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01/02/2006 12:08 AM

Will walked the length of the gates and watched the forest. Any moment now, they would come. He snorted and threw his head as he turned and began walking the other way.

Purinsesu gazed down from the window in her room and sighed. She turned from her window and looked at her room. It was a beautiful room. A large four poster king-sized bed stood in the middle covered with soft white silk sheets and a off-white silk quilt.

Everything in her room had a soft, angelic glow to it. Her dresser and vanity were all done in soft gold and white tones. She sighed again and walked out of the room.

She made her way downstairs, where she knew the white unicorn was. She found him right where she had seen him last, pacing in front of the gate. She shook her head slightly, "Will, staying here will not make them come any faster."

The white unicorn snorted and tossed his head again. In a language that sounded like a mixture of Spanish and Italian with a touch of Dutch, he spoke, "I do not like to be kept waiting. There are better things I could be doing."

"You must learn patience, my dearest," Purinsesu whispered in the same language Will spoke.

The stallion said nothing, and Purinsesu understood. She knew better than to correct him when he was in such a foul mood. Though, had he not said anything, she would never have guessed his mood.

Will was a hard stallion to read. He rarely showed any emotion on his face. If one did not know him that well, one could never guess what he was thinking, or how he was feeling. It was an art that the stallion had perfected over the years. It was only when he spoke, the soft or harsh tones of his voice, that spoke his mood. It was a rare thing for his mood to surface onto his face.

The language the two unicorns had spoken was the Australian language. It was a language that was nearly dead. In fact, only true Australians spoke the language. It was such a difficult language to learn, that many Australians didn't even bother teaching it.

Will looked up again at the forest and then returned his gaze the path he had started making in the dirt.

The sound of soft padded footsteps near the gate brought both unicorns to attention. He was an odd sort of creature. A wolfdog of the most curious type. He had light grey fur that was covered in various sized spots. His right eye had a large black spot stamped over it and his right ear looked as if it had been dipped in black paint. He had a long snout and his ears stood half-erect on the top of his head. He had sharp, but kind brown eyes that were of an almond shape.

His body, itself, looked as if it had been made for a painting. Finely tuned, his spots hit all the right spots, giving him a certain elegance that demanded attention. His fur was coarse and thick, though not long. His tail stood straight back and seemed to sweep back, with a small fan look along the bottom. His underfur was a bit lighter then his topcoat, giving the impression that he lost color as you looked down.

There was no mistaken who he was. He smiled to the two unicorns and said in a thick German accent, "The messages were sent. They should be arriving soon."

"How soon?" Will asked, speaking in a thickly accented English.

The wolfdog gave a slight lift of his shoulders. "Within the next few hours or so, I assume. They were given out three weeks ago. It shouldn't take that long to find the castle."

"If they pass this test, their next challenge will only be greater," Purinsesu stated softly.

"If they accept the challenge, my queen," the wolfdog agreed.

Purinsesu smiled, "I wish you wouldn't call me that, Patch. If anything, I am your stepmother. There is no need for formalities."

Patch shook his head. "No, my lady. When these animals arrive, we must be formal. My father wants this to go smoothly and sound as serious as it is."

"If your father thinks I will call him my king, he is sadly mistaken," Will snapped.

"You do not have to call him anything," the wolfdog replied. "You hardly speak anyway. Why must today be any different?"

"Watch your tongue, prince," the stallion warned. "Unlike others, I have no problem cutting it off."

Patch sighed and gave a slight nod of his head before departing. "Somehow, Will," the wolfdog stated, "I do not doubt that."

There were a million things Purinsesu wanted to tell Will. About proper ettique and how to address the Prince of the World. But, she knew such words would be wasted and would only cause the white unicorn more anger. Instead, she took to watching the forest with as much interest as he had.

"Someone approaches," she whispered as she felt the faint ripples of someone coming through the forest towards them.

01/03/2006 5:45 PM

"I wonder why the unicorn has sent out these messages." The jaguar thought to herself, not for the first time, as she padded through the forest.

The message had arrived a few weeks ago, directing whoever chose to accept it, toward the Castle of the Immortals. The home of the King of the world and Will Unicorn and his family, Sameria was intrigued by the strange missive. Thus, even against her guardians fears, the jaguar Earth Mage made her way to the Castle of Immortals.

Lifting her head to the air, she sniffed. Smiling in satisfaction the feline saw she had finally reached her destination. Coming through the trees, she saw Will unicorn and his wife standing by the Keep gates.

