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12/14/2005 3:47 PM

[b][i]U.S. News-[/i][/b]

~... again our very own Freedom Fighters have come to the rescue....

...In other news, power outages in Northern California have raised many concerns. No one knows what was the cause except that there was a major power drain on the grid. Electric officals are investigating now and assure us that it was nothing "serious"....

... We will now go live to our eye in the sky, Ben Gallows what do you have for us?...

...[i]Well Megan, it is a beautiful day out here. Though no reason to rush out for traffic is a mess, literally. A little earlier a mutant who appeared to be an animated mass of putty had made its was via armoured car onto the 15 northbound interstate. It had hijacked the vehicle after the guards were finishing up their rounds. A high speed chase ensued leaving various wrecks on either side of the highway. The mutant was tailed all the way from Friars rd in San Diego to the 74th st in Lake Elsinore. Finally the pursuit came to an end when the mutant had oozed out of the armoured vehicle and was later pronounced dead. As you can see from our aerial view the havok which has stretched across this major highway of Southern California. Back to you Megan...[/i]

[b][i]Russian Newspaper-[/i][/b]

President Micheal has proposed a new foriegn policy to expand the Russian economy. Various trade agreements have already been made between Russia and the United States of America. In a move to save capitol for both countries the Russia goverment will purchase for a discounted price the produce and grains which the American goverment would usually pay to have spoil. More on page B4.


Mutant Bhor Grochowsky, an aclaimed writer and sociologist, has become terminally ill. Recent studies into his condition show no reason for his condition. This may be a new AIDS epidemic, though it has affected mutants with enhanced healing traits such as Bhor Grochowsky. Experts say... More on page A2.


N.Y. Police Department. Recently there have been a surge of homocides, and each on was a mess. One such case had the nessary requirements to call in a detective who speciallized in such. Detective Carridan.

The scene was like most, white lined bodies and yellow caution tape. Three bodies of obvious mutants, each having a certain deformality in their appearance, laid on the ground dead. There where no signs of weapons and no signs struggle except for some claw marks in the side of the table by a fallen chair. Shavings could be seen underneath one of the victims nails. No physical evidence would lead anyone to believe that these mutants were murderd except for the fact that all three laid dead in the same room with no evidence of a killer.

(((will finish later. Unbeliever you can just start if you dont care to wait.)))

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12/19/2005 2:40 PM

The sun beat down, despite the cool, crisp morning while the birds called out their morning song. From this distance the cars on the interstate were little more than a muttering sound on the breeze. More insistent today was the sound of hammers at work.

Today life was good in the Boston clave of the Knights of Christiandom, the highest clave in the United States, and by far the largest facility. The new storehouse being erected was coming along well. Men stood on scaffolding raised the day before, hammering away at the framework while the larger men brought in the materials for the walls.

In the courtyard, sweating in spite of the cool air, Rupert carried another load of planks on his shoulder. The men he helped gave him words of praise for his talents, something he appreciated, but didn't affect him with the same curious stares they had when he'd first come. He was glad for that. He didn't much like all of them looking at him like that.

"Nice work, Garrison, ol' boy." Jack, the foreman for this task, called from his place atop the framework. "Just set 'em over with the rest."

Rupert had gotten used to that name. He hadn't liked it much at first. It wasn't [i]his[/i], afterall. But with time, and when Deacon Gerund explained to him the meaning of the name, he'd become happy with it. Giving him a name like that, it seemed likely that they thought more of him than the people at the orphanage.

"Rupert!" he heard a voice call. It was the unmistakable baritone of the deacon himself. "It's time for your studies."

Setting the building material on the pile with the rest, Rupert started away, returning the courteous nods he received on his way by the other workers.

"How are you this morning, Rupert?" Deacon Gerund asked.

"I'm fine." he replied, flatly. "How are you?" He was still getting used to conversing. They hadn't talked with him much at the orphanage.

Deacon Gerund grinned as he turned, walking beside Rupert back to the deacon's quarters, where he could give Rupert his lessons. He was far behind the other novices, so he couldn't be taught with them, and needed plenty of extra coaching to justify his private lessons.

