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12/30/2005 11:18 AM

Ok, due to issues at home I have decided that I gots to get me the hell out of California. Now after wieghing several options I have decided to take a friend of mine up on her offer to stay with her out in Wyoming. The only problem with that is that she is without internet so Ill will tempararily gone for this site for at least several months.

Yes it sucks I know...but stuff happens.

12/30/2005 6:19 PM

Wyoming? Do they have phones there yet? ;)

Good luck with the move - sometimes getting out of town and starting over somewhere else is the best thing to do. It's good that you've got a friend you can do that with.

Let us know when you decide to leave California, eh?

12/30/2005 7:26 PM

Well actually I thought I stated it, but apparently didnt.... Ill be leaving this next week like Tue-Wed...sometime like that

12/30/2005 9:45 PM

Well, hell. I'd like to go on about why you shouldn't go, since I was just getting into the rEvolution RP, and I can tell you did a lot of work for it, but I can't say much since I left the land of golden sun and zero opportunity three months ago. Hurry up and get some internet access, dammit!

And where about in Wyoming? I ask because a friend of mine is going to school in Laramie.

12/31/2005 12:53 PM

It would be Evansville, WY.

And Unbeliever I left you the stuff for that thread in your mail box. I thought itd be good, but I guess Ill have to read it when I come back. As for when Id get the net back...no clue, my friend Im moving in with dont got it and in a few months is when Ill be in military training. Dont worry though...as long as I dont get deleted with the Exodus thing than Ill be back.

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