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12/05/2005 2:41 PM

Beginning plot:

The village of Didden rests morbidly along the river banks of the Tej River. Wanderers are precautious to crossing it only in facts that the Forest of Cray accounts its other side. Tales of adventure and escape are all that are muttered from the lips of those crazy enough to risk its territory.

Along Kross Boulevard, we first encountered the local inn. Voices carried ever slightly outside of those walls, reverberating along the buildings before dispersing gently into the wind. Ale passed around the tables and bars in a courteous rate.

Jackal Sam's voice was quickly heard over the others as the alcohol weakened his manners. A couple overheard words put the whole bar to silence.

"Forest... Cray....

The locals looked to him with livid expressions then; wanting to know just what might have happened to this lad on the journey here.

He dropped his tankard to the table and slowly rose to his feet. He was a bulky creature, hair wild and untamed as the journeys he'd had throughout the many winters of his life.

"It all began when the clouds covered the moon an' stars. The wind blew the light out to me' candle wick an' I had not a match. For ye' see, I was rather close to Cray. I'd toppled into the river and found me self on the other side and feeling as if there'd been no change,"

"Oh, quiet you old timer! That's no story!" Glasses flew at him, and one clogged him in the head. He sat down drunkenly just in time for the inn doors to burst open and a cloaked figure to step in, bringing in the chilly wind and autumn snow.

Heads then turned to the newcomer.

"The dust clogs the lungs, fear shuns the vocals, and the cadavers walk amongst the trees as silent as the breezes that embrace the seas. The voices carry freely and no logic lines those words, holding a lack of regulation. They choose whom they want," came the drawling voice under the hood.

The creature swayed in on silent feet and rested in a chair. A removal of the hood revealed dark long hair that flowed like a river, resting gently along the lumbar of her back. The most striking crimson eyes peered along the faces of the room. Her face was contempt; emotionless and as serene as a statue. She was as pale as a porcelain doll and looked just as easy to break. When she spoke, her voice was lucid and refined as silk.

"A king resides in those woods. Count Bordre was his name." The first sign of emotion was sent through her, resulting in a slight tremor down her spine. She stared through the crowd, and beyond the hallowed walls to the woods afar, reminiscing her former nights of terror. She began to whisper a song; her voice quavering as the notes stuck in the air.

"Didden is where the Hunter stays.
In its forest, Count Bordre plays.
Where at night, he always says:

"Come, love, as you may
take of these woods of daunting Cray,
the stone of Vaden where it lay,

in my humble home, I do say,
it is evil, it always bade
those of your kind, fairly made.

For that precious stone you seek
is mine alone and mine to keep.

For I myself, made its scheme.
To lure the prey in a dream,
Of cat and mouse and many seams.
Like the sand or salt in seas,
unaccounted are my means,
unnoticed it does seem.

For none seem to see the loss.
Those poor creatures at my toss,
but come to me, it may cost
a limb, two, even thoughts.

For I devour negativity,
given the gift of longevity.
I could live for an eternity,
if given one with immortality."

There the heart of this world does stay,
in Didden with the man in Jade."

"To the north, beyond the fields,
beyond the deserts that cease to yield
the water which you will travel by
under bright stars and dark sky."


And here begins our story! Of course it's not supposed to make sense! Use your mind! There are very few main characters and the plot can be molded from this.



To see this picture; just right click over the image and click "view picture."
Gaian name:
Name: The Crimson Star Community, run by Victor Vangeson.
Level of magic:Shaud
Appearance: Victor has beautiful blue eyes and golden hair that hangs loosely at his shoulders. He believes very much in the beliefs of Count Bordre.... or the former Count and his teachings. He wears the old priesthood clothing to represent his faith in the Vaese and God.
Motive: The underground apprentices of the old teachings of Count Bordre only live to preach the word and show the world of Tensetta what the Vaese can do to improve their walk in life.
Personality: Victor is good natured but stands as a vigilant person and a master in manipulation once on the podium.


