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01/09/2006 3:04 PM

Seeing How Aaron Has had to leave I thought there might be room for another Mutant RPG

This is a ruff draft of My idea

Main Entry: het"ero"mor"phic
Pronunciation: -'mor-fik
Function: adjective
1 : deviating from the usual form
2 : unlike in form or size used specifically of synaptic chromosomes ), or Apostrophes ('). These can be written into the same paragraphs as the actions, due to their being counted -as- an action. These are also optional for italization, or can be left alone.*

~(Out of character is written in Round Brackets. These can be one to three on the outside, depending on importance and preference. All OOC should be written at the end of your RP post, unless it is to explain something specific in that particular paragraph you think is too confusing otherwise.)

PM me if you want to join, send your profile to me and I will okay you to join.

A few rules I'd like to add to this...

1) Do not use Leek or Net-speak. Not only is it annoying, but Rping with someone who does this is disgraceful. (Leek = 1337; Net-Speak = i <3 u)

2) Do not use Icons. Write out your expression. If you cannot, write the icon into (ooc), and ask if someone may be able to suggest a way to describe it for future reference.

3) Read the last few posts. Don't just plop in and do your own thing as it'll screw up others. It's courteous to be at least along the same guidelines as the others. (Some people like to begin with their character else where and build them up to where everyone else is. But make sure it sounds like this, and don't begin talking to people who are no where near you.)

4) Have fun! And if possible, try to use the guidelines I gave.

Name - Consortium name
Race: *Were talking about nationality*
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:

01/10/2006 5:33 PM

Actually, the rEvolution RP will go on once Aaron leaves. He put too much into it for it to just fall to the side because of such a trivial little thing as real life. Hehe.

Aside from that, though, good luck. I hope it works out.

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