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04/10/2006 1:33 PM

TK walks out into the arena floor. The colliseum was, well, not packed. Just a few people bored out of their wits to witness this fight. A duel between Unbeliever and teutonicknight? Who'd'a thunkit? Well, anyhow, what is is and what is not is not. There could be no avoiding this fate. The two of the RPGC destined to be killed over and over and over . . . well, anyhow, this battle, at least, there will be only one casualty!

TK stands in the centre of the arena floor awaiting the Unbeliever to arrive. Beneath his black armour he smirked in anticipation . . .

04/10/2006 1:43 PM

Wishing he had some kind of badass theme music, Unbeliever entered the arena, humming a little diddy that he thought sounded pretty cool. Big ass PA speakers playing it would have been slick. Stopping twenty paces from TK, he muttered under his breath, "Shit! Armor. I should have thought of that..." Looking down at his robe, he shook his head and hailed his opponent.

"This has been a long time coming." While speaking, his binary face displayed 000100001. He chuckled to himself. [i]Sucker...[/i] "I laid down the challenge, so I leave the type of battle to you."

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04/10/2006 2:03 PM

TK's smirk under his helmet grew until it split his face. He quickly got some staples to hold his face together before he bled too much.

"The challenge shall be," TK said with a deep bass (freshwater bass at that) "Ro-Sham-Bo." TK chuckled as he noticed Unbeliever's lack of metallic protection devices. "You do know the rules of such? We take turns kicking each other in the balls until the other one gives up. Only, this time, there is no giving up. Only [b]death![/b]" TK cackled as the crowd murmured softly. He cackled so hard the staples popped out of his face and he started bleeding again. "Shimata!" He said as he this time saudered the wounds closed with a hot iron. The burn/scar going from the corners of his mouth to his ears gave him a devilish look.

A colliseum attendant rushed up to the cackling TK and whispered into his helmet. TK stopped cackling instantly and slowly turned to face the attendant. "What do you mean Ro-Sham-Bo is prohibited when there are females in the audience?" He asked the attendant.

"Sorry, but rules are rules, no?" The attendant squeaked as TK looked down on him.

TK gave a little shrug. "Oh well, what can you do?" He said as he unsheathed his sword. The arena seemed to darken a bit as he did so. The black blade seems to absorb the light. To pull it in. Sort of like a mini-black hole. The attendant's eyes widened and popped out of his skull as TK eviscerated him with that night-black blade. The attendant's blood spewed forth from his corpse and wet TK's sword and armour. Though, the black seemed to absorb the blood. The blood still trickled down and fell off the armour, but you couldn't tell there was any on there until you saw it drip off.

TK turned slowly back towards the Unbeliever. "Well, if the Ro-Sham-Bo is out of the question, we shall have to go with blade combat. One-on-one. You may use any blade you want. We fight until one of us dies!" TK drove the point of his blade into the corpse of the attendant. The attendant's body shriveled and decayed at a visible rate. Soon all that was left were blackened bones. TK stared out across the arena floor to the Unbeliever to await his answer.

04/10/2006 2:16 PM

Disinterestedly watching the attendant die, Unbeliever nodded. "Blades it is, then" Reaching under his robe, he felt at the myriad of blades that had been used to kill him at one time or another. Settling on a magical katana of AvA's, he withdrew the blade. Taking a defensive stance, at least what seemed to him a good defensive stance, seeing as he had little to no experience with a sword. He was still waiting for Damien and Caelin to open up their training course.


He suddenly realized it probably would have been a good idea to wait until he had some combat training to challenge someone to a duel. Especially a serious anime fan...

Now scrolling more ones than zeros, what to him was a show of confidence, Unbeliever took a step forward, the tip of his katana leveled at TK. "I've told you I was going to kill you one day. I expected it to be something a bit more cunning and underhanded, but this duel will have to do." Ignoring how lame it sounded to almost rhyme duel and do, he widened his stance, digging in for an attack.

A belch reverberated from the stands from one of the bored observers.

04/10/2006 2:20 PM

TK waited as Unbeliever slowly advanced on him, "Fool," he muttered under his breath. When Unbeliever was about ten feet away, TK swung his sword up. The bones that were on the ground by the sword flew at Unbeliever. As the black bones flew through the air, TK himself moved (far too quickly for someone wearing over 200 pounds of armour). TK dashed to Unbeliever's right side. A right-handed engagement first, to test his merit. TK swung his sword at Unbeliever's chest as the bones flew at his face.

The sudden movement caused the air to stir up the dust on the arena floor and an old man in the stands fell over coughing.

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04/11/2006 1:07 PM

Bringing his hands up, his katana now pointed to the ground, Unbeliever blocked the coming blade, his forearms protecting his face from the bones. With a shrug, he said, "Beginner's luck?", before twisting away from the contact, both hands gripping the katana loosely, awaiting another attack.

Just as he considered being the aggressor, a knife stuck in his calf. Wincing, he simply stared down at it in disbelief. All he could think was, [i]Knife...[/i] As far as he knew, knives weren't supposed to emerge from a person's flesh, so this one must have come from without. Which could only mean the belching man was a prick.

