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03/24/2006 8:28 AM

The years have been so peaceful after the pass of Gannon, and later, the final seal on the temple of time to protect the past as well as future of a prospering land (Nearly a century after the legend of the "Ocarina of Time") . Master Link had retired his sword and shield , at least he was hoping, for the last time as senile age was aproaching oh so swiftly.

The world was moving on and swordsmanship was not as common as it was in yester-years as the practice of magic and alchemy was advancing ever so quickly. Link, although not forgotten, was a master of what would be known as an ancient battle form in near years to come. Schools were no longer teaching men capable of service in Hyrule's army skills limited to the swordsman of old, although these skills were still required to serve, but also the meditation of mind and the make-up of matter. Many young men were growing into skilled warriors and wizards some banding with groups of thieves which camped near to where the wind-waker once slept restlessly in it's egg, and some of which joined the Hyrulian Guard devoted to serve the Princess Zelda.

One day, an apprentice magician was wondering the field trying to perfect a spell of his own design on wild rabbits. As the sun had fallen the darkness had revealed a tower floating, like held up by some invisible wire, of such great magnitude the top of this tower was not even visible to his young, healthy eyes. This young man, whom they call Garett Sky, made report of his finding to the princess. The princess sent scouts from the Hyrulian Guard with Garett insisting he show the scouts this tower. When they arrived at the destination the tower was gone, like a mere figment of his imagination. It was real, it was there in plain sight and Garett knew he was not imagining such a thing. The guards were not pleased and not only scolded Garett, but had him thrown in a cell for three months.

Garett sat his time in jail contributing all of his time to study more on wizardry, and theorizing what this dark tower could be. There were no airships in this day, how could this structure be placed in the heavens he was wondering. He knew it was some form of evil magic and only hoped the being who created and ruled in this tower would not plan some kind of attack, atleast not while Garett was holed up.

The monsters which once roamed the land in the time of Gannon where never to be seen again. A month later after Garett was imprisoned, however, new species where starting to appear and even more so as days passed. The word came from the Zoras first discovering these evil beings roaming freely across the peaceful land, and now that wizardry was such a common practice they paid no mind to the single sighting of the "floating tower" by Garett Sky. A public announcement was posted announcing their was no need to be alarmed, but to stay within the city walls. This did cause panic however. Who wouldn't panic in times of having peace stretch forth for so long and a sudden increase in security and the closing of the city gates?

The dark prince Lohan, creator of the dark tower, discovered this sighting by young Garett and planned his attack immediately. Letting these monsters lose was only phase 1 in his evil plan. Terror, as we all know, is sharper than any sword and longer than any staff. As the land of Hyrule started to panic, Prince Lohan knew his time had come. He sent his most skilled assasin to capture the Princess Zelda, and with his knowledge of stealth and magic spells of invinsibility and levitation this was merely a small task to the almighty assasin, Gorma.

The Hyrulian Guard was instantly put out of order. They had no commander now that the Princess was gone, and had many quarells over who was at fault and who should command the troops. Another month went by and the Hyrulian Guard was disbanded and went their seperate ways to search for the princess. Only one man knew instantly what had happened when he heard the news of the capture...that man being Garett Sky who was still destined to stay in his cell for 15 days. He would plan...possibly try to conjure up some magic spell that would release him from his hole early to buy more time. But who would this man go to? Who would believe a story of such a tower being in existence with the common use of magic so far out of hand now days that anyone could be the true culprit and reaching such heights, not to mention construction of such a marvelous structre at such heights, was impossible. That he would find out...his journey would begin but he must not complete this quest on his own.

OOC - I may make some changes still to this background/intro before the actual roleplay starts but now i've got to get to class im late! sorry guys oh btw im Garett Sky in case you couldnt figure that out

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03/30/2006 7:23 AM


In the jailhouse Garett sat in one of the twelve jail-cells, surrounded by brick walls and not a single window. The iron-bar doors were rusted from age and lack of maintenance. This particular cell was marked with "#03" carved into a wooden board, one facing into the cell on the inside of the bars, one facing outward on the outside of the door. There was a single cot in the north-west corner with a thin matress covered in a single sheet. Guards were reduced to a single guard after the capture of Princess Zelda, which could be a good thing if Garett was to escape this hell to buy time to find the tower. As for commodities, only a hole in the floor on the north-eastern corner. Garett assumed all the other cells were arranged the same but wondered if all cells had the wooden table and chair in the center of the cell, or if they put it in his cell due to his educational standards.

"Fifteen more days." Garett thought aloud as he sat upright on his so-called bed, "But fifteen days could mean the end of Hyrule." He couldn't stand being locked away like a caged animal while monstrosities roamed the land free as a harmless bird. Some kind of protective forced surrounded the jail-house preventing Garett from practicing any magic of elemental background, which he majored in. He was going insane, never had he gone as much as a single day without practice of his mage-like abilities or blacksmithing skills.

He couldn't take it much longer, the fate of Hyrule was hanging by a mere thread and weighted down on this small strand like a large boulder, the end is nigh. He could only hope this protective barrier would not help his telekinetic cry for help, as he set a telekinetic explosion hoping someone, ANYONE, was in his range of non-specific direction of mindspeak.

MS:"The world will end soon I suppose. I know of the one, atleast the place one resides, who has captured our fair princess. The jail-house, you must come now to cell 0-3. Please, the fate of Hyrule rests on our shoulders."

The jailhouse guard, equipped in iron armor and a small dagger, which Garett thought this was odd, being so stricken in equipment at such a time, shouted at Garett, "No more of that! Less you will feel the edge of my blade in your temple, mutt!" Garett only smiled due to the fact he knew his mission was successful having the guard make notice to his message. He could only pray someone was within range..."PLEASE let someone hear my call," He thought.

Garett felt drained after casting such a simple spell of telekinesis. Fifteen days has weakened his mind and there will be time to heal, hopefully before the end of his ordered jailterm. He lie down where he sat on his cot, and covered himself completely. even his head, under his bed sheet. Tossing and turning for the lack of a pillow, he finally fell into a sound sleep, only hoping to be awakened by breaking doors and a shrill-screaming guard.

03/30/2006 7:56 PM

Before he finally left Hyrule castle he made sure that every thing was accounted for and seen to as done. Berdusio walked out of his room in the castle which was once filled with books upon books of strategy. Only his bed now lay in the back of the room. The petals of a flower that were spread on it during the night in which he gave his final prayer for the land of Hyrule in that room.

Berdusio took up his things and left the room closing the door slowly behind him.

