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01/20/2006 6:50 PM

The beat of the music thrummed physically in the air as it blasted from the large speakers.

Its rythum could be felt in his chest, his bones, his blood... it was euphoria. Sweat poured from him as the crowd around him was close, each one caught in the ecstacy of the moment, in the movement. Some danced, some simply moved to the beat. It was life, it was reason, it was madness and death.... to some it was all there was....mainly due to the fact they had popped a pill not a minute before. Oh well. To each his own.

White hair stuck to his forehead, other tendrils flailing s he shook his head, the jaw length hair moving wildly with each flick. He was merely mistaken for an albino, skin so pale it almost matched his hair, but with eyes of such an arresting pale blue. He was beautiful though, no other word would describe him. Even 'handsome' was not the appropriate term for him. Such gracefulness, almost un-natural, lithe and toned, possessing a strength, not so much physical, but almost spiritual. Like moths to a flame the other men around him were drawn in, eyes lit with desire, lust, none caring about the mind that lay behind those startling eyes.

But they were ignored, rebuffed, turned down...yet never ignored.

There was only one that his eyes rested on. It was all he needed.

The night drew on, as did the dancing, water flowed into mouths, overheads and down torsos. Passion hung pungently in the air, sweat and heat mixing to creature that scent of attraction, eventually it started proving too much. He needed air, open space, he needed the sky above him and the stars in his eyes.... touching his desire he pulled his man from the crowd. " I need out of here, Jon, come on... ", there was no protesting, simply understanding.

Vincent collected his jacket, as did Jon and the two left the club with an arm around each other, taking in the crisp night air. " Oh thank god. ", the typical brittish accent rolled from Vincent's mouth, and even after several months, Jon still could find a moment to smile at it. So proper spoken, well educated, mummy and daddy's little special boy.... true he had been spoiled as a child, but it did nothing to marr the young man he had grown up to be.

" I don't know why you stay so long in that place Vince, it just closes in around you, it happens every time we go. ", in truth sometimes it annoyed Jon, they would always leave early due to Vince's clostrophoic feelings, the heat would always get to him and he would faint, as he had done so on more than one occassion.

" I like the music and the atmosphere... its liberating after being stuck in the Gallery with those toffs. ", he had a cheek to talk, and Jon kept his mouth closed. Vince was as much a 'toff' as the customers he dealt with, the main reason he had attained the postion as Head Curator of the Art Gallery was due to this very fact... and of course his qualifications within the field.

Jon just shook his head and continued walking. The walk home was about 45 minutes, and one they enjoyed taking, it being a usually quiet street.... not that far from 5th Avenue. (Mummy and Daddy took care of the accomodation while he lived in New York, you see.)

" My parents are coming over next weekend to see the new appartment, that ok? ", Jon knew Vince was uncomfortable in his parents company, they never made any pretenses about what they thought of their relationship. " Yes of course, you know I love every oppourtunity at seeing your parents, Jon. ", the sarcasm was not lost, but cleverly hidden. " I know they are a pain in the ass Vince, but I think they are coming 'round to the whole thing. "

Vince just 'hmmm'ed and shrugged, not wanting to get into a debate like they did last time. He looked up, almost smelling the air, " It will rain later tonight... ", Jon looked at Vince with a strange look in his own eyes. " The clouds are moving in from the west. ", again Jon said nothing, merely shook his head in agreement depsite not having the foggiest idea that it would rain. The Sky was crystal clear, but then again, Vince was the one to know. " Sorry, takes over sometimes. ", Vince smiled and gave Jon a squeeze. " Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. "

" You didn't, I'm getting used to it now. ", Jon smiled, not altogether forced.

It was only been two months since he had discovered what Vincent was, and the truth be told it had scared the shit out of him.

An elemental.

Even now the word seemed so... weird. Such things didn't exist in this day. It was the 21st century! Not some fantasy land. But then Vince had shown him proof, the storm.... he shook his head, not wanting to remember just yet.

" Come on, lets get home. "

The two made good time and got back to the lush appartment swiftly..... not noticing the pair of eyes that had followed them since they had left the club. You will be mine, little man, you will be mine..... mine and the Black Hearts!

