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03/23/2006 7:42 PM

As you walk along the road towards Haven, you spot a small village on the outskirts of a large and dense forest. As you approach the village, you see a wooden sign written in bold, black script, "Welcome to Fernwood Village"

[i]Fernwood Village[/i], you think to yourself.

Legend has it that Fernwood Village is home to many interesting creatures. Dragons, demigods, faeries, and pegasi all make their home in this magical place. It is also said that Fernwood Village is the final resting place of Tassana Burrfoot.

Upon looking at the small village, it's kinda hard to believe such myths are true. After all, it looks just like the last six villages you have come to. However, the night will be coming soon and the village's inn looks comfy and cozy. Perhaps it's time to call it a night and head into this fabled village.

Perhaps now you can learn the truth behind the "magical" Fernwood Village...

03/23/2006 8:23 PM

Saegle ran a dirty washcloth over a table as he finished up his cleaning in E Asha 'A Mellonae, the village's one and only inn and tavern.

Saegle was an odd looking fellow. Standing only half way over four feet, he looked like an elf who had been playing in soot. His stark white hair stood out from his ebony skin. The hair looked as if it has been dipped in honey and hung midway down his waist.

His only clothing was a pair of black leather breeches, and a longsword hung on his right hip. His finely toned arms and chest suggested power and strength within his lilthe body. But, it was his eyes that were the most interesting.

Liquid brown, Saegle's eyes hold a mixture of innocence and malovence in them. He seems calm and peaceful, yet at the same time, he is quite alert and wary.

Legend has it that Saegle Darktime is the son of the great kender Tassana Burrfoot and her godly lover Nuitari.

Saegle sighed as he slipped the cloth into a washbucket and picked the washbucket up. Looking around, he gave a soft smile at the inn.

This inn was built years ago. He inherited the inn after his mother passed away. The demigod gazed at the fireplace and the picture that hangs above it. The picture is one of a kender with long auburn brown hair which looks as if it had been dipped in honey. Her kind face holds a sweet smile that reaches all the way to her liquid brown eyes. On her shoulders is a black cloak, but that is all you see of her.

He held back his tears as he remembered the beautiful kender who graced his life. Turning from her, he walked slowly back to the bar and put the bucket away.

03/23/2006 9:06 PM

Selina Evenstar- Darktime stood as silently as death at the top of the stairs that divided the guest rooms, as well as the family living quarters, from the rest of the Inn. She watched Saegle go about the morning cleaning, watching in concern as he teared up at the sight of the portrait of his mother.

Selina was an elf, and had the smooth, tanned skin of pure blood Kaagonesti. She was also Saegles beloved wife. Coming to Fernwood years ago, she had met Tassana Burrfoot and her family, and soon had married the Kenders demigod son. The two had been through much together, good and bad. The two of them were linked in their love, mind and soul. And for each of them, family was the highest priority.

Like their children.

At the thought of the two young half elves, Selinas emerald green eyes drifted to the nearest window, as they had since Alia and Alisha had left on their quest soon after their grandmothers funeral. They hadnt went alone, they had their uncle and cousin with them, among others, but Selina still worried for their safety, and ached to have the group home again.

She sighed, tucking her long black hair behind her pointed ears as she came out of the shadows to descend the stairs to the common area. For what seemed the millionth time, the elven mage reminded herself that the children were fine, that Kreyl, her dearest friend and bodyguard, was with them and he would let no harm come to any of them.

For not only were Alia and Alisha her children, but they could very well be the future hope of the broken Kagonesti nation. Because, through Selinas heritage, the young half elves were the future rulers of the wild elves.

Again, the elvenwoman put the thought out of her head. Her family would be fine. But, still, she worried.

Walking across the floor, always as light and silent as the spring breeze, Selina snuck up behind her husband and paced a warm kiss on his cheek.

"Coming to bed soon, dearest?" she asked, using Kagonesti tongue. As she had become accustomed of late, the elf kept her tone light, hoping her husband could not tell how badly her heart ached with all the recent sadness and worry.

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03/30/2006 6:50 AM

Saegle looked up at his wife and smiled. He opened his bare arms and wrapped them around her small body. Closing his eyes, he breathed in the sweet scent of her perfumed hair while trying to calm himself. He could feel his emotions welling up and he did not want to burst right now.

Slowly, Saegle was learning to controll his emotions. It wasn't an easy task to do. Even now, after all these years, he had his moments. He hated that red eyed monster that he became. More importantly, when overcome with saddness, Saegle learned that his body tends to turn a greyish colour and his vibrant hair dulls greatly.

Silently, Saegle cursed his godly half. Sighing, he whispered, "I was just cleaning up after today. We were unusually busy. I don't know why people have been travelling a lot lately. Must be the weather."

Indeed, even now, Saegle could hear the nightingale outside rejoicing in the late spring night. He pulled away from Selina and offered her a crooked smile. "Even the birds come to visit this time of the year."

Though, he found he couldn't complain. After all, this was the most busy time of the year. Therefore, this was when they made the most money. And the best part was that humans rarely travelled this road. Most of his patrons were elves or other faerie type folk. Dwarves passed Fernwood without a second glance and humans never could find the place.

It wasn't that Saegle was prejudice. He just preferred [i]not[/i] to deal with the two hardy races. Sort of how he reacted when goblins or draconians wished to stay at the inn. He didn't shun them, but he didn't really welcome them either.

He took her by the hand and led her up the stairs. "I miss the children..," he told her, honestly. Then, he threw her an impish smile, "...sometimes. But, then, we can always make more..."

With a wink, he opened their bedroom door and pulled her into a hot kiss. Careful to close the door behind him, he held her with a promise of a very intriguing night.