"Why has this happened? I train all my life to become a Hylian Guard and now we are disbanded. Sonnofabitch! Goddammit! Why?" Berdusio says to himself not five feet from his old bedroom door.

Berdusio in a cry of anger punches the wall but to no aveil. Again and again he hits it but nothing happens. After a while he gets control of himself and sets his eyes out for a new life. Time waits for no man and now it is more true than ever. If he must save this land as well as the Princess he must start as soon as possible.

He walks down the corridors turning and heading down the hall of jailcells and is about to leave the room after saying so long to the jailguard Hardoso then he heard a voice in his head. A kind of weakened voice that as if he had not eaten in days.

[i]The world will end soon I suppose. I know of the one, atleast the place one resides, who has captured our fair princess. The jail-house, you must come now to cell 0-3. Please, the fate of Hyrule rests on our shoulders[/i]

Then Hardoso said "No more of that! Less you will feel the edge of my blade in your temple, mutt!"

cell 0-3 huh? cell 0-3. He quickly ran down the corridor as fast as he could dropping his bag along the way trying to find cell 0-3.

One after another he went by. Cell 0-9. 0-8. 0-7. He couldn't believe what he heard 0-6. He was getting closer but not close enough. He quickened his pace. 0-5. He shall see him. He shall learn from him this story. 0-4. He was almost there. He was just a few feet away now. But then all was nothing. It was if time stood still. Berdusio was still running but his legs only moved a few inches a minute. He thought to himself.

[i]What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Why is that voice so different to the point where I have to know who it is? I was supposed to start a new life. Well I guess you can never just pick up and leave a life once lived. It will come back to haunt you at one point or another.[/i]

He got there. He looked in the cell and saw a man dressed in robes. Most likely a mage. He stared at him for a minute and then finally whispered... "What... What is your name?".......

03/31/2006 5:30 AM

Garett was awakened by the sound of someone running down the hall. He uncovered his head and yawned deeply, he was still sleepy and some-what in a dream state. He could only pray the foot-steps he heard running frantically toward his cell would stop at his cell and be the savior he called for.

As the foot steps neared and than came to a halt Garett saw a man almost a foot taller than himself. He recognized the man, whom he had seen among the most valued Hylian Guards during a tour of the castle he had once taken before he recieved his degree. Their eyes locked as Garett thought, [i]Will this man save me, or slay me for the kingdom's sake?[/i] The silent stare was broken as the soldier let out a near-silent whisper.

[i]"What... What is your name?"[/i]

The voice, although governed and controlled by the same who put him in the cell, sounded neutural or possibly even like they were already more allied than enemies. Garett could only think if he trusted a Hylian Guard would mean death in the end to a prisoner, but could not hold back like some mind-control, or maybe fate, controlled his tongue. "I am Garett Sky, imprisoned merely for seeing what is comming about in the land of Hyrule and not being believed in." Garett paused...like he were to recieve some reply or apology for such, but nothing was heard so he continued. "It has to be the tower I seen, a dark tower higher than any structure known to Hylian, Goron, or Zora alike. I must find this. Please, I'm begging you to release me from this chamber and allow me to go on my way in search of this tower. I must! I feel the end of Hyrule as we know it will come in the near future, lest I find this tower and within find the princess and the captors whom I will do justice." He thought only a roaring laughter would come in reply from the ex-Hylian Guard at the intention of personally rescuing Princess Zelda...

03/31/2006 6:55 PM

Dante walked through the streets of Hyrule. Dante, the son of the worlds most fearsome mob boss, Isaak Makaza, got everything he wanted, but there was one thing money couldn't by respect. So at night Dante would sneak out of his home were he became an underground fighter known as Raven. Dante loved this life he couldn't get enough of it, he finally had his respect. One night he was walking back to his home when he saw it the rumors of what put Garett into the jail The Tower in the sky. Dante rubbed his eyes in shock he couldn't believe what he saw it was the most amazing thing he ever saw. He though to him self if he went to the princess she might believe him, since his high status in the land of Hyrule, but he also thought it might not work. She could send him to the jail, even if he was Isaaks kid. He had to be smart about this or just blow it off, well he decided to blow it off. He had a long night and he though his mind was playing, so he decided to go back to his home. But the next week Dante was walking down the streets of Hyrule when he saw the same thing, the tower. He knew this time it was no trick so he ran to the castle. He ran to Zelda. Zelda& He bowed when he saw her. tower&.tower. He said still getting back his breath. I saw the tower, not once but twice. Zelda thought he was making it for she knew about his under ground life and she knew the trouble Dante gets into, so she told her guards to lock him up for a week so he can get some r and r and also for the charges against him for street fighting. The guards took Dante and throw him into a jail sell next to Garett.

03/31/2006 9:28 PM

He listened to the mages words with only open ears and eyes. Not saying anything as to let him tell his story. For he may just be the only one that may know anything about this. As the more he went on the more Berdusio thought that he was right. Even though a solo mission to save the princess seemed hopeless for this man he remembered of him planning to do the same not ten minutes ago when he left his old bedroom.

"I shall let you out." Berdusio whispers in the same voice as before.

Berdusio gets up after hearing the mage's tale and turns toward the guard. He slowly walks to the end of the corridor with the words still ringing in his head.

[i] A structure higher than any known.[/i]

He finally came to the end of the the corridor when he had come up to the back of Hordoso and asked "May I have the keys?"

"What the?" He says waking up from a sleep. "Why would you need those?"

"I need to free that man in cell 0-3." Berdusio replys

"Hell no. You don't have any authority over me anymore. Don't think that your important anymore. The Hylian Guard was disbanded." He says getting angry at Berdusio.

"Well if you shall not give them to me I will have to take them by force." Berdusio says to Hordoso.

"I'll let you have them when you can pry them from my cold dead fingers you bloody little bitch!" Hordoso says getting even angrier.

"Fine. Well I guess if I have to I..." He gets interupted halfway through by Hordoso coming at him with his axe in hand.

Hordoso takes a hard swing at Berdusio's right arm. But Berdusio easily moves to the side and dodges it and as he's stilling swinging his axe kicks Hordoso in the gut.
Quickly Hordoso shrugs it off and tries to chop off his head. Unsuccesfully he moves and Berdusio quickly draws his short sword.

"Do you truly believe you can defeat me? Once one of the Holy Hylian Guard." Berdusio says.

"Well now your not so holy any more." Hordoso replies.

Hordoso then takes another swing at Berdusio. Berdusio ducks and dodges the blow and pushes his short sword into Hordoso's stomach.

"Next time. Don't tempt me to kill you so quickly." He says as he pushes the sword deeper into his gut.

