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11/30/2005 11:57 PM

Ok, I am sure that everyone is fairly familar with the Marvel Universe and X-Men, if not from the cartoons and comic books than at least the movies.

Well from what I have observed there is currently no RP that is based around mutants. So Id care to start one.

For those that are aware and know the timeline of the mutants, this will not take place exactly in their universe. Think of it more as a parrellel universe or alternate reality. The same plot line will remain however in that Humans dominate the planet with some semi futuristic technologies. Humans have begun to over go an evolutionary change which is known as the X-gene. The X-gene has various results on different people. These 'mutants' are feared/ hated by the mass populice of 'normal' humans.

So is anyone interested??

12/01/2005 1:17 PM

Sounds like something that would catch my eye. What would the basic plot be?

12/02/2005 9:03 AM

I may join in....:D

12/02/2005 1:26 PM

Just about the same as everyother plot in the marvel universe, various sides going against eachother some to destroy the world, others to save it, and then those who want to rule it themselves.

But mainly itll be the enteraction of 'Humans' with 'Mutants' so more of a fight for acceptance...how many times do you have to save someones life before they stop fearing/hating you?

So Im hoping that there would be 'Mutant' characters, and 'Human' characters. Also if some characters belonged to different factions. There wont be the X-men and X-factor of the Xavier institute, but there will be groups comparable to them so as not to run the risk of screwing it all up. I admit I dont know everything about Marvel universe. So Im open to ideas for rival groups and different agendas if you all care to be in one. And I dont expect everyone to be in the same group or have the same agenda. This will take some actual RP skill, because it deals with how a character deals with acceptance and society and of dealing with mutations.

12/07/2005 10:08 PM

sounds Interesting, Would we choose our own powers or lack there of?

12/07/2005 10:11 PM

Well, then... let me edit my level of interest. I'm definitely into the idea of being a part of this RP. Which now sets me into the sometimes hellish world of character development.

*grumble* Damn people and their good ideas...

12/07/2005 11:23 PM

Yes, Ill allow people to choose their own powers...just nothing too powerful. The only thing I am going to be putting a limit on is psycics as in telepathy. So no Prof. Xavier mind control stuff because that would just be asking for trouble. But telekinetics ((movement with the mind)) is still allowed.

Also no adimantium stuff, the metal that Wolverines bone system was fused with. And because of how varied powers can be, I plan on using a rating system to determine the degree of a power for reference in comparison to others.

Say an average person is a 3 on a scale of 1-10. One with telekinetic ability would then have a mind rating of at least 5 or higher. Or someone as fast as the Flash would have a speed rating of 7-8. Ill set up the actual fields for character creation but thats just to give you all an idea. There has to be some other way besides RP skill to determine the extent of ones powers and also a way to show their limits.

Though in addition to origional characters I care to also use this inquiry thread to try and set the base for some groups you guys would care to be a part of or if you all would rather start off independant.

12/08/2005 2:21 PM

Some groups to use:

X-Force. Should never forget about them. Mostly characters from alternate timelines and worlds which make up a sort of multi-verse version of the X-Men. They are led by Cable, Scott and Jean's son from the future, but otherwise have no direct connection to the Xavier Institute.

X-Calibur. Alternate group of X-Men led by Nightcrawler. They do a lot of weird time-travel stuff and have more 'mystical' themes over the racism and mundane terrorism covered by X-Men.

The Gene Nation. Humans enhanced with 'mutant parts' to create super-soldiers to combat the fear of the human race being destroyed by homo-superior.

There's a ton more. I have a friend that's a Marvel -freak- and if you want I could probably get ahold of him to tell me more groups that you could use as hero groups or baddies.

12/09/2005 9:49 AM

Thank you Dark Elf Damien, I know alot of those groups and know several sites that are a good resource for such. I wanted to pull away from the already set groups and characters of the marvel universe though. Give people a chance to form their own. Cable, Juggernaught, NightCrawler and others are all kickass but I dont care skrew up their characters and groups theyre in due to my lack of knowledge.

I do think those you have posted should give some potential players some insight of possibilities of what they can be a part of. Obviously if people want to all be part of some mutant school that holds the mission of having mutant and humans work together for mutual respect and understanding...than sure wed have some mock Xavier Institute X-men group.

DeD I am happy to see you are showing some interest.

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12/10/2005 2:11 AM

Sounds interesting... and would possibly join. I'll post a character sample and see what ya think. It wont include the rating system for now though?

Name: Joshua Slater (Josh)
Age: 27
Weight: 146 lbs
Height: 5ft 10in
Physical appearance: Josh likes to dress smartly, but he has his trendy moments. Often found wearing suit trousers and an open shirt or top. A slim build, not terribly muscular but possessing a wirey strength. He has mid length dark blonde hair that falls passed his ears, styled and slightly wavy, mildly tanned skin giving him a healthy look and has brilliant green eyes which he considers his most attractive feature.