Pulling the knife from his leg, he hurled it back into the stands, not paying particular attention to where, or more importantly who, it struck.

Following through the motion of his throw, Unbeliever rolled, coming up at TK's side, leveling a side slash of his own at his opponent.

04/11/2006 1:25 PM

TK took a step back as his strike was blocked. A knife "k'tink'd" off his armour from somewhere. TK calmly watched the Unbeliever remove a knife from his body and hurl it back at the (wo?)man that had thrown it. How Unbeliever knew who threw it TK wasn't sure of, but maybe it was best not to underestimate this foe. TK stepped forward as he saw Unbeliever rolling at him. Unbeliever's blade "whoosh'd" through where he had been standing. Now, though, TK stood directly above Unbeliever who was just regaining his balance from the roll. TK thrust his knee into his opponent's chest.

A loud "KREE!" could be heard from the crowd as the knife Unbeliever threw back struck the (wo?)man that threw it in the back. "Meddlers get what they deserve," TK thought.

04/11/2006 1:49 PM

Taking the full force of the knee strike, Unbeliever fell back in a huff, just able to roll over into a crouched position. Regaining his breath, he watched for TK to charge. His opponent was too patient for that, though. It would have been an easy opportunity for a counter attack.

Pulling himself back to his feet, his gaze never wavering from his armored foe, Unbeliever settled into his defensive stance, making certain to keep his muscles loose. He made sure to give the impression that he was light on his feet, hoping TK would think his knee strike had no effect. In reality, his chest was throbbing.

His blade held out before him, Unbeliever shuffled forward. With a quick feint toward his opponents head, he slashed at his knee with a cursory slash.

04/11/2006 2:00 PM

TK was slightly impressed by his opponent's skill. To roll with the knee was probably the best thing to do. Adding in the fact that he's come straight back into an attack. Kudos. This fight may just prove more entertaining than TK had thought.

As Unbeliever struck for his head, TK brought his arms up, to bring the blade perpendicular to the ground. He could block the strike and swing the blade around to cut off . . . waitasec, it was a feint! TK quickly thrust his blade down to catch his foe's just before it cought his knee. TK stepped into the blow, knowing that his armoured weight would prove more momentum than Unbeliever could handle.

TK pushed close to Unbeliever, then suddenly twirled around him and slashed at Unbeliever's back.

04/11/2006 2:17 PM

With his armored foe so close, Unbeliever feared he might just get a shoulder thrust into him. He dug in to resist the blow that was sure to come.

Standing so rigidly, he was taken by surprise when TK twirled into a new attack. His muscles reacting slowly, he just managed to spin in the opposite direction and get his katana between himself and the killing blow. Trying to ignore the realization that the fight had nearly ended, he tried to flash a cocky smile (as well as binary can smile, anyway).

Beginning to wonder if he'd maybe bitten off more than he could chew, he leaned into the contact between their crossed swords, hoping to slow any move his opponent might attempt, blindly considering how he might turn this into offense.

04/11/2006 2:29 PM

TK held his blade against Unbeliever's katana. Unbeliever was pushing against his blade with considerable force. TK stepped back and across so Unbeliever stumbled forward under the pressure that suddenly wasn't met.

"Have patience young one. I want to have fun with this." TK said as he leveled his blade. TK patienly waited for Unbeliever to regain his balance and face him again. Once he did, though, TK lunged forward with amazing speed, thrusting his sword straight at Unbeliever's left shoulder.

04/11/2006 8:14 PM

Once on his feet, Unbeliever was stunned to see his opponent nearly upon him. Instincts taking the place of any rational thought, he twisted his body to the side, the blade just nicking his shoulder; a small spurt of blood seemed to hang in the air a moment before it spattered harmlessly to the ground. Before TK could recover, he brought his katana down in an awkward overhand slash, pinning his sword to the ground. He leaned in close, released the katana with his right hand, and threw a forearm strike to TK's exposed chin.

He knew he was left open for a counterattack with his weak hand the only thing between himself and a quick death, he took up the katana in both hands again and stepped away.

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04/12/2006 1:39 PM

TK was shocked by Unbeliever's quickness. It was only momentary, but long enough to allow Unbeliever time to strike his chin. TK took a step back and brought his blade up to a defensive position. He stared (through his helmet, how, we're not quite sure, but he does) at Unbeliever and spat. A touch of blood speckled the saliva red. He bit his cheek when Unbeliever hit his chin.

TK kept pace with Unbeliever as he paced back. TK held the distance just beyond striking range. He thought of different ways to attack without leaving himself exposed like that again. Feint high, strike left/right. But the katana would be good for reversing the strike. Go for a power strike and hope Unbeliever wasn't strong enough to stop the swing. That would be a big risk though. If he was, TK would leave himself wide open.