"You've been doing well in your arithmatic, but you still need to work a bit harder on your reading. It's very important that you know how to read as much as possible."

Sometimes Rupert was glad for the hair all over his body. When others might be blushing, he would look the same. "I know," he said, more determined than dejected.

"Good," the deacon responded with a crisp nod.

They walked on in silence, entering Parish Hall, where the priests, pastors, and deacons were housed. Rupert had the feeling there was something on Deacon Gerund's mind. He never understood why people didn't just say something when they wanted to.

"You know, Rupert, the way things are here, in this place with the Knights... It's not the same outside. You know that, right?"

Rupert nodded. "I know." Images of the dark basement, chains on his wrists and ankles, flashed through his mind.

"Here we understand the blessing in people like you, Rupert. Outside, most people see something completely different. They don't understand that you're special. They only see something different." Turning down another hall, he added, "Difference frightens people, Rupert."

He still didn't understand. He'd spent all his life encountered by that hatred, but still couldn't understand. "I know," was all he could think to say.

Both men nodded as priest went by in full vestments. "Jericho," Deacon Gerund greeted.

The mutant nodded back to them. "Deacon Gerund. Rupert, I see you're off to another lesson. Keep at it."

They continued on down the hall, Rupert idly wondering why Jericho looked so much different than him, though everyone said they were the same.

"You must think it odd of me to bring this up again," Deacon Gerund offered.

Rupert only shrugged. "There a lot of things I don't understand."

"I know. That's another reason for our lessons." Hesitating a moment, he added, "I bring it up again because of this." Reaching into a fold in his robe, he produced a newspaper clipping.

Examining the headline, Rupert could make out only three of the four words, but it was enough to get the point home. "Three mutants dead," he muttered aloud.

"That's right," Deacon Gerund soothed. "Nobody knows what happened to them. They were all found together, dead. I don't want to worry you, but I think there's a chance they may have been poisoned by someone."

"But why...?" Rupert couldn't finish.

"As I told you, some will fear you just for the way you are. Some will even go to great lengths, including doing terrible things, to show that fear."

"But I just want to live like everyone else," Rupert protested, as though it might be the deacon's fault.

Opening the door to his quarters, allowing Rupert in first, Deacon Gerund looked up at the mutant as he responded somberly, "I know, Rupert. I know."

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12/20/2005 11:45 PM

-Kremlin, Moscow Overcast 6:00PM-

Ivan walked down of the Kremlin, unlike the filth of the crumbling Russian federation. It was clean and tidy but very bare. As if the government had slowed. Ivan thought about President Micheal speech.He thought that with such press that President would employ bums of the street to act as office workers so that the Russian public could be tricked that something was really happing. He was wrong he past office and offices empty of any workers. He ignored the squawking secretary and pushed the doors open to President Micheal office. He looked at the fairly young for his age. The man purposely ignored Ivan for a few minutes. This was no big deal Ivan had waited longer for prey much stronger. The president looked up and spoke in the most kind but fake way " why Ivan I did not expect you please sit"

Ivan sat barely sitting in the small chairs. He picked up the newspaper of the day about the president speech. He spoke slowly at first then his voice became stronger and more enraged.

" You say your are part of the R.S.S.A. but you are willing to sell out Russia's and China's children to build useless crap but yet you can't get some useless men and women jobs making heat in the nation's capital. At least when Russia was communist we had are priorities right. I think you have other aims besides socialist aims. Children do not belong in plastic factories and useless materialism. They need schools, heat, food, Family, and loving Communities! Not jobs!"

