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11/28/2005 12:47 PM

The room was dark and cold. An older man sat apon a relic of a throne. His hand braced his head on the arm. The war had come all the way to this tiny dust bowl of a planet. It was happening right now right above his head. It was a stupid war. Just one "team" trying to wipe out another regaurdless of the fact that no matter who wins the other side will be reborn and do it all over again. No perpose just fighting. Its why he left the jedi. Its why he left the sith. Niether had a justified point the what they were doing. At least this will them all of them a damn good point!

He looked up as he flet some one approch,"welcome. Whom are you and why do yo think you are worthy?"

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11/29/2005 3:54 PM

IC: She walked up to the man upon the throne and bowed. She had no idea who he was yet but knew by instinct that he held power that was indeed respectable. He spoke. She answered,

"I am Sica. I have come seeking training and help. I believe I am so worthy because I have as of late been travelling with a band of Jedi who are running from the Sith. I oppose both sides and wish to gain the knowledge needed to destroy them both."

Still down on one knee, she lifted her head a little to glance at this man and see his reaction.

OOC: tell me what you have planned for the story line and I can better give you what you want.

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11/30/2005 7:43 AM

The planet Ameralla was alot like Tattooien: hot, scarse of life, and an underground traiding post for peolpe who dont want to be known. Now everybody was leaving becase the flashing of lightsabors seems to make people nervous. He knew they were only about a few meters from the city of Kawn and he would need help to get to his ship at the port.

He could sence she had some power but couldnt pinpoint what it was. She had a aura around her that gave him the feeling she would be of great use. Her eyes told him stories of war and violence but her face revieled the need for peace.

"Have you a weapon to wield? Or are you to make one?"

OOC: Hopefully I will get more people and we will set off. Once we start killing a few of the jedi and sith they will start looking for us. We will meet a senetor that is repulsed by a "non-republic commisioned" war. He will give us hits for the head Jedi and Sith. We will go for the Sith first and then the jedi. Taking out the Sith will put a lot of attention and effort from the Jedi onto us. What do you think?

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11/30/2005 9:32 PM

"I will need to make one sir. I have no weapons as of yet. I find that I do not need them however I am on a different territory and one might come of use to me yet."

She stood without permission and looked him straight in the eyes. She could see his rage and glory and undertsood the reason he was on the throne and not some other prick. She was however tired of men dominance over her and was not so quick to join forces until she found what it was he offered her in return.

OOC: yeah that sounds good are you still posting in bulletins about it? I think you need to make a title too so it draws some attention. Something interesting. that grabs the eye. I dont know like...Sith and Jedi, Friend or Foe. or something equally lame and enticing. lol.

12/02/2005 6:07 PM

OOC: How do I change the title? I was trying to do that even before you posted that idea. You think I should keep up with the bulletins?

IC: He shoot almost in annoyance that she would dishonor him like that. She stands without permission or regret. Yet, the honor and pride her stance took as she looked at him. It is without saying that she will just as stronge on whatever battle field calls for her as she is now. He took his seat again, his eyes pierced her gaze, and he grinned.

"So then what weapon will it be? A saber? Personalized blaster? Or a hybrid saber? I have seen quite of few sith use shorter sabers on there arms instead of as a sword."

He had just the idea for her if she so chose a blade. Her hands where soft and delicate yet her shoulders where strong and defiant.

12/03/2005 4:56 AM

OOC: If you want to. I dont think they will do any good now. We just have to make this popular and re-name it. I dont know how you rename it maybe ask one of the regulators. You remember that essay I had you read? The smart one? OMG that Prof is terrible. Message me and I'll tell you what the skank did.

IC: She raised an eyebrow as he looked at her in fury. She knew her defiance seethed inside of him and couldnt care less about what he was going to do. He sat and she won.

" I dont care what weapon I have so long as it allows me to kill. Which do you suggest?"

She looked straight at him and waited for the reply. She knew what he was going to say. He seemed like just the man who would choose for her to come close to hand to hand combat. That would be ok though. She knew exactly how to get her way. Look seductive and sultry then kick them when their down. It made her smile to even think about it.

12/10/2005 6:25 PM

A being watched the exchange, cloaked in shadow. It assessed the defying woman. 'She might be good for our cause. She has untapped anger and a lust for blood.' it thought, 'Maybe I should seduce her to the cause.'

12/11/2005 5:41 PM

IC: She waited for the man to speak again. Pretending not to take notice of the man hiding, she continued to stay still and silent, biding her time. Learned patience and practised control. She waited, mildly interested in what would happen first, the man speaking or the figure revealing himself?

