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12/09/2005 1:28 PM

I'm thinking a RP all about the goings on of a wolf pack, thats everything. So I need a Alpha male, Alpha female, Beta male + female and every other basic wolf. The others can be hunters, protectors, breeders and even pups. The wolves will be Timber wolves and in a snowy woods in the north of america. Ok here is the basic story:

The wolves have just been attacked by a rivaled wolf pack and are low on pack members, the others came off worse. I can't really say more because I don't know about the people in the pack. I shall be playing a hunter/protector. The Beta male.
So if you have any questions go ahead. If not post if you are interested.

12/09/2005 4:41 PM

I'm interested.... if I join I'd prefer either Alpha or Beta Female.....

12/10/2005 12:27 AM

This just calls to me, but I don't know. I'm in two and a half already.

12/10/2005 8:41 AM

Kalia - That is fine, I left them open for a reason, just bear in mind it is always the Alpha male that is the boss. There is never an Alpha Female as the leader.

Lone - Good it is supposed to, you can never be in too many RPs.

To all others - Come one come all to join in the madness.

12/10/2005 10:26 PM

Hmm....sounds like fun. Uuuuumm....would it be possible to be a like rogue or lone wolf and get accepted into the pack a little later on? Or something to that effect...?

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12/11/2005 5:16 AM

Kalia - That is fine, I left them open for a reason, just bear in mind it is always the Alpha male that is the boss. There is never an Alpha Female as the leader.

Duh.... ;) I know quite a bit on wolf heiarchy. However, usually the deference displayed by other wolves in the pack is marginally equal to the alpha pair, members will display submissive overtures equal to both the male and female.

12/12/2005 1:27 PM

Crumbling - Yes that is fine but you would have to fight my beta wolf and show your strength.

Kalia - Sorry I didn't know wether you knew much about it. You right but the Alpha male has the last "word".

12/12/2005 2:36 PM


12/31/2005 1:40 AM

Hmmm, been awhile since I've been here but it never hurts to jump back in, and since the others I had joined are mostly past me joining back in this couldn't hurt to join...

Its kinda weird though, call it fate but just earlier today I got the strange urge to role-play with a wolf character, Im not sure why though. Guess I know now, but I'd definately be interested in taking on the role of the Alpha Male if that's alright.

01/02/2006 4:39 AM

Okay so I'm back on, DAMN AOL DAMN THEM TO HELL! I just want a role call of people who are acctually going to be in this. Just post what position you are going to fill.

01/03/2006 2:50 AM

Like I said, Ill gladly take on the role of Alpha Male. Just tell me when and where and I'll be there.

01/17/2006 5:10 PM

sounds like fun, protector/hunter at your service. :)
btw, how is communication going to work? I know wolves dont' talk in the human sense of the word, but movements, sounds, and smells are their own communication. Are we going to emote everything, or is "Hey guys come look at this" a representation of a series of barks, yips and movements? just curious.

01/18/2006 4:01 PM

Oh good someone else who thinks about things like this. Well its going to be mainly emoted with discription after for eg:

Gremore brushed the alfa with his haunches signiling that everything was fine within the pack. There was a yelp in the distance, the eye contact the alfa and he made was enough of a signal for Gremore to sprint away at full pelt.

So thats the way its going to be done, mainly just body movements with you story telling the actual meanings of it.

01/19/2006 8:05 AM

Malakai tilts his head up and howls up into the sky, checking on the location of the pack members. His head swiveling to the said, Malakai nips at a nearby cub, which was sniffing a poisonous bush, letting him now he shouldn't mess with that. The male tilts his head questioningly at Gremore, emitting a small huff in question as to whether he has it down or not.

01/19/2006 5:01 PM

Well, to tell the truth, I had worried about it, but that was a couple of weeks ago before I started wandering if the thread had died out. Thats just me though, eh?

01/19/2006 6:02 PM

If you like the idea enough, we don't really need more than 2 people for an RP, maybe the pack got scattered and only two of us managed to stay together? I'm not actually in any RPs right now, so I'm just eager to get goin :). Or make most of the pack NPCs or something. Or if you wanna let it lie and make up another RP, I'm a willling player.

01/19/2006 11:30 PM

Well what I'll do is I'll start it tomorrow, and anyone interested can go in. If nobody takes some of the major parts the can become NPCs but I would prefer them to be played by real players of course!
So everyone has just a measly 24 hours to wait then we can start.

01/20/2006 10:14 AM

sounds good!

01/23/2006 7:36 PM

Well Balthazar, I must admit that I've lost interest in this thread. The constant waiting has simply killed whatever was left of my desire to participate in this thread. I'm sure it's not your fault, but nonetheless, it's not there anymore...

However, I wish you all the best of luck, and I'll see you around elsewhere, eh?

01/24/2006 9:02 AM

Forget it, I ain't doing this one anymore, my life is way to hectic! I can't find the time, maybe at a later date.

01/24/2006 12:39 PM


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