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01/19/2006 5:51 AM

Edo was a grand city, with buildings that towered into the skies. There were markets and weapon shops and whorehouses. Anything could be found in Edo. Everything from places to live, all the way to people, could be found with the right ammount of money. There was corruption in the Edo government. A corruption so deep, so wrond, so bad, so badong(bad-wrong), that no one would(or could) resist the government's power. Until some few lone(and/or together) heros came to rescue Edo from its downward spiral of... desturction and chaos and stuff. This is called... The Great Circle of Stuff. (And flowers totally make sense.)

Lance walked a lonely road. He had plans to meet Sakuya at the hotel and he was running late. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Saku's number. He hung up when it rang more than ten times without an answering machine coming on. "Come on, Sakuya, where are you?"

01/23/2006 12:48 PM

Chaos was sitting in his usual seat at teh usual strip joint, 'booze and women cant beet the combo,' he thought to himself. The waitresses have gotten used to him: Black pants, shirt, and tunic with matching gloves and cloak. The hood from the cloak barriers all light coming in to it, yet his glowing red eyes have no problem piercing out. In fact most of the women flirt with the mysterious man. Chaos's black metal gauntlets move like liquid with his wrist as he takes another swig of his ale to polsh it off.

Standing up, he stretches and his 6'5" body towers everybody in the joint not to mention the fact that his 250 pound body allways caught eyes. He didnt really mind it because it kept people's mind off the fact that he carries a sword and refuses to check it in when he enters the bar.

"Hey baby, what about round 2 of last night?" A tall blond wraps her arms around Chaos's stomach from behind. He felt her coming.

"Sorry Jamie, gotta run, some low life needs to be taught a lesson. Not to mention I need to get paid," He shruggs her off,"gotta keep you people in buissness." With that he walked out the door. The streets were dark, but there was a lot of activity and none of the street lights were on, so he assumed it was day time. He hasnt been able to tell since he put the hood on and havent taken it off since.

01/30/2006 12:49 PM

Grubb stretches , several of his massive bones popping as he does so, causing him to sigh contentedly. The ogre shakes his head to remove any traces of sleep that remain, looking around as he comes fully into conciousness. The movement of Arney the armordillo as he scurries quickly along the ground causes the giant to bob slightly in his saddle. The 11 foot ogre can't help but be grateful, once again, for his luck in meeting Arney, the only beast large, and agreeable enough to transport Grubb around.

Looking off into the distance, the ogre saw a large city looming up rather quickly. It looked like the kind of place that was full of opportunities for someone strong enough to take them; fighting in the streets for money, people hiring muscle, and the stray cause that needed a little paid backing. Yes, this city should prove to be a very fruitful indeed.

"Alright Arney, lets go in der and find us some food, den some money an' fun!"

The giant plated armadillo snorts loudly at the ogre in agreement, picking up the pace, his speed hitting nearly 55 miles an hour.

02/11/2006 12:39 AM

Chaos asserted himself on to the rooftops moving swiftly and silently. A good mile down the road he entered a building through the maintenence door. The halls where barin even the rats hald left this place to its self. He made his way to suprisingly stirdy set of stairs and preceded down the next hall and stopped and 411. He knocked twice.

"Yeah, 'ow is it?! N'mind, piss off!" the husky drunk voice murmered from the door. 'Yep, that him.' his going back to the fact that the door will go down with one solid hit. Chaos backed up and kicked the door in, marched right through the living room, into the bed room, with sword in hand cut the man's head off and jumped out the window.

"The bood should safice,"He looked at his blade and wipped blood into a small bottle he had at his side.

02/16/2006 10:00 AM

After Lance had tried a few times to get a hold of Saku he decided to leave. As he was walking down the road, looking for a place to eat, he ran into a guy about 6' 5". Lance fell to the ground, not from the guy but from the total surprise of hitting someone when not paying attention to where your going, "Ow" Lance got up rubbing his head. "Sorry about that you ok?"

02/19/2006 9:17 AM

Chaos was engaging in a past time called window shopping. Down his street expecally there where alot of weapons shops most of which were way to expensive for his tast. Suddenly he flet something hard in his way, he snapped his head forward and noticed a man on the ground.

"Sorry about that you ok?"