12/13/2005 12:07 AM

OOC: I dont really know how to change it but you know what? People will read it and deside for themselfs. Why dont you talk to Jess? And you know your ex is calling us?

IC: She stood there with a hidden smirk of satisfaction. He could sence someone else's energy, but didnt pay attention to it.

"Well then, go through the door on the left and assemble the parts you see on the table," He waved his hand and an old wooden door manifested from the concreat wall,"the weapons are completely appart, but hopfully you will figure it out befor the door dissappers again." He smirked.

12/14/2005 1:41 PM

OOC: I have tried to talk to Jess I cant get ahold of her. I have asked everyone if they know whats up but no one tells me. Brians calling you? Why is he calling? I'm sorry he's such an ass...really I am. Where have you been? Seriously, I have been worried about you guys. Have her go online sometime so I can talk to her.She's never on.

IC: She turned her eyes from his and headed off through the door to assemble her weapon....she passed close to the place where the man was concealed and gazed at him as she passed...Her cold personality given off a chill.

12/14/2005 6:29 PM

OOC: Yeah shes not on much any more. I'll tell her to call you. I dont think other people are gonna join. Wanna kill people?

IC: He was mildly impressed with her speed. 'Didnt think she was that fast...' he thought,'wonder what else she can do...'Lord Sythen stood up.

"Now attatch them to your arms. They are short laser blades, no need to use your wrists so you can put more force into each strike." Lord Sythen made his way to the door not even glancing at her as he walked by.

12/14/2005 6:49 PM

OOC: Ok but my cell doesnt have minutes so e-mail me so I can give it to you or if you have messenger of anykind... Killing people already? Dont we need people to play the characters we have to kill? Lol your too cute...

IC: She didnt care that he stood or glided by her...her full attention was turned to her weapons...No chances to be weakened. She would not let any piece of they be a source of her demise. She attached them to her arms like she was instructed and followed him out of the small room. Taking no heed in her surroundings, she walked past several exits and many trap doors.

12/17/2005 1:28 PM

OOC: We dont need other people to kill. We can just kill fake people :D

IC: He walked down the long hallway twards the doors that lead up to the surface and out of the is hole in the ground. The war had moved on and only a few combatans remain. He could feel them hunting each other through out the newly ruined city. The light stung his eyes.

"Hmph. Thier are two...close...sith..." He smirked.

Suddently two sith jumped down from a building. A large black man wielding two red light sabers and a small girl with a double bladed light staber. Anger, hatered and loathing filled there hearts.

"You two are young and dumb...losers." He mocked.

12/19/2005 6:29 PM

IC: Sica stayed in one place while she observed the man attempt to fight the two sith. The sith had not noticed her while she was quiet and still. She double around the scuffle and shanghaied the girl. A drop kick and a hard kick to break her nose left the girl impaired and down. She took care of the girl and allowed the men to fight.

Lifting the female off the ground and taking her inside she muttered about the course of action in which he chose to take. Blatant and stubborn. Ignorant. He had not even scanned the area before walking into the danger zone. She dropped the girl on the stone floor and stepped over her writhing form. Picking up the shard of glass left over from the making of some other weapon she advanced to the female who was on her side watching the blood spill from her shattered nose. Sica grabbed a fistful of dark hair and tugged on it bringing the girls face inches from her own.

"You have threatened my people nd intruded upon my territory. I cannot allow you to live."

She took pleasure at watching the girls eyes widen in fear and thrust the glass into the girls side and twising so there was no chance of the wound clotting or healing. She starred into her eyes as realization hit her and life ebbed from her leaving in its wake the look of death. Glassy eyed and cold, Sica shoved the carcass from her and walked back outside to where the fight was still underway.

OOC: I'm not the greatest at fight scenes but I try. I will be there on the 24th possible early morning on the 25th in case she didnt tell you.

12/20/2005 7:54 AM

With his attentions left to only one person he closed his eyes and listend to the force, he felt all life around him. 'Now' the he told himself, with that he opened his eyes and slightly moved to his left opening up his opponent and swiped. One quickly became two as the sith's upper body fell from his waist, he didnt even gasp for air. Sythen felt the life being destroyed from behind him. He closed his eyes again he watched Sica walking behind him blood on her hands and her side. Then he heard her light foot stepps.

"So, there is a cold heart in there after all..."He murmered. When someone does something cold and dark there aura changes as they know what they did and enjoyed it. The Sith carrie it often, but she didnt look the type to have it. He could feel it a mile away. 'Is she smiling?'

12/20/2005 1:51 PM

"I see you have managed to defeat him. Nicely done. Now what other tasks do you have for me?"

She leaned lazily against the stone doorway and tilted her head. Her arms crossed in front of her and a smirk played upon her lips. Her hair fell over the side of her face and her skin glistened with sweat and blood.

