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04/06/2006 7:36 PM

Setting: A desert terrain on a random planet. The planet itself has nothing other than a large but simple 200 meter tube running from the surface up THROUGH the atmosphere and into a large hovering space vehicle. This vehicle is the skydome, and it is orbitting the planet at a pace consistent with the tube's position on the ground.

Characters: Felix and Arwen

Plot: Arwen and Felix are traveling towards their honeymoon home when a massive explosion sets their travels on fire. The massive explosion, whatever the reason for it, sets the skydome in direct velocity towards the sun. It is your job to find a way to help the protagonists (either Arwen or Felix, or your character) or the antagonists find some way to get the skydome back into orbit around the planet, or at least not hurling into the sun at a cost of a million lives.

--- Start story ---

The desert sands blew constant fury into Arwen's eyes. It made her so irritable that she wished she had never consented to this trip through the desert. It was unfortunate though, because Felix had thought it was important to go sightseeing through his native home.

What is there to sightsee? Thought Arwen. There's nothing but sand.

But oh, it was all to important to Felix. Not only was it his home, but to Felix, it was the place that generated his species. Arwen thought this over, and considering how far his species had progressed in the billions of years since the death of the earth, it was even lucky that Felix had become sentient. Of course, in evolution, everything is a form of luck called genetic mutation.

Of course, neither Arwen nor her husband were part of the same species. Nor were they the same gender. Felix was asexual: a sexually-neutral being. When the earth's sun had gone supernova 4 billion years ago, the dust from the solar nebula had combined with another solar body, a dwarf star. The result was the creation of a star far greater than what the sun had been. A billion years later, a small globe formed. Small and leaky at first, the globe eventually soothed into a water containing environment. However, it's proximity to the new sun and the sun's enormous size had razed the planet's surface. Any water that formed was easily vaporized.

Thus the habitants of Felix's planet didn't live on water. What they lived off of was H2Si, or superwater. Condensed, superwater was a much larger and harder substance. Furthermore, it wasn't as stable. This led to the creation of a species that lived off its instability. Superwater was constantly being made and constantly being broken. Thus, the organisms that formed had developed 2 unique characteristics. 1) They were short lived, for example 1-2 month per lifespan. 2) They had adapted ways to find superwater before it would be broken. Thus, Felix's race had exceptional evolutionary talents. Before long, Felix's race were experiencing space travel and meeting other inhabitants of the galaxy. Felix's race was also unique to the galactic genome because they were the only ones that were BOTH sentient and asexual.

Most asexual animal races were wormlike and primitive, but due to the unique circumstances in which the desert terrain made reproductive mating difficult, Felix's race had evolved both male and sexual parts. In time, these sexual parts were injested back into the body so that neither coupling nor sex was required to reproduce. Thus, Felix was androgynous at birth, and could have been happy with solitude. If it were not for Arwen...

Arwen, on the other hand, was also an exception. Evolved from space-faring humans, Arwen had all the human characteristics and more. She had an implanted neurochip, that allowed her to communicate with the galactic community. (All sophisticated space-faring races had one. Sophisticated in the sense that they had evolved the ability to connect with a neural chip. In fact, some couldn't survive without one.)

On the outside, Arwen looked just like her long ago ancestors had. Two arms, two legs, a torso,.. eyes, ears, and lips. And being female, she certainly did have a vagina.

However, Arwen's exception wasn't in her looks. Oh yes, she was a hot one. Whatever the galactic name for it was, she was it: Sex bomb, sex toy, corona chick, whatever it was, every male from every species (sexual) wanted to bunk with her. She was a piece of meat highly valued. But again, that wasn't her exception.

Arwen was probably the only girl in the whole galaxy who would marry an asexual being. The reason for it Arwen wouldn't say. Nor was Felix too proud that he had wooed her in. Arwen never did anything stupid such as wooing. Besides, she couldn't get wooed in she was too smart for that. Sure, sure, thousands of men had tried so hard to be the "player". But it just didn't work.

Likewise, Felix wasn't either happy or unhappy, since he could do whatever he wanted all by himself. Likewise, he didn't have any sexually protruding body parts, so it was difficult for him to even concieve of having sex with Arwen.

Nevertheless, the two did like each other. And it was in this sense that they were married.


The desert was vast and desolate. Nothing existed there except for the tube that led to the skydome. On their transport vehicle, Arwen saw the massive base. A round circular tube running 200 meters in diameter and 10000 miles in length.

.. to be continued at later date

04/10/2006 2:45 PM

guys, i need to be taught how to free-form rp. i read an article about forms of rpyers and i'm afraid i'm becomming a zipper. i also kinda want to know the whole point of rping. why didn't anyone post here? you all don't catch my drift?

04/11/2006 6:15 AM

sometimes we get a little lax in our replies, sorry about that. free-form rp is basically a collaborative story. one written by two or more members on a subject that appeals to them.

I want to work on some mini-plots perhaps just to help strenghten my own chars...

here are some basic rules:

1) untill you're well established and people get to know you it is better to join a story-thread than start your own... while this isn't a strict no-no, the chances of getting it going when you're new are fairly slim.

2) Never control another's character without said member's permission. many people get very hot about this subject. Some of us have known each other for years and it's allowed without asking because we know they won't overstep their boundries.

3) if you do decide to create your own thread, please attempt to gather members in the RP Interest Query Forum before posting it in the appropriate forum, this way you know wether it is worth any more of your time.

i also kinda want to know the whole point of rping.

the whole Point is to tell a story of some sort while 'playing' a character(s) in said story... and not to sound mean or too harsh, but if you didn't know that...why come here to the FFRP??

04/11/2006 2:02 PM

Well, It's a very good question. I think that the biggest problem was my emphasize on the creation of a good storyline, without as much emphasize on the characters. I guess I forgot that the whole concept of rpg is its emphasize on roles. (read sidenote)

I guess my biggest error was that I didn't concentrate on the ladder system. In other words, I probably didn't see how some people here deserve to get more honor due their involvement into this website and rpg in general.

In any case, thanks for the advice, I'm trying to join but there's very few out there.



My idea was that while character development is important, the fluidity of control of characters should be more lax. I had thought that we'd be creating some form of community based character. After all, characters are just a set of personality traits, which can remain the same or can change as time passes. I had figured that the "ownership" of a character would be less emphasized than the contribution to that character's development. Wouldn't that be an idea?

But that's a misconception on my part. My utopian ffrp is probably where everyone write and decides on the story, with collaboration in the outcome of characters... (but more so on the development of the storyline).

I bet you coudl guess by now that I for the one would be extremeely happy that someone took control of character (as long as they do it right.) As long as my character isn't physically attached to me, i'll be fine...

I also guess that some of the ideas that I have will change as time passes... I'd like to hear your thoughts on that, though.

04/11/2006 3:30 PM

a ffrp full of NPC's? (non-player characters) that's an odd and definitly new concept. Good luck to ya on that one... as far as few stories, I have one that I just started here in the Training Grounds, "Stars' Flight" Check it out, it's loosely based for AD&D settings. Right now there is no real plot, and any character is welcome, but bizzare characters must have some sort of history/ reason for their 'bizzare-ness' ;) As far as Astar' he's bizarrness will pan out eventually... especially since no one will know he's a dragon just yet ;)

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