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12/18/2005 11:06 AM

Well I'm back Hopefully for along time. My computer was down then my mom thought it would be a great ikea to redo are living room. So now I am typing to all of you form quite nice desk form IKEA.Half of the new furniture we are getting is from IKEA (IKEA is the Devil). I would like to say that I am truly sorry for any thread kills I caused in my Hibernation. If you find in your heart to forgive me I would be happy.

12/18/2005 11:27 AM

Tell the truth, you were busy drawing that new avatar weren't you?... It's very [i]creative[/i]...

As for IKEA being the Devil... Well I like my IKEA desk... But [i]shopping[/i] in IKEA, now that [i]is[/i] Hell...

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