Ivan return to clam mannerism as quickly as he got mad. As if nothing had happened. The President had become red with rage but tried to contain it:

" I am part of the socialist aim but you think its easy to get people to work when they know that their government's money is useless. The only thing we have helping is the fact that we have factories, which don't have children in. Where on the same side! For the one of Russia's most deadly Man you sure have a soft spot for children! --"

Ivan spoke calmly:
"Why you ask? Because I believe that children are Russia's ticket to become powerful once more. Not to be put in factories or be ignorant. We teach children that life can have purpose higher then wages, we can make them great human beings. Because we supported them they will love us and make the world a better place. As for those factories that don't have children here are some that do". He threw several pictures of children in factories and mines "I have given them to workers gun-R.S.S.A. underground newspaper-"

Ivan got up and lit a cigarette and walked out as the President looked shocked. The secretary squawked about no smoking. He looked at all the empty desks he shook his head. His next stop, the forest he had a Christmas tree to get.

(((I ran it though word))

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12/21/2005 7:04 AM

[b][i]BOSTON Clave- K. of C.[/i][/b]

A courier with a brown wrapped package and a manilla envelope stood outside the main gates of the facility to the religious order. After a moment of waiting the main gates opened automatically and the deliverer entered onto the premises. A young girl, could be no older than seventeen, with brown hair and mesmerising blue eyes carried the package and envelope to the rectors office.

The brown wrapped package was being expected. One of the members of the order was doing research work down in southern america. The package contained various relics which were affiliated with mutants of bygone era who were celebrated as dieties. In the envelope, along with the list of contents contained inside the box, was a brief note.

[i] Fr. Jericho-

Here are my recent findings. Some of these fit with those that have already been collected. There is something new. I have found tale of an ancient being who is bound by skulls to live for eternity. References speak of such being a blessing and a curse. It does not appear however to be in part with any natural evolution caused by the X-gene, rather by some mystical interaction.

Whatever it is, this eternal skull has not been heard of or seen in the past six (6) decades at least. I shall continue my search.

Faith. Hope. Charity.

Monsignor Wallace-[/i]

This note, however, did not explain anything about the girl. She stood there a moment looking on at the priest as he went over the notes and the contents with his spectacles. After a few seconds of looking, Jericho turns his attention to the young woman before him expecting her to speak. Stammeringly she does so.

" I-I am Jessica Crost, t-the assisstant to Monsignor Wallace. He had given me the package to deliver here, an-and he had disappeared right after. The relics would have been here sooner but I delayed in sending it out to look for him." Pausing momentarly Jessica looks at the priest and his unwaivering gaze looking back at her. She continues, " Having not being able to find him after three days I decided to bring the package here myself. Monsignor Wallace was a cautious man and told me that if ever I be unable to find him, than to take whatever items we have and come here."

Father Jericho looks at Jessica alittle longer with no change in expression, with no visible responce. That could only mean one thing to the old priest, as the information sunk in, Monsignor Wallace had found the Eternal Skull. The rector already knew who the young girl was, she was a mutant like most in the order. Being orphaned she grew in a convent with the Sisters of the Blessed Heart. When her abilities began to show Monsignor Wallace, at that time just a Father, brought her into the order and raised her as if she were his own. He could not, however, just let this young woman maintain the company of all the men. This was no convent, no place for regular women...though he knew he could not just send her away.

" Ms. Crost, I will look into Monsignor Wallaces situation. In the mean time you will be provided with room and board here until better accomadations can be made. You have come at a most beneficial time."

Folding the papers back into the envelope and placing that and the box of relics in to a safe behind his desk Fr. Jericho stands, motioning for her to do the same. Leading the way out of the office, the priest guides the way down the hall to another room. Knocking lightly before opening the door, he lets a second or two pass before speaking.

"Forgive the interuption, Deacon, but I have a new student for you." Presenting Jessica forward he continues. "This is Jessica Crost, recently arrived. She will be assisting you with your classes during her duration with us." Turning to Jessica and gesturing her to move more into the room. "Jessica this is Deacon Gerund, and his pupil Rupert. I will leave you now to continue on without me." He says with a smile as he leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

Jessica stands there a moment unsure of what she had just been thrown into. She had yet to of even looked at Rupert, keeping her eyes on the deacon waiting for his responce.


