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04/11/2006 8:17 PM

I have not been here very long but I would like to get some input on this idea i had for a Sci-Fi oriented rp. I Have seen a whole lot of medieval fantasy stuff which is good but i havent seen much stuff in either a modern, post apocalyptic or future setting. I had this idea in the works for a good long while so i figure i might as well see what other rp'ers have to say about it, good, bad or otherwise.

In the Year 2134 Mankind left their home world of Earth in the hopes that they might have easier lives out amongst the stars without the pollution and overcrowding. Colonies on both the moon of Earth and planet Mars are formed and the age of space exploration comes to an end with the beginning of the dawn of space colonization. No longer were men chained to a planet, to stay on the ground and wonder what was out there.....now men could actually go and find out.

By the year 2294 humanity has spread throughout Sol like wildfire, colonies on the moons of Jupiter and even in the frozen wasteland of Pluto have been formed and once again the human species finds itself in desperate times. Mars completely terraformed, Earth more crowded then ever and the colonies of Sol in desperate need of new supplies, they look to those in power for guidance and when their leaders on Earth give them no answer, being too busy enjoying the riches that have come with the age of space colonization, the people rise up! Mars secedes from control of the United States and forms the United Martian Protectorate (UMP). Allied with the colonies of Neptune, Pluto and Saturn, scientists on both sides quickly develop the Mass Driver, a weapon mounted on space ships allowing vessels to engage in combat in space and Battleship Style Combat, not seen since the days of WW2 due to the invention of the aircraft. Crime and Terror organizations like The Syndicate, The United Earth Front and the Gomez Brothers Cartel quickly rise in power as the war drains needed supplies from the people and into the military, giving the rich few groups all the opportunity they need to sway the masses to their favor.

By 2306 the war is at its worst, the Human race is devastated and still the fighting goes on, the new resource of Plasma has been discovered, capable of melting through almost any substance in the solid form and fatal in the liquid form. Scientists on Pluto begin research almost immediately and U.N. forces begin attempting to invade, they succeed and ground troops land on the surface during the testing of an experimental plasma fueled device, in the middle of the battle with neither sides gaining any ground the device activates and Pluto disappears from the Sol system entirely. The war ends almost immediately and a peace is brokered between the UMP and the U.N.

By 2536 Humanity has at long last recovered from the Colony Wars but once again they are in need of supplies, they need a new place to get them from, a new place for the millions of crowded people in Sol to call home.

They find one, the Upsilon Sector

The terrorists are the first to act, The UEF Hegemony claims a home world in Upsilon allmost immediately and once again Mankind finds itself in a vicious struggle for power. The Upsilon Sector is KEY to the survival of the human race, not ONLY is it the only known star system within the reach of Sol but a few worlds in Upsilon are rich with the valuable Plasma Resource which after the disappearance of Pluto was so rare it could only be found in microscopic quantities. Dominance over Upsilon will not only provide the controlling faction with the necessary materials to survive but also with the edge of Plasma Research which no doubt has valuable uses in Weapons Technology. the fragile peace between the UEF Hegemony, the United Martian protectorate and the United Nations is shattered allmost immediately when news of the discovery of the sector becomes public.

Unfortunately, before moving in the new residents failed to do a detailed search. In their haste they forgot to check if there were any previous residents in the sector, it isnt long before Aliens are discovered in Upsilon, many of which having responded quite violently to these Human intruders. So then, where are you? shall you bring about a new era by bringing the Hegemony to power? shall you restore power to the U.N., bring might to the Martian Civilization? or shall you bring Humanity to its knees and put the Human race in its rightful place on the list of extinct species....the choice is yours.

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04/12/2006 1:29 AM

Use sentences man! It is easy really. A capital letter at the beginning of the thought, a period at the end. Your entire post is a runon, despite the empty spaces.

Sorry, had to say it. Idea sounds alright, and normally I would have no problem joining in. However, unless you start posting in sentences I am afraid I could not join in with you on any rp.

04/12/2006 7:00 PM

any improvement there? grammar isnt exactly my forte but i do what i can and i tried to improve it and make it more legible

04/12/2006 11:43 PM

Much better. Sorry if I seemed sarcastic or rude, but a long post like that with no periods...I just could not say nothing. I could still complain a bit, but I won't. :)

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