Sitting back on her hind legs, the large spotted cat inclined her head in a respectful bow. She spoke with a slight African accent. "My Lord and Lady, my name is Sameria, and I received the mysterious message. Out of curiousity, I have come. What is your need?"

01/07/2006 5:26 PM

Purinsesu smiled kindly while Will just gazed at the jaguar. "Mistress Sameria, I am Queen Purinsesu and this is Lord Will. We welcome you to the Castle of Mortality."

Will scoffed, "Do not call me 'lord' anything. I am Will. That is all you need to call me."

The white unicorn continued to watch the jaguar before he started to circle her. Purinsesu sighed, but said nothing to Will, knowing he was merely sizing her up.

The ivory unicorn then trotted up to the wall and touched it with her horn. Within moments a huge lion approached the gate. This lion was about the size of an adult male human. He had a long, thick bushy brown mane that framed a very noble face. His eyes were bright and cheerful amber.

The lion approached the two unicorns with dignity. "You called, Your Highness?" he asked in a booming voice that was slightly accented in French.

Purinsesu smiled. "This is Mistress Sameria," she introduced the jaguar. She turned to the jaguar. "Mufusa here will show you into the throne room where King T├╝tze is awaiting you and anyone else who shows up."

"You should tell her why she is here," Will commented, still watching the jaguar.

But, Purinsesu would not be baited. "No, Will. You know the rules. It is for the king to speak of, not us. She will find out soon enough."

Mufusa offered the jaguar a kind smile. "No worries, then?" he said to her cheerfully. "Follow me."

The great lion turned towards the gates and began the trek back through them.

01/08/2006 6:12 PM

Sameria gazed back at Will as he approached her, watching every movement as he paced around her. She did not move from her haunches, but only watched him with dark brown eyes. Only when the lion, Mufasa, approached, did her gaze leave the male unicorn.

She smiled at the lion briefly before looking at Will again. "If you have seen all you need to for the moment, may I go now?" she asked knowingly, but still polite.

Nodding to the two unicorns, the left the area with the lion.

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01/09/2006 7:24 AM

As they departed, Sameria and Mufusa passed a trail worn figure. Head lowered against an imagined weight, Tayume paced forward with a regal grace that belied her ragged appearance.

Brambles and twigs snared her silvery mane and tail, and the scratches and half-healed cuts along her shoulders and flanks told a tale of a long trek to make it to this unlikely destination. Her colbalt blue eyes were grey-tinted, as though fearing she would never reach her hoped-for destination, crystalline horn dark with near-depression.

As the lion and jaguar passed her, Yaburetayume, known to many as 'The Shattered Dream' looked up, and spotted Purin and Will, and some light returned to her eyes and horn, hope spreading once again. Dreadfully concious of her appearance, Tayume's pace slowed, as she tossed her heavy, tangled mane and flicked her nearly too-heavy tail.

Trying to replace her hard-worn appearance with grace, Tayume lenthened her stride and paced easily towards Purinsesu and Will, her blue eyes flicking from one to the other till she stoped several paces short of the gates.

"I am Yaburetayume, Known as The Shattered Dream to many, and Tayume to some others.....I have come at your call, a long journy from far to the north and west." She finished her words with a sweeping bow, one leg extended before her, the other swept under and touched her knee to the ground, her long silvered mane brushing the ground as the tip of her horn touched the earth.

01/09/2006 7:53 PM

Purinsesu smiled kindly at Yaburetayume. "I am Queen Purinsesu, and this is..."

Will snorted and tossed his head. "I'm Will," he snapped.

The white unicorn tossed his head again as he watched the grey unicorn. Purinsesu sighed, "Mufusa will return shortly to escort you into the throne room."


Mufusa led Sameria down the courtyard. The courtyard had a gravel path that circled around a huge waterfountain. The fountain was carved in the likeness of children playing. There was a wolf cub, two bear cubs, and several small kittens. Water sprouted out of their mouths and out of the bear cubs paws as they played.

On either side of the path were large animal shaped bushes. The largest two were in the shape of wolves. Where the path split around the water fountain, two more bushes faced one another. One was in the shape of a lion while the other was in the shape of a dragon.

Mufusa stopped suddenly and smiled. "Look up," his deep voice whispered to the jaguar.