"Oh, no, my fault completely," he stretched out his arm to assist,"are YOU ok? This steet always steels my attention. You know how it is." His sword was well hidding behind his cloak. No worries. "Name's Chaos, yeah I had wierd parents. What can ya do eh?"

02/22/2006 11:34 AM

Lance took his hand. "Thanks I ok I think... oh by the way my name is Lance. Pleased to meet you." Lance stood up "So what are you in this city for?"

02/23/2006 1:25 PM

"Ummm...business" He thought back on the poor bastered's head that was lying in an appartment floor and the blood still on his blade, "yeah, business. And you?"

02/27/2006 10:09 AM

"Um bounty hunting...yeah thats it... I am a bounty hunter and well the rest is kind of my own business." Lance sifted his bag so that the guy in front of him couldn't see the head of his last victim. "Well sorry for running into you."

02/27/2006 12:50 PM

"A debt collector, eh? to be honest I do some work like that my self," Chaos relaxed his shoulders a little more with the affiliation. This man was some thing he knew, pretty up front about it, but still. Out of the bottom oh his view he saw blood dripping down from behind the man's leg. 'He still has the body part? On him? RIGHT NOW?!' his thoughts were ludicrus but edvidnet, 'man, this guy has some balls...'

"Well then, sorry for keeping you and not paying attention. Hope your ok. See yah around." He started to walk past the man with out glancing back. If he didnt want Chaos to see what he was holding, he wasnt gonna steal a glance.

"Take it easy. Dont do anything I wouldnt do," he chuckled under his breath at his own words,'anything I wouldnt do...'

02/28/2006 9:46 AM

"See ya..." Lance stopped a minute and sniffed the air. "Hey before you go I have a question what is with the smell of blood on your blade it is still fresh? You not going after my pray are you?" Lance gave a slight laugh "Just joking but I can tell you are some kind of hunter are you not?"

02/28/2006 9:41 PM

Chaos let out a sign of disapointment, "Yeah, Im a bounty hunter also. I try to keep it under wraps, even from 'debt collectors', cause the last two that I met didnt like compatition. Even in a city as big as this one." His hidden smirk was obvious. Even a kid would have see past the dark of his hood. "So, who's your next target?"

03/02/2006 9:39 AM

Lance looked up at the government building. "I am after the government pigs. Ever since they came here Edo has been like hell on Earth and I should know what that is like." Lance gave a laugh and looked back at the city. "So who is your next target?"

03/02/2006 1:04 PM

He had somthing to say but couldnt get it out. He thought about just walking away and turning it down but this was imposable. Wasnt it? How could they have the same damn target? How? In this city most contact junctions have a connection with each other to keep two or more mercs from hitting the same target. It was kinda like an underground mob of suit and tie, "pretty" boys. Yet they were gonna go for the same people that created "Dirt bag" city. Edo used to be something short of and eden. If you where gonna have a job like Chaos's you needed to be like a shadow in a spot light.

"Who are you working for? Because you'll never believe this..."His words were base filled and emotionless. This was gonna be all business, "We are gonna hit the same bunch of dirt bags..."

03/03/2006 6:41 PM

Lance gave out a laugh "Wow that is funny. Well I am working for some dick just for the cash but I am really trying to find my brother, but thats something I really don't want to talk about. So if we are working twords the same goal why don't we hit this thing together?"

03/04/2006 3:21 PM

He was shocked...stunned. He stared blankly not sure if this guy was puting him on or not. "Well umm...Its just...the thing is..." He stumbled and tripped over his own words. No bount hunter had ever just up and said that to any other bounty hunter...

why don't we hit this thing together?

This was somthing Chaos had never even considered. Not quite sure what to say he just blurted it out, "uh, sure. Im with Carle and Venna. They are one of the best in the buisness and if they didnt know about this I'll be even more shocked than I already am." He motioned for lance to follow, "They keep tight books and and even tighter schedual for the three of us that are on there pay roll. We dont work together, if fact the other two dont do work in town. Im sure you can get away from the 'dick' and join up with us if you are looking for tempo work or to be a lifer. This is a tempo job for me. Im just waiting around for the Armagedon. Im sure it'll hit soon." Chaos tried to hide his chuckle but was never good at lying in the first place.