Dumb as a brick this old Ice Rhino was. That was the cost however for some of the altering done for the sake of advancement. Russia had plenty of children everyday that died of hunger, disese, and cold that it was the least he could do to have them carted away for work underground and testing. So thought President Micheal as he looked at the pictures left on his desk.

Pushing a button on the intercom on the desk he pages the secretary to get her attention.

[i] ~Yes?~[/i]

" Bring that damn fool back in here. I dont care what you tell 'im, drag 'im in, just get 'im in here!"


Leaving her desk the clerk follows after Ivan.

" Sir, sir! The President would like to see you back in his office."

President Micheal is shuffling the newly aquired pictures back into a filing cabinet while he than continues to pull out a tan folder. Opening it, he studies over the information inside. There were pictures aswell, showing still images of children in mining camps and working on roadside ditches. This was going to be a win for Russia!

12/21/2005 4:30 PM

Tarot was waiting. At present, he was alone. For his plan to work, the president had to have someone else in there. He stood on a wall, looking at the back of his target's head. The window behind the president was bullet-proof. Bit there was a way of getting in. Tarot fiddled with the sonic-emitter in his hand. This device had taken him months to aquire. It was designed to break through glass, glass just like the Russian President's glass window. But for the time being, he waited.

12/22/2005 9:33 AM

Josh whistled to himself as he jotted down his most recent observations, one hand still resting on the microscope, periodically he would look down the scope again, writing down some other words or drawing rough diagrams. The radio was on in the background, echoing through the lab in which he was the sole occupant. The news had broke his concentration, reports of mutant causing damage and chaos... he merely sighed to himself and resumed his studies.

The white lab coat hung open, not exactly procedure standard, but he was experienced enough to handle what he was doing. The organisms under the scope were dividing, and he was studying the effects of several chemicals and organic substances on the rate of division of the mitochondria. He was obviously pleased with the results, eagerly scribbling his findings, a keen brightness shining on his already brilliant green eyes.

" Hey Joshua...are you finished in here yet? ", the voice came from Linda, the lab technician. Small and squat, with frizzy brown hair and a high pitched voice, Josh found her commanding manner humorous and indulged her. " Sure thing Linda, I'll just wrap up and be out from under your feet." the technician only nodded and shut the door behind her. He chuckled to himself, taking off the latex gloves and throwing them in the proper hazard bin... all the while the petri dishes and microscope, the burner and test tubes rose of their own accord and were systematically emptied and discard as Josh went about folding the notes and results, storing them away for tomorrow. Turning, he found the work bench cleared and without batting an eyelid, he made his way out the door, which also opened and shut itself.

Such use of his power was lazy, he supposed often, but there were few other times he had the opportunity to use them and instead of allowing them to go to waste, he extended his mind where possible, well, so much so that he did not draw attention. Few there were that knew of his mutation and he preferred to keep it that way.

Heading down the corridor, each step resounding with an echo, Josh eventually came to the coffee room for the staff in his department. Nodding to the two other individuals already there, he merely poured some coffee, took up a paper and sat down on one of the large chairs. His experiments still ran through his mind, but he was able to push those aside for now, letting his mind rest and free to pursue other thoughts. Had best visit mum and dad tonight I think. Havent seen the two of them for over a week, shell freak out if I leave it any longer.

His mother was always worried about him, afraid someone would find out about his mutation and cause him a world of grief. What she just wouldnt understand was that he could take care of himself, more than sufficiently!

12/26/2005 4:26 PM

Deacon Gerund offered a quick handshake to Jessica, which she returned in kind. "I suppose Father Jericho hasn't provided your room yet?" he said, more stating what he knew to be true than asking the question.

She shook her head. "No. He only said that I would be boarded here awhile."

The deacon nodded with a smile. "That's fine. Before we get too involved here, why don't I show you to your room? You look like you could use a rest, anyway."

Jessica nodded, a hint of smile starting on her face inspite of everything. She [i]could[/i] use the rest. "Thank you, Deacon."

"You're very welcome," he replied. "Come along, Rupert. We'll be taking a short break now. Will you take Jessica here to Deacon Reed's old room? I'd like to have a word with Father Jericho."