Name: Siatika, the Carinite
Age:800 (She looks 17]
Level of magic:Mystic
Appearance:Siatika has long flowing hair, ending at the waist. Her eyes are fiery depths, hidden behind a mask, along with the rest of her flesh. She's covered in layers of clothing, that fit loosely for nimble movement, and is lavished in jewels, hidden weapons, and items.
Personality: Siatika hardly ever speaks, but when doing so; is often one displaying a sense of critique ness; slashing the victim emotionally and mentally. She appears in the best sense... serene in the face, but hides her suffers.
Motive: To capture the stone of Vaden and destroy the Demon King, Count Jessiah Bordre, of the forest of Cray. She is crudely bound to Jessiah through a pact made on the third night in his woods. This feeds the fire of her animosity towards the demon.
History: Siatika was once known as Nikoto Dikelledi Renard, proud queen of the Jaken race of Nosa. They were angelic creatures, bent on their studies of tapping into the natural invisible flow of the elements. She was one of the light, set straight forward to destroying their ground-loving foes, the Abunai and defending their kingdom walls. They were eventually overpowered, not able to defend against the Abunai elite, who'd taken the idea of combining both race's powers. She was the last of them and sold into the studies of the astounding Earth scientists. She proved to be difficult, keeping silent and slowly molding into a new creature, twisting away from her former elements. They gave her the infamous name; Siatika the Carinite. She became a shape-shifter, and took on many personalities. She uses the light and darkness as one, the substance flowing about them, as Vaese.


Name: Damien Dante Nad
Level of magic:Shaud
Appearance: Damien has soft brown eyes with curly auburn hair. He's often traveling for some purpose or another and so; has slightly dusted clothes. He dresses lightly, relying on his strength for protection, a beautiful two-handed sword resting on his back. The sheath is worn from plenty of usage.
Personality: Damien reminds one of a docile field mouse till on the field of battle. He defends the unprotected and destroys the foul creatures roaming about the world, spawned by the substance milling about the earth. He carries a jolly laugh.
Motive: To betray the king of Cray himself, acting as a minion to fight an even darker creature in the mountains of Sasga.
History: Damien was born in the priest courts of his foreign home, growing up in the word of righteousness. He went against the church to learn the usage of Vaese.


Name: Count Jessiah Bordre
Age:1,000 (He looks 28.)
Level of magic:Mystic
Appearance: Jessiah is elegant, tall, with angelic features. His eyes are deep pools of cloudy grey, analyzing everything in minute detail. He dresses in the robes of the high priests, mocking his past religion. He was the first to introduce the magic that flowed about the earth, Vaese, and how to manipulate it into a potent force. He is an enigma to about all but the chosen few that he places his trust in. He is only known to outsiders as the Hunter, stealing the virgins of the villages for a three day hunt, feeding his insatiable hunger for blood and his fetish in torture.
Personality: Jessiah is a cold creature, taking no caution in exploiting his allies to becoming his dinner. He keeps a straight face, only letting loose his emotions during the hunt. He comes off as a man of the Victorian era taking on their customs with ease. He's well coordinated and falls under the lines of a Mystic, able to see the Vaese running along the ground; a talent only few share. He comes off as arrogant and shows no compassion unless it furthers himself in the game of life.
Motive: To become one of the immortals, plotting out Siatika's demise, and to be the most feared amongst Tensetta; therefore a perfect match, set to annihilate the sweeping force of a creature only known as Raje. To do so he faces no choice but to travel with a priest, his allies, and the infamous, Carinite.
History: Much of Bordre's history is faded and only lingers in the depths of his own mind. A key clue to his past is in the journal that resides in Siatika's traveling pack.


Name: Sarah Retsbay
Age: 47 (She uses the Vaese to appear 22.)
Level of magic:Shaud
Appearance: Sarah is a woman of the meadows, with soft blond hair and gentle green eyes. She's what's known as a Shaud, unable to see the Vaese but able to use it with chants and plenty of concentration. She is usually found in a simple dress with somewhat dull colors, unable to move on from her country life and into the colorful city.
Personality:She's a kind woman and deeply in love with Damien. She is always seen with a smile and a beautiful glow about her face.
Motive: She is in this war to aid Damien on their quest. She only uses the Vaese as a source of rejuvenation.
History:Sarah was born in the outskirts of Didden, growing up in the simple fields. She takes nothing for granted and enjoys the simplicity of the world. She has no religion but takes an interest in the Vaese.


