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12/06/2005 4:53 PM


A hand to wade along the road
A laugh to lighten any load
A place to bring a burden heart
And heal the ache of sorrow's dart

Who'd willing share in joy or tears
And help to ease the darkest fears
Or my soul like his own defense
And all because he was my friend

No grave could hold so free a soul
I see him in the frisking foal
I hear him laughing on the breeze
That stirs the very tops of trees

He soars with falcons on the wing
He hears the song that night birds sing
Death never dared him captive keep
He lies not there, he does not sleep

But there is silence at my side
That haunts the place he used to ride
And my Companion can't belay
The loss that I sustained this day

How bleak the future now has grown
Since I must face it all alone
My road is weary, dark and steep
And it is for myself I weep

Stormwing Shadowcast couldn't help but shiver as she set the lute down in her lap. Her fingers rested on the strings as she wiped away tears from her cheeks. The modified Herald whites were dazzling in the weak winter sun. She stifled the sobs that wanted to tear her heart to shreds as a hawk tore into its prey.

Kasseri snorted and rested her heavy head on Stormwings shoulder, the Companions cobalt blue eyes closed as she felt her Heralds deepening sorrow and grief. The mare trembled herself a moment before growing still.

:: Your sorrow is mine, Chosen&.:: Kasseri mindspoke. Stormwing answered by resting her cheek on Kasseris one hand resting weakly against her muzzle, the other draped over her arched neck.
Stormwing had only recently heard of her Vales destruction. Torn asunder by the mage storms, for they were one of the closest to the Dorisha plains and Urthos tower. All of Stormwings family were gone, only a few Hertasi and Dyheli managed to escape the area and fled to Ktreva Vale.

Two years ago, along with Darien Owl Knight and several others, Stormwing had come to help construct KValdemar Vale. An accomplished mage in her own right, of Master Class, teetering on the edge of Adept, Kasseri was waiting for her arrival, and chose her on the spot, much to Stormwings complete surprise. It was rare for Companions to choose outsiders, but not unheard of.

Now torn in grief, Stormwing sat in the Companion Field, her anguish rolling off of her in waves that caught the attentions of any un-bonded companion. While they want to give her space, they all found reason to wander near, till a circle surrounded the pair, that parted only to allow the Queens own Companion, Rolan to pass.

Your sorrow is all of ours& the web of Heralds and Companions is not broken, we all feel your pain, and will be near as it slowly numbs&. His deep sapphire eyes fixed Stormwings pale blue ones, as Kasseri snorted and blew warm breath on her silvered hair.

Deep beneath the palace, she could feel the pulse of the Heartstone. The leylines of magic had finally began to resettle, and the Heartstone was the biggest node of power for many kays.

Kasseri watched her Chosen carefully, still slightly puzzled on the concept of use name That the Treyledras used and changed names as they would their clothing, to suit the moment it seemed. Starwing was her name when she first came to Valdemar and with this tragedy changed and darkened her name to match her new outlook.

Kasseri didnt understand Treyledras custom, but how could she? Stormwing knew some of the suspicions of the lore of the Companions, that they themselves were once Heralds, reborn to guide the new generations of Heralds. She even heard one rumor that the Queens own Companion was once the first of all Heralds, King Valdemar himself. But, rumor was rumor, who was she to comprehend another lands myths and legends?

Yet deep in her heart of hearts, she knew that Valdemar was now her home, just as much as K'Vala Vale, no matter how alien it was from which she was familiar. At least there was one here who knew of her confusion and sorrow and pain... and this one wasn't her Companion, as close as Kasseri was, she wasn't a Hawk brother...

This one strode towards her at this moment, his mate's Companion pacing along side him. Darkwind K'Treva, mated to Princess Elspeth, a strong mage and skilled Treyledras scout. Gwena snorted and nickered a greeting that Kasseri passed on to Stormwind.

"Wind to thy wings Starwing." Darkwind called out.

"Starwing no longer. Stormwing lives in her place." She answered weakly.

