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04/11/2006 7:11 AM

Astaries ducked his head as a blast of wind slammed into him... He glanced down at the sea below and shivered. He knew that if he failed at this, the sea would claim him.. and he couldn't swim worth a damn. His tail lashed as he forced himself to look back up and spread his wide wings.

the leathery membrane was tugged at by the wind, and Astaries knew that if he could at least glide, he may survive this... good thing the wind was so strong....

Spreading them as far as they would go, keeping the membranes taut, Astaries gathered his limbs beneath him and lept into the wind....

To his horror, the wind abruptly died, and he wasn't flying... but falling!!

Roaring in panic, he struggled, flapping his wings madly.... He saw the sea rush up to meet him, and closed his eyes... at that moment, he ceased to think, and instinct took over... his wings snapped open, catching what wind there was coming from the surf and he flew low over the waves.

Opening one eye cautiously Astaries noted that he was close enough to the water that he could reach out one claw and trail it in the waves....

A laugh escaped his jaws and he allowed his instincts to guide him as he moved up away from the water and circled high in the sky catching thermal after thermal...

Now for the human lands.....

He knew that humans feared dragons, so he would have to ready his spells to walk among them..... while he flew the words of the spell ran over and over in his mind... while the land came ever closer.

04/11/2006 3:26 PM

Long before the Cataclysm, Solamnia had been a prosperous region. But now with a desert to the north, and an entire sea covering its remnants, Solamnia was truly a broken nation. Mixed with many people, both good and bad, no one knew what was the true outcome of the historical land.

Alas, history has not treated Solamnia well. Each fraction wanted to prove their worth.

In Sanction, a young girl named Ursa noticed a sound.

"What is it?" Her mother asked.

"A pitch," She said, "From somewhere off the sea."

Her mother became troubled with her daughter's response and decided to send her to a cleric, in the hopes of clearing away her motherly troubles. When the cleric could find nothing, the mother simply sold her to him for the smallest change. From then on her mother left her. Since slavery was outlawed long ago, the cleric treated her with leniency. The cleric repeated, "You must never travel to the sea, you will have to encounter Khallendros and his wickedness."

Five years later, on her 17th birthday, Ursa heard that her mother had contracted a blight. Since the disease was rare, it meant that her mother must have had contact with many men. On the day of her death, her sickly mother moaned, "Please don't go to the north. Your father would never like it."

"My father?" Said Ursa seriously.

"Oh yes, you never knew your father. He's likely to be dead, or still hanging like a wooden stick in the prostitute shacks at the fort. Don't go there, or you might have your own father's son."

"What's his name?" Asked Ursa.

"How am I supposed to know?" Her mother retorted.

Thus, Ursa would never frequent Sanction's fort, ever again.

But the cleric was kind, and knew that women like her, especially at her age, would have easily given to lust. He took her in like his own child, even when she left days on end. Sometimes she'd frequent the local bars, or, more like a male, she would travel far away away from Sanction to breathe deep and hear the sounds of nature. But always, something made her come back to the Cleric.

"It's the pitch," she said, "It comes from the north."

"My girl," said the old man, "How can such a sound exist yet no one else knows of it? Furthermore, how can only you hear it and know where it comes from?"

"I don't." Said Ursa. "I just need to travel to the north, to the coast."

And so Ursa at last had her owner's permission to travel anywhere she wanted to, even to the north. With a few spells she had learned while making love to knights at nearby forts, and a pack with all her possessions, she gave her cleric a kiss and took off.

04/12/2006 11:08 AM

ooc: sorry for the past post, it was somewhat slow and it was meant to be joking. also, do we have a specific direction or do we just interact normally. you said something about astar being human and people not knowing he is human. may i ask what type of intent you meant in that?

IC: On board a boat, a little girl cried, "daddy! daddy! I just saw a dragon!"

Her father, a towering knight of Tarsisis, laughed.

The little girl watched the dragon's long wingspan flap across the horizon. Gliding, it seemed like a long lowly cloud.

04/12/2006 3:53 PM

(no OOC: posts here, that's what the other half of the thread is for...thank you...)

Ataries flew higher into the sky, circling north over the city of Sanction, trying to avoid the updrafts of noxious gases that the lava floes from the Lords of Doom would belch out into the air.

Perhaps this would be a good spot... Gods knew that Dragons were always a frequen sight above these skies, with Neraka only a few wings away, or rather it seemed that way from his high vantage point.

The question would be wether he would prefer to remain with his chaotic cousins the Chromatic dragons, or seek out his more light-oriented cousins, the Metallics...it was odd enough that his own mother, Lirana, daughter of the scion of Paladine, Glimmer would choose to mate with a Blue...

Ataries pondered this for several moments, as a darker thought leapt up from a corner of his mind...

But then again, she may not have chosen. He shivered and then angled his wings to pull up and bank sharply to his left, begining a downward spiral to land in the deep forests outside of the port city of Sanction....

04/13/2006 4:49 PM

Speaking of mothers and fathers, Ursa never knew her father. She shivered. "Where did I come from..?" she thought.

Ursa's quick feet bade her pace northward until she hit a stone. Suddenly, she stopped. Her eyes glanced north and west. To the north, vast greenish plains seperated her and a river. To the west, the reddish curve of a mountain streaked across the horizon.

Ursa upwards. Bright yellow rays from a crisp golden sun stun her eyes. She quickly her hand to cover the glare but suddenly! - a large dark figure loomed under the sun.

Perhaps it was the life instinct, but god, she feared the worst. Her first thoughts were to return to Sanction. She twisted backwards.

She gasped, "Where is sanction?" The town she had known was no longer there. The fort that she had visited did not exist. There was no human civilization at all. Instead, there was many old and rusted buildings. The citizens there were no longer human, but draconian. God, how her eyes decieved her!

She looked at her hands and saw that it was dazzling with magic. Large bluish bolts sparkled on her fist. It was as if...

as if...

she had come from another world, a world that was never truly there. Or was it?

With magic blurring her mind, she twisted. A dark figure lay behind her. Without knowledge or understanding, Ursa said,


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04/21/2006 7:37 PM

Astaries had landed, and utilizing the already prepared spell, reshaped his form. Dark hair gathered at the nape of his neck, and bright cobalt blue eyes. Well-worn ranger clothes, layered with a deep green cloak that hid the rest of his frame. Once his vision cleared of the magic, he blinked and focused on a girl who stood before him with her back to him.

His eyes widened as he heard the girl call out. "Daddy?"

"Hardly..." He growled, leaning against the nearby tree.

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04/27/2006 3:25 PM

The sound scared Ursa beyond her wits. Ursa turned and stared at a shadow against the tree. Staring, she followed it to a man. Ursa blinked.

Something was terribly wrong with this image. For the first time... it was real. The man stood there cool. To Ursa, the image of man appeared so crisp and clear. It was as if she was awake for the first time in her life and the past 17 years had been a dream in a magical world.

Ursa stared at the man. Her first intuition was to kiss him. After all, she had slept with many men on many occasion in her "past"... When she thought these thoughts, something stopped her. She was afraid, and felt terribly insecure. It was as if in her dream world, everything she did was fine, but here there was terrible emotions, and with that... insecurities.

Ursa said, "Hi..." Then feeling a blush, she glanced away and ran.

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