she aimed to take out the sensor array, thus blinding the ship to anything but visual verification.

The torpedoes were already loaded and her disruptors were fully charged, ready to fire when the surge in energy was detected. She was fully prepared and her fingers were brushing the firing buttons lightly, already preprogrammed for what she had set out to do. At the second the shield of the Jem-Hadar ship dropped to fire the beam (an error in their construction, since the beam took so much power it could not keep up the shield), she would fire the disruptors on the sensor array, the volley of torpedoes following closely behind it to finish it off.

The sole thing Javin had to do was get them to fire, in order to launch his own attack, without getting killed in the process.

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05/20/2006 8:39 PM

Javin didn't care what would happen to him. All he knew was that there was a humongous battlecruiser that outsized him 6 to 1. Hwever, Javin's ship was now 150% as fast. His ship was in the shape of a borg rectangle.

The main thrusters ignited. Javin's Gemini moved at maximum impulse speed. 10 km away, the massive Jem-Hadar battlecruiser drew an intercept course. 10 seconds later, At 8 km, the Gemini powered up its photon torpedoes. At 5 km, the Jem-Hadar charged its main polaron array, a superstructure located on deck 8.

At 2 km, the Gemini turned upwards to avoid the collision, giving the Jem-Hadar an excellent view of Javin's broadside.

The Jem-Hadar moved closer. At 1 km, the Jem-Hadar fired a massive burst of polaron energy. At the same time, the Gemini deactivated its photon weapons, which suddenly gave an emergency power boost to its thrusters. The Gemini twisted into the direction of the beam. but was it enough?

05/21/2006 4:13 AM

D'Yanir had waited for this moment and as soon the Jem-Hadar fired, she released her full firepower onto the sensor array. The effect was catastrophic, first the disruptors shaking the hull of the battlecruiser, then the volley of torpedoes hitting the ship's sensor array with the violence of a plasma storm. The entire ship trembled and plunged off course, causing the polaron beam to miss it's target.

The cameloid didn't hesitate and piloted her ship away from the cruiser, aligning her course to be able to fire again with the rapidity of a fighter pilot in a dogfight. Swiftly she plotted in a firing solution, setting the torpedo tubes to fire at a three second interval, then targetted her disruptor beam for the Jem-Hadar's shield generators.

Her scanner confirmed what they had been planning, the enemy ship's sensor array was now non-existant, thus effectively blind to all but the eye and the targetting of their main weapon would now have to be done manually. In silence she grinned coldly, then opened a comlink to the borg vessel. "A little close for comfort, but they are flying blind. One good turn deserves another, my turn now, yours is coming up, Javin."

With that said, she decloaked her ship and fired up her thrusters, hurdling her ship towards that of the Jem-Hadar, firing her disruptor along the set course, then emptied the four torpedotubes one by one, pinpointed on the same spot. The disruptor smashed onto the shielding, it buckled but held, then the torpedoes began to hit, the first sent a shiver through the cruiser and the shield still held, then the second torpedo hit it's mark. The shield dropped to 40 percent of it's capacity, buckled again but held steady at that level. For a second nothing seemed to happen, then the third torpedo hit it's target, causing the shields to fail, yet did not take out the generator. Finally, the fourth torpedo struck the shield generator, damaging it beyond repair for at least the duration of the fight in a blast that sent the cruiser further off course. "Hit deck 8, then do what you have to, Javin. She is all yours."

05/21/2006 5:06 PM

Javin redirected his ship towards the Jem-Hadar and fired off 5 photon torpedoes at deck 8. The Jem-Hadar's main polaron array, a substantial attachment 20 meters in diameter, exploded in hot fiery flashes. On subspace channel, sounds were heard, like eerie screams. The explosion on deck 8 followed through the power conduits which led to several other decks. The result was the fiery leaks on other parts of the hull.

Javin dealt a massive blow to the Jem-Hadar, but the Gem-Hadar was still a massive vessel, outsizing both ships by as much as 5 and 10 times. It powered up its secondary polaron emitters and its 3 plasma torpedo banks.

Within seconds, the Gem-Hadar fired its beam weapons, but luckily they missed. At 1 Km, the beam weapons were useless with eye targetting. It seemed there was still some fight left within the Gem-Hadar.

Javin returned reloaded his 5 photon torpedo banks. Firing at 1 photon torpedo per 5 seconds, his accuracy was about 80%. The Jem-Hadar's accuracy was less than 5%, as their targetting array was severely hampered. With more accurate fire, which impacted the enemy's duranium hull. It wouldn't be long, now.

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05/23/2006 10:30 AM

D'Yanir cloaked her vessel and made a fly-by at the Jem-Hadar cruiser, taking great care to stay out of the barrage of torpedoes fired by Javin. While she passed the ship she saw something that caught her eye and turned her ship about at a safe distance. She rerouted the energy to her disruptor and loaded two torpedoes. With that done she targetted the two warp nacelles with the torpedoes and fired them, then flew after them with her disruptor still charged.

The first torpedoe impacted on the left wing next to the nacelle, breaking it away from the ship, the second struck a hole in the right wing. She made swift calulations, then fired the disruptor where the nacelle was still attached, breaking off the second nacelle upon impact. Now dead in the water and unable to manouver, the Jem-Hadar ship was at their mercy.