The castle loomed over the water fountain. It looked as if it had been carved from white marble. Two large golden doors stood as the entrance. The lion sighed and then led the jaguar up marble steps to the entrance door. He nodded to her.

"I will return shortly for your companion. Wait here for me, so that you may enter the throne room together," he told her.

With that, the great lion turned from her and walked back to the golden gates. When he approached he smiled. "Queen Perinsesu," he called to the ivory unicorn. "You have more for me?"

The ivory unicorn turned slightly and smiled to Mufusa. "Yes, that I do. Mufusa, this is Yaburetayume."

The lion nodded and bowed slightly to the grey unicorn. "Follow me," he told her.

Perinsesu turned back to Will. "Do you think more will come?" she asked him.

The white unicorn shrugged slightly and looked out to the forest. He closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again. "I sense no others. If they were coming, they would've already been here," he answered her. "I'm going inside. Fuck anyone else."

Perinsesu gazed at Mufusa. "If you don't mind, we shall join you," she asked.

He nodded once and the great lion made his way back through the courtyard. Meeting up with Sameria, the lion nodded once more before placing his huge paws on one of the doors.

He gave a great heave. Corded muscle etched through his legs and shoulders as he opened the doors. Will sighed as if from boredom.

Mufusa led the small group into the castle. The floor was carpeted in red velvet. The walls were pure gold and held lanterns. Under each lantern was a large vase filled with flowers of various types and shades. Between each lantern was a painted portrait of a different animal.

He led them further into the castle. Shadows were few and inbetween for the walls gave off plenty of light. Will snorted and pushed ahead of the group. The impatient white unicorn pushed his way into a side room.

Mufusa followed him and smiled. "This is the throne room, ladies. The king will be with you shortly."

With that, the lion left. Perinsesu smiled and looked around the throne room. It, too, was elaborately decorated. The carpet was oriental in style. In the center of the room, a great chair stood. The chair was backed and cushioned with red velvet. The arms had diamonds embedded along the mohagany carvings of dragons and wolves.

Aside from the three unicorns and jaguar, the room was empty. Will perused the room, glanced at a large painting of a great timber wolf before looking at the various lanterns. The lanterns were much like the ones in the hallway.

The unicorn snorted, "What a waste of money."

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01/17/2006 10:17 PM

As Mufasa left to get the second arrival, Sameria gazed around the hallway of the great castle. The jaguar marveled at it's beauty of the carved fountain, smiling at the depictions of the children.

Walking over to it to get a closer look, she satared into the water, her own brown eyes staring up at her. Lifting a paw to bat at the water, the cat giggled.

Hearing the paws of others, she turned quickly, flushing in embarrassment at getting caught plying like a cub. But, seeing Mufas's smiling face, she relaxed, able to turn her attention to the newcomer. A dark unicorn, or at least half dark, judging from her appearence.

She looked quite forlorn and ragged, causing Sameria to wonder what she had been through. But, there was also a strength to her, a mystical foce that all unicorns seemed to hold. Sameria bowed to the unicorn, introducing herself.

Entering the throne room with the three unicorns, Samia again was floored by its beauty. Everything about it was plush and comfortable. And the paintings on the walls - they were numerous, and all beautifully done.

Sinking her black spotted body on the rug, glad for a moments rest after the long walk here, Sameria took to looking at all the paintings around the room, wondering about the great King she had heard of, but until this day, had never met.

01/19/2006 5:55 PM

Tayume paced alongside the others with an easy grace, her blue eyes flitting from one thing to the next wtih increasing curiosity. She intentionally shied away from the brash white unicorn, old predjudices died hard it seemed.

Once in the throne room, Tayume's ragged stance straigtened, determined to show her strengths, no matter how little she had left. She had nodded to Sameria's introduction and simply provided her name, wearily. She wondered what was going to happen, as she wasn't even half sure of the reason she had answered the summons. She had heard of this great king, but with her status, it never truely concerned her, as the Nobles of the world rarely took sides with such commonor as herself...

She snorted daintily at Will's comment of the lush decorations and luxury being a waste of money but said nothing else. Once they came to a stop, Tayume gazed around again, wondering where the King may come from.....

01/24/2006 7:06 PM

Will continued to pace around the throne room. Each moment, he was getting more and more frustrated. Every turn he made, he tossed his head.

Purinsesu sighed wearily and took to observing the newcomers. She knew they were strong, both physically and mentally. Otherwise, they never would've found the place. She also knew they had travelled a long way and were possibly tired. But, she was going to save the hospitality for later, after Tutze had come and gone.