03/06/2006 11:37 AM

"Well one thing, if your wondering, I am not like most other bounty hunters. One I really don't take shit that well, two I rather be alone then anything else but the reason I asked for your help is because I have this feeling that the person we are going after in the government isn't really a normal person. I think they have some higher connection to the demons or might be one them self, but if they are a demon I wonder what a demon would want with the government. Its just all confusing." Lance started to follow until he was hit in the back with kunai knifes. Lance turned around to look at his opponent and to his surprise it was on of his targets. "So you just now come out from hiding fun, fun, fun." Lance gave a smile then pulled out his katana, stabbed it into his side, and pulled out the blood covered blade. "So you little shit what do you think your going to do kill me by committing seppuku?" The demon asked "You'll see" Lance said with a grin on his face. He pulled up his blood drenched blade and made to slash marks in the air that formed and X "BLOOD LUST X" Lance yelled out and the X flew through the air towards his opponent and slashed the best into four parts. The parts vanished and Lance turned to Chaos "So lets get going."

03/06/2006 11:26 PM

Chaos watched in amusement as this bounty hunter proved to be more than some chump off the street. As the beast vanished he couldnt help but feel its black soul. He could feel a void that said only one thing "I was sent to kill you..."

"Demons, huh? Now this is what I was sent to this place for. Some real action!" His eyes brightened unveiling his excitement. "Lance you can count me in. My bosses will be updated momentarily and then we can go. Is there any place you need to stop first or should we just make our way in?"

03/08/2006 7:28 AM

"Yeah I got one place. I am going to tell my boss I am done working for him. Oh tell your bosses they got a new recruit." Lance walked up to the building where his "boss" was. "I will be right back." Lance walked in and after a half an hour he came bursting out from the top floor window. "Ok we can go now."

03/10/2006 7:22 PM

While he waited for Lance to get back he shot a message strait to there minds. ~Mission complete, blood sample near dumpster next to Joe's bar and grill. On primary mission and picked up new join. Sending energy signal now...~

He put the vile down with the blood in it and shot a small beam of light in the air. The energy got to them, was analyzed and sent back.

~He's clean. Proceed.~

"Ok lets go." As they made there way towards the largest towers in the city, "How we going to get in?" Since they had several blocks to walk they could form a halfway decent plan.

03/13/2006 6:22 AM

"Hmm that is a good question." Lance looked at the tower of the government. "Not many guards for a government building." Lance whipped the recent blood away from his sword and put it back in his sheath. "So any ideas?" Lance looked at the guards examining them, trying to find their weakness. Lance pulled out a kunai knife and through it at a guard. "Hide quick. Ok while they tend to them we make our move inside ok." Lance watched as all the guards ran to their fallen comrade. "Lets go now." Lance got up and ran into the building.

03/13/2006 7:06 PM

Chaos was a little stunned at Lance's bold move, but did as commanded and quickly. The Guards rushed over to the wounded man and Chaos followed Lance into the building. Dashing in a vacant office they kept out of sigt. No doubt the guards have found the knife and this place will be on high alert in not time flat.

AIR SYSTEM! The idea hit him like a bag of bricks, "Hey lets climb into the air ventalation system we can get a few floors on them with out being seen. They wont find us at first so they will be checking the stairs and elevators." He reached up and pulled the vent cover off without a sound. Kneeling down, he looked at Lance, "need a lift?"

03/15/2006 11:21 AM

Lance looked around to check for guards. Na I am good Lance flipped up into the vent system. Come on lets make this quick I am beginning to think this place is just more then a government hideout&. Lance looked around and then looked back to the vent. After a while of crawling like mice Lance and Chaos got to a fork in the road. Looks like the vent splits into two& lets split up and follow these paths see where we get. Here Lance gave Chaos a slip of paper with his cell number on it. When you find something call me.&. Lance looked at Chaos then moved farther into his vent.

03/15/2006 3:34 PM

Chaos looked at the paper and handed it back, "Im kinda telepathic, sort of. Not powerful, but good enough to contact anyone with in a couple blocks. If I find something you'll know and just think my name and I'll hear ya." Crawling the right path towards the air he could feel low-level negative energy. 'More of those demons...' He crawled past them and came to a dead end. The Vent went up, so up he went.

His body barely fit in this portion of the vent, which made it easier to move up but more annoying to sustain mentally. After about six floors it leveled off again. 'Thank Thanis...'
He felt a much larger negative energy force below him.