"Sorry to hear of her passing, I welcome Stormwing in her place." Darkwind responded in kind, truely sorry the girl felt the need to change her use-name with the dissapearance of K'vala Vale, but understood the need. He too once did the same, as disaster tore his life asunder. K'Treva's Heartstone cracked, killing many mages in its wake, including his mother, and scarred him deeply inside, feeling that perhaps it was his fault on some level.... Songwind became Darkwind, and swore to never use magic again.... Eslpeth and the war against Falconsbane had changed him and a mage he again became.

A flash of white in the air caught Stormwing's attention, and she fixed her blue eyes on Vree, the forest Gyrfalcon as he flew overhead, and circled the clearing. Vree's mind reached for hers which surprised Stormwing, bondbirds rarely spoke to anyone but their bonded.

::Heart Hurts....:: he cried in his mind, his voice that of a child, and it brought a fresh flow of tears, in rememberance of her own bondbird, an elegant Red Tailed Hawk named Koril, who died in the beginings of the magestorms. Vree slowed in flight and landed on her shoulder, making soft sounds and clicking his beak, gently preening her silvered hair.

"What brings you here Darkwind?" She whispered in Treyledras. Still keeping contact to Kasseri, leaning against the Companion for strength.

"To bring you a message, Queen Selenay and Elspeth thought it best that I deliver it." He paused to judge any reaction. When he got none, he continued.

"With the news of the dissapearance of K'Vala Vale, and the growing alliance between Valdemar and the Treyledras, Queen Selenay has agreed to help find the Vale. News is that there has been strange happenings to the north and west, and once we have a group ready, we'll leave for there, and the empire......

The Empire, ruled by a cruel monarch on a steel throne, with a heavy iron crown marked with wolves and yellow topaz. Known to be as ruthless as wolves, the empire was what once drove King Valdemar to create his own land, his own kingdom. Surpressing a shiver, Stormwing looked into Darkwinds startling blue eyes.

"What makes you so sure that K'Vala still exists?"

"What makes you so sure that it doesn't? Don't give up hope until you've given it your all, till the last breath is torn from your lips." He said, dissaproval in his tone.

Kasseri snorted, her bright cobalt eyes fixed on Gwena and the other companion nudged Darkwind's arm, reminding that Stormwing may have lost everything she had ever known... to give her a little breathing room.

"Come... Queen Selenay and Elspeth are waiting.

Numbly, Stormwing stood, and turned to mount up on Kasseri's bare back, when Rolan moved forward again, the Queen's Own Companion had been silent till now. Startled, Stormwing had nearly forgotten he was still here when he moved. He reached forward, touching his muzzle to her forhead.

Abruptly she felt something practically 'click' in her mind, and for a moment she felt her world grow gray at the edges, her vision blurred as Rolan stepped back and said something to Kasseri that only the young mare could hear before he turned away. before he moved out of sight, he fixed Stormwing with a gaze that made her vison narrow even further, and all she could see was a sea of sapphire blue.

Abruptly he was gone, and her vision had returned to normal. "What just happened?" she breathed, but got no answer from either Darkwind or Kasseri.

"Let's not keep them waiting...." Darkwind said, not wanting to meddle in the affairs of Heralds and Companions.

He knew better.

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12/07/2005 10:49 AM

Once they reached the halls of the palace, Stormwing slid down from Kasseri's back, and leaned against her for a moment before walking along with Darkwind. Vree has resumed his perch on Stormwing's shoulder, sensing her need for such companionship.

Again she reached for the power that pulsed from the heartstone, just allowing it to wash over her, calming her edgy nerves and sooth the pain that raged within. Darkwind watched her as she did, and silenced his automatic warning about her rank and the power of the heartstone. She would have to undergo the adept testing before they started this venture, he was sure of it.

She blinked and the world swam back into focus as they reached the court hall. She still felt slightly dizzy at whatever Rolan had done, but she felt calmer....