Hordoso's body falls to the ground the cobblestones drenched with his blood. Berdusio says a few choice words and finally takes the keys and heads back.

He gets to the cell and unlocks it and opens the door.

"We may go now. My name is Berdusio."

04/03/2006 5:54 AM

"Much thanks, my new companion," Garett replied as removing himself from the cell. He walked over to Hordoso's fallen corpse and removed the axe from his hand looking toward Berdusio. "Damn, this thing is heavy...You guys must train for years on years."
He dropped the axe, it clanged to the ground as he continued, "I must go to my town house now so I can forge another Sling-Blade, a weapon of my own design, which the guards had taken from me upon capture and destroyed...that is, if you care to take up your past duties to protect the princess and join me in my quest for the dark tower." He knew Berdusio would not have the slightest idea what a Sling-Blade was as he never had introduced this design to the public through the many shops in the land, and figured Berdusio would like to join him on his mission most like due to the last statement made by his new friend, [i]We may go now[/i].

"If you wish to take up my offer, meet me at the castle gates first thing tommorow morning, but you must go and prepare yourself." Garett says, "I have much preparation to do in this period, my mind has weakened with 14 days of inactive magic so I must study, and prepare my arms. This will be a long journey, and we may not live it through."

Garett made haste down the hall and turned the corner, than left the castle. The outside air was like a soothing drug compared to the musty smell of the cell-block, and He thought the son would nearly blind him as he was used to the very dim lighting. Nevertheless he continued down the road, turning onto a dirt path leading to his home. Garett entered his home which he left unlocked not knowing he would be gone for such a long period of time. He than looked around for a moment. "Good, everything is still here." he said to himself in an amazed voice, thieves were likely to be looting everything now that the princess was under captivity.

He ventured over to a furnace on the northern wall standing beside a tall stack of shelves on the northern wall. He opened the bottom door on the furnace and loaded it with a heap of coal. Garett murmered some words under his breath and the coal was instantly in a furious blaze. "Ah, so tired!" He thought, the magic was making him weak, but not near as weak as the mind speak he had casted in the cell had done. He could only think there was some kind of power involved making it hard, and in elemental cases impossible, to cast his wizardry.

He shut the door and walked over to the shelves. He collected a cylindrical wooden piece on the shelf marked Handles, A chain on a smaller shelf marked 3', and finally an arced iron piece and a couple of screws from the unmarked shelf at the bottom. He took them to a metal table in the center of the room and sat them down. He hooked the last link of the chain onto the arced iron piece and than connected it to the flat end of the handle with the screws. "There," he thought, "Now to forge the blade." He walked to a bin on the east side of the room marked "Iron Ore" and took a basket-full and sat it on the table. On the floor beneath the lowest shelf he grabbed a mold which had the design of an curved blade the size of his own chest with a platinum rod going through the center of the dull end, where he would in time connect the chain. He took it to the table, dumped the ore into the mold and placed it in the furnace.

As he waited for the iron to take form in the mold, he walked into a door on the east wall, beside the many bins of different types of ores, which lead to his bedroom and study. He grabbed a book entitled "Varience" of of the shelf marked Magic, on the bookcase on the right-hand side as he walked into the room. He sat on the wooden chair beside the book case and began to study and refresh his mind on varying his magic to his own use.


Garett flipped to the fire-elemental section of the book (his personal favorite) and skipped past the ignition variant, he figured he knew this one well enough for now as he had just ignited the coal in his furnace and practiced this one almost daily. He was reading the creation and control variant, which only required oxygen and energy (which is the factor created internally with all magic form) since he could use this anywhere oxygen was available, which is available basically everywhere including underwater. He was learning to concentrate his energy to the oxygen around him and forming it into a controlled flame. Study of factors like this were important as a young apprentice mage could start a wild-fire blazing down complete towns or forests if he was not careful to limit the energy emitted from his Intelligence. The more energy emitted, more Intelligence and Concentration is required to control it. This was even printed in large bold lettering as the first paragraph in this section labeled [b]"VERY IMPORTANT"[/b]. The difference between the "ignition" and "creation and control" was not much different other than the whisper used and ignition also required a some-what flammable substance to ignite. The less flammible the object is, the more Intelligence and Concentration is required to spark, or ignite, this substance...creation only required energy and was an actual flame controlled by the caster. Garett wanted to continue reading but knew his blade in the other room had to of been ready for the cooling stage by now.

Garett bookmarked and returned his book to the shelf, then walked into the western room and removed the mold from the furnace after equipping his heat-resistant gloves. He put the mold on the table, opened it and stuck the end of the chain over the platinum rod into the molten iron and would let it cool, than it would be complete.

He walked to the western end of the room to his bed, which he missed very much. Lied down and went to sleep thinking, "Tommorow, yes, Tommorow I will meet fate." He dozed off into a deep sleep.

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04/04/2006 8:31 AM

the day before, long before Garrett and Berdusio even met, Nira Mirase stood deep within the gauntlet. She stood on the trembling platform, her bow at the ready as she watched the statue in the center... She needed to fire at the eyes, turn them all red to continue...and if her calculations were correct, this was her last room...

She missed...

"Damn!" Nira hissed, her golden eyes narrowed as she readied her bow, this time taking her time. She waited till all the eyes returned to normal before starting anew... she aimed carefully and fired, arrow after arrow...

She heard a click and the room stopped spinning... Dropping to one knee, feeling a slight dizzy Nira shook her head and made her way out of the final room...Exausted, she made her way towards the exit...

A sudden tingling at the nape of her neck made her drop and roll to her right, just in time to watch a wallmaster drop to the floor, seeking her out. Drawing her bow she shot three arrows at it in quick succession, killing it. Panting, she stood, gathered the arrows that it left behind and quickly exited.

The Gerudo who greeted her outside was smiling. "Very good Nira... wasn't sure if you'd make it past that last little distraction we set in there recently. Very good. You've earned this..."

Within the Gerudo's hands a glowing blue sphere. "This will allow you to fire Ice Arrows. Use it to freeze your enemies, they will come in handy in the battles to come...."

Nira took the sphere and while she was pleased to have passed the Gauntlet, and recieve this rare item, she wasn't pleased with the battles to come. She didn't want to go, but the Gerudo's leaders insisted that she go, sceptic as she was, she was one of the most talented of the younger Gerudo... so she went.

A single Gerudo guard brought her horse, a midnight black steed said to be decended from the stallion Gannondorf once rode... another sceptical point for her mind, crossed in front of the saddle were her swords, sheathed in soft leather and silk, she smiled at this, and swung up onto the horses' back He snorted and pranced a step.