03/31/2006 12:46 PM

Selina gratefully accepted her husband's hug, resting her head on his chest as she breathed in his scent. Mixed with it was the smell of his steel weapons, but, over the years, she had learned to push it aside. Smiling softly, she nestled against the demi-gods chest, listening to his heartbeat.

She knew how he fought with his emotions, knew how he struggled with them everyday. For her part, Selina always did her best to ease her husband's anger, for she, too hated the creature that the darkness turned him into.

Not wanting to break the peaceful silence, she simply nodded at his comments about the busy day, before letting him lead her upstairs.

"I miss them too," she confessed. Then catching is playful smile, he giggled. "Yes, we could make more." she agreed, as Saegle pulled her into a passionate embrace. She returned the kiss readily.

Soon, lost in her husband, the stress of recent busy days melted away.

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04/03/2006 8:00 AM

Tinsel stepped out into the early morning light. Her silver hair glistened with the sun. The great dragon was in elvish form, a form she usually took when roaming the streets of Fernwood.

In her silver dragon form, Tinsel was about 30 feet in length. She preferred her elven form when she wasn't in her home. Mostly because it made getting around much easier.

She watched as two turtle doves flew through the trees in a mating game. A broad smile crossed her face. "It will be a wonderful day," she proclaimed, taking the doves as a good olmen.

She walked towards the town square, for no other reason than to take in the scenery of the village. She loved this place. So many things reminded her of the kender that used to live here. At the same time, so many things spoke out to her that one day, possibly soon, things will change.

04/17/2006 6:54 AM

Coby lifted his head slowly and looked around. He didn't know where Tinsel had gone, but he wasn't too worried. After all, he knew she could take care of herself and Fernwood had been peaceful since Lady Tassana's death.

The silver dragon shook his great head. He was amazed how long that kender had lived. He had known her for over a hundred years and not once had she aged. He huffed. The gods were good at playing tricks like that. Then again, the dragon was used to people dying, so it didn't bother him much. He knew it bothered his mate, though.

Tinsel had a habit of bonding to people. Coby had always warned her against it, but she never listened. Even now, she had already bonded to all the people of the village. The other dragons, he understood. But the demigod and his family? They both knew that family wouldn't last forever. Eventually Selina, the beautiful elfmaid will grow old, and her husband with her. Eventually, Alia and Alisha will both die.

The dragon shook his head. Eventually he'll have to comfort Tinsel even more. With that thought, he looked towards their nest. Resting comfortably was a single silver egg. He smiled a toothy, dragon's smile. Perhaps comforting Tinsel wasn't so bad after all. For the first time in their long lives, Tinsel and Coby were going to have a baby. Coby will be a father. For that, he was glad.

He thought again of the kender and how much she would've loved to see his young. He rolled his eyes as he imagined the kender's sweet giggle as she tickled his babe under the chin. Then, he caught himself. He knew he shouldn't be thinking of the kender. She was gone and there wasn't anything anyone could do about it. It was time to move on.

Coby checked the temperature of the egg and then laid his head back down.


Zynx happily knocked on the door to the inn. He was disguised as a drow, complete with long snowy hair and black clothes. His red eyes twinkled in merriment as he held the small brown paper package closely.

Saegle sat up in bed and looked to the window. The early morning sunshine streamed across the floor. "Who in the Abyss could that be this early in the morning?" he asked.

He looked down at his wife and smiled. Ever so gently, he placed a kiss on her lips. Then, he heard the knocking again. "By Sargas, I'm gonna kill whomever that is," the demigod swore under his breath.

He kicked off the sheets and grabbed the scabbard of his sword. He didn't even bother putting on his boots as he began making his way downstairs, murder on his mind. He continued grumbling as he tore at the locks and opened the door. Seeing Zynx, he dropped the sword scabbard.

"What are you doing here this early in the morn?" the demigod demanded.

Zynx laughed merrily. "Were you going to stab me, Lord Saegle?" he asked in jest as he pushed past and walked into the inn.

"I might just," Saegle replied as he picked up his scabbard and tied it to his waist. "What do you want?"

Ignoring Saegle, the dragon asked, "Is the lady awake yet? I have a package for her that arrived in the mail."

"When did you start handling post?" Saegle questioned.

Zynx shrugged. "When no one else would, I suppose. You know, I have to say, this is the first time we've ever gotten mail here. Makes me wonder if people even know we exist."

"Technically, to the outside world, we don't. At least, we aren't supposed to," the demigod said, going behind the bar and grabbing a bottle of elvenblossom wine.

"Then why in the Abyss do we have an inn?" the dragon shot back with a wink.

Saegle sighed as he poured himself a glass. He offered Zynx one, but the dragon passed, saying he couldn't stomach the stuff. "Lots of travellers come here. And many of them sell goods in town, but they don't usually remember much about this place when they leave. That's part of the magic of Fernwood. Shrouded in a dream. The only people who really believe this place to be real are those who live here and call this place home."

"A trick of your father's?" Zynx asked.

Saegle shrugged, "I suppose a trick from all three. A way to protect Tassana Burrfoot and her kin. I don't think it was my father alone, otherwise this place would reek of evil."

"Who's to say it doesn't? Have you ever 'felt' the magical vibe of this village?" Zynx asked him.

Saegle shook his head. "No, but if it did, then elves wouldn't come here. At least, not the good ones. And they are always showing up asking for a room."

04/19/2006 12:57 PM

Selina woke as the sun streamed over her face. Looking around the room, she noticed Saegle gone, but smiled as she heard him speaking to someone downstairs. She got out of bed, brushing her hair smooth and leaving it loose, and dressing in a forest green dress as she listened harder. He was speaking to Zynx.

Tucking her medallion of Lunitari around her slender neck, and slipping the beaded leather sandal that she had received from her best friend Kreyl before he had left with the children, the pretty elven mage went downstairs.

