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12/07/2005 11:06 AM

The Animal Kingdom

It has been hundreds of years since Humans have ruled the planet. Though they are still a part of the world, they are no longer the greatest of the beings. Humans live only because Animals will it.

During the Time of the Unicorns, roughly one hundred thousand years ago, Humans and Animals lived in harmony. They lived together, worked together, and existed in a balance that was unlike any other. But then, a black unicorn by the name of Del'sak severed the ties of communication.

Humans began believing Animals were merely meant for food and property. Fashion, labour, and the thrill of the hunt. Humans built great fires and great pyramids. Soon the world was filled with humanity and Animals were cast down. Used as tools and pets.

Then, the great King of the Animals, a timber wolf named Tütze Michael Casendyard, united the Animals. In a Great War, he took back what rightfully belonged to the creatures that lived on this planet.

Unicorns, dragons, and other creatures that were believed to be myth, began reemerging and taking their places in the world. The Animals praised the Great King and swore to follow him.

Humans were not completely destoryed in this War. An ivory unicorn named Musoubi took pity on the Humans and begged the King to spare them. He agreed, but the line of communication was still broken.

Musoubi began working with the Humans. Trying to recreate the communication that had been dead for years. She succeeded with barely a handful of Humans, but she was grateful for that. Soon after, she was murdered in a deceit against the King.

A white unicorn named Two-Face Unicorn turned against the Great King. Two-Face had served as a General in the King's Army. He was known as a war hero among many Animals. But, that did not stop him. For, Two-Face was ugly. Though he had a curly mane and tail that was common among white unicorns, and blue eyes. He was colder then his kinsmen. He bore a large, long scar down the left side of his stomach and the right side of his face was indistinguishable by the burn marks.

Two-Face killed Musoubi and destroyed the Humans she had worked so hard with. He then went on a killing spree and was feared by all. The Great King was finally able to confront the white unicorn and in a final battle, neither survived.

The King's son, named after him, took on as the new ruler and brought order back to the kingdom. Musoubi's daughter continued her mother's work. And the General's son took on his legacy and continued his work.

A dark religion was formed out of Two-Face. Called the Australian Religion, due to the origin of Two-Face, it was set to be the opposite of goodly religions. It taught death and destruction. Murder, rape, and anything that was evil and dark. The only rule in the religion was you were not allowed to kill children. Such an act would mean banishment and eternal hell.

Years passed. Kings and assassins came and went. A new breed of being emerged. Animanids.

These creatures were neither Human nor Animal. The product of a Human parent and an Animal parent, they were beautiful. Humanlike in most aspects, they carried at least one animal-like feature. They keep mostly to the Animal world. Preferring to be around those who know what they are.

However, Animanids are not generally accepted anywhere. In the Animal Kingdom, they are misfits. In the Human World, they are strange creatures. And so, they live in their own peaceful ways, some living with Humans, some living with Animals, but mostly, living on their own. For while their parents may love them, that does not necessarily mean anyone else does. And finding a mate is difficult.

12/07/2005 12:06 PM

Our story takes place in the year 6500. The middle of the millenia. A large celebration is taking place to honour the King of the World, Tütze Michael Casendyard XVI. He has just opened his new castle, called the Castle of Mortality and located in the heart of Purinsesu's Forest, somewhere along the border of Tennessee and Alabama.

Purinsesu is King Tütze's wife. A beautiful, young ivory unicorn who is shy, but very friendly.

Unicorns come in a variety of breeds. Their breeds are named after the colour of their fur.

The ivory unicorn is the most respected of the breeds. They walk with grace and are mystical in appearance. They have long, heavy manes and tails and their eyes are various shades of purple. They walk on deer-like feet that sound like bells when they connect with the ground. Because of their gracefulness, ivories seem to float along the ground, rather then walk on it. This gives a wonderful affect and makes it seem like music follows them.

Ivory stallions carry goaties on their chins. And all ivories have a platinum, spiral horn in the middle of their foreheads. Even their hooves are made of platinum.

The white unicorn is often called "the Soldier unicorn." They are built for fighting and are taught at a young age how to defend themselves and those around them. They have hardy bodies and are quite large and muscular. Their manes and tails tend to be curly and their eyes are various shades of blue. Their diamond hooves are solid and sound like steel on steel when they walk. Two diamond horns spring from their foreheads and twist towards one another.

The black unicorn is the most evil of the unicorns. They live in deep caves and only come out when getting into trouble. They have fiery eyes and choppy manes and tails. Their horn curls backwards and is made of obsidian. Their hooves are solid and their bodies lean.

Unicorns have the ability to shapeshift. They used this ability years ago when they hid from humanity. They tend to use it now as well, when they are hiding from others.