"Head for Hyrule Castle, you'll surely find some answers there..." The guard said. Nira nodded and wheeled the stallion around. He reared and neighed before galloping around, following the path out of the fortress. The sun set on Gerudo valley as she crossed the large bridge and she watched the moon rise as she slowly walked the stallion over the small pool of water and plank bridge... leading for Hyrule Field....

"Well... Here we go" She murmered as she guided the stallion up the path, as the moon stared down as it traced its familiar path across the sky....

04/04/2006 5:16 PM

Kindu sat alone watching the lone robber begin his prowl. The crisp air caused Kindus hair to sway softly in front of his eyes, so he brushed it out only closing his eyes for a split second. It had happend the theif struck and disappeared, all that was left was one old lady on the ground in tears for she just lost her grandsons only mask. "Damn how could this have happend to me, they never get away." Kindu arose out of the shadows and caught a small glimpse of a man running, instantly Kindu began to chase him.

Kindu was at the exit of Kakariko village and felt a sharp pain go up his neck. Kindu began to rub his neck. "What is this pain?" He rolled his neck up and saw it, the Dark Castle, he began to run to it but slowly fell unconcious and falling into a small patch of grass in Hyrule Field. That was a couple of days ago.

Kindu slowly awoke and found himself in the field, he did not remember much of what happend but he remembered the castle. "Where was I going?" Kindu arose and fixed his tunic and bandana and began walking towards The Market. "Maybe someone can tell me what is going on here." Kindu continued to walk awaiting what is ahead of him.

04/05/2006 8:33 AM

Garett awoke suddenly from his sleep. Not because the normal reasons of the sun glaring through his window, nor the loud clucking of the roosters. He smelt something...something hot. He jumped quickly out of his bed when he realized his house was blazing down. Then he remembered he forgot to put out the flames in the molding furnace the night before. "How stupid could I be," He thought, "The great wizard Garett Sky burnt his own fucking house down."

He quickly ran into the library room to grab his two favorite books before he would have to watch the rest of his collection and life-long work burn to ash. He reached and grabbed them in a split second as he knew the exact locations of the two specific books named "Varience" and "Elemental Form". These were his favorite and he would not lose them unless taken one day from his corpse. He threw them in a small bag which could of fit atleast one more book in it, but he neglected to fill it. He threw the bag over his back slipping his arm through the shoulder strap as he ran through the door into the main room and grabbed the wooden handle of his sling-blade from the table, an old battered shield made of fine wood, and fled outside the front entrance before falling victim to the blaze.

The humidity was low outdoors, way to low to form enough water to devour the flames even with his intelligence. He would have to watch it burn. Everything would be gone in a few minutes from the few spells he had created and perfected himself enough to use in almost any situation, to the spells he was working on which had great potential some of which would of been completed in only a month or two. He could only let out a deep sigh as if to say "oh, well" but in fact it was anger and rage burning within his mind.

Their was nothing he could do, he would leave it burn. He was leaving anyway and may not even have the chance to live long enough to return to his humble home in Hyrule anyway. As these thoughts were running through Garetts mind a young boy came running up to Garett, staring at the weapon he had equipped with wide astonished eyes. "I want one Dad!" the young boy said as he turned his head around looking toward an elder man who looked more as if he was grandpa instead of dad, "You have to get me one...pleeeeasssseee than I can train to be a great warrior and save the princess!"

It was at this moment Garett dropped the thoughts of his mage work and remembered his other ability which was his main occupation. Garett did not hear a reply from the boys father or even realize what was going around him at all as his mind was in a daze thinking, "Everything, Gone! My magic, my artillery designs, my damned bed, GONE!" He than came back to reality and noticed the kid starring at him, eyes still wide. Garett looked at the boy as his youth reminded him life was not so bad, although hell was to come, then smiled. He put his shield on his back then said, "This is the last time you'll see one of these bad boys." He whirled the blade around in a circular motion holding it half-way down the chain with his left hand, which was holding his shield before, as to not put the boy in any danger of the sharp blade. He turned and ran toward the castle gates where he could only hope Berdusio would be there, he needed the help. The young boy only stood firm watching the blue-tinted man, whose house was blazing beside him, run toward Hyrule Castle...

04/05/2006 9:09 AM

Kindu continued on his hike to the Marketplace. A simple walk it seemed to most people but at night it could be dangerous. Luckily Kindu felt no threat at the moment in time. The moon continued high moving slowly across the dark blue sky, a few stars were out but not enough to awe over. Yet Kindu followed the moat at the side of Villiage. Since it was night the Marketplace was not open, yet Kindu was in dire need of knowing what is going on.

Kindu readied grabbed a thin lengthy rope out of his satchel and tied it to the end of a arrow. With his bow now ready he shot it above the walls and into the roof of a nearby building. Kindu pulled on the rope, after he thought it hit, and noticed it was tight. It was now time for Kindu to enter the Marketplace.

Kindu began to climb the rope along the side of the wall. Slowly he got higher and higher, with the fear the arrow will give under his weight. His fear began to come true. The arrow began to squeeze out of the roof, and Kindu could feel the rope getting slack. With one kick Kindu grabbed the top of the wall and pulled himself up as the arrow fell behind him with the rope. Kindu now found himself in a world of trouble, how was he going to get down. "Great my ideas never work." Kindu saw the building the arrow peirced and saw it wasnt to far down. CRASH! BOOM! CLANK! was all that was heard, for Kindu jumped into the roof and fell through and landed on a plethora of pots. Oddly enough no one was in there, and it did not seem to bother anybody. Kindu got up and began to brush himself off. "Well that worked." Kindu said cockily as he exited the building and began his walk to the Marketplace.

Kindu came upon the Marketplace only to find everyone asleep as usual. "Great now I am going to have to wait for morning, and I am already hungry." He said sadly as he rubbed his stomach. Kindu laid up against the side of the fountain putting his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, just waiting for his answers.

04/05/2006 2:56 PM

Daruno was just waking up when he saw smoke rising. "Hmmm... Daruno think that he should go and see what is happening." Daruno got up and curled into a ball, taking off down an alleyway. In a matter of seconds he was on the scene and stood up. "Oh, pretty fire."

Daruno crouched, and walked into the burning building. "Hehe, fire tingly." He looked around to see many books and many designs for weapons being destroyed. "Daruno want! Daruno want!" Daruno then began to grab the books and designs with his massive hands.

Daruno looked around once more before deciding that these few items were all that he could save. With this, Daruno left the burning building and stood up. He began to look over the designs and as he looked, a huge grin crossed his face. "These are great. Daruno will need to try and make these."