12/12/2005 8:33 AM

Darkwind led the way and a page announced their arrival to the central Court Hall. They announced Darkwind first then announced Stormwing.

"Master Mage Stormwing K'Vala." He announced as she walked past him. She looked up to see Queen Selenay and two others at her side. To her left, Princess Elspeth, the only symbol of her rank was the unadorned silver circlet she wore. Though her herald's whites were modified in the Tayledras style, as were Stormwing's, she wore them wtih a regal bearing due her status.

To Selenay's right, a woman perhaps ten years Elspeths' senior, with short, curly dark hair. This was the Queen's own Herald, second only to the Queen. This was Rolan's Bonded. At first when Stormwing had met Talia, she was dumbfounded that the highest power in the herald Heirarchy was this woman. At first glance there was nothing special about her, a woma born of the holden, where the only ambition of most women was to be married by fourteen and already bearing children.

But upon knowing Talia better, especially after Kasseri Chose her, she knew the power this woman held, this inner strength that wasn't measured by magic or mind-power. she was Strong... simply and justly put.

As Stormwing walked forward, the beads and the single feather tied into her hair clinked softly as she walked, she noted the mild surprise in the eyes of the Queen, probably at the change of the use-name. In Elspeths' eyes there was no surprise, only sorrow. She knew, having lived with the Tayledras for many seasons.

Vree chortled on her shoulder and nipped lightly at her jawline before turning and launching himself off of her shoulder, taking care not to buffet her with his powerful wings. He labored to the top of the chamber, where a few narrow windows were open to allow in the breeze, and dissapeared outside.

12/12/2005 2:35 PM

With Vree's weight gone from her shoulder, Stormwing felt suddenly exposed and alone, and she shivered.

:: You'll never be alone again youngling...:: Kasseri's voice chided in her mind, and a warmth filled her heart. She looked towards Selenay and Elspeth, stepped forward and dropped gracefully to one knee, bowing her head. Her silvery hair fell loose around her shoulders, bound only with silver thread and clear crystal beads. The single white and silver hawk feather was tied into her hair, woven into place with white hairs gleaned gently from Kasseri's tail.

Selenay stood then, and stepped down from the dias. Her own golden hair was held in a single intricate braid, secured by the circlet of gold on her brow. She walked to Stormwing, and rested her hand on the younger womans' shoulder. Startled, Stormwing looked up and stared into Selenay's cobalt blue eyes.

"All of Valdemar has suffered a loss this day. and we will do anything in our power to rectify it. I want to send a group, which will include yourself to search for what happened to the vale. The change-circles have appeared all over the land, and we still wish to know where they have come from...."

12/12/2005 5:51 PM

less than a half day's ride from Haven, A young tayledras scout rode at breakneck speeds on the King's road. He had recieved a missive from Darkwind, and had called to him any Dyheli buck who would willingly carry him so far. The scout's mind was clouded with worry as he moved easily with the gait of the Dyheli. The stag's three horns curved up and slightly outward, so he was careful not to lean too far forward.

Firedance was his name, his hair dyed and patterned in browns and greens, patterned as songbirds in flight. High above his head acting as advanced scout was his bondbird, a crested eagle, while she was lighter in color than her other bond-bird bred cousins, she had lived within proximity of the heartstone, she wasn't white, proving that Firedance wasn't a mage.

The power of the leylines, nodes and heartstones literally bleached away all color. Thus why Tayledras normally of dark hair and eye eventually became white haired and blue of eye. Thus was also true of the Companions of Valdemar, or so the Tayledras had hypothisized. they were born and lived within power... you couldn't even try to dye and hide a Companion, for the color bled away within a candlemark.

Firedance knew of the disaster that fell his home vale, and came riding as fast as the Dyheli could manage from K'Valdemar Vale.

01/09/2006 7:53 AM

Firedance was received with honor at the gates of Haven, and was greeted by a lone Herald and his companion, who immediatly struck up a conversation with thy Dyheli buck Firedance rode.

