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04/12/2006 12:10 PM

(note: please delete the other two space threads. I've combined them into one.)

Here is a thought. This goes along the lines of those 3E games (explore,expand,exterminate) like galactic civilizations, civ I-4, Master of orion 2, star wars empires at war, rome total war, star trek armada, risk... if anyone liked those games, then they should really like this.

Game: Space 2454: Galactic Conquest
Background: An unraveling mystery with politics over a large expanse of the galaxy. Mankind has expanded over large territories through techno advancement. Colonies were extablished in thousands of life supporting worlds.
However, even with technology, famine - war - and things unbearable remain involved. Humanity's worsts still prevailed. Even with all this, there was galactic order. People knew stable environments, but...

2445: Scientists have currently uncovered a large, world affecting theorem that if proved right... will began terror in it's deepest routes.

2446: Potential Theorem is transfered to public concious. Debates follow, ideas appear, and populations of planets size become petrified of the future. Cool heads of states immediately anticipate that if the theorem is correct, war between all will come.

2448: Theorem turns official, proved correct:
"Theorem code 'expansion' has just recently proved to be genuine. The GSA: galactic science association have authorized and explained the details of the conjecture in a public state of recording. The possibility of instantaneous transport, the quantum physic theory disproved, and infinite superluminal space flight has been established using this theorem. The state of superlumial space vector can only be reached if and only if the "expanse", a large portion of our galaxy, is acquired. Once acquired, mechenisms once made to uphold this expanse must be used to support instantaneos transport. The procedure is that once all mechenisms have been plotted to their selective spots, they will be used as continues charges. Any ship that can reach warp 5 at normal speeds can use this procedure. The ship will move at the outer ring of the expanse traveling at warp 5. Once passing one mechenism, warp speeds will aproximately triple. After the second mechenism has been passed, warp speeds will once again triple. The idea is this: the ship moves around and around the expanse (using very insignificant amounts of fuel) until the ship moves to superluminal flight, that is... covering the entire circumference of the expanse at the same time. Once this velocity is reached (infinite speeds) the object (ship) can divulge from it's continues path at any point. Therefore the ship will be propelled out wards from the large circle (expanse) to any single location in the universe.

This procedure uses very unsubstantial time and resources. However, you must be reminded that only when the expanse in it's entirety is held, can the proved theorem be used."

2449: Once the recording was made public, worlds were devastated. Immediately, heads of empires began revolving plans for... galactic conquest. There were never trust between the empire and now with the theorem, trust had been further stretched. Greed, avarice, and want became the only goals. Thus, entire worlds launched into a compaign having one single plot: To capture the expanse covering over 1500 habitable worlds.

2453: Severe battling among planets have already started. But, the main power holders have not. In the following year, military infrustrature have been built according to their massed plans for domination. Star ships, armandas, fleets, were made to help acquire this goal. Populations everywhere shuttered to think the conflict in which was emanant.

2454: The time has come.

You, as the player, will act as the central force behind your species and can interact with the other players in almost any fashion.(Think of this as a spin off of Earth 2005, but with a twist and in the future.)
Whether you post as a impersonal report on what your empire is doing, or go further in depth and create multiple Personas which you act from is entirley up to you.

Each real time day is a week game time.

The Empire Sheet is as follows below.
Each player should keep it reasonable.

Empire Name:
Goverment type(Ex: is it a democracy? multiple clans?):
Species Name(May not pick a race already in play without permission):

Species Description:

History(And Culture):

Home World Decription:

You may have a second and third world, but any more then that and your abilitie to defend your empire will diminish.

You start with rudimentary Technology and gives you access to FTL-travel(Slow), and projectile based weapons(or just as powerfull energy equivalents). slightly more advanced then modern day, basic armor, slightly advanced medical and engineering tech.
You may select one piece of Technology that you and only you may have (Keep it fair, and slap on a drawback if it could be powerfull, also/or make it uncommon). A good example would be transporters, but maybe they are short range and slow to energise?
You may also Pick a particular field that your race is good at(Like Medical, or FTL Travel, or Weaponry, the possablilitys are endless.). Then pick three other fields that you are better then average at.
Last but not least include how your FTL travel works(Just for zest, maybe creates a wormhole?).

Signature Tech:
Primary Field:
Secondary Field 1:
Secondary Field 2:
Secondary Field 3:
FTL Method:

Also keep in mind that you will only start out with a _SMALL_ Millitary, so for example a large capital ship, three Cruisers and maybe a dozen or so smaller craft. Same goes for ground troops(Of course you will most likley change that in the future, hehe).

Also, a point system will be instituted. I know this will be against the rules of ffrp, but its much easier to play when there is a point system. Without one, people end up starting real well, but people fear attacking each other during midgame because they don't know whether or not they'll succeed.

Everyone starts out with 2000 points. capital ships are around 500, cruisers 200, crafts = 2-10. base stations are around 700. Researching a new technology typically costs 1000 points.

point gaining (growing) will depend on your taking over other people's worlds, resources, recycling wreckage, etc. your race status will also determine your point gaining rate as well as the planets and planet types you have. oh, and of course, they'll be alliances and such. production costs will be lowered depending on your technology and race status.

There will be a big rp factor invlved in whether you win a battle. It'll be determined by how well you rp your characters and ships (descriptions, detail, logic, drama, etc) and the points you put into the battle. This will be determined by two judges. If one judge says no, and the other says yes, then the battle will be a draw. I say that the most experienced ffrp players be judges. New technologies must also be confirmed by judges. Players will be placed onto a galactic map (randomly).


The biggest thing I see is that now you'll finally be able to write about your conquests (and it actually makes a factor in whether you win!) I know there are a lot of techies out there... so if you are one, join up!

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04/12/2006 1:51 PM

Sounds like a really great idea! Being a girl though, I just have a couple of problems with the battle system...

1) how are you going to find willing judges? and who would want to judge, as opposed to playing the game


2) you said that the things that determine a fight (in which it'll be judged upon) will be a) the "value" of the writing and b) the points that are going into a battle


but didn't you just say that you could make say... an imperial star cruiser for less than 200 points depending on your tech level?

Also, could you trade "points" for money? Like galactic currency? Or are these points the same as galactic currency? could you give galactic currency to someone else, say like a tribute for help or peace, or a trade pact?

I also have a problem with how a judge might "score" the value of the writing. Maybe two people would battle each other and they if they conflict on the results, then someone asks a judge? I would think that scoring would be done based on tact and enough knowledge of space combat but w/e...

I'm a pretty big star wars fan myself, so I'd like to know all this before I join up (if you ever get the fine details corectly) thank u.

ooo- and i thought that was a very nice introductory to your game description btw hehe :) but i don't think i understood some parts of it... superluminal flight? can someone explain that to me ? lolll

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04/12/2006 3:33 PM

This all sounds fine and is defintely a great concept, but people are going to war over a math problem? Is it THAT chaotic? because 2+2= chair is not very scary

04/12/2006 3:40 PM

hehe :) that's really funny!

I think i'll let leth explain it maybe...

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