Merry morning Zynx," Selina sang out happily to the dragon in disguise, after she kissed her husband good morning. "What brings you here at this early hour? I havent even started breakfast yet."

04/23/2006 8:21 PM

In the forest morning, a patch of moss bathed in sunlight began to shimmer with a smoky mist, as if a doorway to some faery world had opened in the floor of the forest, giving entrance to an uninvited and strange guest. A small hiss accomponied the churning disturbance, which shifted in color from dark greys to yellow, crimson, and a bleeding purple. The mist paused and settled on the forest floor, a blanket of moisture no more than two inches high. Birds chirped anxiously and flew away, and squirrels chittered from their posts in trees, the brave among them heckling the mist with thrown acorns and nuts. As if imbued with a sense of humor, the mist let out a sound like a chuckle, at the same time roiling inward as if imploding. This motion happened quickly; what remaind after was a simple, small sphere of darkness that seemed to soak up the morning light, and shade the bright green of the moss. This dense mass quickly rose and meandered among the trees, as if trying to find its bearings. A sound like sniffing came from the round cloud as it wound its way towards a clearing, towards Fernwood Village.

04/23/2006 9:43 PM

Zynx laughed, "G'morning, Lady Selina. I just stopped by to chat with your husband and deliver this package to you."

"Seems our dragon friend has become the Fernwood post," Saegle mused to his wife. "Someone sent you something, Beloved."

Zynx nodded cheerfully as he handed Selina a brown package. It was about the size of a thick book and it was heavy and rectangular in shape. The dragon shrugged, "I didn't know you had contacts outside of Fernwood, m'lady."

Saegle shook his head. "Aside from the Kagonesti, she doesn't."

Saegle stopped a moment and tilted his head to the side. He looked to his wife curiously. "Is it just me, or did the room just get colder?" he asked her, feeling a strange shiver through the air.

Zynx shrugged. "I didn't feel a thing." Though the dragon knew the question hadn't been directed at him, he had felt urged to reply.

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04/24/2006 7:06 PM

Selina took the package from Zynx, looking at the square box curiously. Looking up, she said, "Saegle's right. Other than the Kagonesti, I know noone else." Then she glanced at her husband, "You don't think it's from Kreyl or his parents do you? That there's trouble?"

The elvenwoman stared at the package nervously. Kreyl, of course, was with the children on their journey. His parents, too, were close to Selina. His father was her high general; his mother was her main confidant.

News from any one of the three of them, these days, could not be good.

Selina looked up, hearing her husband's question. Now that she thought about it, the room did feel a bit different. "You're right, dearest. What could it be?"

Putting the package on a nearby table, she began opening it, curious to see what the mystery was.

Tearing away the brown wrapping paper, she gasped in amazement. She lifted out a beautifully made jewelery box, encrusted with rubies and emeralds in the shape of the infinity symbol, the symbol of the Healing Goddess, Mishakal.

Eyes wide, Selina carefully opened the lid of the jewelry box. She stared in surprise as she lifted out, and held up, a single golden chain. Upon closer inspection, however, she was that it wasn't a simple chain, but a golden anklet. On it were five silver bells, set apart evenly.

"Who could have sent me something so beautiful? And, why?" Selina questioned aloud.

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04/24/2006 8:52 PM

Saegle shrugged and looked in the box. He saw a rolled letter that looked as if it had been sealed with a Dark Knight's ring. Curious, Saegle took out the rolled parchment and broke the seal.

Aloud, he read:

"Dear Selina Darktime,

You don't know me, however, you know my best friend, Tassana Burrfoot. She's told me a lot about you in her letters to me. I wish I would've had the honour to have met you.

If you are getting this, then, sadly, Tassana Burrfoot has already passed on to the next life. I asked her, on my own deathbed, to put this package in safe-keeping until she leaves Krynn. Then, she is to pass it on to you.

The anklet is a very powerful talisman. Wear it on your ankle and no one will ever be able to remove it save yourself. And then, only when it is your time to pass it on to the next successor. Be warned, though. There are many people in this world who would love nothing more than to have this anklet. For, it has the power to raise the dead and free banished demons. I don't know how, but I know that much.

This anklet can give you the ability of telepathy and telekenetics. It can also strength powers you already have and bring up a barrier around yourself and those you touch.

Also, the point about shoes. Anything that can be put on the feet will most likely irritate the anklet, therefore irritating your ankle. You don't have to worry about the cold or rough roads, because the anklet will protect your feet from those things. I've found that I could tolerate moccasains if they were slip ons, but only on occasion and not for long.

I'm passing this anklet onto you, not because I know you, but because Tassana did. And she trusted you. I have no children or grandchildren of my own, therefore I have no one to pass it on to. You are my only hope. Take care of the anklet, and it will take care of you and yours. Don't let greedy hands get ahold of it, and make sure you have a successor before you die. For, without one, the anklet will be up for anyone who is able to get it. And that, my friend, can be dangerous.

May the great wisdom of the gods be with you.

Lady Gail Silver Blackguard"

Saegle stopped reading the letter and looked at the chain in his wife's hands. Zynx stared in awe.

"Lady Gail sent the anklet to you?!" the dragon said in a hushed whisper.

Saegle turned on the dragon. "You know of this thing?"

Zynx nodded. "Pretty much every magical being in existance knows of it. Were I you, Lady Selina, I'd put it on quickly. If Lord Nuitari were to come here right now... we'd all be in trouble."

Saegle slammed his fist on the table. "My father wouldn't do a damn thing!" he growled, his eyes momentarily shifting to red.

Zynx held up his hands in submission, "I do not doubt your abilities, my lord. I'm just saying... That thing could be dangerous if place in the wrong hands..."

04/24/2006 9:05 PM

Selina stared at Saegle as he read the note, then glanced at the golden chain in her hand. Seemingly coming out of shock, she nodded at Zynx and l=slipped of her sandals.

