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01/20/2006 12:56 PM

Grubb wanders down the main road of the city, a bundle of posters in a backpack, a belt pouch full of nails, and a hammer. He had been tacking up posters all day, and he was almost done, just a few more taverns and he could go home to report. Grubb didn't mind this city, the people here were used to him, and it was the only place where no one , excluding travelers and a few merchants, stared or pointed at him just because he was twice most of their heights.

Gorandig, the most famous and powerful wizard for many hundred miles, was seeking a group of people to discover, as he put it, the truth of the 'powers'. It was a myth to most people, but a few claimed to have discovered a latent ability, deep inside of themselves. Grubb shrugged his shoulders, he had all the powers he needed and wasn't concerned.

The ogre stops at the last tavern on his list of places to put a poster, and he nails one to the wall near the door, father would pay for the hole when the time came for it. Stepping back, Grubb reads the poster for what must be be the hundredth time today:

A group of individuals who are not afraid of the unknown,
want to uncover the hidden abilities within themselves, or
are simply bored out of their minds and want a serious
endeaver. Those interested should apply between Tuesday
the 24th, and Sunday the 29th, at:
Goldgnome Manor, on Baron street.

Grubb sighs as he turns away from the tavern, his task for the day finally complete, the ogre heads home. Perhaps father will tell me a story of some great hero tonight, or not. Tomorrow is Tuesday the 24th and he will be preparing for anyone who comes. Although no one came last time, I hope he has more luck this time.

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01/22/2006 5:43 PM

Simone arrived in Harbor Village well ahead of schedule. Each time she entered the city, she wondered when the local leadership would recognize they'd long since outgrown their name, and change it to something more fitting. I suppose even in a large city like this, there's some comfort in tradition she thought to herself.

She came to town once a month to trade in the marketplace. It was a rather long walk from the farm to Harbor Village, but Simone enjoyed having that time to herself. For many years, she accompanied her father, learning the proper route and dangerous places to avoid - and the first time he let her come to market alone, she'd been thrilled. She'd been coming to market alone for about a year now, and each time she discovered something new that she'd not seen the time before. She hoped that this time would be no exception.

Knowing that her time of living at home with her parents would soon be coming to an end, Simone had allowed some extra time in her day to search the city. What she was looking for, she didn't know, but she knew she needed to have some options available to her - and that she was more likely to find them here than in her small farming villiage.

Standing in the middle of the Villiage Square, Simone tried to figure out where she'd like to go first. At the sound of laughter, Simone looked over her shoulder and saw several people standing at a tavern entrance. Curious, she walked over to see what they were laughing at. As she came closer, a rather large man clapped her on the shoulder and said "Lad! Take a look a this! It's your future!" He guffawed with his friends, who apparently found the comment quite funny.

Simone never corrected anyone when they referred to her as "lad" - it was easier to get through town that way. She inched herself closer to the poster they'd gathered around, curious as to what it said.

Upon reading it, she smiled at the men standing around her - so they'd think she was in on their joke. Little did they know that she'd memorized the street address, and planned to visit the Goldgnome Manor after her trading in the markletplace was done.

01/23/2006 8:39 AM

Grubb shakes his head to clear the water out of his face as he gets out of his bath, drying himself off with a large buffalo hide. Gorandig had woken him up early today, and was sending him off to patrol the city, not that it usually needed it, but the wizard wanted to remind everyone of his plans, as it was harder to forget Grubb than a poster.

After eating a breakfast comprising of a dozen eggs and a pig (different parts cooked in a variety of ways), the ogre puts on his armor and straps his flamberge, which is only a foot shy of the ogre's own height, over his back. Grubb walks out of the manor, leaving his father and the housekeeper's to deal with those who answered his father's notice.

This is always so boring, of all the times I've patrolled the town, the only thing I've had to deal with is some drunks who didn't know when it was time to go home... even in the middle of the day. Some sailors need to spend their days a little wiser when they are waiting for their ships to leave. Grubb strolls down some of the back roads, waving to a few of the people he knew, smiling at the children who come foreward to wave. No one was this comfortable with the giant outside of Harbor Village.

After a few hours of wandering the less used roads, Grubb figures he may as well check on the more populated areas of the city, the taverns and market. Time for the visitors to get in a good gawk I guess. Pausing at the thought, the ogre tries to figure out, for what seems like the millionth time, why he can't express himself the same way that he can think, eventually settling on the idea that it must be a side-affect of his 'birth'.

Fortunately, Grubb didn't have to go far into the market place, for a commotion had started up inside one of the nearby bars, people shouting and the sound of tables being pushed or smashed reached the ogre's ears. Without hesitation, he jogs towards the bar, his plate combined with his own weight making loud crashing sound with each step, clearing his path very quickly.

01/25/2006 1:42 PM

Lysandro was new to Harbour Village, and as such took a certain amount of excitement out of such a fact, though he rarely expressed any emotion, his face remaining impassive and cool. Many elven found this trait came naturally when surrounded by humans.... while he was in no manner racist towards humans, he sometimes found their traditions and recklessness irritating, but having travelled through many human lands, the wizard merely ignored the lesser traits they held.