12/21/2005 7:29 AM

Sythen was slightly shocked at Sica's display of modivation and with out even turning around to face her,"That depends,"his mind was on a thousand different things but only two would suit her,"do you want to kill or spy? Each will take great skill with the force and both I know you can do..."

12/21/2005 5:30 PM

IC:" Look I came to you therefore your the one supposed to be guiding me, telling me where to go and what to do. If you find that task too grueling and find yourself unable to complete it then why am I here. I might as well have gone on my own. Taken my own path. In fact I can see already that your unwillingness to tell me what you have planned for me is going to get in the way of your ability to command. So maybe I should help you. I want to kill whoever attacked and took my friends. I am here to learn the skills to destroy and conquer to reap my revenge. I think that in order to do so you need to teach and test me in the ways of both but which comes first? Should it be..."

Sica circled his stilled form and spoke with her voice soft and her head down...

"spying? So that I can plan my move carefully and succeed only after a long sought out plan has been made and approved? or should it be..."

She stopped in front of him and lifted her head to meet his gaze..

"Killing. Something in which I am adept at? Something in which I have done consistantly since losing my friends. Something in which I did as a survival skill and have greatly regreted. I am no ordinary girl. With my history and background, it should be obvious as to which I need to learn first."

She planted her feet squarly in front of him and once again crossed her arms over her chest.

12/24/2005 2:07 AM

As she spoke anger laced his body and quaked his mind. She planted right in front of him waiting for a reply and he had one.

"If you dont realize how I teach and what Im doing how can I have the confidence in you to carrie out any taskat all?!" His voice jumped from builking to builking,"there are two things that are needed to learn. ONE: Trust, without it you will learn nothing from me and will have wasted your time or your life. TWO: The ability to make your own damn desicions about what path to take,"Sythen reallized that the sith side of him was starting to grip his mind.

He stopped and thought about how to put this to the girl the right way,"I have given you two paths to choose, each will change what kind of person and warrior you will be."

He circled her watching her reaction to his words, "either you tune your abilities to slaughter everying in your path or learn stealth, speed, and the ability to manipulate other's sences to your benifit." He could still feel the emotions that flood her body.

" Does anger, revenge, and hatered control you? If so you are not with the right teacher. I teach both sides of the force and I will not feed only one side,"he said hoping she will not choose a singled side.

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12/26/2005 12:53 AM

IC: Sica gave him a sideways glance, shrugged, and, without a word, started to walk away. She knew that a teacher would have looked at her skills and judged what she knew, her normal method, and would have introduced her to something new. She had proved that she could destroy anything that posed harm to her and those around her.

She stepped inside the doorway with a smirk on her face. Trust. Something so simple to say but in the end hard to give. She had trusted those who had rescued her. She completely gave herself up to learning what they had to offer and they had left. Raishu left, Dilandu tried to kill her, Namredips had tried to kill her and then sided with her and got seperated. She no longer felt compelled to trust anyone which was one of the reasons she had been pulled to this place. She walked into the room she had prepared her weapon at and sat on the edge of the table. Her mind raced and she decided that if this was the place she was being pulled to then there was a reason. She didnt want to do what her instincts told her but all too often they had been right so she gave in. She would stay. Her mind told her this was a laugh to be here but she knew in her heart that she was meant to be here...

She got off the table and stood with her back to the doorway, labored breathing and a pounding heart echoing in her head, tears ran down her cheeks. She closed her eyes and concentrated on centering herself and making her heart beat return to its normal pattern.

12/28/2005 8:27 AM

He watched Sica walk back downstairs and out of sight, back to that dark room. He pondered if taking her on as his student was a good decision, 'does she have what it takes? Being able to kill isnt enough...'

Something moved behind him. It wasnt alive. Sythen turned around but didnt see or sense anything. Another sound stired to his left behind a building and again to his right.

"Show your self!" He demanded, yet nothing came forth to claim is identity,"fine." He jumped up on the building next to him to get a better view. Out of the corner of his eye a masive driod shot behind a different building.'Droids?' he wondered, 'what are droids doing here? This is an anti-driod planet...'

Suddenly one of the masive droids sprang over the building right infront of him shooting blasters and had light sabers based weapons for arms swinging wildly.

01/22/2006 9:13 PM

IC: The commotion outside did nothing to grab her attention. She continued to sit in the room waiting for it to be done so she could go. If he wanted someone who was neutral he had to make his mind up. Rather than acting as though he was almighty he might try actually getting to know her. Whatever, he had chosen to let her go. Coming her was not a good idea. He didnt need her she was just a pawn he would use in some battle he himself wanted to win for satisfactory purposes.