Her small feet now bare, she undid the clasp on the anklet and attached to around her right ankle. The gold glinted in the morning sunlight, and the bells tinkled as she walked.

Now that she wore it, Selina could indeed feel a slight magical aura on it. She smiled as she felt the familar magical shimmer of an artifact. Taking the letter from Saegle and tucking it away in her pocket, sshe than turned back to Zynx.

"Thankyou for bringing this to me, my friend. Please, what do you know of this Lady Gail?"

04/24/2006 11:17 PM

Outside of E Asha 'A Mellonae, Saegle's raised voice could be heard following a resounding thud: "My father wouldn't do a damn thing!" Several robins that had been milling about the yard took flight and found shelter up in distant trees. Their rustling feathers seemed amplified. Stranger still, agitated whispers could be heard, as of disemobodied voices among the trees.

As the shout penetrated the walls of the house, a dark mist came bleeding over the ground outside the inn. As it crept along, strange sounds accompanied it: the echoed rustling of feathers, wind in the grass, the creaking of old trees--all of which sounded like hollow imitations and perversions of themselves.

The mist rolled low over the ground, collecting itself together and gathering speed as it went, until it was once again in the shape of a dark, rough sphere. This sphere smashed against the door of the inn, seemingly dissipating.

Yet in the foyer of the inn, the front door shook on its great hinges, and a strange black smoke seemed to seep from the wood. Just as Selina finished asking her question of Zynx, this smoke jumped and settled briefly near the fireplace, where it began to swirl, moving quickly up towards the picture of Tassana Burrfoot. Lingering in front of the picture for a small second, the cloudy mass seemed to take on the likeness of the revered, ancient kender. It was as if Tassana's pepetually youthful form stood in silhouette there in the inn.

As quickly as the image formed, it was gone. The dusty cloud that had intruded upon the morning meeting of three friends streamed upward over the fireplace, merging into the portrait of Tassana. Simultaneously, a quiet sound that could have been as much a sigh as a creak reverberated uncannily throughout the inn. Whatever strange entity had crept uninvited into E Asha 'A Mellonae was seen no more, at least for the time being.

04/25/2006 7:48 AM

Standing in the town square, Tinsel's ears perked up. The sounds of Saegle's anger still echoed through the town. "What in the Abyss was that?" she asked herself, looking towards the inn.

The disguised silver dragon began making her way to the inn. To see what was going on.


Zynx shook his head. "I never really had the pleasure of meeting Lady Gail, so I don't know much about her. I know her husband was Sir Darrel Blackguard, a Knight of Tahkisis."

Saegle looked bewildered. "He served my grandmother?" the demigod asked without really realizing it.

The dragon nodded. "But, like I said, I don't know much else. I've heard that after Sir Darrel died, Lady Gail took up her husband's sword and armor and began a journey of her own. She was mortally wounded by a black wizard and died in Tiger Curlknot's home."

The demigod nodded and looked at the anklet that now adorned his wife's foot.

"You might try asked Coby and Tinsel," Zynx offered. "From what I know, there are only two people that Coby has ever let ride him. Lady Callia and Lady Gail. He would probably know more about her. They used to travel with Lady Tassana and her group of friends."

Saegle knelt by his wife and went to touch the anklet, to examine it. The power of the anklet threw him back and he flew into the top of the bar and flipped upward and behind it.

Zynx heard the impact and a hard thud. Worried, the dragon ran to the bar.

04/25/2006 6:32 PM

High above Fernwood Village, a huge portal suddenly emerged. Time and space twisted and changed, different planes and dimensions merged and shifted. And as suddenly as the portal emerged, it disappeared. Time and space returned to normal. The different planes and dimensions returned to normal and life continued on. Except for one anomaly, a man clothed in tattered white robes, was falling through the air.

The man was severely injured and could barely see his surroundings. All he could tell was that he was in the air and falling. Where am I? Who am I? What am I doing here? Why am I hurt? Why am I falling? Am I going to die? He lifted his eyes open just a little to see that he was going to land in a forest. Panic seized him as he plummeted faster and faster downwards.

He tried to move but suddenly felt a wave of pain with every try. I can't move my body! What am I going to do!? Think! Think damn you! He heard the wind whistling in his ear as he continued to plummet. Stay calm, just stay calm. Project your thoughts outward and hopefully someone will hear you. Well, its worth a shot anyways.

Slowly he began to breath inward and outward, calming himself. After he had calmed his state of mind, he started to concentrate on projecting his thoughts out on a wide scale area. When I do this I got to make sure that my thoughts are strong enough and spread out enough to be heard. I pray that someone hears me quickly... He relaxed his body as best as he could and then started to concentrate on that one thought. He suddenly opened his eyes and that thought was sent... HELP ME!

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04/27/2006 2:44 PM

"Ill talk to Tinsel then," Selina affirmed with a thankful smile to the silver/black dragon. She smiled down at her husband as he studied the anklet, yelping in surprise as he watched him get thrown over the bar.

"Saegle! Are you all right?" she said, rushing to help the demigod up, concern on her face. She checked him over quickly, grabbing some rags in case he was bleeding. "Im so sorry, beloved! I should have known with a new magical artifact&"

At this, the elfmaid frowned down at the chain on her ankle.

Then, she raised her head quickly, looking around the room with a confused look on her pretty face. Sensing out, she felt magic in the area, as well, as a voice asking for help.

"Saegle, Zynx? Do you feel that? There was magic in here&Different from the anklet. Dark and cold. As well, theres a man outside, calling for help. I hear him in my mind.."

05/01/2006 8:12 PM

Tinsel looked up in time to see a man plummeting towards the earth. With a quick thought, she transformed into a dragon and dove underneath him. What was once a plummet to his own death, became a ride on a 30 foot long silver dragon.