She looked up at the painting of the great wolf on the wall and smiled. She glanced at the mare and jaguar and said, "This is the great king."

The wolf in the portrait looked proud. He was sitting on the throne. His dark grey fur gradually getting lighter towards his underbelly. He had intense amber eyes. His muzzle looked as if he had a beard, though, that was mostly due to the lighter grey that hung around. A long, dark grey stripe went from his forehead to his shiny black nose. On his head he wore a crown of sapphires and emeralds.

The ivory unicorn smiled at the portrait. "Isn't he handsome? I knew the moment I had met him that he was great.... And I'm not talking just about what goes on behind closed doors either."

Will snorted and was about to comment when a hearty laugh filled the chamber.

Both unicorns turned to see where the laughter was coming from. Propped up against the door frame was a wolf. He wore a dark blue bandana around his neck and had amber eyes. His ears were folded in half and looked as if they were a bit too long for him.

He stood up straight and began to walk towards the small group gathered. His gait was more relaxed then one would imagine and he was missing his tail. All he had at the end of his back was a nub where a long, fluffy tail should be.

He gave a mischievous smile to Perinsesu. "You really shouldn't be giving away my bed secrets like that, dear," he said in slightly accented English. "There are other ways they can learn of that information."

The ivory unicorn tilted her head slightly. "I'd like to hear you say that in front of Sassy," she challenged.

He gave another warm laugh, "When I'm ready for my deathbed, I will gladly tell her."

The wolf turned to the jaguar and grey unicorn. His eyebrows raised when his eyes rested with the grey unicorn's blue orbs. "A rare beauty, to be sure," he commented. "Tell me. Was it your mother or your father who bore the black colour?"

Perinsesu's eyes widened. "Tutze!" she snapped.

His eyes left the grey unicorn's and went to the ivory. "Yes, dear?" he asked her.

She snorted and shook her head. "That is not the proper way to greet our guests. They have travelled long and hard to reach this place for a summons they know nothing of. It is only fair that you tell them why they are here and stop trying to lure them into your chambers."

Will rolled his eyes. "Purin, if you think Tutze was trying to lure them, you haven't seen anything yet. Trust me. I've seen him when he puts on his charm. What it does to females."

"So have I. And I will not have these poor females subjected to it. Especially considering he already has four wives," Purinsesu ranted.

The wolf shook his head and chuckled. He sighed and looked at the two newcomers. "Seriously, though," he said, his features going into a more intent expression. "I want to know about those who are going to partake in this journey. I want to know everything I can."

He smiled softly to the jaguar and grey unicorn. "Come closer to me and tell me a bit about yourself. What are your names? Where do you come from? I want to know a bit about your background. Don't be afraid or worried about little things. Will, here, grew up with hardly any money and spent most of his life raising his younger brothers, working a minimum wage job, and barely making ends meet. I'm not here to embarrass anyone, but I like to know what kind of animals are working for me."

If looks could kill, the look Will had shot at the king would have destroyed him.

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01/24/2006 8:36 PM

Samerias brown eyes went wide as she took in Tutze's appearance. The wolf did not seem to hold the regal standings that she thought a King would. Nor did he speak the way the jaguar expected him to either. He spoke as if he was personal friends, and the mention of his bedchambers nearly made the large cat blush.

Bu, she recovered herself, and made her way closer to him as requested. The lowered her had in a bow. "My name is Sameria, your Highness. My parents are dead and have no mate or children. My adopted parents are Janya and Sashi."

Straightening, she sat back. "I'm an Earth Mage, and a hunter. I'm also a child of history, and quite adventurous. It is my curiosity of your request that brought me here."

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01/25/2006 7:56 AM

Tayume tensed at Tutze's questioning, but she tossed her head, allowing her heavy mane to settle against her neck and back before she paced forward. She came all this way, what did she expect? a tea party? Hardly.

"The black comes from my father...My mother was a white. Their mating wasn't... plesant..." She said, the timber of her voice low and tremulous.

"My name is Yaburetayume, Known as The Shattered Dream to some, and Tayume is what I am known all the rest. My mother's name was Hikaribi, and died some years before I left to start my trek to this land, over two decades ago. She took my father's name to her grave, I never knew him. Mother never did have any other foals after my birth..."