01/25/2006 8:06 PM

Sythen whipped out his blade and dashed to the left. Just as quickly the other masive droid crashed through the building, bringing it to a crumbling heep. As the droid went through the small house Sythen leaped from one building to the next dodging and swinging at the first one. With a wisp of a thought several large bolders from the building flew at the droid, but it swiftly dodged each piece of rock.

The second doid pounded, blasters blazing and blades swinging. Now the old master had two twelve foot droids that were fiercly engaged against him. One droid got a well placed shot at his feet and sent a rock slaming into him, knocking him off the buiding and onto the ground. They pursued and attacked on in the dirt. Within seconds dust surrounded the area and he couldnt see two feet infront of him. The fight pushed its way through the streets and into allyways. They smashed through houses and buidlings and finaly in middle of the city. Sythen closed his eyes and listened to the force and all with one single shot to the ground he sent a shock wave fifty feet in every direction smashing the droids and the buidings around him. When the dust settled half the city was in ruins.

"Now, where was I?"

01/26/2006 2:41 PM

IC: It didnt seem as though he really cared if she stayed or not so she slowly got up off the table top and gathered the few items she had brought. She stayed just a few more minutes before turning to leave the room.

01/28/2006 10:59 AM

Sythen started making his way back to the hole-in-the-ground from which he came and out of the corner of his eyes he spotted three more of the masive droids in the air coming twards him. He sprinted down to where Sica was.

"The time is now. Make your chioce because if your gonna stay with me I'm gonna need your help," He glanced back up the stairs,"as in NOW!"

01/28/2006 3:36 PM

Sica turned and met his look with a glint of determination in her eyes. She was far from ready to tell him what was on her mind. She was torn between wanting to stay and feeling like she was only meant to go.

"Yeah, I'll stay." Was her reply, "But what do you mean you need my help?"

She set down her belongings and crossed her arms over her chest. She tried hard not to let any emotion show in her facial features and eyes.

01/28/2006 9:36 PM

Sythen simply whipped out his lightsaber and threw a smirk,"what do YOU think?"

With that he jolted back to the surface and waited for the three driods to get to him, but he was mistaken he didnt see the fourth one behind the group.

All four lined up in the air, "TARGET CONFERMED!"

01/29/2006 3:58 PM

IC: She grew weary of his games. He did need her help, it wasnt like she couldnt hear all the fighting taking places outside. She sighed and picked up her weapons. Placing them in there sheaths she took off after him. As she approched his side she heard the robotic sound of the droids voice and threw up daggers as they descended into attack. All she was able to do at that point was throw her body into a side twist to avoid the blasters. She hit the rock with her side and the breath was knocked from her lungs. She didnt miss a beat and jumped back into action as the four droids surrounded Sythen. She attacked from behind. One blast to the head another to an arm two to the legs and all were paralyzed in someway. As they landed and came to their level, Sica moved back around them to the side of Sythen and looked at them straight wondering what was going to take place next.

"Ok here. Tell me now, what do you want me to do?" She asked Sythen waiting for him to give her a command.

01/31/2006 8:18 PM

Sythen smirked. Her skills where not bad she was damn good at sneak and shadow, 'those damn super battle droids couldnt even pick her up on there motion sensers,' his mind was going threw what happend as he started off past the city.

"Lets get off this damn rock!" He pushed a button on his wrist watch and a small, sleek space speeder ship un-camoed a few hundred yards infront of them. With out skipping a beat Sythen took out a coin and started fiddling with it..."heads or tales?"

01/31/2006 9:38 PM

IC: Sica followed him to the ship. "Heads." She replied just as casually as the question came. Her shoes kicked mindlessly at the head that was rolling on the ground. She played her game with it and her mind flashbacked to her childhood and playing kickball with the boys until her father punished her for not acting girly. Haha if only he could see me now she though. He would be pissed and she knew it. Not like she cared any. Her head came around and she gave a last kick and came up beside him. Turning to Look at him she asked, "Where are we going now?"

02/03/2006 12:05 AM

OOC: Thanis, Namredips wants to know if he can join in now...we're pretty much done with our other thread...

02/04/2006 12:26 AM

OOC: Sure!

IC: "Heads? We are gonna pay a visit to a couple of Sith that might know were Darth Vixous is and that hole she calls a Sith temple. Of course we will be in for a hell of a fight and will have to kill them...but what will they mind? They'll be dead either way." Sythen could only think of one place these rat bastereds would be Tattooien the crap hole of the galaxy, 'Only damn place where no one even cares to look anymore, too much of a damn hassle.'

