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12/05/2005 2:44 PM


Mr. Sampson slipped to a floor of desecration. His sleek blond hair now lied untidy, besmirched, and in knots on his head. Lanky and labeled, "maniacal", he leaned into the supporting bars that imprisoned him.

"Let me out," he cried once again, his voice cracking as was his spirit, heeded by nothing but the bland and in no way facilitating walls of white pallor.

He remembered it like one would with a book by a fire....

"Come," she'd said with a simple smile. Her hand had been outstretched for him to lead to a different world that night. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever laid eyes on. River-like hair flowed almost unnaturally down her back, leading to the most captivating eyes of crimson, all coalescing into an angelic embodiment so true, and before his very eyes!

A business man and grounded in logic, he'd denied her offer the first time as she peered at him, casting it aside as, "Folly."쳌 But she came for him perpetually. Yes, she came again. He'd entered that closet door into... Nosa.

"Look to the ground, Mason. What do you see?" she'd asked one evening.

"I see nothing but grass."

"Look deeper. Cast aside your humanistic views."

He did so, against all his instincts, against every neuron-sparked impulse in his brain of denial, and literally leapt out of his seat. The ground was flowing with a river-like substance! Power emanated from it with such force! It seemed to breathe as a being, think as a being, and even hunger as a being.

"What is this?" he'd gasped.

"This is the river of life; the manna for which God spoke of. Faith, dearth, and will-power are its only master. You are the Bearer of memory, my dear Mason! You have been the one I've been searching for!

"I-I can't be. You must be mistaken," he'd stuttered.

"Oh, contraire, Mason! You are the Earth-man for which the prophecy foretold. You; the man of bold logic! You hold the world at your mercy! You have the one potent tool! Memory!." She'd stood and gracefully crossed the river to his side with majestic wings. "Our world is dying," she'd whispered solemnly. "Not by age, for we cannot die till war due us part, rather... through recollection."

She'd looked to the sky with the worst expression of disconsolation. "We reside in the realm of thought. No God created us. This world is but a rounded up mass of chaos; a conjugated land of human thoughts! You are the key to our survival. You have the capability to re-teach them the fine art of innovation!"

"How!?" he couldn't help but blurt out, flabbergasted.

She'd given him a rare smile. "When you dream, how often do you remember that night's adventure?"


"Because you've never gone a night without such an unconscious escapade, I thought you the image to this prophecy:

'Reflection of Deity's fruit fashioned thee.
Archaic the aspirations were, you see
Da Vinci, Archimedes, the Great Bartholdi,
The nun, the bum, the chaste child of three.
Absolute, Nosa had arisen; bold and free;
Thought to forever be vibrant, as whole as me.
But not so; intellect evanesced ever promptly!
Fate will lacerate soil and befoul the loft tree.
For cerebration gave way to authority!
But benign am I, I'll give you a party;
A man of truth, blind by rationality.
A contention will be waged with years of agony.
Then as death creeps at the door woefully,
He least believing will surface by curiosity!'

"You see? Along with this, I've handpicked the most men I found fitting to this, and none were able to see our magic. Don't you see, my dear Mason?"

And that was how it'd ended.... He'd been rushed out of their world from another onslaught of the Abunai. That was the last time he saw her.

"They need me!" he screamed to nothing. "They need me...." he whimpered, closing his eyes to fall in an uneasy sleep.



1. There are no immortals but the Abunai and Jaken and even they can die if things go grudging style!
2. You aren't God; so don't even think you can dodge a dagger thrust to the heart.
2. Please post at least once every two weeks.
3. If you join, you are planning on staying for a good while. =)
4. Don't you even dare try this little jig. *slaps Damien in the face." I won't allow it! Do you see my plot? That's how this story will be. Story form! Literate! Thank you.
5. If you speak out of character; please place it in brackets or (()).
6. Bring a smile on your face; even if I can't see you way over yonder.
7. Please, please tell me if you're not going to be on for a while.



Abunai: The Abunai have resided on Nosa for possibly as long as its existence. Innovative and technologically-based, the Abunai are far beyond most of their fellow inhabitants. Their army is lead by the renowned, Rydia Thessa, and their kingdom ruled by the slightly deranged, King Seraph. These tyrannical creatures tend to be of a stiff build, tall and intimidating. Piercing yellow eyes and golden brown hair separates themselves from their counterparts, the Jaken. They till the earth and so have become adapt, nimble with gripping retractable claws and dark, almost bronze skin to blend in the backdrop of the canopy that encircles their land. Cross one of these one summer day and you'll most likely end with a bullet to the skull.

They live their lives to surpass all else. They represent the greed of humanity, sweeping through the land for all its resources.

Jaken:The Jaken are mirthless, but in a subtle way. Ageless till as Nikoto had said, "War due us part." they live for knowledge. Often found immersed in books and studies, they tend to have a vast amount of lore. The Jaken take to the sky... literally. Angelic white wings concatenate to lithe bodies with blond hair and often soft blue or green eyes. They use no modernized equipment, but allow nature to provide. Their power is routed deep within Nosa's core. Through ritualistic incantations and practiced movements, they can mold the invisible "River of life" into a potent force or bind it to an object for improvement.

How much would you sacrifice for the sake of knowledge? The Jaken often sacrifice every portion of their being. They represent the curiosity of man, a priceless wonder, and yet a wretched weakness.