The dragon touched the ground and turned her snake-like head to him. Her sapphire eye gazed at him with immense interest. she asked him in a whisper, which sounded more like someone was standing right next to him. Her deep feminine voice sounded young, but wise.


Saegle cursed as he stood up and brushed broken glass off of his breeches. "What in the Abyss is that thing?!" he demanded.

Zynx shrugged, "Well, the letter did say that no one would be able to touch it. I think that means you as well, my lord."

"I don't give a rat's ass..." the demigod began to rant. Then, he heard and felt the same thing Selina had. Saegle looked towards the door and began walking to it. "Sounds like someone needs our help."

Zynx nodded, not knowing what was going on, and followed Saegle to the door.

As he opened the door, Saegle found he couldn't shake his anger and embarrassment from being knocked across the room by an anklet. "There's got to be a way to destroy that damn thing," he mumbled under his breath so the others couldn't hear him.

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05/02/2006 12:09 PM

Selina headed out the door with the others, wanting to see what was going on. As she did, she thought she felt a tremble of frustration from Saegle, but brushed it aside. She knew anyone would be frustrated after getting thrown through the air.

Something she felt horrible about.

Outside. she saw Tinsel in her full silver dragon form with a man on her back. He wore tattered robes, and looked injured and tired. But, other than that, there was nobody else around. The elf looked around in confusion, then turned her green eyes on the man.

Speaking her accented common, she said, "Sir?! What happened? Were you attacked by someone?"

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05/03/2006 3:36 PM

He gently landed on something huge and tried to see what it was that had saved him. "Thank you, I have no idea who I am and I have no idea why I was falling from the sky. Where am I? What are you?"

He tried to move but pain shot through out his whole body. He decided it to be best to not move and tried to remember anything that he could. Suddenly they were on the ground, with more people surrounding him. "I don't know... I just don't know." With this he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

05/05/2006 4:00 PM

Seeing the man fall asleep, Selina rushed to his side, checking his lifebeat. "It's stable", she told the others, standing up again, "but he's exhausted and injured. Saegle, Zynx, if you'll help, we should get him inside."

Looking to Tinsel, the elven mage smiled. "Thankyou for catching him, m'lady. If you wouldn't mind, there is a matter I wish your council on after we tend to the stranger."

05/05/2006 8:47 PM

Saegle saw the man on Tinsel and was curious.

Tinsel stretched her wings and then gently picked the man up in her mouth and placed him on the ground. She was careful not to pierce him with her teeth, nor hurt him anymore than he already was. Once he was safely on the ground, she transformed back into a elvenmaid.

Saegle snorted at the sight of the man. "Let him die," he grumbled.

Zynx and Tinsel both turned to the demigod in shock. Realizing what he had said, Saegle looked just as shocked.

"M'lord?!" Tinsel exclaimed.

His eyes wide, Saegle apologized, "I don't know where that came from. I've never said anything like that before..."

After the initial shock, Zynx shrugged it off and turned back to the man. Having lived a good portion of his life in the Underdark, the black and silver dragon was used to comments like that one. "Is he a human?" the dragon asked.

"He's hurt," Tinsel told him. "And he needs medical attention. Human or not. We should bring him into the inn."

"Perhaps you should carry him, Zynx. With the way I've been acting, I might incidently hurt him. Especially if he is a human," Saegle said, bowing his head. Just the mere idea of that man being human made Saegle want to choke him. And that, above all, scared the demigod.

Concerned, he turned to his wife. "I'm going to go ask Coby if he has any extra bandages or ointments."

Tinsel nodded in agreement as Zynx lifted the man up carefully. The dragoness turned a wise eye to Saegle, "I think that's a good idea.

05/07/2006 11:24 PM

Nodding at Saegle, she watched him in concern. She felt anger from her husband, an emotion she had not sensed from him in a long while. Truth be told, Selina, too, was feeling slightly strange herself..

Turning to follow Zynx into the Inn, she went upstairs to prepare a room for him to rest in. Standing by the door, watching him, the elfmaid suddenly felt a wave of disgust and resentment towards the stranger.

"He's hunan. All humans no is to hurt and destroy," she muttered to herself harshly in Kagonesti, her green eyes going cold. Then, shaking her head in amazement at herself, she whispered, "What's happening to me?"

Turning to Zynx, she said, "I'll go get the things to start tending to him." Without waiting for an answer, she fled the room.

05/18/2006 7:49 PM

Saegle walked to Coby's lair shaking his head. He couldn't get rid of this feeling that he needed to just... destroy that human. He knew people could get to Krynn through portals that linked to the village, but he didn't actually believe humans would learn how to use them.

Not paying attention, the demigod walked straight into his sister.

"Hey! Watch it, prick!" the drowkender hissed.

Without thinking, Saegle shoved her out of the way and continued on... Or at least, he tried to.

Angered at his lack of respect, Callia jumped onto her brother's back and knocked him into a tumble on the ground. She landed on top of him and grabbed the collar of his tunic. "Didn't Mother ever teach you to respect females?" she scolded.

"Only ladies," he shot back before grabbing her arms and throwing her over him.

He rolled and brought himself into a crouch. Both of his blades were drawn as his eyes flashed red. "You need to learn respect yourself, Callia," he growled.

She hissed, "Only after I teach you some manners."

With that, she did a somersault and landed in front of him with her daggars drawn. She quickly went into the moves of close-range fighting. He blocked her attacks and sent in some of his own.

Just as the fight was escalating, a large silver dragon dropped out of the sky and grabbed the demigod, lifting Saegle into the air, out of Callia's range.

Coby asked, his 28 foot long body keeping the two siblings apart.