~Lance, on floor seven, something powerful, going to investigate with out being seen~

He crawled to the opening and peered into the room. A large black man sat at a desk. The office windows were thick as with. The windows looking to the hall way where also and they were...tinted? Suddenly the man looked strait at him. 'Oh, shit.'

~Lance, I think I've been...~ with out finishing his thought Chaos was pulled though the wall and the large man was still sitting in his chair.

"Welcome intruder..." The man's voice boomed, "I wont alert security and wast both of our times. If you tell me what your doing here, who's with you, and if anything else that might be useful, I wont snap your neck."

"You must be joking," Chaos replied. He pushed his cloak out of the way and drew his sword, "lets dance..."

03/17/2006 6:56 AM

Lance started up on his way in the vents, luckily he was skinny enough to fit through the tight space. As Lance crawled through the vents he heard Chaos' voice.

~Lance, on floor seven, something powerful, going to investigate with out being seen~

~Chaos be careful I can feel great power coming from this building and I don't like it~

Lance continued to crawl in the vent. [I]Ok lots of demons here.[/I] Lance came to the same room as Chaos. "Fuck he is a big demon." Lance said to him self then looked behind Chaos and spotted demons. "Hmmm so they want to take him at an unfair advantage. Well I don't think so" Lance jumped out of the vent ad slam right into one of the demons that were coming up behind Chaos. "I got these guys. You think you can handle fat ass over there?"

03/17/2006 7:13 PM

Surprised at Lance's sudden appearance, and the fact that he didnt even feel lance close, he replied, "Ok, good. Come get some big boy!"

You think you can handle fat ass over there?

Chaos was sure that he was just trying to get under the demon's skin because there probably wasnt an inch of fat on him. 'The bigger they are the harder they fall.' His right foot strayed behind his left as he took a more battle friendly stance. The brut reached behind him and pulled a bastard sword out of thin air, 'ok, this will be a little more of a challenge than I thought.' The large demon leaped over the deck planting his first attack at Chaos' head. Chaos blocked but not with out getting pushed off balance. 'Damn he's strong...,' Chaos returned the favor by jumping over his head with the blade edge coming down on the back of its neck. He stumbled but regained his balance and with in seconds his wound was gone, "oh shit..." his words just a mutter.

03/19/2006 1:20 PM

Lance looked, well more like counted, at the demons before him only five. "Hmm this will not be any fun there is only five of them." Lance gave a laugh. "So demons come and get me if you think you are so tuff." The demons charged at Lance but one by one they all were defeated in no time flat. "Oh come on I thought you guys would be more powerful than that. Oh well." Lance turned to Chaos. "So need any help or anything?"

03/19/2006 4:08 PM

The demon turned and took a huge swipe with his broad sword, Chaos glanced under the blow and sent a small energy blast to its abdomen. It stubled back again looking down at his bleeding body and lifted his head. He glared at Chaos, "Come on then!" He entaganized the masive demon. It charged and with its next swing coming down towards Chaos' head he moved to the left and decapitated it. The demon's body slupped to the floor and his head rolled out of the room. His sword shrunk and changed into a pen.

"Dont touch that. Its a bomb. Demon's arent smart enough to trick most humans non the less a bounty hunter." He lifted the pen with his telekenises and launched it out the window. Once the glass broke an alarm went off. The entire building started to look like a disco club with all the different colored lights flashing.


03/20/2006 9:43 AM

Lance looked at Chaos. "Nice going idiot, didn't you figure out that they would have alarms even in their windows?" Lance glanced around to look for anyone coming. "You know I think the alarms are just to throw off an opponent." Lance walked up to the window but then feel down. Sleeping or knock out gas started to fill the room and all the exits and all the vents were shut off.

03/20/2006 11:17 AM

"Yeah, thanx..." He watched Lance walk to the widow and fall down. 'Sleeping gas!' He instantly gasped and held his breath. Chaos walked over to lance and threw him over his shoulder and jumped out the window to its ledge. With lance on his shoulder he climbed a few more storied and stopped at an empty office, opened the window and let himself in. 'Shouldnt take long for lance to come to.'

"We havent even made it a third of the way up to the top. We are only on floor ten," he sat in the chair at the desk. Thinking to himself that they need to move faster get to the top sooner before the 'big wigs' find out whats up and leave.

