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12/27/2005 6:17 PM

so i sorta have an idea that came into my head, and it had no name. The story is setup like this.

in the land of Lorn the war of humans and orcs rages on, and the land of Lorn is stuck in crossfire so since they fought back to stop the war they are now considered enemies of the country. The land of Lorn is an enchanted land wich is full of light elves, but it has a black forest in the south wich is controled by dark elves. Wich infect any intruders so the elves have locked them up in there.
but since the war has happened the orcs let them free looking for their help, but the dark elves ignored them and are now infecting other races.

[b][i] and on the ghost continent[/i][/b]

that's all i have figured out now but i'll wait if anyone goes for the bait

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