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01/25/2006 8:12 PM

Obviously you know what this is based off of. I noticed another one going around a little but it did not go far from what I saw. Either way here it is.

Three years it has been since the death of the Elric Brothers. They were lost as they were known as on a mission to destroy the philosopher stone the very thing they had looked for for so long. It had taken over Alphonse from what Edward had said to men. They left for a remote island in the east. None had seen them since.

Now three years later the military which have in the end killed all ishbalins from what they know have stubbled upon what they believe to be that island that the Elric brothers left to that fatefull day. A large Island with a beach and a overgrown forest of palm trees. There was nothing on that island but a metal arm and leg on the sands of the beach. The very ones of Ed's. That and a alchemy circle glowing beneath them. The military quickly took them back to Central and examined them. There seemed no way of them surviving on the beach for so long. Not even the smartest alchemists could figure any way to keep them for decomposing over time. Not with sand at least.

Now the military has sent one of their top investigative and infiltration teams. Group 13. A band of spies and alchemists with very distict abilities the military uses in some of the most questionable and serious missions. They were sent on a small ship and given two squads of men.

But yet the military keeps on with research of the philosopher stone and its uses. They are trying to mass produce these so that they may use them against the overpowering might of the Holy army under the rule of the in disguise humunculus Envy. They have now taken many lands from the military and now start their march toward Central. A war over the philosopher stone. While one tries to create the other tries to gain by war.

And so we come in as Group 13. I have obviously not fully thought out the idea of it but still if you have any suggestions its fine.

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