03/21/2006 5:08 AM

Lance shifted a bit then woke up. "What the fuck was that..." Lance looked at the new room they were in. [I]"Damnit my powers I can feel then fading."[/I] Lance said to himself so Chaos couldn't hear. "Well any way were are we and how did I get here?"

03/21/2006 10:37 AM

"Sleeping gas. Floor ten...of eighy six..." His head perched on his fist as he sat in the large brown Lazy boy office chair. His cloak was jumbled behind him in the notch of the back of he chair and sheeth of the sword's point patrouded up from behind his upper left shoulder from underneath the cape. He coldnt think of a faster way up that wouldnt get bring them into the open. "OK so we need to move fast upwards befor these guys leave. What do you suggest because I can only think of one way and he will bring more attention then we want..." His pet and friend Fath was a masive demon/dragon. Like his master was drenched in black. He could climb this building like a fish in water. 'I dont even konw if I can get a hold of him right now.'

03/22/2006 10:14 AM

Lance looked at the desk then at the lab top on the desk. He walked over and picked it up, "Hmm this might just come in handy. I have an idea." Lance threw two kunai knives on the desk before Chaos. 'We will have to do this the fun way." Lance pulled out two more kunai and jumped out the window, after he did so he slammed both knives into the side of the building. "Well if you can think of another way do it now or I am just leaving."

03/22/2006 10:11 PM

The shadow shading Chaos's face masked the obvious smile that creased it. He grabbed the kunai and leaped out the window. Using his telekinesis he pushed himself back to the building and started to climb. With the blades slightly angled his accent was quick and painless. Before he knew it floor fifty was waited for his arrival not but a few feet away. He looked down at Lance who, with great surprise, was right behind him. "Your a lot stronger and quicker than you look. Floor fifty here in a second, we should stop at floor seventy and make our way from there. If we get to the top we will probably be met my men with guns and I dont like guns..."

Right after that last word left his mouth the window next to him slid open and a half naked woman popped out. "Hey 'all I dont think you should be doing that its kinda dangerous..."

"Hows that?" A harsh voice boomed from inside the office.

"Just some guys trying to clime to the top of a building, you know like those rock climbing guys that do the city building thing..." She looked back to answer.

"Get your crazy blond ass back in her and sit down. You ate one too many of them damn mushrooms you crazy..." The man's voice was muffled after the window shut.

"We should hurry!" Chaos yelled down to Lance.

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03/23/2006 7:20 AM

Lance looked up at chaos. "Right well if we are going to hurry..." Lance pulled out the kunai and let himself fall. Before he fell very far blood red wings popped out and he flew up. On his way he picked up Chaos and flew to floor seventy. Lance kicked open the window, through chaos inside, and flew right into the room. His wings went back in and he sat on the floor gaining back his berth. "Wow I haven't done that for a while." Lance looked at the room what was weird about it was it had nothing in it. "Hmm I wonder if they even use the top floors?" Lance pulled out the laptop he took earlier. "Lets see if I can get a map of this place or something." Lance opened up and started the laptop. After a few minutes Lance found something. "Hey I think I found a map of this place. It seams we are in a battle room.... that means." Before Lance finished fifty guards rushed into the room holding guns on Chaos and Lance. Lance got up and put his hands up. [I] Hey Chaos if you can hear me lets just give in right now let us let them take us to their leader ok."[/I] Lance said to Chaos through telekinesis.

03/23/2006 5:31 PM

OOC: telekinesis lets you move things with your mind telepathy is what you are thinking.

IC: His hand almost reaching the ceiling and his eyes unwaivering from the man with the tommy gun. ~I hate giving in, but given the circumstances I think its the only option we have. I dont know about you but dodging bullets is a little hard for me...~

"Drop your weapons!" A smaller white man with a grenade launcher walked in beind the two biggest guards. "And dont you two freaks get any Ideas..."

'FREAKS?! The odasity! The rudness! Oh, your dead, maybe not right now but your ass is mine little man.' Chaos' thoughts screamed at the lead guard. He had to use all of his disaplin to not grab his sword and slice the big mouth in half. Of course he wouldnt live much longer after that, but still.

~You better have a plan Lance!~

03/24/2006 10:12 AM

OOC: Yeah sorry what I meant I had a one track mind there....don't see how that fits in. lol.

IC: Luckily lance could call out his weapons when ever he wanted. "All I have is my kunai knives in my side pouch." Lance stared at the guy the pulled off his bad.