"I've come seeking out Starwing K'Vala and Darkwind K'Treva." Firedance said breathlessly. He could hear Kimei cry out as she circled high above, joined quickly in a game of tag with Darkwind's own Vree.

The Herald had looked up, and smiled at the sight of the two birds circling and diving in the air. The Companion had also looked up and shook her heavy mane with a whicker that sounded suspiciously like laughter.

"Come, Darkwind and Starwing are in audiance with Queen Selanay and Hearald Princess Elspeth. You're just in time." THe companion turned and winked at Firedance, and the young scout wondered just what he had walked into... and felt suspiciously as if he had been led here with a purpose.

01/19/2006 2:51 AM

Nightshade slithered through the shadows that lingered on the periphery of the Court Hall, his almost colourless eyes watching Stormwing intently. The change in her use-name, he gave it a mental shrug, never taking those eyes from her. There was curiosity in them, a hunger to know what was to happen.

Robes of soft black hung about him in flowing folds, stiched and decorated with silver embroidery, his hands with their long slender fingers were hidden within the volumous sleeves, each hand gripping the other in a vice like grip. For now he was content to watch them all, he even ventured to move closer and out from the shadowy walls to get a better view of the Court and those present. She means to seek out the Vale?! Surely it does not exist!

Eyes narrowed in concentration, memories washing over him, his gaze drifted off, becoming somewhat unfocused. Yet he evidently did not find what he searched for, a frown and a shake of his head bringing him back into the world.

03/17/2006 1:46 PM

Dirke rode into Haven, still somewhat amazed at the fact that his arrival was even possible. During the first years of his training he had thought that he would be at war with these folks his entire life. His Sunsguard uniform still got him a few suspicious glances from the older pedestrians, but that was to be expected. They likely remembered the last time that Karse had attacked Valdemar, when they had paid the Tedrael to attack Valdemar; a war in which the beloved King Sendar had died.

Clearing his mind of such idle thought, he tried to focus on the daunting task that lay before him. Haven was by no measure a small city, and his family might not even be in it. All he knew was that they had fled to the nation of Valdemar; though they might be in the city, it was possible they were not. His father had been a wealthy moneylender in Karse to whom at least half of the highborn families in Karse had owed money. Now that Solaris had condemned the old order, he suspected that the heresy charges were motivated more by a desire among the nobles to remove their debts to his father than any actual wrongdoing.

Shaking free of his musings once again, he took note of his surroundings. While lost in thought he had come out into something of a market square, though he had not strayed off of the road to the palace. Because he was a Karsite soldier, he had been told to report the Karsite Ambassador at the Palace upon his arrival. Though some seemed suspicious of him, the merchants certainly had no fear of him, hawking their wares aggressively, promising to sell him food "better than anything he had ever had in Karse" and other variants on the theme that their product was better than any other. Apparently the spirit of business was universal

As he rode past the magnificent homes of the highborn that surrounded the palace he noted how empty many of them seemed. He wondered if the fact that it was winter had anything to do with it; he knew from Karse that highborn's generally had more than one home. Perhaps they were all in warmer climes.

He reached the outer gates of the complex that contained the Collegium and the Palace, and was challenged by the guards.

"Name and business"

"Captain Dirke, Sunsguard, to the Karsite Ambassador reporting as ordered."

"We were expecting you tomorrow Sergeant. You made good time. We have been told the ambassador is busy right now, but we have quarters for you."

He was led to quarters in the Karsite Embassy. He was apparently staying, at least for the moment, with the small contingent of soldiers who accompanied the Ambassador. He took the opportunity to don a fresh uniform, and then settled in to wait for the ambassador's summons.

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03/20/2006 3:22 PM

Dirke had dozed off while waiting, and was awakened by one of the soldiers, who wore the familiar Sunsguard uniform. He saluted, and Dirke returned it as he stood.

"Ready to see you, the Ambassador is."