The last time he went there he killed two jedi, about sixty natives, and had to aquire a new ship. Sythen was really hoping they wouldnt have to stay too long in that dust bowl.

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02/04/2006 12:23 PM

IC: "Yes, heads. Is that a problem my lord?" She asked with a trace of sarcasm hitting that last note. "I dont mind killing anything. Whatever deserves to die will die. That is how I see it. Where exactly do you think that she is going to be? I mean, there are a number of grea hiding places in the galaxy and then galaxies beyond that. What makes you so sure that we are going to find her in one trip? It may take years to find Vixous." She climbed aboard and waited for his answer. While she waited her mind played its tricks and once again brought up memories of the past. The fight she wasnt allowed to take part in, The betrayal, The dashed hopes of Raishu coming back. Never would that be allowed to take place. As easily as her mind took over her heart raced. She missed Namredips. She missed Raishu. She shook the thoughts and concentrated back on the present.

02/06/2006 1:41 PM

OOC: whoops, in my char sheet i put my name down as Namre Rhawn (my prefered RP name) ill change it

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02/06/2006 2:46 PM

OOC: Thats ok Namredips. Just so you know. Thanis isnt like Dark but he does have periods he wont write. Like this week. He's gone so just to warn you. That should give you time to read over it all and come up with some ideas.

02/07/2006 8:07 AM

OOC: m'kay, i was kidna using the excuse 'my character will be new so he wont know whats happened either' to avoid reading back :p

02/07/2006 2:51 PM

OOC: lmao your character isnt supposed to be new. Remember we talked about our characters meeting up again in time after that whole incident with Dilandu and stuff? Well this is the thread we are doing it in. But you dont have to read back too far just make sure you know who Lord Sythen is and stuff. He'll be back on Friday. He's out doing "figure 8's" in the bay. lol.

02/08/2006 1:42 PM

OOC: phhst, i mean he doesnt know whats happened to you and wossisface recently, remember?
also dark is complaining about to being able to rp off my last post :p

02/08/2006 7:31 PM

OOC: Which Whats his face? I'm lost? haha. Yeah I read that. I thought it was playable. It might have been because it had nothing to do with him but hey, he's the one who wanted to bring in a third character when he couldnt even handle two but thats him. He's good when he's motivated. Oh well, Thats his deal. And thats why we are here. When Thanis gets back it will pick up. He's out. Gotta love the military right?

02/09/2006 8:05 AM

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02/09/2006 2:22 PM

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02/11/2006 12:22 AM

OOC: Hhhheeeeerrrreeeesssssssssssssssss JOHNY!!! Sorry about that folks, now back to our regulary schedualed program!

IC: "Use the force my dear. And these two slime of Sith will hand us a damn good idea of where her base of op is. They are cowards!"

The space craft left orbit and drifted in space for a few moments while Sythen ploted the course to tattooien. The ships engenes didnt even make a sound and the warp core activated and opperated. Hyper space was entered and exited with in a few minuts. A journy that usually takes a few hours.

"I love this ship..."Sythen said mostly to him self. As the ship landed and two of the four hover bikes dropped from hidden compartments off the side, Sythen stretched out his arm inviting her to get on one. As he mounted his bike and bay door closed, "keep close. The natives love to shoot at moving targets."

OOC: I think this would be a good place for you to join us Namredips!

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02/11/2006 1:13 AM

OOC: Yay!!!! Wow...we never should have eaten at Arby's!

IC: " But thos sith were destroyed. You were there. I killed them and you watched me do it! How can we find anything out from them if they are dead?" She replied to him. She was in disbelief that he felt he could use these lifeless forms as a source of information. She sat back and rode the rest of the way in complete silence. The ride through hyper space was fast and easy. Something she had never experienced. When it was done she stood up and followed Sythen to the hover bikes. She nearly laughed when he told her that they would be shot at. However keeping her mouth closed was always the best way to go. She mounted the bike and pushed off making sure to keep her balance as it was the first time she had ridden one. She had been nervous before but now she was terrified. She was scared of going to a place where all would be her enemy and the one man she had no choice but to trust wouldnt really talk to her. But she put on her game face and once again went numb to all feelings and emotions. With her head held high and her form hugging the bike she ventured on into Tattooien.

02/11/2006 5:07 PM

The bikes sped through a great canyon and several dunes. Normaly any ventur on this planet was hot and miserable, but thanks to the bikes speed Sythen only felt cool air. The city of Karn quickly rose from the horizon and with in minutes sat promptly right infront of them. Sythen dismounted his bike.