~Yeah I do have one I would rather let them take us to their boss so we can get this shit over with and leave then having to wonder a tower looking for this bastard.~

03/24/2006 5:44 PM

OOC: Eh?!

Lance stared at the guy the pulled off his bad.

IC: A man just under Chaos' own hight skitishly took his sword when Chaos handed it out. There was no way he was going to give up his guantlets if this jerk asked. He would rather get shot up. And if he was told to take off the cloak people would die.

"Thats not good enough goth freak! The glove thingies and the cape too!"

~Lance! You had better get a new plan cuz if they try to execute his command this is gonna get really...really ugle.~

"Sorry buddy but there is no way in hell that is gonna happen. Cuff me if you want but I am not removing my gauntlets or my cloak." His arms crossed and stance defiant. His cape tucked its self behind his shoulders and his eyes beamed at the lead guard. His companions stared at him waiting for a response.

03/25/2006 7:42 PM

~Your right... well lets just take um.~ Lance pulled out his katana and slashed the guy that had Chaos' stuff "Here you go" Lance throw him his stuff and started to slash at the guards. Lance concentrated Alchemy circles on the guy's guns and melted them down. "Now lets fight far." Lance put his blade away and started to attack the guys.

03/26/2006 7:35 PM

He caught the sheathed blade attached it to his back and went strait for the lead guard. Two others got in his way and attempted to swiss cheese him, luckily there guns where hot putty. The one on the right got a mouth full of fist and the other's jaw broke in wake of Chaos' foot.

"Insult us will you? Im gonna teach you manners little man!" The man picked up a pole and swung for Chaos' head. Missing and over swinging Chaos took advantage of his oppositions mistake and tornado kicked him through the wall. Rubble and debris covered the guard as he sat against the wall across the tall way. Chaos picked him up by the collar and shoulder tossed him back in to the room. His body made a sickening snap as he hit a pillar. His back broke in two and instantly knocked him out. He looked at Lance to asses his progress with the other guards.

03/27/2006 7:10 AM

Lance had one guard left. The guard took a pole and smashed it across Lance's face. Lance just stood there the attack did nothing, but leave a little cut. Lance wiped the blood away from his mouth. "That the best you do?" Lance grabbed him by the jaw, slammed him into the wall, and threw him out the window. He looked down at the guys as he feel. "JACKASS!" He then turned to Chaos. "Lets go." Lance walked out of the room then walked backwards in. "Yeah this sucks we are surrounded by guards."

03/27/2006 10:44 PM

Chaos thought hard about his next move. If the room was surrounded to they couldnt just walk out and take there chances. The odds where against them with a few guards with guns but now they did even have odds if they are completely surrounded by guns. "I hate guns...",'Fath might just be my only choice now with out taking the whole damn building down...' "Hey, Lance you up for a ride?"

03/28/2006 6:53 AM

Lance popped his head out the door and looked at all the guards. "I could try and melt all there guns again, but I don't know I will try though." Lance sat down on the floor and started to concentrate on the guard's guns. Alchemy circles appeared on some of the guns, Lance activated them instantly and they all melt. Lance gave a sigh and got up slowly. "That was all I can do, my powers are acting up so it is hard for me to do anything. But I am still here to help you in this fight. My best bet would be just running throw them and getting to their boss so we can end all this shit." Lance walked out the door and blasted some of the guards with energy waves. CHAOS come on lets move. Lance started to run throw the guards and going throw them he slashed them with his katana.

03/28/2006 1:40 PM

Right after Lance had sommoned Chaos the window and most of the wall that portreded the city crashed in. A masive black beast stood in its wake. Its low hanging head was sleak and eyeless mouth stretching almost from one edge of its neck to the other. Accompanying this was a hulk of a four legged body and four blades lieing flat against its tail. The hind legs slightly higher than the front lowing is front half. Its wings melted into its back. ~Come my friend let us feast on meat of our enemies.~

"Hello Fath, feast on what you want, but we need to get to the top of this building...now!"

~Consider it done...who is we?~

"My friend is in the hall way making all the noise."

~Tell him to get a move on, I have things to do, hahaha~

Chaos turned around and popped his head down the hall way, "Lance get back here. Re-enforcements have arrived!"