However, they have to be careful when in this form. If a unicorn gets pregnant while in another shape, the child she bares shall look like that particular creature. If taught, the child can learn to use magic, which is the unicorn's staple. However, many of these children never learn magic and oftentimes don't even realize they can.

Animals are known to take on many mates. Though, the King did eventually put a limit on how many mates one can have. No more then four mates per animal is allowed.

Many animals still carry on a tradition of single mates, but the option for multiple mates is there and is allowed.

The King himself has four mates. Not only Purinsesu, but an Animanid named Tracey, a black and white Himalayan named Sassy, and a Dalmation named Petite.

Purinsesu has two mates herself. The King and Will Unicorn, leader of the Unicorn Boy gang.

Will Unicorn is a white unicorn. Since his ancestor's death, the Unicorns have worked to perfect the art of the kill. As time went on, they've become more handsome, more beautiful.

Will is a work of art, himself. His curly mane lays softly against his shoulders and his tail goes down to his hocks. He's slim, but built. Corded muscle coarses along his body. His eyes are a piercing sky blue. But, as beautiful as he is, he is the most dangerous of the Boys.

However, it is his sister that is the deadliest. Mischief Unicorn never gained adult features. She is a cocker spaniel and looks as if she is a child. She seems sweet and innocent and is cute. She's got apricot coloured fur with white paws and amber eyes. She wears a large pink bow around her neck and tied behind her.

Mischief is the first and only female in the Unicorn bloodline. Thus far, no other has ever been born. She is well protected by her brothers, Will, Fievel, Timothy, and Charlie. Her third brother, Simba, does not take part in the gang.

As his name states, Simba is a lion. Though he grew up among his brothers, he never liked the idea of the hunt or the kill. He preferred peace and love above all else and took on the practices of Buddhism. However, his sense of family, never allowed him to leave his brothers or his sister. And, in his own way, he protects his sister from harm, though many times he feels she does not need it.

The Unicorns believe in loyalty, truth, and trust. One can never lie to a Unicorn and a Unicorn cannot lie. They are built and bred for one purpose, to kill. They revel in blood and gore. All Unicorns are born in a small town in Australia. They speak their own language, a language the third generation came up with.

No Unicorn has ever been caught by police or anything, though wanted posters are everywhere.

Because of Tütze's love for his wife, he says nothing of her connection to the gang. In fact, he even allows Will and his siblings to live in the castle undetected. They have their own floor called the Unicorn Hall which only those of Unicorn blood or marriage can enter. It is a dark, foreboding place where evil lingers.


Like most beings, Tütze dreams of a life of immortality. His search for the Immortal Fountain shall be your task. Your company shall be Purinsesu and Will. The beginning shall start soon...

Newbies are welcome as well.

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12/07/2005 12:22 PM

NAME: Yaburetayume (The shattered Dream) Tayume for short
RACE: Grey Unicorn
CLASS: mage
NATURE (alignment): Chaotic Neutral
SEX; Female
APPEARANCE: Tayume is a grey unicorn, with dark grey fur and a softer grey mane and tail. her horn is of crystal, and has a slight curve to it (barely noticable) As a mark of a mix breed, she has one black soc on her right hind leg, and one white on her left foreleg. Grey Unicorns are slenderly built for speed. While she is strong, she wouldn't be as strong as a White unicorn.

Greys are by nature chaotic, but due to Tayume's parenting, she leans towards the light. Mane and tail are heavy and long, with a silvered gilt. Her eyes are a pale cobalt blue normally, and change color with mood, from red with anger, to dark, somber gray in sorrow.


HISTORY: Pending

Note: I got permission from Tassa to create the Grey Unicorn

12/12/2005 8:56 PM

I copied and saved your first two posts with the details so I can read it better. Hope that's okay.

I'm very interested, and am seriously thinking of joining, as I told Tassa on MSN. She said I could take almost any breed of animal, and since in Native American Legend says animals were magical, se told me Mages are allowed too.

So, Tassa, I'm thinking of a young Lioness Mage?

Let me know if this is alright, and if it is, I will start work on her.

12/12/2005 9:44 PM

The young lioness sounds great, Luni. Lemme know what'cha come up with.

Also, note. Since this is the Animal Kingdom, age plays like it should. In other words, everything is in Animal years. As opposed to Human years.

Now, many would think this makes time seem much shorter, but since, what the animals term, the Great War, time has changed dramatically. Time has slown down in the Animal Kingdom and sped up in the Human World.

So, think of it as the reverse affect. The average animal lives about 100 years, if they maintain good health and such. A human will live perhaps half that life, if they maintain good health. And Animanids live somewhere inbetween.

Now, as far as unicorns, dragons, and pegasi go, their life spans are different then normal animals. The average unicorn will live about 1,000 to 5,000 years. Dragons are yet to be determined, however, thus far, the eldest dragon is a Western dragon named Christina. She is around 65 million years old. Pegasi live between 500 to 2,500 years.

