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12/08/2005 1:43 PM

1- post a name/descriptoion/weapons list/etc.
2- if you want to join, post intent, then make it fit (no more than 8 total, please)
3-no god-moding
4- count your ammo- no unlimited rounds BS. You can load up, but be at least semi-realistic on speed, how much you can carry, etc.

5'10", 210 Lbs. Wel-built. Black T, jeans, and jacket. Wearing bullet-resistant vest + body armor & leather/steel stud neck guard. large boots

1-20-gauge shotgun w/ buckshot + explosive shells (in large sling)
4- 9MM automatic pistols w/ 3-round burst option(on hips + outer thighs)(teflon tips)
2- large buoye knives (in boots)
12-small throwing knives, opoison-tipped (on belt around waist)
6- smoke canisters + 4 poison gas canisters (on belt over shoulder/around torso)
1- shrot samurai sword (in sheathe on belt)
1-large bakken (wooden sword) (next to samurai sword)
1- Large broadsword (hanging in sheathe dpwn back)
2- claymores (in ammo ack)
8- extra extended (30 shots/clip) clips fopr 9 MMs (total=10)
1- clip, poison 9MM rounds
2- boxes, hollowtip rounds
4- large boxes (20 shots each) buckshot rounds
4- extra large boxes of explosive rounds
2- Derringers (up sleeves in triggered holders)
2- gauntleted gloves (on hands)
1- whip- haning from loop in pants

12/08/2005 2:23 PM

Uhm... what?

Do you have any idea what you're doing?

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