How to attack? All this went through TK's mind in a few seconds before he decided. TK stepped forward and feinted low. As soon as TK saw Unbeliever's sword shift, he shifted his wrists and brought his blade full-circle to slash down at Unbeliever's shoulder.

04/12/2006 2:14 PM

While TK pursued, Unbeliever cursed himself for not pressing the attack when he had the advantage. Against an opponent like this, opportunities would be slim, and he'd passed one up.

Before he could linger on it too long, TK struck for his legs. He'd already turned his wrists to deflect the low attack when he realized it was a feint. His heart sank. He wouldn't have the time to bring his blade up to defend himself. His feet were firmly planted as he'd expected to have to keep his balance against the attack, so he wouldn't be able to move aside.

With no obvious alternative, he shifted his weight into his stance, turning his shoulders to the side and crouching low and to the side. This left his extended leg, more accurately his knee, completely exposed to the falling blade. His katana, though utterly useless in the defense of his shoulder, was once again his savior, as he had only to flick his wrists to level the blade and block the attack.

Despite that, he had little leverage and his sword gave, pinned to the ground, crossed just over his knee. If he'd had time, he'd have groaned at the realization that he was open to a myriad of counterattacks.

04/12/2006 2:23 PM

TK shifted his weight forward and pressed all his weight into a great shove that threw Unbeliever onto his back. His quick dodging was all that has saved him thus far, so TK thought that having the ground hold Unbeliever would greatly decrease his dodging potential.

TK struck out at Unbeliever's katana to unbalance his foe, then stepped across his leg. TK was now straddling over Unbeliever's leg with their blades locked together. Unbeliever couldn't shift his blade, lest TK's find its way to his chest. He couldn't crawl with his arms as they're tied holding his katana against TK's blade. His legs were now separated so he couldn't use them in conjuntion with each other.

04/12/2006 3:07 PM

The last thing Unbeliever wanted was to be stuck on his back with a skilled opponent over him. He'd done a magnificent job of getting himself into just that spot.

With absolutely no leverage to keep TK's blade away from his body, he let the tip of his katana dip to the ground and dug it in slightly. Now he was able to put his full attention into holding up his end while the ground did the rest. He realized that gave himself a chance to do something with the lower half of his body, since it wouldn't take every bit of strength to keep himself alive.

His first thought centered around how satisfying it would be to give his opponent a good kick to the groin. He certainly didn't look down on such tactics, but in this instance it would be impossible. His legs were splayed too awkwardly to put any force behind an upward kick. On top of that, he didn't much feel like testing the strength of TK's armor with his toe.

He knew he'd have to act before TK shifted his tactics and put him in an even worse position. The katana slid just a bit deeper into the ground. He'd have liked to go further still, but couldn't spare much of the blade, nor did he want to alert his opponent to his plan.

With a hard push back at TK, he shifted onto his side. The next instant he used the planted sword to give him the leverage he needed; now on his side, he scissored TK's leg. His straddled leg struck his opponent in the back of the knee, buckling his leg, while his free leg struck calf-first at his armored shin. TK's leg gave under the pressure, his balance lost, and he fell to a knee. His sword lurched forward with his momentum, nearly ending the bout again as it missed Unbeliever's throat by mere inches.

Free from so much pressure on his sword, Unbeliever struck TK with the hilt, the sword resembling a lever, still in the ground. He tried to pull it free and scramble away before TK could recover.

04/12/2006 6:04 PM

TK was slightly dazed by a second blow to his chin. His teeth clicked together and sent a bit of a shock through his skull. Perhaps he would have to call up Bob to get his armour re-designed. The whole impenetrable everywhere except the chin region was starting to get old.

Still on one knee, TK shifted his weight to the knee on the ground. He then placed his other leg in front and shifted his sword parallel to the ground. Quickly then, he shifted his weight forward to his other leg and spun. TK kicked out his leg that he had been forced to kneel on and did a sweeping kick at Unbeliever, who had just regained his feet. He also brought his sword around for a waist-high strike. Unbeliever would have to decide which was a greater threat. The kick or the blade. It would be near impossible to avoid both attacks. Avoiding one would mean getting hit by the other.

The only other choice would be to back up further, which would put him back up against the wall of the arena. TK knew he would have to drive Unbeliever into a corner to beat him. He knew all too well how to dodge, and apparently he also knew the weak spots of the human joints. If TK was to win this fight, he would have to get serious.

04/12/2006 6:49 PM

Surprised again my TK's newest attack, Unbeliever had no time to consider his choices; he could only react. His sword already held low, he put all his strength into deflecting the blade high, unconsciously shifting his weight, any hope for balance forfeit. TK's kick hit squarely. Because of the turn, though, it swept Unbeliever onto his back again, rather than on his stomach where he would have had no chance to defend himself.

Once there, he planted an elbow into the ground to hold himself up while the other hand held the katana before him horizontally, ready to defend against any oncoming attack. He slid his feet closer to his body, his knees bent, prepared to launch a thrust kick at any available target. If TK was already on his feet, the prospect of kicking at an armored leg wasn't attractive, but he didn't see much alternative. It would at least unbalance his foe, and at best, might even injure his knee, depending on the strength of the armor.