Although, the books were a different story. "Aw, these only magic books. Daruno doesn't need magic books. Daruno will sell them later." He then starts to walk towards the castle gates while looking at the designs.

OOC: Hope this is okay. I figured that this would be the best place for my character to join up. If I need to change anything then just say the word and I'll change it.

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04/06/2006 7:41 PM

Berdusio stared on in a daze as the mage left the castle. After a few minutes of just dazing out he finally came to and walked into town. As he walked he thought to himself.

[i]Get prepared. Well did I not just leave my bedroom. The very place I sleep. I am pretty sure I have what I need. Let me think here... my Bladed Bow... my Short Sword is here... my quiver of arrows... my armor... boots... archery gloves... and the few items I have on me such as a few potions and my copy of [b]A Quiver of Strategy: A Ranger's Guide[/b] Yep. I'm good. Hopefully I can find something to do with my time before heading out with the mage. [/i]

He kept walking on the long road from the castle to the marketplace. He noticed the sun was slightly going down now but it was still daylight out. Finally he got to town and the marketplace. There he noticed that it didn't even seem to change. All the people were the same as they were before the princess had been kidnapped. They did what they have always done. Everyone was talking. The people buying. The mask merchant running around trying to do some advertising. Even the little kids always around were there. They all acted as if nothing had happened at all. They still act as if their princess was never tooken away. That or they did not truly care for the princess at all. All they wanted to do is go on with their lives as if nothing has changed.

[i] How in the hell can they think this and act this way when their future ruler. Their Princess. Their to-be Queen was gone. If the King was to die they would have no rule. Bandits would be on every corner. It wouldn't even be safe to walk in the daytime without worrying about being at least pickpocketed or even more. God Fucking Dammit! I have a mind just to burst out and just show what can happen to these people if they do nothing about matters that can concern them and their children for generations on. Selfish dirty little bastards![/i]

Just then he notices a woman run up to him yelling "Help! Help me! I have been robbed! All my things! My money, my medicines, everything!" She then tugged on Berdusio's shirt yelling "Can't you help me! Your one of the Hylian Guard right? Please I left my house unlocked for just a half an hour when I went out to get some supplies that when I got back everything was gone! All I have now is a floor, a ceiling, and the walls!"

"Hell no!" Berdusio yells it being the first time he has ever been like this to a citizen. "I was a Hylian Guard. That was my job. I was forced to help the citizenry with their problems and now we are disbanded. Also, it is not my fault you are too damn stupid as to leave your home unlocked when the princess is gone and in the middle of Hyrule Town. First off, Hyrule Town has always had problems with crime as does any other city. Secondly, with the disappearence of the princess crime rates would sky rocket cause of more concern for her than for public safety. Thirdly, I now help those who I choose to. And so far that does not include you. I help those who deserve help. What have you done even for yourself to assure you will get along in life. Nothing from what I see. You have done what was obviously a dumb move. And do not dare blame me for your unobservity. You do not even deserve any help. I only help those who help themselves. You have a pair of legs get up and use them."

He then walks off back to the castle slowly. He figured out during that little argument that he would not have a place to sleep tonight since he was planning to go. Well they wouldn't have a problem with him sleeping in his old bedroom now would they. He knows almost for certain they would kick him out. But it never hurt to try. Mabye he would meet an old friend.

Well he didn't he just found himself on the ground alone with nothing but his clothes and armor. Well, he would have to make due. He took up one of the benches and slept. A somewhat peaceful sleep.

He awoke the next morning on the bench with a bright day ahead of him. The sun glaring and the birds cherpin'. Yep a good day to set out. He then headed to a nearby well and got a bucket of water out and got himself cleaned up before going back to the gate and finally waited for the mage to come.

04/07/2006 5:35 AM

Nira reached the city gates just before dawn, and she waited, atop her horse for the dawn to come and the gates to open... She shivered suddenly, a feel of dread fillin gher heart and she looked up. Her golden eyes widened in surprise as she spotted the tower. It hung in the air, floating hundreds of meters overhead, and just the sight of it reminded her painfully of her gran-gran's tales of Ganandorf's Fortress....

Her horse reared, and neighed in alarm... it took all of Nira's horse-training to calm the animal... and even then the stallion remained restless till the sun cleared the horizon... The at the sound of the cock-crow, the floating tower vanished and she blinked in surprise as the omnious feeling vanished with it. She turned in the saddle to watch the gates of market town lower and was about to dis-mount when a young man came out...

04/10/2006 9:34 AM

Kindu awoke near the fountain once more, but he awoke to a little child jumping on him. Kindu jumped in a uproar, screaming at the child. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING JUST JUMPING ON A STRANGER?" The boy just looked up, laughed, and continued running. Kindu began to chase the child "Kid get back here." The child did not listen and ran out side of the castle walls. Kindu knew of the dangers if the boy was locked out so he continued running after the child.

Kindu turned he corner past the bridge and the child was gone. "Hey kid!" No response was made, just Kindu outside alone. "KID!!" still no response, Kindu was slightly worried but brushed it off. "Well since I am here I better just train some." Kindu pulled out his short sword and knife and began training with two bladed combat. The boy sat in the bushes and just watched Kindu train....

04/27/2006 8:42 AM

Garett approached Berdusio at the gates and hailed him, "Hello, my friend. Today we will start our journey. I was hoping you would be of assisstance, and with your past life very much assisstance you will be, if it does not turn out as myself assisting you." He winked at Berdusio and turned toward the open field that was beyond the gates.

"We must find this tower, if it means the death of us. And I do not believe the guardian of the gate will allow us to pass without excessive force...this being because of the Princess' capture and the appearance of many new breeds on monstrosities outside the city walls." Garett said and than started walking toward the gate signaling for Berdusio to follow behind as he continued, "I must let it be known to you that I would not do this under any normal circumstance and I'm only going to do this to skip the bullshit the guard will cause. I do respect all powers in the kingdom of Hyrule."

Just than Garett stopped in his tracks and lifted his left arm straight out toward the guard, who stood about twenty yards from him, palm open. He closed his eyes and let a soft whisper out in deep concentration. At the same moment the guard burst into a raging flame and started running wildly for a second with no set course, fell to the ground, and before he could even roll over once he was lifeless.

The city people around were shouting and running for cover at the sight and smell of burning flesh. Garett just opened his eyes and let out a low-voiced laugh and continued toward the open field...