Name: Ben Protenje
Age: 43
Level of magic:Shaud
Appearance: Ben is a very thin man, with lanky black hair, dark blue eyes, and rimmed spectacles. He usually dresses in Shaud attire, which includes a sweeping robe and dark cape, and can be found carrying at least one book.
Personality: Ben is a somewhat snobby man because of his immense knowledge of the Vaese. He doesn't smile much unless put in the spot light. He is possibly the most power-hungry man alive.
Motive: To aid his long time best friend, Sarah, and seek out power on the side.
History: Mr. Protenje was brought up in a family of higher class, and was given the chance to read all texts dealing with the Vaese and its usage since the inhabitance of Tensetta. He is a Shaud desperately wishing to be a Mystic.


Age: Unknown
Level of magic:Mystic
Appearance: Raje can take on any form, including the very elements. He is... and can be&.about anything but what can actually kill him.
Personality: He is a ruthless creature, killing all in his path and taking control and transforming the towns and creatures of the lands across the seas into rage invoked beings. He lives off the sufferings of others, which would explain his rueful ways.
Motive: He lives to satisfy himself and so has plans on destroying the one man that has a possibility of defeating him; Jessiah Bordre. He is slowly changing the landscape of Tensetta into a prosperity fit for him.
History:Raje's history is unknown. His kind is found no where in the ancient texts. The only thing clear about him, is his hatred for everything else.


Some facts you might want to know:

The Vaese is an evil force. It feeds off thoughts and spawns creatures that then feed off those fears. Bordre found a way to control this, but keep in mind that it can manifest itself in such a way that it can possibly change the person or even trick them as it did to Bordre. He was once human and gave up life to survive for the sake of knowledge through the Vaese. He now walks a thin line, acting very much like a vampire as his curse.

((No one seems to like my story in the other places I've tried.... Maybe here?))

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12/05/2005 6:16 PM

interesting.... while I'll be willing to take on one of your pre-made characters, be forwarned, most people here arn't fond of such practice, they prefer to make their own (names and such, history and appearance... sometimes you can suggest a certain characters, but people prefer to make the character 'their own' if you catch my meaning)

I'll be willing to cover Siatika if you will.... though I'm still not entirely sure of her 'alignment' if you will (IE Chaotic Neutral/ Lawful Evil....ect....)

12/06/2005 8:47 AM

*gives you a confused look*

What world is this, which setting, etc?

*coughs and tugs Kalia on her sleeve*

Do you see a 'slight' resemblance between the character you picked and her login? ;)

12/06/2005 12:16 PM

I understand that people prefer to make their own characters.... I would love people to do that... I just thought there might be a need of main ones as well. Thank you both so much for taking a glance. Yes.... The world... Hmm. Outside of the places I mentioned, I would prefer for the world to be created by everyone joining along with being set to a somewhat guideline of a story.

-The main characters and others who wish to accompany them must defeat Raje.

-They have to cross the seas to achieve this.

-There is plenty of adventure in store for them.

And I'm very sorry.... Siatika is already taken. If you read the story just below this one (Pivotal Retrospection), it sort of helps with explaining Siatika's history.

Heh. I can see the story is definately in need for improvement. Thank you so much. ^^

12/06/2005 12:58 PM

I feel that perhaps your 'main' characters should be set as NPC's that are mainly portrayed by you and perhaps one or two others, in addition to their own PC character.

as to the now quite obvious link between you and the character...forgive me, I wasn't quite awake when I was reading it...lol

[Edited by Kalia_Majere on Tuesday, December 6, 2005 12:59 PM]

12/07/2005 6:42 AM

True.... That's a lovely idea. I believe I'll do that. I should have probably explored the site before posting the story. Off the topic, I drew some really nice pictures of all the characters. ^^. Thank you for your imput and by all means, create a character. I'm quite interested in what you can do.

12/07/2005 7:44 AM

would it matter if I brought in a character from a different setting? I can modify some aspects to fit this.... :) I can just make them an obscure race of elves...rarely heard of and even more rarely seen, lured out by the threat of war.

Name: Kynia Rilisari

Race: Idran Descendant (Kirioyal)

Class: Psionic/Fighter

Nature: Lawful Good

Demeanor: Reluctant leader

Age: 145

Height: 58

Weight: 129lbs

Appearance: Kynia is a elven/ Idran descendant. Her appearance is mostly elvish. with fine features and pointed ears. Her ears are a bit longer than traditional Krynnish elves, and she holds a more ethereal beauty than the elves that most of Krynn is familiar with, Silvanesti, Qualinesti, and Kagonesti.

She has long dark hair that falls past her waist, and she will sometimes braid it away from her face, and leave the rest to flow free. Her eyes are a bright, startling blue.