03/28/2006 7:34 PM

Lance looked back at Chaos "But I was having fun." Lance kicked a guy into the wall and walked over to Chaos. "So what is the plan." Lance looked at the beast by chaos. "Wow thats a big monster..... or what ever it is you are." Lance glanced at Chaos "So I guess the plan is let your friend here take them and we go find the boss?"

03/31/2006 2:23 AM

"Wow thats a big monster..... or what ever it is you are."

Fath glared at Lance with its bleak head. Chaos walked over to him running his hand over Fath's shoulder and past his side. It was like touching rocks coverd in black smooth leather. Fath grinned and bared his large sharpe layer of teeth and scratched his head with the talons on his hands showing off four inches of blood stained fear. His hind feet where accompanied by talons only an inch or so larger on his tow front toes and one rear. On the inside was a masive six and a half inch claw still wet from the last poor beast that squabled the half dragon/demon.

"He is what happens when alchemists think they can mix a dragon hatchling and a demon. Lets just say he was the only one to leat that mountain top alive," Chaos patting Faths head as she spoke,"but yeah that was the idea. They will have more that thier hands full with him and we can just take the stairs or something, yeah?"

03/31/2006 9:13 PM

Lance looked at Fath. "Poor beast, damn alchemist think they can get away with this kind of stuff it makes me sick to be an alchemist. Lance looked at the beast then quickly changed his tune Sorry if I offend you I dont mean youre a bad thing or anything. Lance bowed So we just going to let him take care of&. Before Lance could finish his sentence he fell to the ground clenching his sides.

04/01/2006 5:23 PM

Fath honorably bowed back, but perked back up as Lance fell to the ground clintching his sides. ~Plan B Chaos!~

In response Chaos grabbed Lance and threw him on Fath's back and climbed abord him self. Fath Leaped out of the builing, wings extened and launched himself into the air. Quickly, they climped the floors and reaced the top of the building where a Helicopter lay in wait. The beast landed as soft as he could. Chaos ran to the door leading up to there position and waited, sword in one hand and and engergy blast ready from the other.

"They are coming, lots of them..."

04/03/2006 4:52 AM

Lance was still out. As the got to the top a little monster type thing came out of, really, nowhere. The little beast looked like a potato with wings. "Lance wake up." It said as it pushed Lance trying to wake him. The beast looked at Fath, "Aaa.....h....i....hi ya," The beast gave a stuttering happy hello, "Um where are we?"

04/03/2006 8:53 PM

"The top of the building...what is that?" Chaos saw the potato with wings. A potato with wings that talked. "HI...who are you?"

The men where still coming. He could feel them making there way up the stairs and would be to the top any minute. Most of them where normal people or smaller demons. There where a few that had some power though. None of them where bosses. His attention turned to Lance, "You ok? Might need help myself..."

04/04/2006 7:49 PM

The potato looked at Chaos. "Hi I am Patamon, and you are??" Patamon looked at Lance as he woke up. "LANCE" Patamon flew over to him and tackled him, Lance fell back wards due to the shock and hyperness of Patamon. "Wow Patamon, wait if your out then were is DemiDevimon?" Lance looked over to Chaos "Were are we at?"

04/04/2006 10:51 PM

Before Chaos could answer his question the door burst open and the roof top as flooded by demons and hired thugs. Chaos swiftly and suddenly jumped into action. His movements become precise, each swing full of purpose and ambition. Fath did nothing more than eat a few of the demons that got too close to him. Not one of the opposition could muster the courage to draw a weapon on the beast. Chaos protected Lance and the odd potato being until they where ready to participate.

~Chaos. When you are not too busy maybe you could take note that there is another helicopter on the other roof that is about to take off.~

"What? SHIT! Lance thats one of the bosses, STOP HIM!"

04/06/2006 4:40 AM

Lance looked at the helicopter then to Patamon, "Patamon I don't have much power right now so your going to have to take care of this." Lance pulled out a device that looked somewhat like a cell phone but it wasn't. Just as he pulled it out DemiDevimon appeared, "Your late but oh well you two are going to have to help us ok." They both nodded and started to glow same with the device. "Patamon, DemiDevimon, DIGIVOLE NOW!" Both Digimon started to glow massively.

First up was Patamon: Patamon digivole to..... Patamons body started to change and the light started to get intense, Angelmon. A large angel appeared where Patamon was.