In any event, he was sure TK would be more careful with his attack this time around. That would probably buy him time, but would likely mean the attack would be that much more dangerous when it came.

04/13/2006 7:12 AM

With Unbeliever on his back, he was nearly in the position TK wanted him in. All that was left was to back him up to the wall. With Unbeliever holding his katana one-handed, he would be very sloppy in using it to defend with.

TK pressed his attack again. He kept out of range of Unbeliever's kicks and slashed at his legs and head. This way Unbeliever had the choice of losing his legs or head or scuttling back.

04/13/2006 1:29 PM

Unbeliever realized the hopelessness of the situation. His only defense against TK's methodical attack was to give ground. Soon he'd reach the wall and there would be no ground to give. With no leverage against a superior opponent, it would only be a matter of time before TK found an opening to exploit. If he wanted to win this duel, he had to prevent that.

He thought about slashing at TK's legs, but that would only expose him further, and promised to separate himself from his head. So, a katana strike was out of the question.

He could plant both elbows into the dirt for stability and launch a more powerful kick, potentially reaching his opponent. Again, that would be a pointless effort. It would be too easy for TK to sidestep it, leaving himself a wide open shot at any part of Unbeliever's body. Even at best, he would only be able to unbalance him slightly. If he struck, it might still be the death of him.

Shuffling back again, his down arm tucked slightly behind his upraised torso scraped against the hard dirt floor. Motivated by the desire to preserve his life, he gathered some of the dirt in his concealed hand. As TK launched another cursory attack, Unbeliever scuttled away just enough to avoid it. With his opponent closer because of the attack, he rolled hard to the right, and threw the handful of dirt in hopes of getting it in his face. He didn't see the success of the maneuver, though, as he followed through with the roll, intent on getting back to his feet.

He could only hope he wasn't dead before that happened.

04/13/2006 1:36 PM

TK saw the dirt flying at his helmet but wasn't concerned. His helmet contained no openings for the dirt to get through. At worst, he would get a mouthfull of dirt. Unpleasant, but meaningless. This tactic was a sure show of how desperate Unbeliever was. Unbeliever knew he was losing and needed to do something quick.

TK breathed out as he stepped into the flying dirt. As Unbeliever started gathering himself from the roll, TK kicked with all his might. TK's boot landed firmly on Unbeliever's chest and sent him flying back. Because he had dodged to the side, TK's kick threw him into the wall which he bounced off and rolled along.

It wasn't a fatal move, but a kick that hard followed by smashing into the arena wall would shurely wind anyone. Not wanting to give any slip in the momentum, TK dashed at the rolling Unbeliever, hoping to be able to reach him before he stopped rolling.

04/13/2006 2:05 PM

His feet were under him and he was just about to extend himself into a defensive stance. Everything had worked out just right.

The next instant he hit the arena wall. He didn't even realize all the revolutions his body performed, following the curved wall. All he could think about was trying to breathe, though he did idly wonder if his ribs had been cracked. He wished the damned ringing in his ears would go away, too.

All at once, one thought rose above the rest. [i]Fight![/i] Wallowing in his pain would only get him killed that much sooner. The situation was bad; he was against the wall. If there was any one thing he wanted to avoid, it was that. He had to do something fast.

As he performed another roll, this time end over end, he kicked his toe into the dirt and firmly planted his knee. The move sent a wave of pain through his leg, but it stopped his wild roll. Now in a kneeling position, he wrapped both hands around the handle of his katana. He'd have liked to get to his feet, but didn't have the time. If he'd had time to consider it, he'd have realized he was still too disoriented for it anyway.

TK was almost upon him, but seemed a bit surprised by Unbeliever's sudden change of position. He didn't have the wherewithall, nor the position to take advantage, though. He could only watch his opponent's charge and prepare to defend himself with his katana.

04/13/2006 2:11 PM

Unbeliever stopped much quicker than TK had antiscipated. Faced now with either overextending himself, running over Unbeliever, or sidestepping, TK chose to do the unthinkable. TK jumped. His momentum carried him straight over Unbeliever. TK kept his sword in front of him to counter anything Unbeliever did with his katana. Now Unbeliever would have to move quick, or be crushed under the weight of TK and his armour.

04/13/2006 2:21 PM

Normally such a move would have daunted Unbeliever, but he knew he had to keep his wits about him to survive. The jump provided him an opportunity.

One foot pressed against the wall, Unbeliever tucked into a roll, pushing off for speed. His momentum carried him under TK. Once they'd cleared each other, Unbeliever planted his feet and stood. TK's armor clattered as he landed at the same time.

With a quick spin, Unbeliever slashed at what he hoped would be TK's back, still unsure if his opponent had turned.

04/13/2006 2:28 PM

TK landed in a crouch. He whipped his blade around to his back and held it with his right hand. A loud "k-tang" rang out as Unbeliever's katana hit his blade. TK stepped out to his left, towards Unbeliever and with his free left hand grabbed Unbeliever's right wrist.

