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03/28/2006 7:27 PM

The wars between the Vampires and the Lycans have been over for some time and a new leader or elder became the house leader. Zach Corvin, Selen and Michael Corvin's son, now rules the house. It has been a 300 years since the wars of Lycan and Vampire. New breeds have been made. Vamp-wolfs the breed of a Lycan and Vampire. Hi-Vamps and Hi-Lycans. A lot of the breeds have been now born with unique powers. Empathy, Telepath, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, and Aquakinesis have all been found in the breeds genetic code. Now a days people hide in the shadows of what goes on between the breeds.

The sky was dark thunder fell from it. This night was a bad night in many ways but in the way it was most bad was the wars had started again. "Zach" A young girl walked into his room "We have a big problem, The Lycans have been spotted and are destroying innocent people." Zach glanced over at her "Send a crew to take care of them, right now." The girl nodded and walked out. Zach glanced back at the window. "Mother I wish you were here you can give me some advice on what to do.... I am so lost with out your guidance."

04/08/2006 12:44 PM


There was darkness. Micheal Loftin, son of Lucian and a lonely vampire girl, smelled the old air. He trembled. There was a dark silence in the vacated room, as if nothing existed or ever did. From this dark silence rose a light emanating from a cigarette burner. Micheal could see where he was now.

He was in a lab deep underground. Glassy air stoned where broken cartridges littered. This place was a mess. If it were not for the greenish glow in the cyrogenic tank, Micheal Loftin would have never known of werewolf embryos.

This is it, he thought.

Micheal had finally found it. Micheal remember being told of the war that had ended 300 years ago. He knew that the lycans had thought of a strategy to improve their breed. And this was...

The lycans were experiencing with some sort of genetic manipulation, far superior and more consequential than wayward natural breeding. Micheal flicked on a swtich. There was a tink. The old wars were lost but a new war was beginning. Furthermore, who would fight it and how?

04/19/2006 6:51 AM

Zach looked around his room, and then the air became cold. Zach could tell something was up and something horrible was about to happen. He walked out of his room and into the common areas of the house.

"Raven!" He called to his second in command.
"Yes my lord?" Raven bowed
"Gather the house I have some issues I must talk about."

Raven gave a bow and was off to do his job. Zach walked over to his thrown and waited as the Vampires walked into the room one by one. After a few minutes all the Vampires were gathered.

"My fellow Vampires, I have called you all because I fear for the worst. I have a feeling that a war is about to brake out. Therefore I am leaving Raven in control until I come back. I am off to see the Elders on this problem."

Raven looked at Zach, he knew this was something that Zach wasn't mistaking on. Zach only leaves Raven in charge if it was an emergency of this clabber.

"Don't you worry Zach I will take good care of the house until you return."
"I have no doubts that you won't." Zach looked around at his followers. Then went to his room to get ready.

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04/20/2006 2:11 PM

... Still in the underground cave, Micheal emerged with a will. He knew exactly how to defeat the Vampires. Micheal was the head of all the Lycans. Next, there was Cleo, Drake, and Loftin, who were all apt commanders and equally apt werewolves. "Cleo!" said Micheal.

Suddenly as massive wolf appeared. Cleo's sudden appearance amazed Micheal. He had known that his second in command was fast, but not this fast. "Cleo, get our forces ready."


"It's time to battle." No one knew where the blood feud came from, but Micheal hated them. He hated everyone of them. For years, Micheal had dreamed of annihilating the entire land of the pesky vampires. Only today, he knew how, by gushing the intact hi-lycan embryos with amiotic fluid, Micheal had already begun fertilization. In the years to come, they were apt to be deadly fighters. The Hi-Lycans grew fast. In nine months, they would be babies. In a year, adolescents. In two years, they would become deadly creatures of the night.

It was only a matter of time...

"Find the vampires and kill them."

01/27/2007 12:28 PM

As he was getting equiped for his squads next mission, Zanen commander of zach's guard squad, was having strange glimpses of what was to come. his telepathy powers were on the fritz again he was seeing things when he was not trying to use his powers at all, he had this problem once before when he was younger. He had invisioned selens death....it had been a horrible time for him.. now he was seeing images of the train getting ambushed by lycans. He thought maybe his powers were playing tricks on him, they had done it before. he shrugged it off, he wasn't about to let anything happen to his cousin and leader of the house.

Zanen: "Alright you worthless bats hurry up and get armed this is not a walk in the park! Those lycans always try taking down the train." He said this as he buckled on his spare gun to his ankle. He then picked his assult rifle and put 2 clips in his belt pouch. When everyone was done getting thier equipment he made his usual speech. "Alright men I say this everytime.. be carefull and weary of everything keep your eyes sharp and your ears open I want to take those lycans down fast. Its not easy defending the train because if they get in its gonna be a hell of a fight and im not risking anything. Were sending in squad 2 through the sewers below us they will make sure nothing comes up from below this time... Any questions?....Good, lets move out!"

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04/15/2007 8:52 PM

Shigetomo, a recently turned death dealer, strapped his equipment onto his body. First his trustworthy Katana placed on his belt at his side, then came his assault rifle which he carried on his back using a shoulder strap. With a pistol holster at each side of his thighs he placed identical p99s into them along with some extra clips of ammo into his belt pockets. He cocked back the mechanism on his rifle and followed the rest of the death dealers down into the sewer. Switching on the flashlight attached to the barrel of his rifle he scanned the area infront of him for any sign of the lycans

04/16/2007 5:56 PM

Valen walked into the barracks where the commander of the guard was breifing his men. A soldier walked up to him and attempted to block his path. "You're not authorized to be in here!" he shouted. Valen smirked and pushed him aside. "I was called in as extra man power. My name is Valen Dreth, I'm a vampire mercenary" he said while reaching into his coat pocket to pull out a laminated card. He showed it to the soldier, "And this little card gives me every damn right to be here". The soldier backed off, all the other soldiers turned around to see him. He walked up to the commander and shook his hand. "Valen Dreth, reporting for duty." he said.

04/16/2007 7:56 PM

Shigetomo turned around upon hearing a newcomer. "Who do you think you are just barging in here like that?"was all Shigetomo said as he did not like newcomers very much, especially rude ones. "You think you're so much more special than the rest of us?""we dont need any extra help, the death dealers are more than enough".

04/16/2007 9:10 PM

"How many of you assholes am I gonna have to put down tonight? I've already gotten up to about 7 thanks to those pricks in the halls. You guy's think you're hot shit because you serve the house leader directly. Apparently you do need extra help or else I wouldn't have been called for and paid so generously. You obviously haven't been around your own that very long. Death Dealers don't impress me. They're just like everyone else. I've seen em get cut down by Lycans twice as fast as regular warriors because they get so cocky. You'd do well not to whisk me away. I might just save your neck." with that said he reached into the pocket of his long jacket and pulled out a cigarette. A small flame appeared on the tip of his finger which he used to light it. He then sat down on one of the benches and folded his arms.

04/16/2007 10:15 PM

Shigetomo would glare at the man. "You certainly seem confident in youreself...and yet i wouldn't call it over confidence, what skill do you possess that you are so cocky?

04/16/2007 11:24 PM

" Well, I could set you on fire just by thinking about it. I think that qaulifies me. What in the world could you possibley do that would impress me?" he said. He spit out the bud and crushed it under his boot. The ride was getting kind of bumpy. The men all continued to stare at their qaurrel.

04/17/2007 11:47 AM

"I was trained to fight by Selene, im also one of the best swordsmen in the world...though i doubt very much that you would care. This is childish anyway, we have a job to do now lets do it"

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