01/21/2006 3:27 AM

Vincent woke to sunlight streaming in through the window, the curtain having been drawn back. He only smiled. Most likely he was in the minority, but Vince loved opening his eyes to the light and the sky every morning, it invigorated him, made him happy, more so because Jon was the one to leave the curtain drawn as he woke to go to work. Stretching, he swung his legs over the side of the bed, letting his toes touch the wooden floorboards for a moment, and then he was up, looking over the large bay window.

With a small sigh, he moved from the window, rubbing a hand over his bare and smooth chest. The tightness was there again.. he wasn't sure what it was. He had been to the doctors, who couldn't find anything sinister and put it down to stress, even now Vince rolled his eyes... stressed! He was one of the most laid back people there were. No, it was something else, but he didn't know what. Ignoring it for now, he went to the bathroom, showering and dressing. He put on a fitted blue tee and jeans with a pair of tan loafers. Checking himself in the mirror before heading out the door.

" Goodmorning, Mr Deborough. ", the doorman Chris said as Vince left the building, he gave a nod of his head and smiled, " Will be back later Chris, if Jon gets back before myself, could you tell him I stepped out? "

" I will do, Mr Deborough. ", despite repeated conversations about Chris calling him Vince, the doorman always smiled, but never replied. Whistling to himself, Vince stalked out the door and turned right, sauntering down the street as he always did on his way to the coffee shop. A few blocks was all the distance was to his favourite shop.

After a few minutes, Vincent started to get than uneasy feeling once more and he sniffed at the wind... and recoiled. Something vile, it made him want to vomit but he gagged down the bile that rose in his throat. Then there was the scream, it was low, obviously muffled, but he heard it, carried on the same wind. Vincent moved with a speed not born to any normal human, appear almost a blur sometimes, luckily there were too few people walking the street to notice him. An ally way. He rounded it and came to a halt.

A head snapped up to look at him, just as a neck snapped, a lifeless body of a young woman tumbled to the filthy ground. " Just in time, little whelp. ", a man, in his late forties, gave him a savage grin. But all Vince could do was stare at the life that was so easily snuffed out, his voice was weak and ragged, " Wh-what have you done? Who are you?! ", shock was evident in his tone, but its initial slam was wearing off, and he gathered his wits, not wanting to be the next victim. " Who am I, little elemental? Why.... I am your demise, and your rebirth. ", it took a step towards Vince, who took a step back. He knew he was an elemental, this was getting stranger and stranger. " How do you know what I am?! ", there was an anger in his voice now, how could someone so easily spot his power?

" Oh, I can smell the wind magicks from you.... I can see the burning of the gift inside you.... you will make a most excellent ill'guard for the Black Heart. ", the man was gruff and hairy, greasy hair reaching passed his shoulder, dark and shadowed eyes peered at Vince, while a scarred mouth curled into a mocking sneer. " It is best you do not resist. True, the turning will not be pleasent, but the initial pain will be less than if you resist. Come now, little wind, come to the Black Heart. "

Fire danced up the man's out stretched fingers, but it was not fire of man, the flames were as black a midnight, hunger, devious, vile and tainted flames. Darkfire. The word rang in Vince's mind and he knew the name of those flames, but he did not know how. " Whatever manner of man you are, I-I will not... ", he touched his own power letting it connect him, hair started to stand on end, his clothes shifted in stirring winds, and electrical lights danced over his skin, " I will not let you have me..... ", darkfire billowed forth with a cry of rage and desire from the ill'guard. Wind kicked up and surged to meet the fire, both slamming against each other in a contest of will and strenth.

" Perhaps.. ", the ill'gaurd spat through clenched rotten teeth, " ....you are not so little. But all the better for the Black Heart. ", the clouds overheard blackened, the ill'gaurd, whose name was once Matthew but now called Breaker by, flicked his eyes skyward and then back to Vince. The elemental should have buckled under the intensity of the darkfire by now, perhaps he had underestimated the strength of the elementals in this City. The fires retreated, and so did the winds die down, but they still remained, whipping around Vince, his hair caught in the dance, " I shall leave you for now, my pet, but have no doubt, you will be mine, as will all the elementals be. In the service of the Black Beast and Lord... ", he laughed and waved a hand at the ground. A black portal opened and swallowed Trapper.