01/27/2006 6:56 AM

Tutze smiled pleasantly. "Great! See? That wasn't all that bad," he told them.

Purin sighed, "Tutze, they've travelled a long way..."

He nodded. "And are no doubt hungry. Shit, I've been in my office all day and I'm famished. MISCHIEF!!!" his voice boomed suddenly.

A small cocker spaniel, who looked to be a puppy, burst into the room. She was a soft sandy colour and had dark brown ears. Her eyes were amber in colour.

In a very Australian accent, she said, "Aye, Tutze? You called for me?"

The wolf nodded. "Find Wolfie and inform her that we have guests. I want a special meal prepared for them."

The little dog bobbed her head exuberantly and looked to the newcomers. "A jag and a unicorn?... Ah! She's a grey one."

Mischief ran to the white unicorn and jumped on his back. "Ain't she odd lookin', Brother? Never in my life have I seen one of those..."

Will snorted and shook the dog off. "Mischief, do as you're told and keep your comments to yourself."


"Do you intend on disobeying me?" the white unicorn asked in a soft, dangerous voice.

The little dog quivered a bit under the unicorn's fierce gaze. Then she puffed out her chest and said defiantly, "You better be careful with what you say, Will. Daddy won't be too happy if you hurt me."

"One of these days, Father isn't going to be around. Then what will you do?" he asked her.

"Don't threaten me like that!" the cocker spaniel shouted.

Will snorted, "What have I always told you about our family?!"

Mischief stopped and thought about it. Then she hung her head and sighed, "You've always said that Unicorns don't make threats, we make promises... But..."

"That's enough, you two," Tutze interrupted. "Mischief, you have a job to do. So do it."

On that command, the little dog left. But, before she disappeared, she turned to look at Will and poked out a little pink tongue at him. Will just rolled his eyes.

"She's the only fucking girl in the entire family. Why the hell did my parents have to have a fucking girl?" he asked, looking at Purinsesu.

The ivory unicorn just laughed. She looked at the two newcomers and explained, "Willie and Connie, Will's parents, have five children. Mischief is the fourth child and the most adored, because she's an only girl. In fact, before her, no female has ever been born to the bloodline. She'll be the first..."

"And hopefully, last," Will commented to a giggling Purinsesu.

Tutze just shook his head and gave a soft chuckle, "She brings amusement to the castle... However, I'm still hungry... If you will all follow me, we'll go into the dining room where, hopefully, there will be some food."

Will snorted and walked out of the throne room. Purinsesu sighed, "Are you sure it's a wise idea to let him come along? Timothy would be just as good..."

Tutze shook his head. "You need Will, my dear. He knows a lot more. Besides, Wishbone said..."

For the first time since the ivory unicorn met Sameria and Yaburetayume, she snorted, "Do you always depend on what Wishbone says?"

The great king looked at his wife in shock. "Wishbone is the wisest animal in the world. Plus, he seems to know more then what meets the eye. If he says Will is to make this journey, then Will should."

She sighed, "I still think Timothy would be better. At least he wouldn't sneer at Yaburetayume. Nor would he give Sameria that look as if he'll attack her."

The wolf flashed a charming smile. "That's why you are going as well, Purin," he said to her. He turned and looked at the two newcomers. "Follow me."

Tutze led the way out of the throne room and down a long, red velvet hallway. This hallway, like the one at the entrance, was covered in red velvet carpet. The walls were golden and so polished, one could see their own reflection. Lamps hung along the walls, lighting everyone's way. Painted pictures depicting various battles and brave animals adorned the walls between the lamps.

They entered a large dining hall. Inside, a mahogany table sat in the middle. The table looked as if it could seat a hundred animals. Elegant chairs aligned the table. At the head, a large chair stood towering the others. Tutze sighed and shook his head, "You know what would look nice in here? One of those round tables. With identical chairs."

Purinsesu looked at the wolf. She knew where he was going with this. "Tutze..."

He looked at Sameria and Yaburetayume. A great sadness came over the proud wolf. "Must be nice. Living out there. Carefree, without responsiblities. You can live your life from day to day and never have to worry about what's going to happen tomorrow. No politics..."

The ivory unicorn sighed and watched as her husband turned back to the table and began his decent to the head chair. She whispered to them, "Most animals dream of a life with riches and servants. Tutze dreams of a living in a one room shack without any money. His youth was spent trying to create for himself such a life. But, being the oldest, and only, boy, he had no choice but to follow in his father's footsteps. There are no servants or slaves in this entire castle. Tutze doesn't believe in having them. Instead, everyone pitches in and does their own share of cleaning and such.

