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03/14/2006 6:36 PM

Thread: The Dungeon
Genre: General RP
Character: Touga Drache

Touga's icy blue eyes scanned the entrance warily before nodding once and walking inside, hand resting at the ready on the hilt of his rapier. Once the initial cavern had been searched, the asuli and wolf continued on, following Touga's heightened senses, and the wolf's nose.

Touga made his way into the caverns, alert to every sound... suddenly he tripped in the dark. "Okay... who left their coffee mug on the floor?? I could've been hurt you morons!!! Where the hell is my Agent???"

Touga playing the really prissy actor ;)

Okay people, this is a little game I want to play, so come one and joke around.. pick a character (preferabbly your own or with permission from another member) and make up something funny about it, or pick a character from a well known book (dragonlance for instance) and do something silly from that.

I am starting this in memory of an old friend here from the consortium, Silvermagess, a good friend and a wonderful comic ;) I miss ya hun, wish you'd come around again!

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03/15/2006 8:55 AM

okay....gonna quote some other funny stuff from the old archived thread...

this one is from a member,
username: Simon
Setting: Dragonlance

Raistlin and Caramon stand on the set of their movie Test of the twins.

Raistlin looks at Caramon who is trying to withhold a smile.

"Have you ever gone to work with feeling that you have forgot somthing important. I just don't feel right today."

Caramon almost doubled over.

" Oh yeah i know what your talking about Raist. Well i hope you figure it out."

Caramon walks away laughing so hard that he was crying. As he walks away Tas walks up.

" Hey Raistlin when did they write a nude scene into the show. Nobody told me, that kinda hurts."

Raistlin looks down at the pesky kender. What are you talking about there are no nude scenes in this picture. now stop bugging me."

Tas looks at Raistlin in disgust.

" Well if there is no nude scene. Why are you dressed for one."

Raist looks down and his face goes into a deep red. He walks off the stage with as much dignity as he could muster

03/15/2006 8:59 AM

Kalia and Navare

Navare smiled at himself in the mirror, the outfit he wore fit just right. he smoothed back his long black hair, and admired, and preened in front of the full lenght mirror.

Just then Kalia walked into her trailer. She looked up to see Navare dressed in her silver dress from the Ball a few months back. "Navare!!" she shrieked. "Thats it! This is the last time I am gonna find you wearing my clothes!!" She pushed him, stuffing him into the nearby closet.

"Get back into the closet you pervert!!"

Touga and Ayeka

Ayeka grinned at her brother whos magical ability was little better than nothing. "I'm gonna tell you once more brother of mine..." she said softly.

She held an egg in her hand. "See this?" Touga nodded painfully. "This is you..." she cracked the egg and tossed it into a hot skillet, tossing the shell over her shoulder. "This is you in sun..." she said, as the egg sizzled... "Any Questions??" She asked, as she tended to her brother's sunburns.

03/15/2006 9:35 AM

Thread: 102 AA, Surface Recon
Genre: General RP
Character: Jim Digriz

"Are you sure it's necessary to check the surface again? This is getting far too dangerous," exclaimed Jonas.

"Don't worry, I'll be alright. I know what I'm doing," assured Jim, his expression deadly serious.

Setting his body against the man-hole cover, he strained as he slid the heavy piece of metal to one side. Reaching up and gripping each side, he thrust his legs upwards and lifted his body up out of the hole.

Passers by eyed him distastefully as he stood up and dusted himself down, before running off across the busy street.

"Big Mac meal, please..." ordered Jim as he reached the front of the large queue in the building with the golden arches...

Wiping the sauce from around his mouth, Jim climbed back down through the man-hole, breathing heavily.

"Close it up again Jonas, it's no use, there are still just too many mutants out there..."

05/12/2006 7:46 AM

Setting: Dragonlance
Character: Linearos

Linearos was happy. Very happy. Unfortunately, he couldn't exactly remember why.

"Hey, Linearos. It's been a while," said a voice from behind him. Linearos whirled around unsteadily, holding his glass in an unsteady hand. His eyes, clouded over in a happy haze.

"You are...Wait...I know you...King something or other...No, was it lord? Hmm..."

"It's Tanis."

"Oh! Mantis! Good lad! I work for the forestmaster, you know!"

"Yes, about that. I need to arrange a mee-."


"Excuse me?"

"[i]Mushrooms[/i]. The forestmaster pays me in mushrooms!"

"That's...Nice...Are you sure you haven't had enough to drink?"

"Oh, hah! I haven't touched a drop!"


"Mushrooms. What was that song Fizban sang? Or was it Zifnab? Whatever. [i]"Lucy in the Sky of Emerald..."[/i]no...wait, that wasn't it...Pearls?"

Linearos walked away in an unsteady line, now happily singing, "We All Live in a Blue Sea Dragon~!"

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