Vince fell to his knees, shaking with exertion..... " What was that thing? "

He could do nothing more except sit there, allowing the tears to fall over his cheeks.

01/21/2006 9:12 PM

Illysen had wandered the streets enough for one night, the violin case tucked under one arm as she headed for her one-room studio appartment. Her long black hair whipped around her face as the wind seemed to shift directions. It was that shift that made her steps falter, and her blue eyes scanned the streets.

The Streets of New York City were never truely quiet, and she strained to hear something above the suddenly wailing wind. It was then, a stifled sob caught her ears, and she turned right, to see an alleyway that was darkened and forboding.

She closed her eyes and called her power to her hand, and immediatly, her hand was filled with a soft, diffused silvery glow. She raised her hand above her head.

"Who's there?" She called, searching out the source of the sound....

01/22/2006 4:18 AM

His eyes flew open, tears dried immediately. Moving with speed he whirled up from his fallen crouch, his hand stretched, crackling energies dancing along his fingers. The woman standing at the end of the ally way held her hand over her head, and a light issued from it. Another one? " Never mind who I am. Who exactly are you? I won't be tricked again! ", this was an insane night, one man trying to kill him and a woman whom he guessed to be another elemental. " Whoever you are, it might be best that you leave... there is a killer stalking these streets. ", he glanced behind himself, thinking perhaps the creature had reappeared to surprise him while his back was turned.

Yet, even as he stretched out his wind sense, scenting the woman on the air, he could not find any taint, no corruption to suggest she was another of these ill'guard. All he found was a purity, it whelled from within her.... she was an elemental, like him, but he found no 'wind magick' as the demon had called it. She was different to him, yet similar.

Vince wanted to scream, it was all so confusing! Until now he was the only elemental he knew of, and now two in one night? No, one had been a demon, a foul creature that had been perverted by this.. Black Heart. " Look, mam, it might be better for you to leave and go home. This place isn't safe... ", he lowered his hand, and the nimbus of crackling power died. " You are an elemental. I can sense it..... and no doubt, you will have guessed I am also. A creature lurks in the City, it calls itself an ill'guard. I don't know what it is, but it is evil, and most foul. ", he suppressed a shudder.


Trapper cursed himself for letting the whelp get the better of him, he was an ill'gaurd! One of the Black Hearts first creations! He was no demon lackey, he was a vessel of the darkest magicks imaginable, " And I was bested by a fucking peice of el'vin scum! Oh it won't happen again, no it won't, I know his power now, yes I do... he won't have the chance to call on his wind magick again, not when we next meet. ", the voice was filled with dark glee, " The Black Heart will have his prize, and with such magick in the little el'vin, a mighty ill'guard will be formed! ", he paced up and down, standing upon the rooftop of an appartment building.

Suddenly he sniffed the air, " I need to hunt, blood is fresh on the air. ", a growled rumbled in his throat and chest. " Blood is always needed.. ", and with that, he leapt off the rooftop, in search for a tender heart to shred and devour.

01/22/2006 5:41 PM

Abbys had been wandering the ally ways for a long time now, so long he cant even remember how long its been. His shades hugged his face as he sat in the corner trying to ignor the voice.

His eyes quickly ganced around to take note of what time of day it was since he didnt sleep in the first place. Mornin, he hated the morning,"another start to a shity day," he hated pretty much all light it hurt his eyes. Suddenly he felt something. An evil discusting presence, something...familure.

He inched to his feet, closed his eyes and followed the feeling. When he stopped he was in front of a building but the evil 'thing' was on the other side, in the ally way and at the same time another energy was felt somthing wrong, something pure. It felt unnatural like he needed to change it or more so kill it. With slight effort Abbys jumped to the top of the building but by the time he made his way to the other side the vile feeling left, a wind roard and died, and another energy found its way to the ally.

"Wind and light." He said out loud, 'what did I just say? What was that?' his thoughts left him to one conclusion. He jumped down to see a guy and a girl talking about what he could only image to be what he had felt earlier.

"What's goin here?" His voice was deeper than he had remebered and one of his hands pulsed, devouring the energy in the area. The other created a shadow on the sides of the buildings.

