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02/05/2006 1:52 AM

"On the planet of Gar'ana there were only 5 main islands. A majority of the planet is pure oceans. Each of the 5 islansd having a respective ruler, and kingdom. Accordingly each of island's culture varied to some degree. Each having it's own god, guardian, and preist hoods. Of course there were 2 gods to each island as they felt everything is a balance. Magic was a very powerful source here, However each islands magic was different then the next. The magic seems to follow the element, or evioroment in which is most abundent. Except for the main island which is believed to be the origin of all the islands and elements. It's also happens to be where you went to learn to be a healer...

The Island is known as The realm of the Soul, or some call it the Realm of Begining. To the west is the realm of the great water. To the south is the land of endless fire. To the east, the most forgotten of lands is the realm of the wise wind. To the north is the realm of the mountainious earth. Soul is the most populated Island but it only consists of people from each of the major realms...

Except for the central City of Naa'ra where there are the Great Halls. The city is the only place where the 4 realms are not allowed to conflict. It's a very peaceful city which also seems to be very hard to gain entrance into. Within this city are the ledgedary Halls. The biggest of which is the Fountain of Rebirth. However, only the most elite of preists, and Those of great royalty are allowed entrance into this hall. The Hall of records lie's just to the north of the Fountain of Rebirth. It is said that it holds the knowledge of each realm, and it's past. It is guard and kept up to date by 3 preists, No one knows how they have lived for so long but they have. Some say it's the power of the Fountain at work, others say the preists are jsut secretly swtched when one dies. Only few know how the preists know so much, and even fewer are allowed to acctually enter the hall. The hall of Msyteries, Which lies to the just east of the Fountian is the 3rd greatest hall. This is said to be where all the worlds msyteries are, where even the 3 preists could not see to record. However, Very little is known about this hall, Mainly due to the fact it's doors have been locked for over a thousand years. The next is the Temple of healing, The temple lays to the west of the fountain. It's also where the art of healing is taught and only those who have a small about of power to heal are called to. To the sotuh of the fountian lays the hall of Chaos. The hall of Chaos is where the greatest fighters have came from. The hall of healing, and Hall of chaos are the only 2 halls in which people are allowed to enter under very certian conditions. Yet very little is known about these halls except amoung those who have entered the great halls.

Along the outside of the Main city is another city which surrounds it. It's where each of the major temples for the gods exsist, along with some of the more minor ones. Yet, Another city is the main city where people from each realm goes to trade, and make a living. Sadly no one is allowed to live there for more then 5 years. Then, in accordence you must leave for 5 years before returning back to the city. To help keep balance, and prevent over crowding. You may visit the city under certian circumstances. However in all of the cities it is said that no one must stay out past the setting of the westwardly sun. So far anyone who has seems to just dissappear, However it is best to just avoid night all together in Gar'ana mind you.

The rest of the 4 realms are very equal in power and population. Sadly very little is recorded of the mains cities since only those from the respective realm can enter it. For each realm there is a race which lives on that realm. The people from the realm of earth are a very nature based culture. From this culture comes some of the rarest herbs, and most tasteful meats, However with the past between the four realms cracking less, and less are those of the earth seen. Those of the realm of earth have antler like horns from there heads. Depending on the size of your horns denotes your rank, and power. Those who are banished from the that realm have there horns removed. However, the females do not have horns and must shave there heads as a sign of disgrace. It's said that the females of the earths hair is so bueatiful it Rivals that of the lands of water. To get to the realm of earth you have to travel to the most northern part of the island, the rest is surround by very jagged and steep cliffs with harsh water current. To the north of the land of earth it is very cold and barren, Likewise it is nearly all mountainious region. As you descend southernly, you begin to reach more and mroe forest. How ever what comes after no one knows, the realm of earth is very strict about what there clans are allowed to say.