04/27/2006 5:14 PM

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Berdusio followed behind the mage. It surely seemed that he had gotten far better since getting out of the prison he broke him out of. As he walked by he looked at the dead guard. It seemed that it was a pretty simple spell overall to execute. Just a couple seconds to use. He wondered to himself if magic would be the way to go instead of bowmanship. But it quickly drifted from his mind.

Very quickly many guards had come to see all the commotion and saw their dead ally.

[i]How could he think it would have been better to kill the gaurd? He would have just asked us if we were sure we wanted to leave and probably as soon as I showed him the crest of the Hylian Holy Guard he would have let us pass.[/i]

Even though the crest was forfeit he still carried it with him at all times to reassure him that he was once one of the greatest guards of all of the kingdom of Hyrule. Very few were at higher rankings in recent society. It was also a symbol of greatness that may be useful to use incase there is some doubt in people somewhere. If they simply need something he may show it and may get something from a shop for free.

He watched as the guards who have come now charged forward at them while they were crossing the bridge. He thought they shouldn't try since the town could use as much protection as possible. He tried what he brang it for. Hopefully it would work.

He grabbed the crest from the side-pocket of his quiver and showed it to the guards.

"Why the hell do you think that matters anymore? The Holy Hylian Guard is done with. Also, you killed a guard. There is no forgivness for that." One of the four guards said right before they charged in.

Berdusio hoped that his newly found ally would be very helpful in this fight. But one can only hope for the best.

The guards split up two to a man. Berdusio readied an arrow from his quiver and then... let it fly. The guard it went towards rolled sideways and they headed toward him. Berdusio got ready for some close combat by getting out his short sword to keep in one hand while he had his bladed bow in the other. As one tried to stab him in the right rib area he knocked away the sword in which he had drawn from its sheath and they went forward with a slashing movement with it. While the other guard had done the same on the left and Berdusio kept to the defensive for the bladed bow was not a strong attacking machine at close combat. Used mainly for defensive purposes. He held the guards sword against his blade strong while he fought against the right guard.

Finally, he had cut up the right guard on the arm. As the guard was messing with the wound it gave Berdusio the chance to fight off the left guard. He pushed off with his bladed bow and it sent the guard backwards. He then thrust forward with his short sword at his chest while doing a sweeping slash at his upper legs. He obviously would not be able to jump or duck this. The weight of his armor stopped him from being fast enough. He stopped the thrust with his sword but to only have his leg chopped from under him. Berdusio did what he could and cut his head off simply not to let him die too horribly.

The other guard had got back into the fight now and was on to an aggresive offensive. He just came after Berdusio slash after slash. He just kept coming trying to do as much damage as possible. He knew he would have to get out of this himself so Berdusio kept using his short sword to block the attacks but they were dulling his blade as well as theirs. He then took a sweeping kick towards the legs that the guard jumped over. But this had stopped his attacking giving Berdusio the chance to strike. After his sweeping kick was at its end and the guard had just come to the ground Berdusio threw his short sword at the guards head. But he did not take into account the wind. It had thrown it off balance and the handle of it smoked the guard in the face. But this had done some damage and his face was pure red. Berdusio slashed with his bow and even though the guards eyes probably hurt he blocked it... and the next one, and the next one. Berdusio then ran and grabbed his short sword and put it away. The guard was just walking towards him now while he held his face in his hand. Berdusio readied an arrow and finally feathered the guard in the middle of the forehead. The guard's body fell to the ground. His blood soaking the wood of the bridge.

Now Berdusio only hoped to see that his friend had come victorious as well so he turned around towards him whose battle he payed no attention to and saw....

05/01/2006 10:32 AM

Aryin waved goodbye to the goron who had been nice enough to escort her down from Death Mountain, as it had been inaccurately labeled. She had entered the Goron kingdom only hours before through the connections in the lost woods, but it had still taken her around that much time to come down from the Gorons' mountaintop kingdom. She knocked politely on the gate and gave a small wave to the guard who peeked from around the corner. The gates were immediately opened and the head guard stepped out to recieve her.

"What news?" said Aryin, looking up at him with her mischeviously sparkling but eternally encompassing eyes. The guard stared into the Kokiri girl's eyes for a few moments before he shook his head and said,

"I shall assume the Goron leader has told you everything that I believe he knows. From that, we understand that she has been taken to a magical castle of some sort, though this is mainly gossip."

Aryin looked slightly surprised. "I never knew you imparted gossip as viable information! Have you been doing this before?"

"Oh, no no. It's just that this gossip is too widespread, too informed. From what I know, there's only one version of the story. That's strange for gossip, isn't it?"

"Hmm," said Aryin, considering for a moment. Finally, she broke out in a little grin and said, "Ok, I'll forgive you today. Can I get a ride to Hyrule castle? I want to see the King, if that's ok."

The guard nodded but said, "Getting a ride there is fine, but I suggest you go straight up to the castle, miss ambassador. There are some strange tidings afoot."

Aryin waved it off before saying her thanks and her goodbyes and moving towards the stables, her fairy, Aeil, bobbing around her cloak-covered head.

She found the horse and her rider waiting for her at the front gates and greeted him. He gave her a nod back before assisting her climb upon the horse.

They rode in silence- Aryin was wrapped up in her thoughts, which was something that didn't happen often- until they came upon commotion near the drawbridge. The rider immediately leapt off the horse and, drawing his sword, said, "Milady, please stay seated and be ready to run. I sense magic afoot."

"Shouldn't I-" Aryin began, but the rider, sword drawn, had already joined the fray. Aryin stayed quiet, watching and trying to sort out what was what before she finally could take no more.

She jumped off the horse, though needing to catch her balance from the rather high drop. Making her way towards the bridge, she looked towards Aeil and began to cast her Kokiri magic. Immediately, the wood of the bridge began to grow branches that began to rise up to wrap themselves around anything touching the bridge. While the bridge was running the course of her magic, Aryin pressed her lips to her ocarina and began to play the one song she knew would stop this nonsense: the song of the royal family.

Or, as Link had called it, "Zelda's Lullaby."

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05/03/2006 8:25 AM

Garett noticed the guards rushing toward them mentally before even turning around to see them. As he turned he saw four guards, two rushing towards Berdusio and two rushing at himself. He quickly readied his slingblade grasping the handle in his right hand, he saw no need to use any more energy on his magical abilities at the moment as he needed mental rest before he could cast a spell of such magnitude to take out both of the guards, atleast not with the fifteen-day rest away from magic in any form that had ended the day before. Maybe he could smite one, but surely not both of them.