"To answer your question, my dear, we wheren't going to question the dead ones. We are goning to question the two siting in that bar right there," his finger singled out a building that looked on different than any other: two story, bland, and filthy. Although most of the city looked exactly the same their was no shortage of occupents. In fact the streets swarmed with pick pockets, dealers, scam artists, and gamblers. Sythen quickly made his way to the pub dodging and swaying away from the quick at hand. he stepped through the doors and took a set at a corner table.

02/11/2006 9:18 PM

IC: She felt the wind whipping her hair back and forth as they swerved away from towering mountains and shifted in speed going through the air. She slowed and dismounted as Sythen turned and spoke to her.

" I didnt know you were talking about them. The only Sith we saw were the ones who died." The place was unappealing and her interest in going over to it waned. Her distrust of people had her put out on the alert the second she stepped on the ground. Her head took a quick survey of the area around her. Blue eyes sweeping over ever face, every article of clothing, and every prop used on this plaent. Taking a mental note of what she had seen, she turned back to the building and began to walk towards the bar and towards the two figures.

OOC: Namredips!!!! Play!!!!

02/12/2006 11:35 AM

OOC: nads, sorry i was away this weekend and forgot to say. and i hope you didnt have anything particular in mind for me, like one oif the sith at the bar (remember im not sith anymore) so im gonna set myself as a random bypasser and see you by chance ok?

if you dont like this ill change my post


IC: namredips had long ago given up finding her again, and was only here looking for work, when suddenly he saw a face in the crowd he recognised, could that be... could that be her? he pushed through the crowd intill he could see her clearly, yes, it was her, it was Sica, he had found her, he tried to push through the remainder of the crowd to greet her when a member of the crowd pushed back,
"watch where your going jackass" rumbled the huge giant of a mandalorian, Sica was walking away, he was not going to lose her again, a red glint was in his eye, he tried using the force
"your busy, you want to get out of my way" he suggested,
"your mind tricks wont work on me jedi" growled the mandalorian, punching namredips, hurteling him back several feet, namredips regained his balance then looked up
"that was a big mistake" he said pulling out BR
"so we're using weapons are we?" roared the mandalorian drawing his blaster pistol and firing with suprising speed, namredips dropped BR turned on his lightsaber and deflected the shot fired by the mandalorian back into him, turned off the lightsaber and caught BR before it hit the ground, he holstered BR and then realised everyone in the bar was looking at him, this was not going to end well

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02/12/2006 12:53 PM

"Thats fine, Sica. I realized that those two where the only ones we hand encountered. Keep an eye out. I sence something is about..." befor he could finish his sentance a skirmish between a mandalorian and a human. The force eminated off of him with a peek of the darkside. 'once you embrace the darkside, it will stay with you forever.' His masters words havent failed to prove thier worth...so far. Once the skirmish was over two men in the corner wearing cloaks started making there way out. With out even blinking Sythen pushed them back into there former seats and kept them there.

~Move and my new apprentice will lay waist to your miserable lives.~ His words shot strait to there minds. He stood and with out even a single glance from any one he made his way to here booth.

"Darth Kama and his snake of a buddy Jastik. How unfortunate you we have to see each other on such terms. Can we all just be friends?" The sarcasum scrapped there ears. Kama was a large man worked out religously. His slimy friend Jastik is the one who runs from almost every fight and has lead what once was a damn good Sith lord to the slums of the galixy. As long as Sica doesnt know right off the bat that Kama can be a challange she'll be fine.

He wrapped his arm around Jastik,"so...where is she?"

"Who?" The lying basterds words flowed from his lips.

Sythens hand gripped Jastik's neck and squeezed,"No games. Let make this quick and painless so you two can get back to being trash, ok?"

"Got to hell TRAITOR!" The force push caught Sythen off gaurd and he found him self in the steets with two Sith coming down on top of him blades out.

02/12/2006 3:01 PM

IC: "i dont have time for this S***" namredips whispered to himself, he looked for Sica's face in the crowd, he couldt find it "damn" he thought, and wished he had simply apologised and walked on, then there wouldnt of been any fight, he really needed to find Sica, his sith training, long forgotten, wouldnt of been any use here anyway, their tactics were pretty much the same, kill everyone, or get everyone to kill each other then kill the survivor, useless in this situation, he scanned the crowd for sica again, and... her face, he had found her again, when suddenly the barcame came up
"sir, im afraid im going to have to ask you to leave" he said in a shaky voice, without turning away namredips replied with the force
"you dont want me to leave"
"i dont want you to leave" repeated the barman in a monotone voice
"you want everyone to go about their buisness" namredips suggested quietly
"i want everyone to go about their buisness" repeated the barman in a louder, but still monotone voice
namredips began walking towards Sica

02/13/2006 12:32 AM

IC: Sica stayed on one side of the bar while Sythen went to talk to the two sith on the opposite side. She waved away the bartender as he came up for an order. With her eyes trained on him she shifted and sat on a stool. Her sigh was small and her tongue barely wetted her lips as she ran the tip over them. The men had turned to look at Sythen angrily and she stood slowly not wanting to draw attention.