Pre-made Characters:

Name:Mason Sampson:
Age: 31
Race: Human
Gifted ability: Sampson often dreams vividly. His mind holds the key to the survival of Nosa and all that's needed is a little mind-digging and eye-opening adventure for him to realize his potential. He can return, unlock, and share memories by tapping into the substance that flows as life to the planets.
Personality: Sampson is after all, a business man. He has lived a life based on regulations and pounded-in "facts". Logic is written all over him, if one looks from the finely shaved face to the dry cleaned suit, and all the way down to the well-polished shoes. Deep down, he's lined more roguery. He could be a wild man. Only time could tell....
Appearance: Sampson stands at a good 6'1" and weighs about 200 lbs. He was born with well-suited looks. Analytical blue eyes share with a head full of sandy blond hair. His attire never includes a t-shirt nor tennis-shoes, but a suit and tie. He stands devoted to the end to appear in society's view, normal.
History: Mason was born on November 15, 1971, in a well taken care of hospital in the middle of New York City. His parents took good care of him, sending him through the most prestigious schools around, always reminding him how important education was. He had no fiction books to wander off to when he was a little boy and therefore grew up to hate all forms of "invalidity". When opening his eyes to Nosa, he got the idea to spread the word around to others.... This ended with him being placed in an asylum.
Goal: To free himself and prove his sanity, bring the world to realization to the amazing world of Nosa they created and are slowly destroying, help fight the war that wages between the two venerating races, The Jaken, and The Abunai, and help defend Nikoto's fortress as one of her dubbed nights.


Name: Nikoto Dikilledi Renard
Age: 200 (Looks 17)
Race: Jaken
Gifted Ability: Nikoto was born different. She can use the earthly substance that mills about the planets and fight as an Abunai thanks to her mistaken retractable claws.
Personality: Nikoto carries a light accent on her lips and gives a warm smile occasionally to those deserving. She's adventurous, curious to no end, and open-minded and somewhat outspoken if need be.
Appearance: Nikoto stands at about 5'3" and weighs an unhealthy 85 lbs. Revoltingly thin, yet strikingly beautiful, she's borderline anorexic. Her skin carries an almost ghastly glow, from being so pale. Rimming this all, are her captivating eyes; crimson, fiery depths, that meticulously analyze everything in minute detail. Compared to the rest of her race, her hair and wings are a dark hue, making it easy for any to realize her status in their world.
History: Nikoto is the proud princess of her race, being one of the last of the Noble Renard's. She was born on the only lunar eclipse ever witnessed on Nosa and was deemed special. This proved to be true. She's one of the most revered creatures throughout her planet and is very formidable. Halfway through her life, she was captured and almost killed by the Abunai. She was never the same after that encounter. The Jaken value the length of their hair and view it as a rank all in its own. Her hair was permanently cut to shoulder-length as a parting gift from Seraph's courts.
Goal: To finally gain freedom from the onslaught of the Abunai and save Nosa from a tragic disappearance due to human's diminishing imagination over time.


Name: Seraph Resen
Age: 300 (Looks 23)
Race: Abunai
Gifted Ability: Seraph is what's known as an Abunai Elite, because he went beyond his earth-bound limits and learned somewhat how to use the very force the Jaken live their lives around. He proves to be one of the most powerful beings on Nosa.
Personality: Seraph is as cruel as you can get when it comes to the ruthless. He'll kill any Jaken... but possibly Nikoto. Deep inside, he actually values the Abunai's foes for their angelic beauty and secretly wishes to be more like them. This only causes more animosity towards them seems how he must shun his feelings on such a topic.
Appearance: Seraph is tall, standing at 6'6" and 215 lbs. He has dark brown hair that hangs at his shoulders and cold yellow eyes that hunt prey like a hawk. He dresses in long sweeping robes and had a remarkable surgery to have mechanical wings. He has the upper-hand to about all on Nosa.
History: Seraph's history is somewhat cloudy. He wasn't originally born into the royal courts, but actually as a poor boy in an orphanage. This caused him to become cold-hearted. He dethroned the ancient Thessa family around the age of 75 and took throne ever since.
Goal:Seraphs goal is a simple one: Annihilate those who confront him. He lives to master all around him and finds the utmost glee in the degradation of others. The Jaken race will fall by his hands, mark his words.


The Cause Behind the War between the Abunai and Jaken:

The Abunai and Jaken first started as one race, known as the Carinite. Born with two conflicting emotions; greed and curiosity, they found themselves exploring the ever-growing Nosa. Spanned out in all different landscapes, they rapidly became different creatures, to the point, that they had no choice but to label themselves as other species of no relation.

Though so different, they still shared most of the same objectives, living in a perfect balance... till Jaken bandits took hostage of the Abunai princess around 1650. This ended fatally, and hatred for the "air-loving" creatures only grew over time till the point that no treaty could stop the wars that broke out in the outskirts of the main villages creeping slowly to the very thrones themselves. Everything went downhill when Seraph dethroned his predecessors. War reached out like a tendril throughout their inhabited land, each side taking a nip at one another when least expected, jeopardizing their very existence. This has continued for centuries and the only possibility for peace, is through one stubborn man.


So, as you see; this plot is a complicated one! All of this is based on the evaporation of human fecundity and a man who was taken into the glorious creation of Nosa, a land made from the minds of the genius and even the fatuous. The moral of the story; Have a little imagination. Mason is that chance.... In the spot-light with time at his heels, he must cast aside his humanity to save the angelic creatures of Nosa and their world both from departing.

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