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01/29/2006 3:38 AM

(Please read the OOC section of this thread first, where it's intent is described)

The streets of Stygia are a dangerous place to live, especially during the night and even more so if you are not a believer of Seth. Thieves lurking in the shadows, eager to take whatever possessions you carry. Thugs that would make sure you disappear, just because they do not like the way you look or worse, just because they took a fancy to the very boots on your feet.

The moon stood high on the sky this night, a full moon that gave those blessed with a good vision a perfect view. Milky white light that reflected off the white painted walls, a blueish hue where the walls still had their natural color.

It is here where Caledorn walked, 5'10" and clad in studded leather armor, his hands constantly near his weapons and ready to draw his two short swords in a matter a fragment. The bracers on his forearms occasionally sparkling in the light of the moon, due to the metal plates riveted to them. To the trained eye a poniard could be seen as well, tucked into one of his vambracers.

Sparse clouds drifted across the sky, that now and then blocked the light and it was at these times that the man made his moves, crossing streets and other open places, to stay within the shadows as the moon once again had unveiled itself. He stopped and looked around himself as he heard the shuffle of feet. Was he being followed or did the sound come from before him? Hard to tell with the echo bouncing off the walls.

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02/03/2006 3:59 AM

Jabari moved down the streets quietly, his leather-soled, high-strapped sandals barely making a noise, but for a slight shuffle and [i]clack[/i]. He was a Stygian, full-blooded, hawk-nosed and dusky-skinned, of lesser height than his antagonist. Unarmoured he appeared, though beneath a dark, knee-length silken tunic was a mail corselet. In his hand was a saber and at his back was a poniard of modest length.

Moving ahead of his quarry through shadowed walks, Jabari came ahead. Red flickered in the night, a reflection of torch-light across the flat of Jabari's sword, though he himself was still hidden in shadow, a vague outline.

His saber sung, an arc of blue lightning in the night sky, as Jabari leapt from the shadows at Caledorn, the man who would call him thief at the gambling table.

02/03/2006 9:52 AM

From the corner of his eye Caledorn spotted the light reflecting off a blade and reacted accordingly, just as he had done most of his life. The reaction spared him his life, as it came almost instinctively, while he rolled away in an angle from his assailant. At the end of the roll he immediately rose to his feet again, drawing his swords in the movement, then turned to face his opponent.

Swiftly he prepared for the second attack, while he shifted his balance to stand on the front of his feet. This would allow him to move faster and react a fraction quicker. One arm he raised in such fashion that the blade within his right hand crossed his chest diagonally, while lowering the left slightly so that he could protect his legs.

As a little more of the moon appeared from behind a cloud, he smirked as he recognised his attacker, even commented briefly. "Came to try and rob me from what you could not steal at the gambling table, thief?" He purposely tried to provoke his assailant, agitate him even further, for a man that loses his temper generally would also lose his life.

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02/05/2006 1:00 PM

Grunting with frustration Jabari pushed forward as Caledorn rose to defend, his saber flashing like blue lightning. Feinting a heavy cut to the neck as Caledorn shifted to defend, Jabari drew back and thrust his weapon toward Caledorn's forward thigh. His voice rang through the street - a street almost assuredly filled with watchers in the dark. "Thief!" Jabari spat contemptuously. "Coward who runs from his debts!"

02/06/2006 11:49 AM

Caledorn had gone through the motion with the man, crouching at the feigned cut, then parried the thrust away from his leg, upon which he moved in closer and viciously cut at his opponents' abdomen. Not giving the man the time to enjoy the fact that his weapon has a greater reach then his, he moved back the next instant, just beyond the reach of that saber. He'd have to come forwards now, in order to charge at him.

His words had hit a nerve, by the sound of that grunt he heard emanate from the man, pushing him a little further might just make him mad enough to force an error. So his course of action now was clear to him, agitate and be prepared to react.

"Coward? Says the one who attacks from the shadows! Scared to meet someone in the open, just as every other damn thief in this city. Did the coins you cheated me out of not suffice, had to come and try to steal the rest, did you? You'd probably sell your own mother, provided the brothel she works in wouldn't send someone after you." He moved slowly with his instincts running at far greater speeds, but turned his side towards the man, to limit the surface he could attack. In the meantime he prepared himself to come into action, the second his assailant stepped in to attack.

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02/11/2006 11:29 AM

Stepping back, Jabari was became more aware of his opponent's capabilities, resolving to be more careful, more methodical in his assault. Turning his left shoulder at an angle to his opponent, Jabari lifted the hilt of his sword and rested the spine across his left forearm, allowing the blade to sit in such a way as to allow multiple angles of attack.

Growling at the insult, Jabari responded with vitriol. "Vagabond! Go back to your land of mongrels and cheats!"

Easing forward with a single stride, Jabari twisted his sword in the air, bringing the tip arcing toward his antagonist's left hand. He assured himself of the distance, pressing just within reach of his own sword, only by a few inches, and so remained out of reach of Caledorn's slightly faster but shorter weapons. Firelight from distant torches reflected fiercely on Jabari's hawk-like features and cold steel, casting an eerie look over the confrontation. As Caledorn's back was to the source of light, it made Jabari's movements easier to discern, and Caledorn's more difficult to follow.

03/09/2006 1:15 PM

OOC: Sorry for the delay.

As the sword came arching down, Caledorn reacted as if the devil was trying to bite him. He knew the light in his back would mostly conceal his attempt and this may just be the perfect opening for him.

A swift step inwards and a block on the opponent's sword with his lefthand blade was the first part of his movement, but as soon as the steel connected to eachother, he immediately turned in his step, with his back facing his opponent and his blade turned in his right hand, then speedily followed by a sharp jerking movement, in order to pierce his opponent's stomach as his back approached the man. The blade itself just sliding past his side, as he altered his direction and pushed himself backwards.

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