Of course, those who are wishing to play dragons, keep in mind this: This is not a Dragonlance or a Forgotten Realms thread. This is the Animal Kingdom and is based on dragons that are assumed to exist on this planet and not a made-up world.

That being said, for those who don't have any idea of what is considered "Earth Dragons" check out this link: http://www.draconian.com/whatis/whatis.htm

These are the only dragons I will allow in this thread.

If there are any questions at all, please feel free to ask. If you do not wish to put it up here, you can intramail me the question and I'll post it up on here. Now, when we get into the actual thread (which I plan to start before Christmas), I'll move the questions to the OOC of the thread.

12/13/2005 5:30 PM

Okay Tassa - that sounds good. One change - I'm going to change her from a female lioness, to a female Jaguar. I found an excellent picture of one and just fell in love with her :D

Her name is Sameria.

I read over your notes on The Animal Kingdom (first two posts - I saved them to disk ;)) and it doesn't say how an animal (non Anthro) can possess magic. Can you explain this to me?

12/13/2005 6:42 PM

In order to possess magic, the animal has to be born with the ability to perform magic.

Now, I won't talk about unicorns and such, since all of that is obvious.

During the Time of the Unicorns, many animals possessed magic. It was common back then, and a means of survival in many cases.

There was a group of Mistresses that helped protect the lands at that time. The most powerful was the Silver Mistress. The other mistresses were Gold, Bronze, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Copper, and Swamp. Each Mistress had a champion. The most powerful champion was the Silver-Winged Unicorn who protected the Silver Mistress.

Very few knew the Silver Mistress's real name.

Del'sak, the great black unicorn, attacked the Silver Mistress. In an effort to protect her, the Silver-Winged Unicorn fought the evil unicorn. But, Del'sak tricked the Silver-Winged and banished the Silver-Winged Unicorn into the pits of hell.

Devastated, the Silver Mistress lost her image and became the first Animanid. Her name became lost in the history books, though it is said that she eventually married and bore a child she named Brownsberry.

After the Silver Mistress's defeat, the other Mistresses fell as well. With their fall, Del'sak was able to destroy the bond between human and animal.

It is said that only the descendants of the mistresses and their champions can produce magic.

Before, they were celestial beings. Beautiful beyond reason. Neither human nor animal. However, when they lost their powers, they became either an animal or human. Those who were good, the Gold, Bronze, and Copper, became humans. The Fire, Earth, Swamp, and Air all became animals. Whereas the Water Mistress slipped into the depths of the ocean and disappeared.

What these mistresses actually became, no one knows. Their mortal lives have remained mysteries since the end of the Time of the Unicorns.

I know there is a lot of history and such here. Just know that a lot of stuff will be answered in the story. Especially the history. Purin will do a lot of the talking.

Oh, and before you ask, no one really knows what happened to the Silver-Winged Unicorn. Just that he was thrown into Hell. Some say he returned and is seeking out his Mistress. Others say he is being tortured for all eternity by the demons and devils that live in that realm.

12/13/2005 7:43 PM

Since most of my questions have been answered, here's what I have so far:

Name: Sameria
Gender: Female
Race: Jaguar
Age: 30 years old
Eyes: Brown
Skin/Fur: Brown, Tan, Black Spots
Height: Adult length (including tail): 5-8.5 feet (1.6-2.6 m) - 6 feet
Adult height: 27-30 inches (68-76 cm); females are smaller - 20 inches
Weight: Adult weight: 79-348 pounds (36-158 kg); females weigh less - 200 pounds

Build: Strong, Muscled (less then males), Sleek
Current Location/World: America, bordering Alabama and Tennessee
Family Origin: Jungles of Central America
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rank: Hunter/Magic User (Earth Element)

Background: Since The Great War in the year 3000 (3,500 years ago), Sameria has been with her Colony. Her parents died when she was a cub of 2 years old, so she was watched after my another female in the group, Janya and her mate Sashi, who are now both in their late 40's. Though Janya has tried to arrange a permanent lifemate for her daughter, Sameria still refuses to settle down with one male. She has gone through many heats, but does not have any cubs yet.

Appearance: Sameria is a female jaguar who stands at 20 inches high and 6 feet long, muzzle to tail. At 200 pounds, she is muscled (though less then her male counterparts) sleek, and very strong. Her coat is a mixture of brown and tan, and she has black spots. Her eyes are a dark brown.

Personality: A bit of a loner, Sameria prefers to stay in small groups, usually only with her adopeted parents. She spends most of her time hunting and working with her Earth Magic. She is loyal to those she finds worthy, but weary of any others, taking time to trust anyone new.

Weapon(s): Teeth, Claws, Camoflaugh, Earth Magic

Skills(s): Hunting, Tracking, History, Camoflauge, Persuasion, Earth Magic

Reference Image:


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