Those from the island of water have a very silvery complexion, Soemtime sunder a full moon it's said they seem to glow. However, those of water are never seen under a full moon, no one seems to know why. Those of the realm of water are said to be able to breathe under the water like it was above air. However they can only do it for so long before they need to surface for air. Those of the realm of water also have a very elegant set of silver wings. They have four all together how ever you'll be lucky to just jsut the top two. They can send and call there wings away, how ever causeing them great pain in the process. From the realm of water some of most greatest delcacies of fish, and gems seems to come from. Also, most of the worlds healers come from this realm. The realm of water it is mostly water, most of the land is covered by a thin layer of water. Creating very sandy, and warm waters. I suggust (OOC: Ugh can't remember how to spell that word xD ) visiting there at some point, it's very beautiful. Along it's most eastern edge is are very harsh rocks, which are said to be the destroyer of men. Likewise there are also very a many of whirl pools along the edge of water. It's best just avoid em all together, although if your brave enough feel free to try.

The island of fire is they have very bright red, or "firey wings" as some say. Their skin seems to match that of the desert in color. Their hair is a very bright red, or orange most of the time. The gems of this realm are only rivaled by those of the land of water. From this realm are some of the strongest of fighters, mainly because those of fire are very quick tempered. So it's best just to try and stay on there good side... How ever they seem to have issues with blood. Some say if those of fire see that of a blood of another race they will seek that blood till they have dranked the victim's clean of it. Persoanlly I have no seen thise true, although they seem to get a little frisky around it mind you. The realm of fire is very very... Barren.... It's nearly all desert with some moutns to the south of it. It's said how ever that the main city of fire, which is believe to move around, is based around a very elegant oasis. If only I could see that before my death, I would truely die a happy man.

The realm of Air dissappeared about one thousand years ago. It's said they say the coming of war and fled so not to be dragged in. Legend says that before they dissappeared they gave those of water the gift of wings, so as to never forget them. Sadly, Shortly after the leader of water also dissappeared in a greif stricken search to find the realm... He was never heard from and his land was over throne by his son... Very little is known about his son. The land of air is said to be just a cloud, becuase it seems to reappear and dissappear unless you are allowed to enter the island. Sadly that is all I know of the respective islands...."
Page taken from The Diary of a lost man.

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02/05/2006 7:23 AM

"On this realm are a total of 8 major gods, and 5 minor gods... There are also 2 elite gods, but those are forbidden to speak there names. I will list the gods below so that should anything happen they will always be remember to some degree...

The gods of the land of Earth are Gai'ora, or The guardian. In a balance to Gai'ora is Lai'ora, or The destroyer. Gai'ora is said to be the ruler of the realm of earth, and Lai'ora is said to be his wife, or guardian. However sense the rulers of each realm are rarely seen or heard from, no one knows much more about them. They apprantly have 3 sons, and 2 daughters how ever they are not known to who excatly, or there names.

Likewise, The realm of water's god, and goddess are Ki'ara, and Na'ara. Sometimes Ki'ara is referred to as Ki'asha'sae but only to those have have met him, and have been granted permission to call him by that name for what ever reason. He is also called the Bringer of rebirth, Or bringer of pain. Likewise his Guardian Na'ara is said to be a very powerful healer... but little is know about her.... Ki'ara tends to be seen more then the other gods, However no one ever know's it's him till he's gone. No one is known who his lover is, if he even has one... He tends to consort with the more elite of his preists however, or so some speculated. However, I find it absurd that anyone would think that of such a wise man.

The gods of Fire and Air are very well hidden unless it's amoung the preists... However, The priests are very hard to get a name out of. It's said the goddes of fire, and air both have harems for there own desires. However I believe it's only fire that has the harem, fire is nothing but a land of tramps and whore's I tell ya... Be weary of them, all theives the lot of them too... Now where was I... Oh yeah... Thats all I really know 'bout them devils (OOC: The word devil would look crossed out on a piece of paper mind you), Gods I mean.

For each realms it's there is a Guardian dragon, They are the 5 minor gods I mentioned earlier. They only appear under certian conditions, and are almost never seen with out there respective god near them. There Names are... Wera'vor, The dragon of the water, Firo'ar, The dragon of flame, Sola'nor, The Dragon of soul, Eara'gor, The dragon of earth, and lastly Aeri'a, The dragon if the Air. Sadly thats all I know..."
Page found from the diary of a Priest of Ki'ara...

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