Dirke followed the soldier through a series of hallways decorated in Karsite fashion, red and gold the dominating colors with the sun used often. He passed several doors, and an open doorway that opened to a small chapel clearly dedicated to Vkanis. Several off-duty guards were praying there. After a brief walk they arrived at the office of the Ambassador. He entered.

Ambassador Karal turned, though his blindness made facing Dirke actually unneccesary. He wore the robes of a senior Sunpriest, and the Firecat that sat contentedly in his arms as he stroked it made it even more clear that he was of high standing in the Church of Vkanis.

"Captain Ehrin, for keeping you waiting I apologize. Eager to see your family, I imagine you are, and sorry to have kept you from them I am. A class of eager young Herald-mages I was training."

"Apologies from you, honored Karal, unneccesary are. Much-needed rest the wait gave to me."

Waving away such compliments, Karal motioned for Dirke to sit as he did the same.

"Your family I had found, when news of your search reached us here. Still a moneylender, your father is. Other news, they will no doubt tell you. You your holiday enjoy."

Dirke stood and bowed. "My thanks, honored Ambassador. A difficult search I had anticipated." As he exited the office, a sunpriest in the modest robes that were becoming more and more common since Solaris's ascension greeted him.

"Erik, my name is. A priest of Vkanis at the local temple I am. To your family I will take you."

Dirke mused to himself that he done quite a bit of following since arriving in Haven. The priest led him back through the embassy to the stables, where his gray gelding waited, along with several other horses, one of which had been saddled. The priest mounted the horse, a brown mare that was obviously not a warhorse, and rode out. Dirke followed. They made a little small talk about Karse, which this priest revealed he had not visited in decades. They rode through the streets, which Dirke unsuccessfuly tried memorize, before arriving in an area of modest homes that appeared to be mostly inhabited by craftsmen. They stopped in front of one of these homes, and the priest dismounted, tying the mare at one of the two hitching posts that sat out front. Dirke did the same, asking as he did,

"My family's home, this is?"

"Yes. Not quite as wealthy as they in Karse lived, but quite comfortable."

They approached to door and knocked. A servant answered, and recognized Erik.

"Priest Erik! The Master Ehrin is always glad to see you. Who is the soldier?"

"Dirke Ehrin, I am. To see my father from Karse I have traveled," Dirke answered before Erick could reply.

"Oh! I had been told to expect you tomorrow night. Your family will be overjoyed that you are here! Come in, come in. I will set out another 2 places at the table."

"A family night this should be, I think. To the temple I will return."

Dirke followed the still unnamed servant into the home. He was more nervous than he had been in years. It had been over a decade since he had seen his family, and excitement at seeing them mixed with trepidation over whether his father would approve of what he had done in his life. He followed the servant through the well-furnished home to a sitting room. Dirke stopped at the doorway, overcome with emotion at seeing his father. The man looked almost the same; his hair was more gray, his skin a little more wrinkled, and he seemed a little smaller, but overall the years had been kind. The servant, oblivious to the fact that Dirke had stopped, exuberantly announcing Dirke's arrival.

'Master Ehrin, your son has arrived!"

The servant was apparently clueless as to what the relationship between Dirke and his father had actually been. His father had paid to put Dirke in the Academy, but had not held the Sunguard in high respect, in private calling them little more than thugs more than once. Though Dirke and his father loved each other, this had strained their relationship more than a little.

His father's reaction dispelled Dirke's trepidations though. Throwing his Karsite restraint to the wind, his father rushed over and embraced Dirke, tears in his eyes.

Several hours later, after much catching up, Dirke asked about his siblings, two younger brothers and a younger sister. He had assumed, because he was expected the next night, that they simply were away and so had not inquired about them, concentrating instead on speaking with his father, who had apparently seen the charges coming and converted much of his wealth into easily transportable jewels, and used that money to start over in Haven.

"My brothers, and my sister, how have have they fared?"

A cloud passed over his face, briefly. Somewhat concerned now, Dirke leaned forward.