"There are a few of us who have specific jobs, mind you. You'll never find a better cook than Wolfie Dickenson. And Mischief is a great messenger. Plus, no one is allowd to answer the door but Mufusa Lion.

"There is no guard. We don't need it. Many of the animals here are trained, and tried, fighters, Tutze included. And those who aren't are either learning, or have so much protection from all of us, that they don't need to be.

"Patch, Tutze's oldest son and heir, is a scientist, by trade. He studies every aspect of science from the microorganisims to space. I predict he'll be a great scientist one day.

"Everyone has their job here in the castle. Something is expected of each member. And we are all treated as equals. In these halls, there are no titles. Not even the children use titles, save the ones they use for family."

She joined Tutze at the table, taking the seat to his right. Tutze indicated the two chairs on his left for Yaburetayume and Sameria. "Are you finished giving them a history of the castle?" he teased Purin. He turned to the newcomers, "You have to be careful of Purin. She likes to speak of the past a lot. If you aren't careful, she'll tell you about everything from the Time of the Unicorns to the Great War and beyond. Her great grandmother had taught humans to speak with animals. Tried to civilize the humans even. Her bloodline, and species, has always had a soft spot for humans. It's one of the reasons ivory unicorns are so easily trapped by the beasts."

Purinsesu gave a huff and raised her snout disdainfully, "If all the animals would've listened to my great grandmother, and not that black monster, animals never would've ended up in human zoos or stuffed on human walls."

"I know, dear," the wolf conceded. He smiled as a side door opened and a purple and white wolf entered the room.

Actually, she wasn't a true purple. However, her greyish and reddish fur was so close together, she gave off a purplish light. Her legs and muzzle were snowy white, however. And she had two, bright blue eyes.

She pulled along a rolling table laddled with food. She then carefully took the foods off and began placing them on the table. There was a large pork roast that still had blood gushing from it. A large bowl full of fluffy, green lettuce and cut tomatoes. As well as peas, carrots, and a bowl of melted cheese.

Tutze palled, "Wolfie? Are you trying to kill us? Where's the rest of the meat?"

The purple wolf gave a playful smile. "Your doctor called and told me that you were to include vegatables in your diet. You're not getting enough vitamins, Tutze. Lady and Purin have both ensured me that you will start eating more veggies with your meat."

With a flirty smile and a flip of her fluffy tail, Wolfie left the room. Tutze watched the young female wolf leave. The look on his face make Purin straighten her throat. "I'm surprised at you, Tutze," she reprimanded.

He shook his head and looked at her. Remembering where he was, he threw Sameria and Yaburetayume a sheepish smile. "Dig in," he told them, as he began carving the pork.

01/27/2006 9:10 PM

Sameria smiled at Tutze, chuckling lightly at his carefree attitude, and how quickly the King seemed to switch topics. She sat and watched everything, her chocolate colored eyes dancing with curiosity.

Looking down at the small cocker spaniel as the darted in the room, full of energy, the jaguar had to fight the urge to play with the puppy. The name Mischief was well suited to her, Sameria mused, as she watched the dog interact with Tutze and Will. Yet, she had an innocent strength to her, seen in the way she spoke to her older brother.

Turning to listen to Purinsesu as Mischief left the throne room, Sameria listened with obvious interest. Though Tutze teased his wife, about telling stories, the jaguar loved hearing the details of life at the Castle. As she took her seat at the table in the dining room, the spotted cat decided that she could like it here.

She remembered what Sashi, her adopted Father had told her the day she had left on her journey to the Castle.

[i]"Remember, Sammy,"[/i] the male jaguar had said seriously, though he used the nickname that was only used by him, [i]"If you are intent on going on this adventure, watch everyone and everything. Listen to everything. You don't know these animals, and have no idea what they want or expect. Be cautious, and alert."[/i]

Janya, her mother since the age of two, had stayed silent, merely looking worried and sad to see her daughter go. They had hugged her, then Sameria left.

Sashis advice was easy to follow, Sameria realized, looking around the table now. Naturally curious, the feline was always alert, watching everything around her. Sure, it was almost always from looking to the next game, or bit of fun, but she was capable of being serious when she needed to be. She took her Earth Magic studies very seriously, and was also a very skilled hunter.

