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03/30/2006 7:36 AM

Can you name all the characters you've roleplayed here on the RPGC? List 'em along with what they are and what gender they are. I'll list mine to show you what I mean.

1. Saegle Darktime~ Male kender demigod
2. Callia Silvermoon~ female drowkender
3. Arisoon Darktime~ Male kender demigod
4. Tinsel~ female silver dragon
5. Coby~ male silver dragon
6. Zynx~ male black and silver dragon
7. Brightsky~ male pegasus
8. Nightmare~ female firehorse
9. Alia Darktime~ male half-elf
10. Ventranolf Darho~ male drow (one fourth kender)
11. Black Widow~ female drow
12. Talas Bo'Lilthe~ male drow
13. Utica Bo'Lilthe~ female drow
14. Serq~ male shade
15. Victoria de Rosehart~ female vampire
16. Nuitari~ God of the Black Moon
17. Lunitari~ Goddess of the Red Moon
18. Solinari~ God of the White Moon
19. Gail Silver Blackguard~ female human
20. Tiger Curlknot~ male kender
21. Tassana Burrfoot~ female kender
22. Tutze Michael Casendyard XVI~ male wolf
23. Perinsesu Unicorn~ female ivory unicorn
24. William "Will" James Unicorn~ male white unicorn
25. Mischief Lynn Unicorn~ female cocker spaniel
26. Patch Lee Casendyard~ male wolfdog
27. Calyrin Silvermoon~ male drow
28. Mickey Mouse~ male mouse
29. Goofy~ male dog
30. Donald Duck~ male duck
31. Daisy Duck~ female duck
32. Mortimer Mouse~ male mouse
33. Lady Casendyard~ female cocker spaniel

I ~think~ that's all of mine that I've played on here. I'm not sure if I've ever played Snowy, Minka, or Mystic on this site, so I left them out. Damn, that's a lot of characters... I need to get out more.

03/31/2006 12:26 PM

Selina Evenstar - Female Kagonesti elven Red Robe Mage
Alisha Evenstar-DarkTime - Female half elf White Robe Mage
Selas - Male Magical Dove, Alisha's familiar
Kerylinathas Strongheart - Male Kagonesti elven warrior
Dazrin Fallensea - Female Human Assassin
Credock Bloodwolf - Male Human Thief
Brooke Daggerstar - Female Human Mercenary
Selina Silverwing - Female Kagonesti elven Herbalist
Delcan Steelwood - Male Human Guard
Jade Firebane - Female Human White Robe Mage
Jerilathalusa Moonchild - Female Quailnesti elven Red Robe
Kelia Darkspirit - Female Anthro Unicorn Mage
Liviavicious Themeos - Female Human Priestess of Apollo
Aleria Starlight - Female Quailesti elven Cleric of Mishakal
Seela Darkmane - Female Silvanest elven Scribe
Electra Shadowmore - Female Pureblood Vampire
Sasha - Female Wolf (Electra's bonded)
Xurdreera Coloara - Femle Drow Mage/Assassin
Talia Veladorn - Female Drow Mage/Assassin
Darria Starcatcher - Female Moonelf Wizard
Sameria - Female Jaguar Hunter/Earth Elementalist

04/04/2006 1:34 PM

I don't have a list yet, but that may change over time. So far, I have one character to my name here on the RPGC:
Meadow Larkspur -Female Human Bard

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