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04/03/2006 2:32 PM

I'm not all that good at RP's... I mean creating them. But, I try. I've only done two on another site and they wasn't such a big hit. Only one named "Mid Moon" that was active.. but with only me and this other person. So, yea. I don't except this RP that I came up with to hit it off real soon or to become an RP real soon either. But, here it is.

Well, I don't know exactly where the plot is taking place yet. But, it's inside a village that doesn't allow magic at all. Anyone doing any kind of magic, even if good magic, would be hunt down by the guards of the village and either be killed on the spot or brought to a judge. It would depend on the magic they were doing and how old they were. The village's name is called, "Innocent Hill." Innocent because they don't have any magic. The villagers themselfs think that they live in the safest village. And, they don't take a liking to outsiders that often. The village is between a forest and a river. None of the villagers will go into the forest because feared ghost will come and take them away. Because many magical folks got killed there. Only the guards would go out and same with the few chosen ones.
Well, that's part of it. Here's the problem that the village is having:
Since their village is the ONLY place that has no magic at all in it it attracts demons and other magical beings from all kinds now. Their village hasn't had magic since ten years ago. And, the leader of the village is afraid the only way to stop the magic coming in is to get magic to help them.

And, basically that's all I have so far. So, what you think?

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04/08/2006 11:48 AM

It all sounds like a terrific vacumn idea, in which something is void of an innate material and so to equilize all this, it's being filled up. This would give rise to the idea that magic is kinda like mana? in that it pervades all land?

Also, is there a reason why magic isn't allowed? is it for safety? or is it because using magic in that right spot would create a cataclysmic explosion?

Also, I wonder whether or not the setting of this plot is big enough. for example, i had always envisioned a setting where the plot was based on the goings and happenings of some major war between two provinces. Maybe this could start an incentive to motivate characters within this rp better?

But i do understand the main motive of your story, that people will now have to use magic in order to prevent the destruction of their domain by magical creatures. But the plot does lack details, perhaps you can fill them in when you have time?

04/09/2006 11:53 PM

I agree with Lreth about it being too small. If they where like two countries or even contenence and they were at war or something. Magic vs tech, you know? But I think the basics of it is a good idea.

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