"TRAITOR" Was heard a few seconds later as a form was hurled out of the bar. Immediately she left her post and was behind the smaller of the two sith. With a swift kick to the back of his knee, she brought him face first to the ground. Turning him over with one fist raised and the other hand pinning him she said, "The man warned you not to move didnt he?" With that said she brought down her fist with full fury and power breaking his nose and knocking him unconcious. She picked up his body in her arms and put him on one table nearest to them. Throwing a sideways glance at Sythen outside she conjured up ropes that tied him to the table rendering him immobile. With that one taken care of she stepped away and headed towards the other. She pushed chairs out of the way and leapt on a table as so to get out faster. Waling off the table onto her feet without a beat she was in the doorway. Peripheral vision caught the barkeep talking to a young man.

02/13/2006 1:33 PM

OOC: i have NO CLUE whats going on, you both attacked the same people as far as i can tell

02/13/2006 6:01 PM

OOC: LMAO. Yeah we kinda did. You didnt read the rest did you sweets? haha I told you that you should.

02/14/2006 7:57 PM

OOC: Bad Nemredips, bad! No doughnut! LOL. She's right you are gonna be a little lost if ya dont read what has happend.

IC: Kama felt his buddy in trouble and spun in mid air throwing a flash grenade near Sica and faced back at Sythen befor he even touched the ground. His blade scared the dirt as Sythen rolled out of the way. He got to his feet in a little dazed, whipping out his blade. Its crimson glow wavered as he tried to regain what was left of his composure. All of a sudden he felt another with the force a fifth, it hit him like a brick. The old master shifted his wieght on his heels and took a step forward, sword in hand, pretending he was still dazed.

BAM! The flash grenade went off and Jastik woke up from the table, bloody and furrious. He pulled his blade from the ground, cut the ropes, and shadowed him self from Sica's senses. His sword came to the ready as he snuck up on her. The crowed and the streets reinforced his mask.

'If you are with him, you will die too.' His thoughts full of rage and hate. Not but three feet from her, he raised his sword, the humm caught the attention of the rest of the crowed. Completely hiding any sound the sword would make from Sica from either the blade or him self,"Die scum!"

02/15/2006 1:12 AM

OOC: Since when were we getting doughnuts? Make that an onion bagel with cream cheese...*love the Boondock saints*

IC: Sica saw the grenade and dove away from the door as fast as she could but to no avail. The grenade exploded sending her several feet to the floor. She sustained injuries in her left shoulder her right knee was dislocated and a rib was cracked. Having been knocked unconcious she didnt notice Jastik awaken. Her mind went blank as she sent herself inside to repair what small internal damages she recieved. The cracked rib took several painstaking seconds that felt as though eternity had overcome her. She was unable to fix her shoulder or any of the abrasions she had. The knee was also out of her hands. She had no way of fixing that without the help of someone with enough strength to pop it back into place.

Coming to she made an attempt to roll over not seeing the sword inches from her. She did not hear a swooshing sound and did not feel the slight breeze and she barely moved in time to save her life from the almost fatal slash. "SYTHEN!" She cried, "SYTHEN WATCH OUT!" She saw Kama close in on Sythens almost lifeless body. The blade flashed and as if time slowed she watched as he brought the blade to Sythens body. "We need help." she thought to herself. She was squirming to stay out of the swords path but it was becoming futile to try seeing as she was barely able to move. Forcing herself backwards, she grabbed the seat of the stool and inched her way up till she was standing on her one good foot. Seating herself strategically on the stool, she leaned back on her elbows and delivered a skull cracking blow with her good foot to Jastiks head. Once, Twice, a third and he was down. She tried desperately to get to Sythen. Her progress hindered by her dislocated knee cap. Her hair was matted with a mixture of blood, sweat, and dirt. She hopped to the next table and balanced her hand on it to keep from falling over. She would reach him.

"SYTHEN!" She called out again, in hopes of waking him. "SYTHEN YOU NEED TO WAKE UP!" She had to try that ming trick she had seen him do. She wasnt anywhere near as good as he was but thanks to her previous experiences with Dilandu tying to her mind she picked up on some subtle key points. She pushed into his head to see what was going on. She knew he was alive but was unable to discerne if he was faking unconciousness or if he really was unconcious. Something was not right in his mental pattern. A component was there she had never encountered. She strained to see if he was able to defend himself.