[i]Fun is just....well....fun.[/i] She soothed herself, with a rueful smile as she dug into her meal.

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02/09/2006 7:37 PM

As Tutze bit deeply into a slice of red meat, Purin straightened her throat again. He looked up at the unicorn with concern. "Did you get something stuck in your throat?" he asked her.

She shook her head. She looked pointedly at the jaguar and the grey unicorn. Not following, the wolf tilted his head to the side. She sighed, "Well, aren't you going to tell us what we're here for?"

"Oh!" Tutze shouted, startling the mare. He stood up suddenly and called to Mischief. When the spaniel pup entered, he told her, "Go and fetch Will for us. He needs to be here for this."

The cocker spaniel took one longing look at the grey unicorn before disappearing. Soon, she returned with the ill-tempered white unicorn in tow. She politely excused herself and left.

"Well?" Will demanded. "I don't have all day."

Tutze growled, "You'll have all century if I say so."

The white unicorn shot daggars at the wolf, but he kept his mouth shut. Tutze sighed and shook his head. He knew it was pointless to start an arguement with the white unicorn.

The great wolf looked around the small group and straightened his throat. For the first time, he looked every part of the wolf in the picture. His face bore a seriousness to it that wasn't there before.

"I have called upon you for a very important task," he addressed the group. "I sent missiles all over the globe in search of only the strongest of heart, mind, and body. Only those with courage could've found this castle, so I know you are prepared for the challenges that await you."

"What are we going to look for, Tutze?" Purin asked, her face carved with interest.

"There is a place in the Mediterrainian... a cave, if you will, on an Ancient Greek island. This island is not easily found and only appears once every month," he told them. "Within this cave holds the power needed to gain eternal life."

Will shook his head. "I've read enough history to know such a place does not exist. If it had, it would have been found by now..."

Purin, however, seemed far more intrigued. In a strained voice, she whispered, "You speak of Atlantis..."

Tutze nodded. "Atlantis. I couldn't remember the name... Anyway, I assure you, the island exists. It has only just begun resurfacing. But, as I said, it only resurfaces once a month."

Will rolled his eyes. "So, you want us to go to this ancient island that only comes once a month to gain eternal life? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of mortality?"

Purin gave an ironic chuckle. "Doesn't the idea of being able to raise hell for all eternity intrigue you, Will?"

The white unicorn shook his head. "Why do you wish this?" he asked Tutze.

"If the great island can be found, and eternal life be granted, think of all the good we can do," he whispered softly. Then, he stopped and thought about it. "There are other reasons I want this divine secret. Your task is simple. Go to the island, and discover the secret to immortality. Bring the secret back to me."

Will looked at his wife and then at the king. It was apparent the white unicorn wasn't pleased with the idea. "When do we leave?" Will asked. "And what will become of these two when we are finished?"

Tutze smiled at the two newcomers. He smiled a most charming smile. "If you find this place, you will be granted immortality. As a reward, I will ensure neither of you will ever worry about food or shelter again."

"And if we fail?" Purin felt she had to ask.

Tutze sighed, "I will still ensure food and shelter remains with those who help me."

"So, it's a win/win situation either way," Will observed. "At least for those not already living in the castle."

"You will face many dangers and there's no guarantee you'll make it out alive," Tutze warned. He turned to the newcomers. "So? Would you be willing to risk it? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

"Nothing to lose except possibly your life," Will mumbled darkly.

02/11/2006 12:41 PM

Sameria's chocolate coloured eyes lit up at the mention of Atlantis. The jaguar had always been intrigued by the mystery of the sunken island, had spent hours pouring over any tomes that spoke of it.

And, now, to actually go there? To find the secret of Immortality?

It was a dream come true.

Mulling the situation over in her mind, Sameria finally came to a decision. She looked Tutze in the face with confidence, "I'll go, your highness."

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04/11/2006 6:25 AM

Tayume didn't like this whole situation that was dropped in front of her like a bale of hay... but it wasn't as if she had anything to loose...

Immortality... Tayume snorted, she doubted such a thing existed, but even if it did, these other Animals were welcome to it, she spent her life in hiding, staying away from both the dark and light never accepted anywhere, attacked and abused... she didn't want to live any longer than her lot with destiny determined.

The grey unicorn looked to Tutze her blue eyes solemn. "I'll go, but you can keep your gift of immoratlity...my life has been long enough already..." She snorted.

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