"Your youngest brother, married to a pretty jeweler and working with me he is. Your sister, married last year to a Captain in the Guard she was. Your oldest brother...a sad story, that is."

Gravely concerned now, Dirke motioned for his father to continue.

"Your brother, bored with my business he was. Restless. To the frontier, he moved. Fell in love with the forest, he did. His letters, of the beauty of the forest and the wondrousness of the change-beasts they spoke. Your brother a group of trappers and traders joined, out near the Pelagiris Forest. Months ago that was. A few weeks ago news of them arrived. One from the group here arrived; a terrible report he brought. Foul magic it was; a ....change circle, it he called. Dissappeared, they did. A rock from inside the circle he brought, for the mages to look at. From the Empire, they said it was."

They sat in silence for a moment. Then Dirke spoke,

"Tomorrow, after my brother and sister I see, Ambassador Karlan I will meet. Perhaps some way to find my brother he has."

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03/22/2006 3:09 PM

Stormwing found that she couldn't sleep that night, her mind constantly turning to the long journey they would begin at first light. The candle burned beside her bed, marking the hours as it burned closer to its stone holder. Their Journey through Hardorn wouldn't be easy, with the realm still torn by unrest. The companions would have to be disguised by using magic, magic she couldn't help with, after all she was only a master-class, and such illusions would weaken her.

Darkwind would have to maintain such an illusion. At least that was what she had thought till she heard Vree backwinging to land on the open windowsill. The gyrfalcon chittered softly and stared at her in the eye. His sleepy mind-voice filled her mind.

:: come? :: He made a soft cooing sound as he turned and glided from the window and landed on the dresser nearest the door of her room. Stormwing sat up and pulled a pair of breeches on, lacing them with fumbling hands as she kept her nightshirt on and followed the gyrfalcon.

She followed on bare feet through the castle corridors and decending flight after flight of stairs as Vree glided on ahead of her. She paused as she realized where the bondbird was leading her and hesitated. Why would he guide her to the Heartsone of Valdemar?

He alighted atop a empty torch-scone and screeched out a call rustling his feathers till she forced herself to take another step, then another till her hands clasped the heavy ring on the door, amazed that the shielding of the hearstone allowed her to pass...

Once the door opened that mystery was immediatly solved, for Darkwind and Elspeth stood within, and Darkwind beckoned her to step inside. Vree stayed outside of the shielding and chittered softly to himself as the door closed behind Stormwing.

"Being as all Hearalds aren't Tayledras, and there has never before been a Tayledras Herald, Your testing will be different from the norm. We will allow you to call your own manisfestations, and know that you will only succeed as an Adept if you are ready." Darkwind said.

Adept? Test? Her?? Stormwind's mind reeled with this new situation. She didn't know what to think, feel or say, her mind went totally blank and she saw Elspeth stare at her with sympathy in her eyes.

Suddenly Kesseri's mind merged with hers. ::You can do it... just try...::

Nodding once, Stormwind stepped forward towards the heartstone. Only adepts could control a heartstone's power, and now would prove wether she would ever gain the power.

Closing her eyes she ground and centered effortlessly, her own personal power creating a sheild that merged with that of the chamber. This was simple, gathering magic of her own personal power....the test of a Journeyman...

Next was more difficult... a second sheild that shimmered with visible power, this one a sphere of power that would protect her friends should something go wrong... She reached in for the leylines and then the nodes that were some leagues distant from the Heartstone. she faltered for a moment, her mind going back towards the meeting with Queen Selenay and the fact that they would be trying to search for her Father in the morning...

Forcing herself to focus she channeled the power from the nodes through her sheilds and created the second to separate her from her friends...her teacher... Darkwind nodded, though his hands were clenched tight as he watched her. If she hesitates with the heartstone it will consume her totally...

Once the newest sheild was successfully anchored to the outter sheild, she gave it an elasticity, so it would give if attacked, so it would not shatter and backlash the entire chamber...