"He started it," Callia complained. "I don't know what his deal is, but he just knocked me to the side as if I were no one. Then, he didn't even apologize. I was just teaching him some manners."

In response, Saegle lashed at Coby with his deadly blades. The dragone shook him and the blades fell harmlessly to the ground.

"If you don't let me go," the demigod warned, "I will rip your throat out with my bare hands."

"See?" Callia protested. "He just tried to do that very thing to me!"

Coby informed as he placed the demigod on the ground.

Grumbling, Saegle picked up his swords and resheathed them. "You're lucky I don't tear you apart, dragon," he threatened.

Coby raised an eyebrow.

Saegle rolled his eyes. "Do you have anything to help heal wounds? Bandages or medicines?" he asked the dragon.

Coby asked, suspecting Saegle's temper got the best of him... again.

"No one. Some idiot fell out of the sky and almost got himself killed," Saegle responded. "I'm in charge of getting what is needed to help heal him."

This surprised Coby. He had heard a call for help, but he hadn't realized where it had come from.

"Fell from the sky? How the hell did he fall from the sky?" Callia asked, suspicious.

"How in the Abyss am I supposed to know?" Saegle shot back, throwing his hands in the air. He turned to Coby. "Are you going to help me or not?"

The dragon nodded and transformed into an elflord. He led the brother and sister into his lair and gathered the supplies that they needed. Quickly, the three headed for the inn.


Zynx carefully laid the man on a palet Tinsel had main. He then watched as the dragoness made a bowl of hot water and gently cleaned the man's face with a wet rag.

"He's kinda handsome," Tinsel commented.

Zynx snorted, "He's human."

"You don't know that, Zynx," the dragoness/elfmaid said. "You see him as you would see someone on Krynn or Faerun. From the looks of the markings on his skin, he's from neither place."

"Those markings are runes," the young dragon said, placing another bowl of water near the fireplace to warm. "I've seen them in the texts that the Black Widow provides for Lady Callia. There is a group of human mages on Toril who wear such runes."

"You think he's from your world?" she asked.

Zynx shrugged. "There's no telling where he's from. From what I know about realms, it is possible he's from my world, or any other world."

"Is he dangerous?" Tinsel questioned.

Again, the dragon couldn't give her a correct answer. "The only way to find out is to ask him when he awakes."

05/19/2006 5:19 PM

Downstairs, Selina sat at a table in the common room. She heard Tinsel and Zynx talking about the stranger, but made no move to return upstairs. Instead, she sat, clenching and unclenching her hands, a mix of anger and confusion on her pretty face.

She felt anger, deep and threatening inside her. An urge to fight, to defend herself. Although she felt that from Saegle, this was different. It was now coming from herself as well. And, because, she hardly ever gave into her anger, her darker feelings, this state of mind scared the elven mage.

She continued to clench her hands. She couldn't risk returning upstairs until she calmed down.

05/23/2006 4:41 PM

In Altora...

The 10 Elders all lowered their staffs, looking at one another. Some showed signs of fear, others showed signs of sadness, and some showed signs of happiness. They had just destroyed the last chance that their world had to defeat the Dark Mage and they knew it. Yet, if they had not, the Dark Mage would have attacked their air-born city named Delota, and then he would have control of all of Altora.

"We must go and seal his staff away." One of the Elders said and with that, 3 other Elders joined him to do so. They left the others to contemplate what had just happened.

"Why.... why did we do it? He was the only hope, the only chance for Altora." Said a very old, bald-headed Elder named Bortho. "And what about what he said before we erased his memory? What if the Dark Mage truly tainted those 4? We can't possibly fight him and them. What will we do when they finally strike?"

"We will fight to the death, thats what." Said a muscular looking Elder with short brown beard whose name was Secar. "We did it to protect ourselves and we will continue to do so until our last breath."

"But we are already dead!" screamed Bortho. "Don't you see? He has armies of demons, ogres, dragons, mages, and humans alike. What do we have? An army of mages and a few good dragons left? I'm sorry but the odds are heavily against us."

"Quiet you two. We have no time to argue between ourselves. We must stand strong together." Another Elder who had elegant, long jet black hair with green eyes. Her name was Celina. "Elder Saphoron, where did we send Barda to again?"

The eldest of the Elders, looked up over his glasses at all of the other Elders that were currently present. "We sent him to Krynn where hopefully, he will be safe." There was great sadness in his heart for Barda was like a son to him. "Never forget, he is the last of his kind..."

Back in Fernwood Village...

In the deep recesses of his mind, Barda was trying to figure out who he was... Who am I? Where am I? How come I don't remember who I am!" He yelled out into the void.

Suddenly, a blinding light appeared and a voice came with it. "You must remember... Your the only chance for your world.... " The voice said in a calming and soothing voice.

"Who am I? Why am I here? Who are you? Why don't I remember anything?"

"Remember and you will find out..." The voice said as it neared him. A hand appeared from the light and touched Barda's head sending a surge of images through his brain.

A man was kneeling on the floor and 10 men in robes with staffs, each pointing at him. "Don't do this! Elders, I beg of you... I was only trying to save our people from Calcifer. If we don't stop him... he'll destory all of Altora! He has already corrupted 4 of the Elders here. Do you really want him to win?"

"Silence!" One of the Elders said, and instantly the man felt pain course through his body. "You have defied our laws and have almost cost us war with the Dark Mage. Luckily, he has agreed to not attack as long as we banish you, here and now. Prepare to be banished from Altora, forever."

"No, you bastard! Your one of them! Don't let Calcifer win! If he has his way, Altora will be his!" The man looked towards the eldest of the Elders. "Saphoron... please... don't..."

Saphoron raised his staff higher and began to chant an ancient spell, a tear falling from behind his glasses. Instantly the other Elders followed suit and the man reeled in agony as pain shot through out his whole body. He then slumped onto his side and closed his eyes.