TK reached deep inside himself for strength. He stood up and pulled up with all his might. TK pulled and twisted Unbeliever's arm so that his elbow would bend down. Now as TK applied more pressure, Unbeliever's elbow was in danger of breaking.

TK held unbeliever on his tip-toes and gave one last heave of strength. His left arm was his off-hand, but he was still far from weak.

04/14/2006 12:17 PM

Unbeliever grimaced at the pain shooting through his arm. Each moment he was caught only resulted in more stretched tendons, or further served to hyper-extend his elbow.

When his right arm had been twisted, it had ripped his hand from his katana. Now he could only wield it with his weak left hand. Had TK attacked with his sword at the same time, his defense would have been pathetic. He had a hard time feeling thankful for that, all things considered.

TK's final show of strength would have broken Unbeliever's elbow, to be sure. However, just as he pulled, Unbeliever jumped. Because he was on his toes, he couldn't jump high, but he didn't need to. In a display of agility, his right leg wrapped around TK's left arm, kicking down on his elbow, forcing it to bend, effectively releasing most of the pressure on his arm.

At the same time, using the arm that held him up for leverage, Unbeliever sent a vicious side kick, with his free leg, for TK's exposed chin. From his poor vantage point, it was difficult to judge the distance, and he wound up catching the side of his helmet instead. The pain was so intense he knew he must have broken something. He just hoped it was one of the myriad of small bones that wouldn't impede his movement.

The impact, though, echoed through the arena. At the very least, it must have dazed his opponent.

04/14/2006 3:39 PM

TK's helmet dug into his skull as Unbeliever kicked at his head. Only the awkwardness of the kick kept him conscious. Had Unbeliever been able to put his full strength behind that kick, TK would most likely have fallen like a lump of coal. As it was, though, the repeated hits to the head were becomming quite disorienting. Bob was going to get a severe tongue-lashing after this fight was over.

With Unbeliever still clinging to TK's arm with his leg, TK resolved to give Unbeliever a feel of how it is to get hit in the head. TK's sword wouldn't do him much good at this range, especially with it still behind his back, so TK let go of his sword and grabbed Unbeliever's left arm with his now free right hand. TK then put his full weight into driving Unbeliever head first into the wall. Releasing Unbeliever's arms, TK then drop kicked Unbeliever along the wall.

That would hopefully disorient Unbeliever long enough for TK to pick up his sword again and fully recover his wits.

04/15/2006 12:47 PM

Unbeliever's vision went red a moment as his head was driven into the wall. He winced at the pain. Just when he was hoping he wouldn't have to experience that again, TK drop kicked him. Suddenly being smashed into the wall didn't seem so bad.

Gathering his breath while he rolled back to a kneeling position, Unbeliever saw as TK recovered his sword. He'd have liked to have pressed the attack, but it seemed his legs were less than capable of supporting such an offensive.

His bearings only returned, though his ears were ringing and he thought if he gave himself a good spin he'd retch, retrieved his sword. That presented a problem. He could attack, in hopes that TK wouldn't have recovered his senses just yet, or he could get as far from the wall as those few seconds would allow him.

With respect to his opponent's ability, Unbeliever moved to the left, katana at the ready, hoping he could circle away from the wall.

04/15/2006 3:30 PM

TK watched Unbeliever recover his katana and dash back towards the centre of the arena. TK chuckled a bit. This was rather amusing. Like a cat playing with a rat. A rather dangerous rat, but that just made it all the more fun.

TK let Unbeliever move in so that he was trapped between the wall and his opponent. Likely Unbeliever thought that he would let him attack. Though, as soon as Unbeliever stopped moving, TK moved himself. TK took two quick steps towards Unbeliever and shoved his sword in the ground. With a great heave, he erupted the arena floor in a rain of stones towards Unbeliever. TK dashed in right behind the volley of rocks.

Using the rocks for screen cover, TK prepared to launch an attack on Unbeliever.

04/17/2006 12:01 PM

Unbeliever wished his sword could do that...

As it was, he decided one good superhuman turn deserved another. The first rock was by far the largest; he jumped atop what was still an intact piece of the arena floor, intent on leaping over the swarm of stones to attack TK from behind. Whether by design or not, that piece seemed to slow when he landed. He tried his second jump, but was clipped in the leg by one of the smaller rocks, pitching him forward, his body peppered by the projectiles on the way down. He was lucky they didn't hit his head.

Unbeliever extended his arms just before he landed, easing his transition into a roll that brought him to his feet just in front of TK, his katana at the ready to deflect any sword strike. Though his body protested mightily, he stood his ground.

He only hoped TK didn't simply steamroll over him.

04/17/2006 12:23 PM

With Unbeliever leaping over the barrage of rocks like a shinobi and landing right in front of him, TK had no chance to stop. TK held his blade slanted across his front to catch Unbeliever's katana and bull rushed him. Their blades met with a little "ting", then came the big impact. TK's armour provided enough momentum to knock them back through the air. TK flew through the air with Unbeliever.