Rupert smiled wide as he stood from his reinforced desk. He'd once had a normal one, but it broke under his weight. Normally he found himself shying away from new acquaintances, but for some reason he felt drawn to this girl.

"Jessica, this is Rupert, an inspiring novice of ours." Nodding back to Rupert he said, "And, Rupert, this is Jessica Crost. She'll be a guest here."

Offering his large, beastly hand, Rupert said in his most welcoming voice, "Pleased to meet you."

He half-expected some reaction out of her from the sight of him, a wince at least, but instead she only smiled back. Taking his hand with her own much smaller, delicate hand, she squeezed gently. He returned the gesture, careful to remember his own strength.

"A pleasure, Rupert," she said, happily. She wasn't happy, though. Rupert could see that. There was something in her eyes that gave it away. Worry, he thought.

As they started down the hall, Deacon Gerund heading the other way, Rupert couldn't contain his curiousity. "What's the matter?" he asked.

She turned to him, her face affecting a mask. "Nothing," she said, a bit too curtly. Rupert didn't pursue the topic, but a few yards down, she went on anyway. "It's just that someone is missing. Someone very important to me."

"Oh," was all he could manage.

"It's just that," she seemed to be having trouble finding the words. And, it seemed to Rupert she wasn't talking to him so much as she only wanted to get the words out to someone. "You see, he's been like my father. I never knew my parents, but he took me in when my powers started to show and took care of me." After a pause, she added hopelessly, "I can't bear to imagine what's happened to him."

After a pause, Rupert responded quietly, "I never knew my parents, either. They got rid of me." Noticing the curiousity in her eyes more than the sympathy on her face, Rupert went on. "I was in an orphanage." He thought it best to skip some details. "When they couldn't take care of me anymore, they brought me here." Thinking on it a moment longer, he finished, "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to Deacon Gerund. He's been with me ever since I got here."

"I'm sorry to hear all that, Rupert. There seem to be a lot of us with stories like that in the Knights. At least now you've got friends here," she offered.

"I don't make many friends," he responded, not at all sadly. "I keep to myself when I'm not working or with the deacon."

"Well, I think I'd like to be your friend."

Rupert only nodded, unsure what to say. He was relieved when they finally came upon the door he was after. "Here's the room Deacon Gerund talked about."

"Thank you," she said. "It was nice meeting you."

"Nice to meet you, too," he said. "Hope to see you again soon," he hastily added.

When the door closed behind her, Rupert set off back to Deacon Gerund's room, trying not to think about old Deacon Reed. He'd been another kind man, and Rupert wished his room wasn't empty now. His case was one of the reasons the mutants in the compound rarely left. It seemed whatever hatred some people had for mutants was all the worse for members of the Knights. As though the mutants' attempt at a better life was some sort of affront to them.

Some people said Rupert had a knack for understanding what was going through someone's mind, but he still found himself at a loss for why someone would wish any harm on him for nothing more than the way he was.

12/29/2005 12:20 AM

Ivan stopped at the words. He turned around slowly and looked at the small woman who was probably giving blowjobs to president. He stared, she stood her ground, and He spoke:

"What dose that man want with me now, I was just about to leave."

"He wants you to discuss R.S.S.A business with you. You know he is one of the biggest arms and currency provider of the R.S.S.A. She tried to put on a cute feminine 'oh please mister' smile.

" Fine I will speak to him but I must go soon I have to visit some people who are very close to me." This people where close to him they where children. Children from a Group Home For Specially Talented they where his family

She kept the smile and led him back to the office and notified the president of the return. Ivan walked in and was confronted by two large men with Ak-47.

"what is this!" Ivan Shouted.

Soon he felt a dart and hot pain go though his body. He went down quickly. The next thing he knew he was on bus in the U.S.A.

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12/31/2005 2:03 PM

Somewhere, U.S.A.