As they neared they split in opossite directions instead of comming straight forth, possibly because they have never seen a weapon of such type. He raged towards the guard attempting to split to his right and swung the handle of his blade diagonally downward with might aiming to slice the chest of his enemy. The lack of practice made this swing a bit wild and the blade was headed towards the stomach of the guard. The guard quickly jumped backward out of the reach of the attack, as the blade swung toward the floor of the bring and connected with a loud clang shooting sparks upward from the bridge. Garett's one track mind, possibly inherited by the daily practice of central concentration to hone his magic skills, forgot about the other guard who was now behind him almost near enough to finish him off with his sword. The guard rushed towards the back of Garett with his blade out to thrust it into the back of the mage, as Garett heard his footsteps rushing toward and turned to see himself almost stabbed in the stomach. The guard had almost succeded in his melee when everyone was suddenly wrapped in branches that sprouted out of the bridge from some unknown magic. Garett was grateful although he did not know who to be gratefuly for until he seen out of the corener of his eye a Kokori raising an ocarina to her face.

Garett wanted to turn his head to see this Kokri in full perception but could not seem to budge an inch. Than he heard it, the song of the royal family floating through the air from the direction of his savior. A song that once, before he gained full control and knowledge of his mind, hypnotized him and put him in a peaceful trance. The guard in front of him with his sword out, so near to Garett's stomach that it was still making his stomach turn although immobilized, was struggling to keep his conciousness. He assumed the other guard and Berdusio were under the same circumstance. Garett wanted to use his magic and destroy the branches holding him still but did not want confrontation with the caster...He would not speak of his magic or make use of it in front of this magician. He would keep it secret, until the motive of this woman was known although she would probably assume his classification due to the fact he was unaffected by the magical song. He yelled at the lady with the fairy, [i] Hail, Kokori! Come into my view let us speak of the comotion. [/i]

He could only hope all would be well, lest he had to use his magic to be released from this trap and slay the newcommer...

05/04/2006 5:53 PM

Daruno heard a commotion from the bridge and went to check it out. Two men had killed the guards and were continuing to fight. Daruno was enraged to see the dead guards for he knew all the guards that he had made his swords for. Clearly, these men were much more powerful than the guards, so why kill them? This further angered him for he hated all those who picked on the helpless and weak. He took off towards the bridge, lusting for the blood of those two men.

By the time he had arrived though, a kokiri had the combatants tied up and was playing an all too familiar song. The song hypnotized him and a wide smile crossed his face. He walked up to the bridge and stood there continuing to listen to the song. "Daruno will break you two like twigs if you dare harm the kokiri." Daruno said with a smile on his face. The only thing that kept him from ripping them apart was that song, and for that they should have been grateful.

05/05/2006 10:10 PM

Aryin did not stop her song until she had ended the first part of it- the only part she actually knew. She had heard that the rest of the Royal Family's song had more, even more powerful parts to it, but was kept secret to only the Shiekah and the closest members of the family itself.

She slowly let the ocarina's mouthpiece fall from her lips and looked around. A rather large goron had entered the scene- but beyond that, it seemed that everyone had, for the most part, at least, calmed down.

"Stop this, all of you. It seems that all you have learned to do after growing all big is fight each other when your own princess has been kidnapped!"

She glared up at all of them, though, coming from such a little girl, it did not seem to fully register until Aryin's fairy began to bob up and down near her head. A couple of the guards, upon noticing this, tried to get into attention, though the branches around their feet prevented them from even lifting their legs, much less snap them together. The others who hadn't noticed kept their weapons trained on their enemies.

[i]Aryin,[/i] Murmured Aeil, Aryin's fairy, [i]It seems they are the culprits.[/i] The fairy motioned towards the two facing the guards. Aryin nodded and began to walk towards them. She did not, however, stop to talk to them or release their binds.

Instead, she knelt by those who were breathing heavily from their wounds, blood pouring from various scars. She took a momentary look around, her eyes resting with a grimace upon the greasy and charred remains of one of the guards, before she knelt by the nearest wounded guard and pressed her hands to his wounds.

[i]Life that has yet to fade from this world,[/i] She thought through Aeil, [i]Speed thy actions as to forego taking that road to the Sacred Realm.[/i] The wounds began to patch themselves up and the guard's breathing became lighter and easier. Aryin rose, made to move to the next wounded guard, but swooned and nearly fell over.

Turning to a nearby guard who hadn't become caught by the wood of the bridge, she said, "Run for the castle physicists! Can't you think?" The guard, caught off balance, ran.

"Mr. Goron," she said, unsteadily turning to the goron, "Can you please carry me upon your shoulder? Even such minor magics as these tax me so far away from the Great Deku tree..."

She swooned again, and this time fell upon her bottom with a small cry.

[i]Aeil, please bid the woods of the bridge to let all go and return to its slumber...[/i]

The branches began to unravel themselves- Aryin hoped that she had mediated the fight now...

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05/06/2006 5:32 PM

After finishing off the two guards with overall little resistance he turned around. At first he saw Garett fighting off the two guards then he saw a small child. She was singing a song from a sort of instrument of small size. But he did not get a good look at the instrument for his mind had gone blank. There were all of a sudden branches growing straight out of bridge. Obviously, there was in no way that the bridge could grow at such a rate. Or at all for that matter. Then it had to either be a spell or that song the green child had been singing. But then it had all faded. He lost consciousness and fell into a slumber of complete peace& for a time being.

During this duration he had a dream. It was a different dream then what he usually has. For it was him tied up to a chair by some sort of enchanted rope or something of the sort for he could not get loose of the bindings and he had nothing of his armor or weaponry on. He was in a dark room with only a light shining from above him that poured out onto the ground below in a small circle. He then saw his weapons, armor, and all the other valuable items he had on him. Along with a few from his old bedroom in the castle. They were under another light. He tried to get free of the bindings but could not move an inch. The more he simply tried to get free the tighter they grasped him. The weaponry and armor then drifted away along with the light. He tried to scream out for them but he couldn't open his mouth. He couldn't even hum a word or a sound out.

He then heard a voice coming from all directions.

"What are you?" The voice said in a very illusionary sort of voice. "Why do you exist?"

Berdusio tried to answer but then again could not answer.

"Is it that you are Berdusio Wisperwind? Do you believe you exist for the sole purpose of serving the Kingdom of Hyrule, its people, and above all the fair Princess Zelda?" The voice said.

At that moment Berdusio thought to himself.

[i]Where is that voice coming from? Why can't I speak? Why am I here? Wait... if I can't speak then why can I hear and see all of this. That doesn't make sense. The only way I could be able to do that is... Its all an illusion. This person is burrowing an image and words into my mind. This is not me seeing it or hearing it. It is me thinking it.[/i]

"Brillian deduction. Why you are right about it all." The voice said. "This is all an illusion. I have put this in your mind for I have something to show you. More so teach you."