Ancestral Companion:
Name: Kyel Scalaris
Age: 2,000
Class: Psionic channel
Nature: Lawful Good
Demeanor: Guardian
Appearance: Kyel is an Idra, long dead. He has chosen to watch over his Kirioyal descendants in the form of a white stallion. For short moments he can assume his proper form, but it is always ghost-like and unsubstantial. In his true form, he has long white hair, with pale sapphire eyes. His skin is a pale almost translucent blue, and seems very young.

History for both:

Kynia is a member of a race called the Kirioyal, who live on a continent to the east of Ansalon. Sylfean is a wild, partially tamed land. The Kirioyal are descendants of two races, the Irda, and a race of Elves who called themselves the Kirin.

Eventually the two races became so interbred that very few even remember that their race was once two.

The Idra who died out chose to use their inherent magic and defy the cycle of souls and remained behind to watch over their children. After some thought, they chose to remain in a form that would help their descendents best without raising suspicion. Their color depends on what they were in life, and how they govern their chosens actions. Black Guardians are warriors, strong, and usually thick-muscled. They guide and teach their chosen the ways of battle, sword and psychosomatic power. White Guardians are healers, they are not as muscular as their brethren, their bodies built for speed. They teach their chosen Healing arts, of Herbalism, and of a unique healing gift that can heal just about anything short of a mortal wound. The Kirioyal Healers are well known among the peoples of Sylfean, and in ancient times they were plentiful, but of late, most Guardians that are calling are black, telling of dark times ahead. Kyel is the only exception at the moment, for his is a silver-gray color, and is well muscular. He was a healer when he first returned to Krynn to guide his descendants, but has darkened as his chosen was called to do more darker deeds than healing.

Kynias story starts in Sylfean, fleeing their homeland with her twin Krystal. Their land had been torn apart by Navarre, the black crystal dragon. He infiltrated the palace during a ball thrown in the twins honor. He used his magic and killed everyone in the great hall. All but for Krystal and Kynia. Kynia had used her power to slow her twins heart and breathing, and then slipped into Kyels protective mind as he raced with Krystals Black Kreel towards the palace. The dragon in his human guise, known to the Kirioyal as Jet Knyte, had overlooked the twins in his haste to claim the Sylfean lands for his own.

When Kynia came to, she and The two Guardians roused Krystal and the quartet escaped on a small sailing ship used for fishing. They didnt know if the smaller craft would survive the sea but they had to try, rumor was that Jet had come from a land three weeks travel to the east.

Kynia and Krystal arrived in Ansalon and then separated, in hopes of finding some way of helping their people. Kynia had gathered a small group of adventurers, a Que Shu plainswoman named Tempest, a nimble-fingered Kender named Clarence, and an ex-Solamnic Knight who went by the name Blade. They succeeded in retrieving the artifact that would save the Kirioyal from total destruction, but at the cost of Kynias twin. Krystal fell under Navarres control, and thinking only of their people, Kynia was forced to strike her down.

Kynia was made Queen as she was the only surviving member of the royal house. Though she really didnt want the throne, she accepted, if only for her people. She doesnt want to be Queen, and longs for the freedom that she tasted during her search for help.

Character Insight/Song: Kynia as I mentioned already is reluctant at being Queen, her only joy is her husband, Blade and her guardian, Kyel.

Kynia is a survivor, even though her gentle nature hardens through her journey. When threatened, She would usually just keep her assailant away, after all her ordeals, especially killing her own twin, Kynias attacks have become brutal, even merciless at times.

12/07/2005 7:49 AM

that's her history for the dragonlance setting... I'll have to modify to this setting.

12/07/2005 12:49 PM

Blegh... seeing this, I may just have to create myself a character, or bring in one of my old ones. ;) Give me a bit of time to get this done.... I am in the midst of planning a trip to my homeland for the holidays. :)

12/07/2005 7:00 PM

Yes. That would be a perfect character! I have a question.... I'm so new to this... So... you just post on here to begin the story, correct? or is this story supposed to move somewhere else?

Doesn't matter. ^^ I have plenty of time.

I probably won't be able to get into it though till next week when I've finished my finals. I'm going to Wisconsin for Christmas Break and won't be able to post till afterwards. Family.... -.-

12/08/2005 5:31 AM

something like this would have to be started in the "General Rp Forums" ;)

12/10/2005 5:49 AM

I see. ^^ Thanks.

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