Calmly she decloaked the vessel once again, then fired two harpoons, of which each lodged itself into one of the nacelles, then towed them away. "She's adrift, Javin and their secondary polaron beams cannot fire below the ship, take out their warp core or disable their weapons array completely. The latter allows you to tow them back to take what we wish to have."

05/23/2006 3:17 PM

Javin finished the weapons array completely. Suddenly a thought occured. "What if they self-destruct?" thought Javin.

Unlike real space where the rules of war at least allowed for prisoners to survive, Javin Andorra had to follow no such inhibitions. Javin brought up his transporter controls through his interface and began transporting the Jem-Hadar to... nowhere... all 2000 of them were lost in the transporter buffers except for one, a commanding officer who he tortured for access codes.

He then locked on a tractor beam and begun the process of towing the ship and headed back to Starbase 317a, which was owned by his clan. It would take eighteen days, but with the surviving hull of the vacant Jem-Hadar battlecruiser, Javin would make some serious profit.

He then broadcasted on subspace so that D'Yanir could hear, "Thank you, whoever you are. How much do you want?"

He had not said D'Yanir's name so that his opponent could not hear, so that no retribution could take place in the real world.

"Would you like to escort me back to Starbase 317, after all, it is your ship as well as mine."

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05/24/2006 10:24 AM

D'Yanir did not hesitate long to reply to the subspace message, first decloaking her vessel, then opening a frequency to Javin's ship. "I'll be glad to accompany you to that starbase, we'll talk about splitting the profits in there. As for a name, we can introduce ourselves properly during our talk, until then you may refer to me as Chameleon. It has been a pleasure."

05/24/2006 8:19 PM

"phew!" said Javin Andorra. "That was a great game. Whoever controlled that Jem-Hadar didn't know it comming!"

Javin switched off his interface, leaving his rectangular virtual battlecruiser on tow. He then message Starfleet command, or whatever was left of it, to recieve an update on the situation.

"You might want to hear this D'yanir." There's some disturbance in the front. It's a massive wave coming towards us, or rather, we're going towards it. In any case, we're going to hit it in 5 hours so I suggest we start preparing now or start a new game until then.

"Anything you want, D'yanir?"

05/28/2006 8:25 AM

D'Yanir switched off her holographic interface, then looked at Javin and took a deep breath. "How far are the engineers with the modifications we provided them with? Will five hours be sufficient to finish their work and enable us to cross that wave? If you can give me a positive answer on those two questions, then i'll be up for another round, if one of them is a negative, we'll have to go to engineering to speed up the process there."

At the same time as she spoke to him, her shape changed form, from the one she usually wore to that of a Klingon female engineer in full battledress. "I could of course pop down to engineering and entice them to work a little harder." She added with a wink.

06/14/2006 8:29 PM

"Indeed." Said Javin Andora.

Inside the dark room, Javin returned his interface back into a manual drawer which stood to the right of a large light emitter (lamp). "Computer, return ambient lightning to 100%."

The computer responded and now the entire room could be seen. The light came from top edges of the wall. The walls were calming red, the same color as the captains room, with a small picture of a starship. In this picture, the battlecruiser was an Ambassodor style heavy cruiser. This reminded Javin of the days of his first assignment. In the background was a red gaseous planet. There were other things in the room. There was a pencil sharpener, about as big as a box, which Javin kept for sentimental reasons, because he prefered to use pencil despite voice recording. It all goes to show that the 24th century was not (that) different from the prespace era.

"Meanwhile, I will check the new updates on the current situation."

The door opened. Outside, the bright bluish color of the walls filled the room. People in the blue dressing with purplish shoulder colors stampeded through the hallway. Some glanced in, while others passed onward towards their work.. "Perhaps you would want an escort?"

06/15/2006 12:36 PM

D'Yanir smiled towards Javin. The commander started to grow on her and they seemed to get along just fine. "I'd hardly be in need of an escort, although some company would be nice, Javin. After that we can take a peek at the most recent data and we'll have time left to see what we salvaged from that last round. Not to mention the fact that the crew and I aren't introduced yet."

06/16/2006 6:03 PM

Javin smiled back. It felt new to see a klingon smile. On Bajor, Klingon warriors were rare. Within the Borg, well... all were the same. But here, a female kingon was like a jewel in the hay (a musky one at that) and just as enticing.

"Very well, you'll meet the bridge officers. There is a cardassian, a vulcan as a science officer, and a cardassian security officer. Now, beware, some of the crew had kinsmen on Earth, so you must be careful."

He lead D'Yanir through a cooridor lined with the typical blue-gray padding common among all starfleet ships. Several crewmen passed with odd looks, as if witnessing the odd sight of a klingon in full battle uniform was something entirely different.

Javin smiled again, "We can take the jefferies tube. It's a shorter and there'll be less strangeness."

06/17/2006 3:16 AM

D'Yanir let out a small chuckle, then looked at Javin and replied to his last words, just as they entered into the jefferies tube. "Less strange then a cardassian being commanded by a former borg, or a bajoran for that matter? Any andorians on board of this ship, Javin?" Calmly she followed him towards engineering and made another comment, her tone altered slightly and indicated the jest that followed.

"I'll be careful though, just as any klingon would be when surrounded by hostiles. Does the phrase 'today is a good day to die' ring a bell?" She gave a wide smirk and put a hand on the D'k Tagh that was tucked into her belt.

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