"What.. whats happening..." A portal appeared moments after and the man was hurled into the portal...

Instantly, Barda awoke and his upper body shot up. "NNOOO!" He quickly looked around the room and jumped out of the bed heading for the door. "I've got to return! He'll kill them if I don't!" He bashed open the door and began to head down the stairs.

05/25/2006 7:55 AM

"Wait!" Tinsel shouted, jumping to her feet at the man's outburst.

Zynx whispered a word and disappeared. He reappeared next to Selina. "My lady! We must seal the doors!" he told her, as he headed for the front door.

Tinsel followed the man toward the staircase and as he began to decend, she touched his arm. "Please, tell me. Who's going to kill them? Who is "them"? Who are you?" Though she was in an elvish form, her soft accent spoke of another. "Please, we want to help you," she told him as she followed him down the stairs, not taking her hand off of his shoulder.


Coby handed Saegle the items he needed. "So, who is this guy?" the dragon asked.

Saegle shrugged. "Don't know. He looks human, but I'm not sure exactly. He fell from the sky."

"What do you mean, 'fell from the sky'?" Callia asked, taking a blanket from Coby's stock and following her brother and the dragon.

"Just what I said," Saegle answered. "He fell from the sky. Tinsel caught him and saved his life. Once they touched ground, he passed out. No one's talked to him since. At least, not that I'm aware. He may well be awake now."

"If he's suffering as great of wounds as you said, he's probably still out," Coby stated.

As they approached the inn, Saegle shook his head. "No, he's not elven kind, remember? I said he was human. Humans are too stubborn to let a few cuts and bruises knock them out for long."

"Obviously, you don't know much about humans, brother," Callia retorted.

05/25/2006 3:07 PM

the forest below reminded him so much of home... if he closed his eyes he could almost believe he was there.... Almost. The scent of the wind was different, more powerful... the sounds were much different too.

Back home, humans ruled most of the land, though demons and other creatures lived among them, many were blissfully ignorant of their existance. Many didn't even belive he existed, but he was there, watching through the centuries.

the wind bore him along, the wind that was his very existance. A dragon not of this world, but was accepted openly. His own mate, a rare dragon of this world had even bore him an heir, a beautiful daughter... It was one of those rare times when he was able to get away and explore the world of Krynn, and he hadn't even gotten far when he felt a planar rift tear through the world.

his heart nearly stopped in sudden terror...then began to beat more normally when he felt no pesence of such Youkai as Shijima... but something had come through, something that would alter his new home, one that he had to investigate...

He sped through the sky, the wind tearing at his scales and furred ridge. His wolfish face twisted in a snarl.

It didn't take him long to find the source of the disturbance, and the trouble that it brought with it... he saw a villiage below, and knew it for the one called Fernwood... He frowned and landed, the wind cushioning his landing. The moment all four clawed feet had touched the ground, the sound of a roaring wind and rushing water surrounded him, and magic engulphed his form in a blue-white sphere of light.

It dissapated to reveal a man of a hard-to-determine age, with long black hair, wearing odd clothing of silk, done in blue and silver. His skin is porceline pale, and his eyes burn gold like the sun. He bears only a single sword tucked into a silver obi (Sash) at his waist. A dragon siloueted behind a silver moon is the crest on the left breast of his haori, which is the color of the night sky. His Hakama are silver-white, while his soft boots are of rich black leather.

Hiaku Seimiya, planar traveler, oriental dragon, it didn't matter his title, for many knew him by sight alone... however he had yet to visit this little village, odd really, considering he and his mate really didn't live all that far away in the Village of Solace.

His stride measured even, he made his way towards the village gates.

05/25/2006 4:57 PM

Barda continued down the stairs without losing his stride. He didn't even notice the woman as she put her hands on him although her voice penetrated his one track mind. "My name is Barda and I still don't remember my last name." He reached the end of the stairs and continued towards the door.

"The Dark Mage, Calcifer is the one who is going to kill them. And they, are my people. I'm from... I'm from... a place called Altora. Beyond that, I don't remember anything else." He tried to open the door but for some reason it wouldn't budge.

"Why won't this door open! I have to help them!" He began to slam on the door with all his might. He turned wildly around to look at the people in the inn. "Why won't this door open?"

He took a step closer to the woman who had been holding him. "Let me out now!" His voice boomed and the runes on his body began to glow faintly with a sky blue hue. He took one step closer and reached out for her but pain shot throughout his body. He fell to the ground and layed there.

"All I know is that I am the last chance against Calcifer. Yet I don't even know where I am or why the Elders sent me here."

05/26/2006 8:01 PM

Tinsel stopped and breathed a sigh of relief when she realized the man could not escape. "My name is Tinsel and you are in the village of Fernwood," she explained.

An ebony skinned elf leaned against the wall near the door. His long white hair fell loose down his shoulders. He looked at Barda curiously. "Altora? I've never heard of it," he said, his voice deep, but soft.

Tinsel tilted her head to the side. "It's not part of Faerun? Or Toril?" she asked.

He shook his head. "Must be a separate plane altogether," he said. Looking at the man he sighed, "I am Zynx. The lady of this inn is Lady Selina Darktime. Were I you, I'd thank Tinsel for saving you. As it was, she could've just let you continue to fall out of the sky and land like a pancake on the ground."

"Zynx!" the elfmaid reprimanded.

He shrugged, "Considering his appreciation, I don't see why we can't eat him."

Tinsel shook her head. "You'll have to excuse Zynx," she apologized to Barda. "He's not used to human contact. He's lived with the dark elves far to long."

The black elf snorted and looked at Selina, who seemed to have gotten quiet. "My lady? Any suggestions?"


Coby approached the inn and tried to open the door. Suddenly he stepped back and gave it a puzzled look.