It was a sunny day, rays of the sun poured from the clear sky into the small parlour beside the busy street. Snarls, barking, hissing - nearly every type of sound could be heard from inside in a racket. A mass of black could be seen through the large pane of see-through glass painted "Little Kitten and Friends - Beauty salon and clinic for pets." on the upper area of the window.

For a small vet, it was very popular, despite it's lame name, as it was always crowded with people with various pets waiting to get their health checked or monthly trim of fur. At the moment, it was void of customers, as the mutant twins in charge; the veterinarian and barber had hung the sign that said "Closed for Noon Break, 12.30am. - 2.00pm.", but this did not stop the animals that took resident inside, either permanent or momentarily, to stop the unceasing racket they usually made.

The black spot on the, once closely looked, could be identified as a head - a very messy head, that belong to a girl, who was napping with the top her head pressed against the spotless window. The girl's tall, skinny appearance gave her the image of someone who had not had a decent meal for a while, as her dark and shabby clothing made her looked depressed and gloomy. A worn laptop was clasped between her long fingers and black nails, the sounds inside the parlour did not seem to interrupt her rest in anyway.

The head barber walked from back of the noisy parlor, with a cuddly black cat in her arms, they were both covered in milk. Upon reaching one of the sinks, she settled the feline down in the sink, opened the warm water and rinsed the milk off the black fur. The cat, strangely, did not protest in anyway, despite it's hatred to water. This was one of the main reasons why the place was so popular; people believed that the twins were gifted with animals, luckily for the duo, the customers were oblivious to the fact that the twins' ability to commune with animals was actually mutation from the X-gene.

She reached for the drawer established beneath and wiped her own face clean before getting another clean towel and wrapped it around the soaked pet, tenderly. Doing this, she spotted the girl silently napping. A silly smile form in her lips and she started to edge closer, the wrapped feline in her arms.

Drops of water fell down on the calm face as the now moist cat was held above gave a soft miaow. The unconscious girl frowned trough her sleep, her nosed wiggled slightly suggesting that there was something that smelled under her nose. The barber suppressed a laugh at the silly response, she began to lower the cat down when the thing looked at with its yellowish eyes and gave a long meow.

"Yes, Sophie?" She was talking to the black damp cat in her hands.

The cat called Sophie gave another miaow, this one sounded oddly forlorn.

"Oh. I'm sorry, Sophie dear. It's very easy to forget that you hate water, when you stay so still, you know."

She cooed the cat that was now giving her a look that resembled petulance and carried the Sophie to one of the carts filled with brushes and scissors. The woman took out a hairdrier, switched it on and blew Sophie's damp fur back into it's dry, fluffy nature, as the feline purred in pleasure.

"There, that's better now, isn't it?"

A happy purr was audible in return of the question, as the lady stroked the mass of soft dark fur. The girl deep in slumber turned her head away from a puddle of light that had edged into her face sighing loudly, making the mischievous barber to remember her intended prank. She stroked the cat, Sophie in her arms adorably, despite what she had in store for the feline that was soon to be transformed into a sheep for her humorous action.

She tiptoed quickly to sofa where the retired teenager was sprawled upon, stroking the adorable feline continuously. Still stroking it's soft fur, she held the still purring cat above the expressionless face. And then without warning, she threw a very surprised Sophie up into the air onto the face of an unaware girl.

The result; two strokes of smarting scratches on both sides of the face the innocent cat was dropped upon followed by a lot of incoherent yelling from the victim, while the person responsible was nowhere in vicinity of the scene of crime. There was a rushing of footsteps and clanging of chairs knocked down to the floor as several people scurried from the kitchen that was residential at the back of the vet. Their voices asked in unison as several heads poked from behind the bamboo curtain that separated the shop from the corridor that led into the house part of the place.

"What happened???"

The now awake, and not to mention scratched, girl was holding Sophie with her outstretched hands, looking completely flustered from the attention she was getting.

"Nothing, nothing. Sophie just caught me having my noon nap. I'm perfectly fine." She murmured over and over again to the crowd that had rushed over to scene until they dissolved mostly; leaving the room with the guilty barber, who still had not subsided from giggling, and the concerned twin of the barber that was wearing a long white doctor gown. The veterinarian reached for the shallow wounds in concerned when the girl said dismissively.