Now she turned to the Hearstone. The crystal sphere that was fused to the stone and to the very bedrock that lay underneath the Palace. It pulsed and glowed as she reached for it... A calm peace came to her then, knowing that she needed this power if she were to have any hope of reaching her father... and knowing that if she failed she would most likely die.. and that Darkwind had enough faith in her to succeed, then she had to belive too.

She touched the heartstone and for a moment was almost swept away with the euphoria of the power the stone harnessed. She gasped and wrenched herself free from the torrent of power and pulled the power resisted, fought back and she increased the pull, and began to shape that which she had gathered. As per tradition of those who have passed their tests, a mage was usually expected to create something for the entire vale to share... whilst other mages would usually use the power gathered to shoot off a useless barrage of fireworks...

Stormwing's mind searched for a pool of underground water that was deep under the palace gardens... and using her power created a well that reached to the surface and created a pool... deep under the source of the water she coaxed the magma pools to strenthen and rise, to surround the water source, heating it as it rose to fill the depression created by the heartstone's power, harnessed by Stormwing. The newly created hotspring would make it easier to get hot water into the palace...

Gradually she eased herself back away from the hearstone, dropping the inner sheild then finally dropping the outersheild, keeping only enough of her own power to keep on her feet, though her head reeled from the rush of power and she looked up to the smiling faces of both Darkwind and Elspeth.

While the two didn't say anything it was Kesseri's mental cry that made Stormwing smile.

::I told you so!!::

04/16/2006 3:21 AM

Nightshade waited amongst the shadows within the corridor, slipping into them as a welcomed friend. Always one to skulk in the darkened corners, he simply preferred their company to that of people sometimes, for in the shadows secrets were held and the mage greatly loved secrets. In them, power was held tightly. He smoothed, un-necessarily, the black and silver robes he wore, in complete silence until his target sauntered down the corridor. He knew not whether he should be envious, angry, what? Jealous? Of her? Perhaps, but it was something he would persue later.

" Putting two and two together, Stormwing, I suppose congratulations are in order my dear? ", he slithered out of the darkness, magic had possibly aided his cover until now, slight wisps of shadow still clung to him, which he absently shrugged off. " I felt the spike in power, and merely assumed, perhaps presumptuious, but very probable I say. ", his eyes glittered, a smile touching them but one that did not reach his mouth.

" I haven't had the chance to speak with you yet, have I dear? No, I think I have not... ", he stopped, cocking his head to one side, (OOC:not sure if there are others with you just now Heather? ) " All alone? Shame for you, but serves me better. He waved a hand, but nothing overt seemed to happen, simply a pulsing wave of power that flowed elsewhere. " How have you been faring? One would hope good? But we can't always hold out on hope... no, never a good thing to hope all the time, better I say to make things happen, much more reliable. ", it was becoming apparent that Nightshade's mind was not altogether... had something happened? Or was this a tactic employed by the shadowy mage? One that had served him well in toppling more than one individual?

Who knows.

06/19/2006 12:49 PM

Even though she hadn't been a herald long, and was just out of her trainee grays when the war with hardorn had been hard won, just a year ago, Stormwing still hadn't been able to bring herself to trust the Shadow Storm mage. She had heard of the schools that were created for mages outside of Valdemar, in places such as Rethwellan, and even in Karse, the most famed was the White Winds School, the most imfamous was the Shadow-Storm. While they didn't always turn out totally evil mages, it did have a bad reputation of turning out those well-versed in blood magics.

Stormwing didn't move away from him, her new-found status as a Tayledras Mage-Adept, she had power to burn in the sheilds that now surrounded her physical form and her mind from all but the most powerful of attacks. The shields were constructed in a way to hide her mage-abilities from those who were activly seeking her power. Vree, Darkwind's bondbird chose that moment to fly through an open window and skim over Nightshades' head before landing on Stormwing's arm. While her own bond bird had died long ago, she still went about with her right arm padded and bound out of habit.

Vree screeched a cry of distaste as he settled on Stormwing's arm, his wings still half extended as he eyed the mage.

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