01/23/2006 5:22 PM

Illysen quickly dimmed the light, so that it barely lit her features. "This world isn't safe for us... however we are here... and we, Elementals that is, are all that stand between them and the world itself. I know about the knowledge and such of our being... but I lack practical use... of which you seem to have plenty of."

Illysen paused and took a step closer. "I think we have something to offer the other... I'm not going anywhere yet." She said stubbornly.

When the third appeared in the Alley, Illysen stepped away from the darkness eminating from the newcomers soul...But there was something different from the darkness that had seeped into the area around the alley, it wasn't evil... but a natural darkness, one that shadows the world everywhere, a soothing balm to many after a glare of daylight.... While she didn't like it, it was her contrary paralell... two sides of the same magic.

All the same, she watched the newcomer cautiously.

01/25/2006 8:46 AM

Once more, Vince bristled, short crackles dancing through his hair and over his skin. Another elemental, this can be coincidence!, he took a step back from the dark one, " Well, seeing you are an elemental like us two.. ", he gestured to the woman holding a handful of light, " I was attacked by a most loathsome creature, he called himself an ill'guard of some being, his master, the Black Heart I believed he called him. Whatever manner of being he was, the man used to be an elemental, that much I could sense off him.... and this Black Heart, he wants all elementals so that he can pervert our Gifts. "

Taking a breath, he was amazed he even took all of that in, being petrified out of his wits! Vince no more wanted to be around the dark elemental's presence than Illysen did, but he stomached it all the same, perhaps another ally. Surely the ill'guard would not attack again if there were three of them to contend with. Which only served to show how little he knew of the ill'guard.

Regarding Illysen once more, not releasing the hold on his power while the dark elemental was around, " I do not pretend to know everything about my gift, but perhaps I could show you how to control it better.... ", he let out a small sigh. " .....I really don't want to be caught up in this, not now. But I suppose I have no choice, just as you two don't either. "

Looking around, " What are your names anyway. I am Vincent Deborough... perhaps we should go back to my appartment and discuss all of this further, its not far from here. "

01/25/2006 12:16 PM

Deep underneath the City, below even the filth ridden and vermin invested sewers, within a magic wrought cavern of adequate size. The earth walls were severely scorched, obviously darkfire had been used to mould the cavern to suit its single occupant. Rats and other sorts of creatures found their ways down, attracted possibly by the smell of death that clung to the chamber. Two bodies lay not far from Trapper, both dead, one more decayed than the other, both children, both female and both virgins..... Trapper licked blood from his lips, holding a heart in his hand. It was whole, he needed it to be so.

The ill'gaurd knelt before a bowl of stone, black at night, and a deathly chill flowing from it. The bowl was made of ebon'stone, a dark and vile stone tainted by evil and used as a tool by the Black Heart.

Placing the fresh heart in the bowlm Trapper bend lowered, pressing his lips against the rim, his lips drew back, blue and covered in frost. " Master. ", the heart crumpled, blood and muscle disappeared into the bowl, ebon'stone ever thirsty of blood and life! " Master, I have failed. The air elemental is not in my care as of yet but he... "

" Silence. "

That single word alone was enough to send a wave of cold through the cavern and cause the rats to vanish swiftly. " I have no time for excuses. ", fire, black and cold erupted from the bowl, entering Trapper and sending him sprawling. He landed, but continued to convulse and scream, blood dripping from his ears and mouth and nose. " Fail again and I will replace you Trapper. Seek out other, weaker elementals if you must... but I want the Storm Bringer! The blood of the lost el'vin runs in his diluted viens, I must have it. With him I can creature one of the strongest Ill'Guard, not even you would compare to him. Find him again, and bring him to the ebon'stone bowl, it will take my power to break the el'vin spirit that runs in him and from the sounds of it, his wind magick is strong, no doubt his spirit will be also! "

With that, the presence of the Black Heart left as the blood feeding the bowl dried up. " Yes, Master. ", was all Trapper could mutter through the pain and cold that still gripped him. But hate and jealousy burned in his eyes. Oh, Master, will I let you have such a powerful ill'guard who will then just replace me, what use will you have of me if you have him...... no. I will turn other weaker elementals, and they will be mine.... and so will the wind elemental be!

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