Their flight was caught by the shower of rocks that had now fallen to the arena floor. TK landed on top of Unbeliever who in turn landed on the multitudes of rough rocks. That would really hurt with nothing more than a cape to coushin his flesh from the stones.

04/17/2006 12:37 PM

Unbeliever let out a gasp of pain. The initial pain of landing on top of the rocks was bad enough, he was sure he'd cracked a rib on one of the more jagged projections, but with TK's added momentum, they slid across the rock strewn floor, effectively shredding the back of Unbeliever's cloak, tearing at his back.

His only advantage to being unarmored was his added maneuverability and flexibility. Sliding his leg up close to his body, he pressed his foot against TK's stomach. As soon as their slide stopped, a macabre trail of blood left behind them, Unbeliever used the sudden halt to his advantage, pushing TK with his foot, hoping to flip his opponent off of him and follow that with a roll to his feet.

04/17/2006 12:53 PM

Unbeliever started to push TK up off him. TK wasn't sure if Unbeliever would be able to or not, but TK didn't really want to find out. After Unbeliever lifted him about a foot and a half off his body, TK reached behind Unbeliever's knee with his free hand and raked at the tendons in his leg. Unbeliever's strength gave out and TK crashed back down on top of Unbeliever. As he did, he lowered his helmet and head-butted Unbeliever.

This would be a very awkward situation for Unbeliever. His leg could have broken as TK fell back on top of him and his ribs couldn't be in any better shape.

04/17/2006 1:22 PM

Unbeliever's leg curled up just as it had been before he attempted his maneuver and was now bent awkwardly to the side. He was only glad it hadn't dislocated from his hip.

That silver-lining didn't keep him happy long. As TK fell on top of him again, the air was driven from his lungs. The head-butt that quickly followed it up served to further disorient him, the back of his head thudding against the hard ground.

If he fell into his pains, though severe they may be, the fight would be hopeless. Nothing yet had happened that would seriously limit him. The head-butt may have given him a concussion, but he wouldn't know that until he stood. As it was, he was in just the sort of position he needed to still have his wits about him.

At this point, he considered how he could attack. Despite the problems a concussion would pose, he had to get to his feet . In this position, TK could easily deflect any attack with his katana, and probably counter it with a wide open punch. While no combat genius, Unbeliever knew it would be bad to take a gauntlet-clad left hand to the face.

His legs were positioned so that he wouldn't be able to coordinate them in any sort of a counter attack. Against another foe, he might have dug his fingers into the man's ribs, but TK's armor would prevent that. One thought popped into mind. One tactic that just might get his opponent off of him, if for no other reason than shear surprise or confusion.

Unbeliever slashed awkwardly at TK's sword, driving it aside. Before TK could follow up with a punch, though, Unbeliever sat up, forced to extend his neck as much as he could, and kissed TK flush on the lips.

04/17/2006 1:34 PM

TK might have been taken aback if he were the kind of guy to let his emotions get the best of him in a fight. As it was, he just imagined that Unbeliever was a really hot chick and went with it. TK locked their blades to the side to keep Unbeliever's katana out of the way and reached behind Unbeliever with his free left hand. TK grabbed Unbeliever's neck at the base of the skull and squeezed.

While being kissed by a guy may be a bit embarassing, it was still . . . er, nevermind. You don't need to know that it was TK's first kiss . . . er, what I meant to say is that TK was secure of his sexual orientation so being kissed by Unbeliever wasn't that big of an issue. Yeah, that's it.

04/17/2006 1:44 PM

The armored grip on his neck, more importantly the nerves in his neck, sent waves of pain through his body, making him rigid. Like that, he wou... His body is rigid! Sicko... Like that, he wouldn't be able to do much contorting, though he wasn't sure he could wriggle out of this mess anyway.

With his sword pinned at his side, one leg splayed and useless at the moment, the other trapped under TK, and the full weight of his armored opponent on top of him, there was only one thing that came to mind: He bit hard into TK's lower lip.

04/17/2006 1:51 PM

TK let out a blood curtling roar as Unbeliever bit his lower lip. Blood poured out of TK's lip and into both their mouths, leaving a salty taste of blood. TK adjusted his grip on Unbeliever's neck so he could apply pressure behind the base of Unbeliever's jaw. This would cause Unbeliever's bite to slacken. TK then pulled back from Unbeliever's bite, nearly ripping his lip from his face. Blood gushed down over his chin.

TK rolled off Unbeliever and stood up. His lower lip trembling in pain, TK stared at Unbeliever. Unbeliever was far better at dirty combat than TK, so TK's plan was to draw things back into a real sword fight.

With Unbeliever's back scratched up like that and broken ribs on top of his injured leg, Unbeliever would be at a serious disadvantage in upright combat. TK spat blood out of his mouth and waited for his opponent to move.