Mutant ability: Telekinesis

History: Josh's parents are both mutants themselves, so the chances of his own mutant ability emerging was something his parents had expected and were prepared for. His mother, Lisa, was a talented Telepath and used her abilities to help others, as easy feat as she was a psycologist. Nathan Slater, his father was a gardener, with a commendable affinity for plants, having the psionic mutant ability to manipulate vegetation, such as the growth and movement etc. Both parents were average, working class people, trying their best to fit in and remain un-noticed, something which rubbed off on Josh. Neither Lisa or Nathan had a desire to be caught up in the various factions of mutant groups that existed, despite having been approached on several occasions.

There was no great traumatic event that triggered his powers, they merely developed on there own accord ,starting with the minor movements of objects outwith his own reach. At first, Josh was of course upset, hoping silently that the X-Gene would skip him. Both his partents were able to help him through it, so eventually he was able to come to terms with it, accept it and control his power so it would not go awry.

He attended highschool, finding a flare in genetic studies and biology. An interest his parents found pleasing as it meant he could learn more about his genetic make-up and how being a mutant did not mean he was a freak. Josh hid his abilities from friends at school, not wanting them to judge and ridicule him as they had done so to other mutant kids they talked about. Whenever he practised, he did so at home where one of his parents would help him master his control.

From there he has led a normal (ish) life, attending university and graduating with a degree in bio science and currently he works for a scientific research lab, working on gene sequencing. Josh has no desire now to be 'normal'. He enjoys his mutation, it gives him a freedom and a security he never possessed before, now that he can control it, he does not fear walking down dark allys or through rough areas, learning to handle himself nicely. Although he has never pushed his powers to the limit, Josh has lifted objects as heavy as cars and small trucks with concentration and is still developing and training them.

Current TK abilities: Levitation of himself, others and objects. TK Bubble. TK projectile bolts. Just now he is developing TK manipulation at the molecular level, though has had little success so far.

Faction: Josh is not a member of any organisation, having been able to remain out of 'radar' for many years.

Let me know what ya think and if anything has to be changed, added etc.

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12/10/2005 10:08 PM

Not bad, to me I find it a standard character....kinda like a Peter Parker type deal, delving into science to find an answer.

The only thing I dont fully grasp is the moving of molecules with his mind....though that does give me a slight idea for part of the storyline.

Also since you made note of the parents being mutants than a small background into them would be nice...such as if either of them belonged to any faction and what each parents abilities are. Like if the mother was a telekinetic with a slight telepathic ability and did fortune telling, and the father happened to be a boxer that had enhanced healing and senses. Whatever it is the parents are and do it gives further character development to Joshs character.

Speaking of such too, not all mutants are born by other mutants. Most mutants realize their powers during adolesence or later through some traumatic event. There could also be those with drastic physical changes were it just so happens your skelatol system is different or that you have a horn out of your nose, or tentacle arms. the possibilities are endless.((nearly))

12/11/2005 1:46 AM

Telekinesis, when advanced enough, can manipulate objects at the molecular level. Molecules are still subject to forces and energy, and so TK being a force, can move them. The end results could be de-stabilising an object such as a wall, moving the particals to allow someone to pass through it. It has been done on X-Men by various psionics and telekinetics such as Nate Grey, Pheonix etc. I realise these are powerful psionics of the first order, which is why I have stated Josh has had little results with his experiments on it.

I'll update the history to add in a little about his parents.

12/11/2005 3:24 PM

Ok, thank you for clearing that up for me. And you can make the adjustments right now if you care or just wait for the actual RP thread.

Im still waiting for further interests and possibly confirmation of interests from others.

12/11/2005 11:39 PM

I might join, but I still havent quite made a char. Heres what I got so far.

Name: Davian Alcatraz (Tarot)
Ability: Enhanced reflexes, extremy minor clairvoyancy abilities
Appearance: Brown Cloak. Fairly tall, about 6"4', albino, red streaks.
History: Parents killed in freak surface-to-air missle accident (they were both military specialists). Davian suffered post-traumatic stress disorder. After coming out of his vegetable-like state, he proceeded to discover his new abilities. He was fostered out when he was 12, and subsiquently moving from carer to carer, leaving a swathe of mental cases behinf him. He despises the government, and blames them for ruining his life. He is a rogue vigilante, taking out military and governmental figures in various countries. He currently resides deep under the iron curtain, in a town near the Russian president's private residences.
Age: 21

Anything else that needs to be told?

12/12/2005 1:00 AM

I'll just second... or I guess it's third... my interest. Working out a few kinks in my character right now.

12/12/2005 9:50 AM

Ok than since it appears that you all are maintaining interests, and three is a good amount to start an RP with...((you dont need to wait for 5 other people to post))..than I shall be starting the RP this week, hopfully by Wednesday night.

For you who already know your characters than use this template:


Eye color:
Hair color:
Physical Apperance:

Base of Operation:

Mutant Powers:

Skills: ((ie. Thief, Computerhacking / information retrieveal, weapon proficiency, ect))

Abilities-((Rating 1-10))
Energy Protection:
Fighting Skills:


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12/14/2005 3:54 PM

Ok, I posted the thread in the General RP area. Just so you know.

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