Lance called out to DemiDevimon, "Your turn"

DemiDevimon digivole to......, The light around DemiDevimon also got intense, his body started to change like Patamon, Devimon, A large demonic being appeared where DemiDevimon stood

Devimon, Angelmon, and Lance started to glow bright, Lance pushed his device into his chest and with a boom of light Angelmon and Devimon were gone and well Lance was kind of gone too, when the light faded Lance stood, but now he stood with and Angelic and Demonic wing, horns were visible now, so were claws and fangs.

Lance drifted down to Chaos, and turned to the demons with a burst of power most of them vanished, "Come on chaos let us deal with the bosses and not the bugs!

04/07/2006 5:28 PM

Chaos didnt even turn to look at "the new and improved" Lance, "Lets!" He jumped off the building towards the next one and pushed himself with his mind. Fath was already below him waiting for his fall. "Get off the building Lance!" He shouted. Once Lance had left the roof top all time seemed to slow, then stop. The birds froze in mid air and Fath had his tounge hanging out as Chaos' arms emitted green electricity that rushed towards the middle of his toughing palms. His arms where stait out infront of him by the time Chaos couldnt hold it back any more and he was shot back my his own blast. Time caught up to him and he watched his blast grow from the size of a basketball to a small hotair balloon. Fath caught his friend just as intented but was starttled at half the building exploding and starting to crumble.

The black metal on his gauntlets where still lightly glowing. Smoke disapated from his gloves and he couldnt stop his eyes from illuminating more that usual. Using his tenesis he pinned him self down on Fath as they accended up towards the roof of the next building. Unfortunatly by the time they got there the copper had already started to lift from the ground.

04/10/2006 4:02 PM

Lance started to "fall" from the building top, he looked at Chaos and then back up, and the building was coming down. "Chaos I think they are reviling their true forms." Lance yelled to him before all the stuff happened to Chaos. Lance let out his wings but then two lights came from them, then both Angelmon and Devimon separated from him and turned back to their lower forms Lance started to fall in mid air, he was out cold.

04/12/2006 11:19 AM

Fath caught Lance on his back and Chaos used his Teke to keep him from fallin off as they had made there way up. Once they reached the top Chaos Jumped off the beast on to the roof, his feet landing hard and sword at the ready. Fath, on the other hand, stayed in the air until Lance returned to the living. The situation on this roof top wasnt much different than the one he had left. Demons and hitmen waiting for him and the chopper hand already lifted, thankfully, not gone yet. Fath kept it suppressed by making passes over it.

Chaos had his hands full with the demons on the second roof, they where vets. As his sword fashed, blood streaked and demons screamed, his anger was starting to get out of control.


04/14/2006 1:33 PM

Patamon and DemiDevimon looked at Lance, they seemed to know what was up but they kept their mouths shut. "Chaos." Patamon yelled "We are on our way to help you." Patamon and DemiDevimon flew over to Chaos and started to help him fight the demons.

"Doom Bubble" Patamon started to inflate then a big bubble flew at a demon. Patamon kept up the "bubble" massacre.

"DemiDart" DemiDevimon started to throw darts at the demons witch had a dark liquid in it that started to put the demons to sleep.

Meanwhile Lance started to shift a bit then got up once more. He looked around then to Fath. "Fath" Lance yelled to him. "Do you think you can get me close to the demons?" Fath flew towards the building and Lance pulled out a pull that had a blade, witch was at least a foot wide and 3 feet tall. "Patamon, Chaos, DemiDevimon. MOVE NOW." Lance's blade started to glow a deep red. Lance jumped up in the air as Chaos, DemiDevimon, and Patamon moved out of the way. "DEATH BRAKER SLASH!" Lance yelled as he slammed his blade through the building. Right before it started to topple Lance bounced off the building and back on to Fath. "Let us see if they can get through this alive."

04/18/2006 11:14 PM

Chaos darted out of the way, but the wrong way. With nothing to grab on too and Fath helping out Lance Chaos started to free fall from the building he could see the fire in the building race him to the bottom floor. He tried to use his teke but only slowed himself down. The steet came rushing to him, cars whizing by, he landed hard in a dumb truck on some sand.

"Lucky break!" Letting out a long slow sigh. From a distance he could see the helecopter burst into flames assuring him self that Lance had caused it he sat back down letting the softness curress his back.

"See ya soon Lance..."

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