04/17/2006 2:24 PM

Watching TK with a wary eye, expecting a trap, Unbeliever slowly got to his feet. His overextended leg ached when he put his weight on it. It wouldn't hinder him much, but every bit counted against this opponent. His ribs would be problematic, though.

Back on his feet, he spat as well, wiping the blood away from his mouth. Both hands on his katana, he fell into his defensive stance, wincing as he did. Normally he might regret that, but he doubted TK was novice enough to have his confidence bolstered by such a thing.

Unbeliever took one hesitant step forward, leading with his bad leg, to test it; he was satisfied with the results, given the circumstances.

"We're back where we started," he said, casting a glance at their surroundings. "If a little worse for wear." After a pause, he added, "Good form."

04/17/2006 2:29 PM

"Where we started?" TK inquired. "HA! Hardly. I may have lost a mite of blood from your bite, but I'd wager to say you've sustained more injuries than I have. All I have to do is draw out the fight. Your leg won't last too long. Your ribs will only get worse. And your back will bleed out your lifeblood, leaving you weaker and weaker. Where we started, you say?" TK shifted back a step and took up a defensive stance. "No, I'd say we've progressed far from where we started."

TK thought about trying to offbalance his opponent by replying with praise for him, but saying just that hurt like the blazes. He would have to keep quiet to keep his lip from trembling any more. TK set his stance and awaited Unbeliever's attack.

04/17/2006 2:43 PM

Unbeliever saw the truth in TK's words. He'd have to end this fight soon if he would have any chance. At the same time, he saw the trap in what his opponent said. If he panicked or forced the issue in hopes of winning, he'd make a mistake that would cost him his life.

Still, he'd have to get right into the fight again. Nothing would make itself available while they stood apart and talked. He'd have liked to roll into an attack, but the rock-strewn ground promised hell for his tender back. Instead he came in crouched, approaching quickly. At the point he would normally slash, he jabbed his sword at the ground, vaulting himself into a hard front kick at TK's chest. The sword came free with his momentum, and trailed behind, ready to follow up the kick with a side slash.

04/17/2006 2:49 PM

TK side stepped to Unbeliever's back side. Such attacks would get Unbeliever nowhere. TK then slapped at Unbeliever with the flat of his blade.

Unbeliever would pay for the humiliation he had wrought. TK was looking to pay back threefold.

04/17/2006 2:59 PM

Unbeliever gasped again at the pain in his back. As soon as he landed, though, he fell into a crouch again. Without wasting a moment, he turned and slashed at TK's leg.

04/18/2006 7:17 AM

TK brought his blade down to catch Unbeliever's katana. He then circled his blade out and up, pushing Unbeliever's katana far wide of his body. After the defensive maneuver, TK stepped back, bringing his sword back into a defensive position.

If TK could keep Unbeliever on the complete offensive like this, Unbeliever would quickly tire. Then TK would have no problem beating him.

04/20/2006 12:59 PM

Unbeliever took a step back of his own, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Each intake of air made his ribs protest. His left leg was noticeably stiffening, a dull ache throbbing around the joint at his hip. Every movement made the pain in his back flare up dramatically.

He had to re-evaluate the situation. In all the close encounters they'd had, he'd taken the brunt of the punishment. It would stand to reason that TK would keep up that sort of attack, confident he could finish Unbeliever off at some point. He wasn't doing that now, a bothersome realization.

Regarding his armored opponent a long moment, taking a bit of pride in the blood running down his chin, he realized the hopelessness of the fight. TK was just toying with him now. Like this, he'd be able to parry any attack Unbeliever sent his way. Even if he made a mistake, in all likelihood, his armor would take the brunt of the damage.

After all this fighting, though still drawing breath, Unbeliever realized he'd lost. Dismay threatened to wash over him. If it did, he'd be as good as dead, though he was hard-pressed to convince himself that wasn't already the case.

"No more," he croaked. Surprised at the sound of his own voice, hoarse and ragged as it was, he lowered the tip of his blade toward the ground. "You've beaten me. I can't win like this. No more."

TK seemed confused. Unbeliever was glad for that. "This isn't my submission. I laid down the challenge and you chose death. There is no yield. But, if you want your victory, you come take it."

With a newfound fire in his eyes, Unbeliever raised his katana again, ignoring all his pains for just a moment to bounce at the knees.

04/20/2006 1:16 PM

TK gave a little sigh. Unbeliever saw through the game. The fun was over. TK gathered himself and prepared for the final charge.

"Honours began, honours through. This foe that I kill shall know this too." TK began as he leveled his blade at the same height of Unbeliever's katana. "A fight began, a fight fought to the end. Down to hell this soul do I send." TK didn't think Unbeliever would appreciate his killing ritual, but he didn't do it for Unbeliever. For every worthy opponent he fought, TK gave them some sort of killing ritual to honor their fight.

TK shifted his stance so his weight was pushing forward and sprang forth. Rushing onward like a black mountain, TK prepared to strike the killing blow. He aimed his blade at Unbeliever's katana. He planned to knock the katana aside and impale Unbeliever in one fell strike.