"I'm quite fine, Alexander. Had Alexandra not cleaned Sophie's nails of fast reacting tranquilizer or what ever kind of poison she uses, I'm positive the effects would have been clear by now." She added coldly at noticing the woman who had embraced the black cat back into her hands when the girl dropped it.

The barber called Alexandra merely stuck out her tongue in return and swept away with Sophie in her hands, earning a deep scowl from her twin Alexander.

"Hey, she was just messing around. Just keep it cool, Okay Kira?"

The male Alex gazed warily at her, his hands up indicating that there was no harm done, while Kirisana seemed to be glaring him down. Alexander understood the non-verbal gesture quite well; giving from the likes of Kira it could mean nothing other else than "Back Off, Will you?".

There was an awkward pause as the girl didn't answer the man in anyway other else other than stare. One of the table side lights started to flickered a bit - the veterinarian seemed to notice this.

"Ahhh. I'll be behind - well - Okay?" He hastily finished his sentence and headed straight back through the chick without the answer he knew he would not receive, leaving Kira alone with the non-stopping animal sounds.

Kirisana slumped back down the sofa feeling miserable at herself - She'd done it again; act like the sulky and unfriendly person her uncle had always scolded her for being. She shouldn't have lost control like that for just a couple of scratches, her hands gingerly caressed the clawed cuts and felt how long it really was down on her cheeks.

Sighing, she finally made up her mind to have one of the medics give a look at it, so that should anyone ask her, she wouldn't be fussed over to go see one.

Kira tightened her grip on her beloved laptop and made her way pass the chick separating the corridor from the waiting room. The first few doors were brightly decorated like the waiting room with wooden signs hung in front labeled with this like "Observation room" and such. But as she progressed down the door into the household part of the building the corridor had changed from it's bright orange background with pattern paws and polka dots to a dull white. The usual racket that could be heard was muffled back here.

She made a turn through a door which turned out to be a ghost of a miniature library. She made her way for one of the bookshelves that were lined up on the walls and reached for a book on the shelf. Pushing the upper rim of the book down, there was a small click and the book shelf released itself as a hidden door.

She cocked her eyes slightly; it has never, yet, failed to impress her of how clever the leaders were, having agreed to disguise the place as a vet, with the twins as guards around the clock and how they had managed to construct such a place. But maybe it could be mainly because it was one of the things that John has refused to tell her, which every of knowledge he had not told her, had proved worth knowing.

Kirisana made her way down the descending staircase...

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01/02/2006 2:43 PM

[b][i] Kremlin, Moscow- 1924hrs[/i][/b]

The package was on its way, and if a bull could do damage in a china shop only imagine what a rhino could do. This Ivan though had to be handled like the beast he took his name after.

Placing some files in his brief case, the Russian president, his secretary, and two men armed with AK-47's exit the office building. President Micheal speaks into a cell phone while the secretary stands patiently. Apparently they await their transportation which can be seen farther up the street, a long limo with its headlights on.

[b][i] Russian Safe House, USA [/i][/b]

Ivan is awakened with a sharp pain in his side. The surroundings are dark and appear to be a sort of make shift operating room. Shackled down to a steel bed, the binds are too tough even for his strength. A bright light finds its way into the dark room, and then leaves. Someone had entered.

" Comrad, do not strugle. You are wit' friends.. We have a mission for you, and it needs certain modification."

Walking around the steel bed which Ivan was strapped down on, the 'Comrad' fiddles with some monitoring devices. The subject finds he has several I Vs running in his arms.

" Do not worry, my friend. It will not take your body long to adapt to this adjustment. The only symptom you should experience is like havng a cold."

Touching several buttons more, the 'Comrad' removes the I Vs and begins to loosen the binding straps.

[b][i] Staff Lounge [/i][/b]

Bob: " Hey did you hear about that mutant in California? Made a mess of himself across half the state."