A fair maiden appeared in front of him. She sat down lightly on his lap and started gently rubbing his face. She had light blue hair and a face that is worth more than a goddess. She wore a white silk gown.

"Do you find me attractive?" She asked.
Once again Berdusio could not answer through his mouth from which he was trying to say NO!! but he knew that she would know.

So its a yes is it? Hmmmm& The girl said. Is this all you can do? Be a soldier, protect citizens, and take lives. Do you do this all for the kingdom or for the sake of thinking you have a worthy life? Why did you become a Holy Guard anyway?

Berdusio was surprised by what the girl had asked him. So many questions that he at the moment could not answer. He didnt even dare try to speak at this moment. Then he heard her speak of something he didnt even know he was thinking.

Well it would seem that you dont know those answers. But the truth is that you do not want to tell that which you have grieved for many years. Especially since the loss of the princess. Yes, it is the princess you want is it not? It is her who you adore. Who you think you are in love with. Beauty can take control of any mans heart and it has done so to yours. You want the princess to love you and that is the only reason you have turned toward this. But yet you do not know that you dont even care for her. All you want is her beauty. Her fairness. I will show you what I am talking about. The girl said as all of a sudden her entire body had changed into the exact form of Princess Zelda. Now how do you feel? Do you love her?

Berdusio had seemed not even to notice these questions for his mind had gone off the conversation and to the beauty of Zelda. Her soft, warm hands, her moist lips, her deep blue eyes. He could not control himself. All he did was stare with a glance of absolute happiness. He just sat there looking at her till finally& he snapped out and noticed exactly what this spirit has been telling him the entire time. He did not love her only her beauty.

I was right. You do not love her and now you know it as well. The girl said and vanished.

It would seem the dream would end there but it didnt. Now Berdusio went into a complete and utter state of solitude.

Why do I feel like I love her yet I dont? Why am I a Holy Guard? Why am I even here? He spoke to himself. Is it that all I care for is beauty? Do I just want the princess as many other men do? Do I even matter?

The words of the spirit had finally pierced his heart and soul. He just sat there thinking. He did not wake up nor did he even speak. He just sat there for what felt like a thousand millennia. He was then hearing voices.

Do you believe that you are worthless? The spirit said.

No. Berdusio said. He finally had control of his voice.

Well if you are not then why do you question it? The spirit asked.

Because, I have been living a lie. I became a knight just to serve under the princess and adore her cause I had thought I loved her. Berdusio said.

But you have succeeding in your field have you not? Have you not become part of the Holy Hylian Guard? The spirit had asked once again.

Yes, but it was all worthless. He replied.

It was huh? Have you not spent much time as one of the princesss personal guards? Have you not spent time with the person you once loved? Have you not done great deeds in your stead? The spirit said.

Yes, but& did you say loved? Berdusio asked the spirit.

Yes, didnt you pay attention to the princess when she spoke to you? Did you not try and help her with her affairs many times before? The spirit said back.

Yes, but did you not just see me back there? I did not even listen to her. I just sat there looking at her face. He yelled at the spirit.

That is because it wasnt her. You may have consciously believed that it was her but youre sub-conscious mind knew other words. The only reason you stared is because it was her look which is part of the great features you love and at the moment the only one that was there. The spirit said.

It had seemed these words had revived an otherwise dead soul for he had awoken at that moment.

Berdusio awoke on the bridge. The vines and branches had withered away and as he awoke he saw a goron and the very little girl who had put him to sleep walk away.

Under the whisper of his breath he said Thank you, Child of the Great Deku Tree.

05/06/2006 11:49 PM

Very slowly, the effects of the song began to disperse. Daruno was still agitated by the death of the guard but, it was very hard to maintain that anger when the kokiri was healing the other guard. Daruno smiled and shook his head when she asked for his aid. He gently picked her up and placed her on his left shoulder.

"Where is it that you would like to go, little one?"

05/09/2006 7:57 PM

After a moment's hesitation, Nira dismounted and entered the city gates. Just in time to see the blatant, and quite pointless display of power as the guard spontanesously combusted.

Din's fire.... She thought it lost for so many years...but then... she too had an old ancient power that she hid well... and only used when she was in desperate trouble.

She patted the crystal that hung around her neck, it's cool blue hue out of place with the scarlets and gold of her clothing, but Nayru's Love had saved her skin many times.

"Well that was a pointless display of power..." She said clearly, her voice ringing clearly through the market square. She looked around, trying to figure out where to head next when she spotted the Fairy, Kokiri child, and the Goron... what a combination here in Market Town... but perhaps...

Quietly Nira made her way towards the odd pair.

05/10/2006 4:46 AM

Aryin let herself be lifted by the muscular Goron, too tired to help herself up. Of course, she knew she was not much of a weight compared to the gigantic boulders the gorons sometimes hefted, but she offered her apologies in a small voice anyway.

"If you could, Mister Goron, I wish to travel to the castle. Do not worry about the guards or the gate...They should recognize me...hopefully."

"Oh!" she said suddenly and smiled down at the goron from her place on his shoulder. "I forgot myself. My name is Aryin and this," she pointed at the bobbing fairy at her own shoulder, "Is Aeil. I'm the ambassador of the Kokiris and the Great Deku Tree to all the five nations. It's a pity we had to meet under these conditions..." She looked sadly at the remains of the chaos that surrounded both of them before glancing at the charred body again, then back at the two troublemakers.

[i]May Farore use her winds to speed thy passage to the Sacred Realm[/i] murmured Aeil in a small prayer. Aryin nodded and made a note to enter the Temple of Time to pay her respects later.

She was about to bid the Goron that they leave before she saw a tall, lithe woman dressed in Gerudo garb approach them.

[i]What a strange coincidence. It seems as though all of the five nations have decided to rise in aid of the Hyrulian Princess...Link...you would be pleased. No longer does a solitary soul have to go through the lonely fights and struggles you did...[/i]

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09/03/2006 5:43 PM

sitingon the ground next to the gate he had heard a small group of companion's talk among themself's. of coures as he was death he had learned the ability to see sound wave's as they traveled in the air.only being about 5'7 he had become shy and weary of othere's. but something drew him close to lisen to these new beings. he had been banished from his home for talk about a black tower that come's and goes and his family thought of him as a witch for such talk.not quit knowing what to do he stoode up and started his way toward's the group when he saw another coming he sat back down and waited to see what might come his way....

09/03/2006 6:01 PM

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