04/20/2006 1:30 PM

Unbeliever listened carefully to the words TK spoke, careful not to be lulled by them. He appreciated the ritual, but knew full-well he wouldn't have done the same. TK was a far more honorable opponent than he was used to. He almost regretted some of his tactics earlier. Almost.

When TK charged, he made sure to stay light on his feet. Digging in against a larger opponent would have been disastrous, an easy kill. As his opponent neared, Unbeliever hopped aside, avoiding the charge, and put his blade between himself and death. The force of TK's strike nearly dislodged the katana from his grasp. As it was, he fumbled with it a moment to get the correct grip again, unable to counter because of it.

04/20/2006 2:18 PM

TK's charge landed a little wide due to Unbeliever's side-stepping. TK landed hard on his left foot and spun around, redirecting his momentum back at Unbeliever. Comming out of the spin TK slashed at Unbeliever's katana, knocking it wide of his body. TK stepped into the attack again and brought his blade to meet Unbeliever's torso.

04/20/2006 2:31 PM

His reactions dulled from loss of blood, Unbeliever was surprised at TK's quickness. His katana still loose in his hands, it was easily knocked away from Unbeliever's body, and out of his grasp altogether. It clattered aside just a few feet away, a distance as good as miles as far as Unbeliever was concerned.

As TK stepped in and reversed his sword, now slashing at his body, Unbeliever reversed his retreat, and jumped in at his opponent. He had no momentum on his side, so he had little hope of unbalancing his foe. As it was, it served to spare him from the blade another moment, while he pressed his thumbs against TK's exposed throat, his fingers flat on his opponent's shoulders, under his helmet.

04/20/2006 2:40 PM

Unbeliever did the one thing TK didn't expect. He advanced. TK's slash was overextended and only the base of his blade met Unbeliever's ribs. With his attack weakened, he didn't have the force to push Unbeliever off when he started choking him. TK held his breath for a second while Unbeliever was trying to crush his windpipe. Not losing a second TK turned his blade and brought it up into Unbeliever's armpit. With a saw-thrust TK split the nerves and blood vessels that supported Unbeliever's left arm.

With the nerves severed, Unbeliever's left arm fell limp and TK stepped back and towards Unbeliever's katana. Not that it would be much use with only one hand anyhow, but TK was past taking any chances with this opponent.

Leveling his blade again for another attack, TK went back into another lunge at Unbeliever.

04/22/2006 12:26 PM

Unbeliever cried out as the nerves in his arm were severed; a pain more intense than he'd ever experienced rushed through the left side of his body. He watched in awe as his left hand released TK's throat and slid down to his side, no longer under his control. While he understood the mechanics of the human body, it was still an odd sight to behold.

As TK stepped back, Unbeliever relinquished his right hand's grip, still in a daze at what had just happened. He didn't even realize TK had cut him off from his katana. As far as he was concerned, the sword was already lost.

The sounds of the crowd no longer registered. The crunch of sand and stray rocks that should have followed each of TK's steps was gone. There was only a strange rush, much like the wind.

Unbeliever regarded TK's lunge without thought. He unconciously sidestepped to the right, though not nearly quickly enough to avoid it, the blade stabbing through his side. Given everything that had happened, and his current state of shock, the pain hardly registered.

One thought finally emerged. [i]Retribution...[/i] He'd never fought such an experienced opponent, and had never expected to engage in a duel of swords, but he knew dirty fighting. In a fight with no rules, there were always secrets, always options.

His right hand slipped under his cloak and around his back, to the handle of the dagger hidden there in its own sheathe, protecting himself from it's edge. In one fluid motion, he pulled it free and jabbed it under TK's shoulder, in the vulnerable joint of his armor, twisting as hard as he could manage.

His strength was failing and he was feeling suddenly cold; regardless of the outcome, he doubted he could be treated.

04/22/2006 1:16 PM

TK's left arm went limp as Unbeliever jabbed a dagger into his armpit. Pain raked his entire being as it was twisted, but TK didn't lose grip of his sword. "Fight to the bitter end, huh?" TK queried. "I suppose, then, you won't mind this."

TK reversed his thrust after piercing Unbeliever's side and pulled his blade across Unbeliever's chest. The blade sliced through flesh and organ alike as it made its way across Unbeliever's torso. Intestine slopped out of the wound and fell onto the ground making a pile of red flesh at his feet. Blood splattered everywhere as TK kicked Unbeliever's chest back, forcing him to his back.

"It's done." TK said as he drove his blade into Unbeliever's heart.

04/22/2006 3:56 PM

Unbeliever looked into the eyes of his opponent one long moment before the blade pierced his heart. They were the eyes of a warrior to be sure, cool and calculating.

"It's done." The words went unheard, but their message carried surely enough. He watched as the blade bit into his chest, sliding between his ribs. His body went rigid, his right hand involuntarily grasping at the blade, as though he thought he might pull it out. Given more time, he'd have realized even if such a feat could be accomplished, it would be hopeless.

The next instant, he fell back, dead.

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