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02/28/2006 11:33 AM

The days of Tokyo were stressful and the nights were almost endless, but one thing for sure was Tokyo wasn't its normal self anymore. Demons had flooded the city destroying anything or anyone that got in their way. Not many people stood up to them for most of them were week and would rather cower then fight. The demons would feast on sacrifices made to them so the people could be safe from their harm. Most people took in the ways of the demons and let them rule. Some people went underground and formed a resistance. The resistance was rather week for they didn't have much power or technology to fight. One of the resistance leaders, Lance Ranu, wouldn't give up no matter what. He wanted them all gone. For the leader of the demons was his own brother. Lance's brother could care less about the city or the other demons he just wanted his brother dead. "Sir. A group of demons have been spotted in the northern park. Do you want me to send out a party to round them up."/"No I will take care of them myself. Tell tem to get the labs ready. I want to start testing on the demons right away."/"Yes sir." Lance picked up his sword and his cloak and started to go above ground.

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