He strode into the City wearing a robe of stark white, etched in silver and an overcoat of the same kind, pouches hung around his waist and satchel for his spell books, the only other item was his staff, which was more than a mere walking stick. " Well, Snowrage, welcome to Harbour Village. Are you not excited? ", he inclinged his head to large white wolf that trotted by his side, blue upon blue eyes watching passer bys keenly, she merely growled softly at her masters enthusiasm, not sharing it. Lysandro chuckled, letting the matter end there, she had been rather tempermental oflate, and while she would never harm her master, she was prone to ignoring him.

" Perhaps this place will bring some adventure to us, you never know, if anything I will treat you to a nice meal for a change. ", this placated her, and he offered a small lick on his hand as a gesture of amends. He smiled, and headed for the small gathering outside the tavern.

It was the notice that seemed to hold everyones attention, and it soon held his own as he skimmed over the words swiftly, Interesting. Very interesting. What do you think, Snowrage?

She turned her head to him, their eyes meeting. A few of the by standers had moved away from the mage, not so much fearing him but the large she-wolf. Do as you must, Lysandro, I will follow as always, but I hope it will serve us better than the last 'quest'!

Yes, that was a disappointment. It took me a week to recover my strength! , Lysandro sent back.

That I know, mage, I was the one tending to your whims and moans. She laughed mentally, and Lysandro gave her that one. I think we will attend this one and see what the fates have in store for us!

01/27/2006 10:55 AM

Simone made her way through the marketplace, stopping to buy various seeds and other things her father had asked her to purchase. She always tried to find a little something for her sisters while she was there, but hadn't come across anything so far that was of interest to her.

She couldn't help but wonder about the poster she'd read - and she found herself so distracted by her own curiosity, she wasn't able to enjoy the market like she normally did.

Going over her mental list of things to do, Simone realized she was only half way through it. Maybe I could just stop by the manor she thought to herself, then I could find out what a silly thing it probably is, and get back to my day. Deciding that was the wisest course of action, Simone wandered away from the crowds in the marketplace.

She really had no idea where the manor was, but felt it prudent to not ask those who found the poster so amusing. "If it's meant to be, I'll find my way there" she said aloud, and began to walk east - since it was as good of a direction to go as any.

02/06/2006 9:40 AM

The shadows of the buildings were beginning to lengthen as Grubb made his way back towards Goldgnome Manor, having completed the day's work assigned to him. The large ogre had considered taking up with some of the locals at the taverns, but decided he would wait until after he took down the posters, people always insisted on asking him about it while they were up. The ogre looked down at his gauntlet, for what must have been the hundredth time, peering at the blood on it.Now I'll have to wash my armor, didn't figure I'd have to do that after just patrolling, blasted thieves should learn to stay out of town. At least my father's fliers will be down soon and things will kick back up to normal... I haven't had to cut anyone down in weeks.

As the thought ends in his mind, Grubb notices a young girl walking down the street in the opposite direction, looking at each building as though lost. Well, I haven't made it home yet so I'm still on duty. I wonder if she's actually lost, or one of the thieve's scouts.

Grubb stops and clears his throat loudly, drawing the girl's attention from the rows of buildings to himself, and says," 'Scuze me, is yooz lost or sumtin? Yooz is lookin at all dem houses like yooz duzn't know where yooz is goin."

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06/22/2006 9:46 PM

The sun was just beginning to fall in Harbor Village, and for Brikholt that meant it was time to start getting out of bed. Daytime in the city was far too busy to prove lucrative in his career of choice(or at least circumstance). He wasn't the delicate, professional sort of thief notorious among merchants for lifting their coinpurses from their belts in broad daylight. No, he was a much more common sort of criminal. He spent most of his nights relieving passed out drunkards of their possessions, and on occassion he would slip into an open window and help himself to whatever he could carry. Still, he was cunning and quick on his feet and never aroused much suspicion.

Brikholt pulled on his jacket and bounded down the old wooden stairs of the Fat Boar Tavern and Inn where he stayed. He did a few odd jobs around the place to get his room for free, but really the owner had just taken a liking to him. "Morning, Bower!" the young man exclaimed through a grin.

"Yeah. Evening, Brik. Stayin' to eat?" responded the large man behind the bar.

"Nah, I couldn't pay ya for it." Brikholt admitted honestly, but he helped himself to an apple from the counter anyway. As he sunk his teeth into it, something on the counter wrangled in his full attention. "What's this?" he asked through a mouthful as he plucked up the parchment.

"Those're posted up all over the city. Ol' Gorandig's probably just makin' sure we all still know how great he is," Bower said with an underlying hint of sarcasm. "Bunch'a hogwash if ye ask me."

Brikholt spoke the words aloud as he read them enthusiastically, albeit poorly. "So, he's just lettin' anyone inside his place, huh?" he said after a moments pause with a creeping grin and a glint in his eye. The imposing man behind the bar answered with a frown, peering down through his spectacles at his young companion. Without another word Brikholt turned on a heel and nearly skipped out the door, a nonchalant wave over his shoulder sufficing for goodbye. Bower threw a fist into the air and wailed after him, "Don't go gettin' into trouble Brik! His sort is nothin' to mettle with!"

Brikholt paid his warning no mind, of course, and into the streets he went, dodging in and out of familiar backstreets and alleys, destined for the Goldgnome Manor.

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