Joe: " Yeah, I did hear about that. Probly natures way to say that mutants are a mistake."

Bob: " Some evolutionary advancement for humankind they are. Wouldn't surprise me if its only a matter of time before all mutants fade out, unfit to survive against time."

Joe: " Thats probly what happened to those two mutants in the park."

Bob: " What two?"

Angela: " A couple, sad it was. One had the body of stone, while the other that of a metal. A few observers said the couple were having spasms, and fought in their last moments to hold eachother in their dying grasps, sprawld about on a park bench."

Joe: " Because of the molecular structure of the two, it is too difficult to preform an autopsy. So its getting cleared by the state to leave them there at the park. "

Bob: " Thats horrible! I could never imagine dying in such a way. Ill remeber to pay my respects next time Im going for a jog."

The conversation of the lab technicians continues on while they drink at their coffee. Apparently none of them had noticed Joshua entering the room, or cared to pay him any mind in their conversation.

[b][i]Boston Clave- K of C[/i][/b]

Father Jericho had just sat back down in his office when Deacon Gerund had knocked at his door.

" Come in Deacon."

" Father, might I..." Father Jericho cut him off mid sentance.

" I am aware of your concern. Due to present circumstances there was not much else to be done. These days are filled with too much aggression, greed and violence. If you have not noticed, many of us with special gifts have not been seen as often as we once have.

" Miss Crost, Rupret and I are the only ones in this abbey who have not retreated under ground. I do not want Rupert to feel alone, and I do not want to scare him. By having Miss Crost around it may help him to come alittle more out of his shell."

The rector finishes looking up to the deacon for his responce.


Jessica sits down upon the bed, wondering over the recent events. Rupert seemed like a nice guy, though she did not know why the priest placed her with him and the deacon. Though with the Monsignor missing, she knew not where she was supposed to be. Perhaps helping the deacon and Rupert she may find some semblance of home.

The wear from her trip setting in, in her tired state she lays upon the bed in the room and slowly eases into sleep.

[b][i] F.F. Head Quarters, USA [/i][/b]

John was seated at a computer console, busily typing away researching the increased numbers of unexplained mutant deaths. It was uncanny howmany there have been over the past few months, and increased in the past few weeks. Very few were reported, being trifle matters they were lucky to be placed in the obituaries. Sanders was looking back to see when they started and any possible link in cause.

He noticed his niece come down the stairwell with scrtaches upon her face.

" Sleeping where your'e not supposed to again are we?" He says to her in a mocking manner. He always wanted to try and make her feel apart of the family, having lost her parents and than with her abilities, it makes things hard for one to adjust.

The other members of the F.F. were either laying around or honing their skills. They always seemed to know when something was up, which was almost always. The kept saying that they would get a call any day now...

01/10/2006 4:05 PM

After seeing the new arrival to her room, Rupert had returned to Deacon Gerund's room, expecting to return to his lessons. It was several minutes before the deacon returned, and when he did it wasn't for long.

"Lessons are over today, Rupert. There are some more things I need to take care of." Rummaging through some of his books, Deacon Gerund added, "Stay inside tonight. And remember what we talked about." Looking up from his books, a frown turning down his mouth and knotting his forehead, he said, "There's something going on, Rupert. I don't know what it is." Pausing a moment to find the words, he went on. "I don't want you to be afraid, Rupert, but you have to be careful." There hadn't been much more to their exchange. Only simple farewells for the night.

Rupert went to the mess hall after leaving the deacon. He'd traded pleasantries with most of the people he came across there. After putting away a sizable meal, he went back to the yard for a few moments. There was nothing to be done there. He simply sat against a tree and looked up at the stars, wondering at his friend's words.

What could it mean, the mutants dying so suddenly? He knew some people didn't like their kind, and Deacon Gerund seemed to think that had some merit here, but the mutants in the paper hadn't been killed. They just died. How could it have happened?

Letting out a mighty yawn, he stood, still looking at the stars. "I wish I knew," he said to no one in particular; the sky itself, maybe, and headed off to bed.

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