"What's wrong?" Callia asked.

The dragon tried the door again. "The door's stuck," he said, having no success.

Saegle's eyes widened in alarm. "My wife is in there!" he shouted. "There's no telling what that hu..."

"If you turn this into a racial thing, I swear I will cut you from nose to navel, brother," Callia growled. "We've already decided the man can't even get out of bed. Much less block the door and haggle your wife. What's he gonna do? Cough on her?"

"He might!" Saegle retorted.

"Now you're being rediculous!" Callia snapped, throwing her hands in the air.

Coby shook his head at the sibling bickering and turned his attention to the door. It was obvious the door was magically guarded. He put his ear to the door and thought he could hear talking on the other side. "Shh!" he snarled at the two siblings.

05/31/2006 9:15 AM

((( Fill in for Luni )))

Selina had helped Zynx seal the doors, though she wasn't quite sure why she was doing so. If the man wanted to leave, she didn't know why he couldn't just... leave. His presence made her uneasy. Especially considering his obvious heritage.

Selina felt queasy when Zynx introduced her. Now the man knew who she was. She didn't know what was making her feel so bad towards him. She could only guess it was Saegle's feelings towards him and her own insecurities about humans.

It was then she noticed both Zynx and Tinsel were looking at her, waiting for an answer. She hadn't realized she had drifted off. As she tried to think of something to say, she went over the conversation she had only moments ago tuned out.

Then, she looked at the man. In her Kagonesti accented voice, she responded, "You say you are from a place called Altora. This is Krynn. There is no such place as Altora around here. If we open the doors and allow you out, how do you expect to get home? My suggestion is to relax and let us help you find a way back to where you belong."

06/01/2006 2:40 PM

His mind was racing but he still heard what they were saying. He tried to concentrate on what was happening now and was having a hard time. He stood up slowly and looked at the elfmaid and bowed. "Tha... thank you for saving me. It's quite alright... Tinsel was it?"

He then looked at Selina as she spoke. "Then that means I am far from Altora..." He sat down in a near by chair and ran his hands through his hair. "I... I would appreciate the help... though I have no idea where to even begin."

06/07/2006 10:04 PM

Tinsel nodded and went to the bar. She walked behind the bar and grabbed a mug. She filled it up with some ale and brought it to Barda. She placed it next to him in case he would want a sip or two.

"Zynx knows more about planar jumping than we do," she told the man.

The dark elf shook his head. "I always jump with Lady Callia or the Black Widow. I know nothing of my own about it," he answered. "Besides, even if I did, who said I was going to help?"

"Zynx!" Tinsel scolded.

(((Fill in for Luni)))

Selina shook her head. "Zynx is right, Tinsel. We need Callia or the Black Widow. They would know more and could probably help him," she told the elfwoman.


"I'm not sure I trust the Black Widow. Especially when it envolves a male. [i]Any[/i] male," Tinsel stated, the look on her face emphasizing her distrust.

Zynx laughed and nodded, "It would be unwise to trust the Black Widow with anything, period."

Suddenly, a banging was heard coming from the front door. "Selina!" a voice shouted from the other side.

Tinsel and Zynx both shot up. "Lord Saegle!" they said in unison.

"Zynx, go open the door for him," Tinsel quickly commanded, waving her hands in that direction.

The dark elf ran to the door and threw it open. Two dark elves and an elven lord burst into the inn. The male dark elf ran to Selina and grabbed her in a hug.

"Are you alright, Beloved?" he asked in hurried Qualinesti. "That man didn't hurt you or anything, did he?"

(((Fill in for Luni)))

Selina accepted his embraced and answered him back in Kagonesti, "No, my Beloved. We were just talking... I think he can be trusted..."


Saegle growled and turned to the man. The demigod's liquid brown eyes flashed red. In Common, he spat, "No human can ever be trusted."

Another dark elf looking creature stepped between Saegle and his would-be human victim. This female had the same liquid brown eyes and long, white, blonde-tipped hair as the male did. However, she was a bit shorter and more lilthe than he was. "Listen to him before you make your judgements, Brother," she sneered.

"Why do you defend this human?" the demigod snarled.

The female rolled her eyes. "A curse bestowed upon me from Mother I suppose. Like her, I tend to have compassion for those who fall, unwillingly, out of the sky," she told him.

The female wheeled to the man. For the first time, he got a full view of her. From her curves to her liquid brown eyes and full, red lips. Her skin was almost a dark grey in colour with just a tinge of brown in it. She wore a black leather outfit that showed just how well-endowed she was and was tight enough to show each and every curve of her body. Her black leather boots went up to her knees.

"So, human," she questioned, "do you have a name?"

Tinsel sighed and looked at Coby. This was going to be a long day...

06/13/2006 1:48 PM

Hiaku passed through the gates of Fernwood, only to be drawn to the odd, towering vallenwood tree nearby. Rather, it looked like a vallenwood, towering over nearly all the others in the village itself. The leaves were shaped right, but they definitly were the wrong color... for not all of them were green, some were gold, red, white, blue, and every hue in between and the heart of the tree seemed to make it glow from within.

The elemental force that the tree gave off made Hiaku stop in his tracks as he felt the force sieze him in an unbreakable grasp. He tensed, but didn't struggle as he felt the force that sustained the tree examine him, as if the tree itself was sentient, and was making sure he meant no harm to those who dwelled within.

The force released him, and he stumbled momentarily before he regained his balance and stepped away from the tree, further into the village. He glanced at the tree and felt the power within it relax, as if it had tested him and accepted him. he swore he heard a soft sigh and a giggle of a child as he turned away.

He moved towards what he felt sure was the central building and perhaps even the Inn... and wondered just what else was in store for him here, and who just may have been alerted by the elemental power that had tested and released him from the gates.

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