02/16/2006 10:59 AM

She waved away the bartender as he came up for an order

oh, that was me wasnt it.

Not my fault if i didnt know that was me, you should of added 'who looked like someone she knew'

IC: namredips had taken cover when the fight broke out, he was trying to access the situation, everyone had guns, and light explosives, when he noticed Sica screaming out a name he did not recognise, 'Sythen' it was, he look up over his cover, there was Sica! she was under attack from a Sith, "bloody sith" he muttered under his breath, he drew his lightsaber, "its been a while since i used this against a sith" he said gently, the sounds of the battle intencified "desperate time..." he whispered as he jumped form his cover, blade wielded, he made for an overhead pass on the Sith who was attacking Sica, but he was too slow, the sith saw it and countered, Namredips only just blocked his "damn he's fast" he thought to himself he pulled out B.R and tried a burst from that, the Sith deflected them all, namredips barely doged the shots being reflected at him, "this is no sith recruit" he thought, he holstered B.R and again attacked with his lightsaber, all his attacked where dodged or blocked, one of the attack thrown at him singed his finger "ahhh, you B******, that hurt!" he screamed sucking his finger

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02/16/2006 1:34 PM


She waved away the bartender as he came up for an order

oh, that was me wasnt it.

Not my fault if i didnt know that was me, you should of added 'who looked like someone she knew'

Where would you have gotten that I was referring to you? It had nothing to do with you, it didnt look like you, he was just the bartender who was going to ask me for my order. nothing more. I dont know where you would have gotten anything else.

02/16/2006 10:25 PM

OOC:Namre, you made a vague reference to whom you were attacking so I dont really know how to react. So just plz edit your post and let us know which Sith your attacking: the one in the bar attacking Sica or the one out side attacking Sythen. But if im wrong plz correct me :)

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02/17/2006 12:36 AM

OOC: whoops, sorry. Changed to the one attacking Sica.
also am i allowed to kill them?

02/17/2006 8:22 PM

OOC: I think you are allowed to kill some of them but I dont think he wants these two dead. Just unconcious long enough for us to get away. I also think we need to start our OOC in the OOC room. We have been pretty lax about that. :) mmmkay...Is Thanis's turn...

02/18/2006 11:57 AM

Sythen sensed Namredips attack and was glad to get his help. Focusing his eyes and regaining his integrity. He based him self agains the outside bar wall waiting for Kama's attack, and he did! Kama's eyes drilled the old master with hate and rage. His blade could have passed for a local light show and Sythen could hardly even hear him self thing with all of the noise going on. He dodged, parried, and blocked the Sith's well practiced techniques and skills. Sythen wished the two Sith that where on Ameralla could have watched what real swordsmanship was like. Kama was good, really good. He felt bad for almost anybody else that he when against, exept him or...

Sythen started zigging and zagging more than blocking a parrieing, planing his move. The Sith lord vercticly slashed down, Sythen parried and moved behind him. With all of his focus he force pushed Kama through the wall and into the bar then force pulled out Jastik. The pull tore the little dirt bag away from his light saber, the lifeless metal rod made a slight tink when it hit the ground. Sythen gloved Jastik's neck with his hand once he was close enough,"You piece of trash!" Jastik's head met the dirt, his boots followed shortly after,"start talking!"

Kama could keep a secret better than a rock, but Jastik was a coward and just needed a little squeezing. Sythen pointed his blade twards Jastik's eye and inched it closer,"tick tock!"

02/18/2006 6:53 PM

IC: It was useless. She was never going to be able to get to Sythen in time to be of any help to him. Her head pounded and blood ran evenly from the mnay brasions she had on her body. The loss of blood made her dizzy and weak. She was unable to distinguish anything in her surroundings. One man fighting Jastik, Jastik being pulled outside, Kama being thrust back in towards her and the other guy, She couldnt comprehend it. She shut her eyes as her right hand reached out for the table. Steadying herself, she drew up as close to the table as possible and pulled out a chair. Seating herself in the chair she felt the effects of the fighting and blood loss instantaneously. Her head dropped to the table top and she blacked out. Her only hope of staying alive was someone else killing or maiming these two just long enough to get her to safety or heal her on the spot.

02/19/2006 3:18 AM

OOC: nads, im totally lost now.

im still fighting the sith attacking Sica, Sythen has fought off the sith attacking him
is tht right?

IC: namredips looked over at Sica, she wasnt moving "SICA!" he screamed
"its too late for her now" the sith taunted
"YOU BASTARD!" screamed namredips "ILL MAKE YOU PAY!". with that surge of anger he raised his lightsaber high and brought it down upon the sith with all his might, the sith dodged out of the way and countered by slicing up Namredips' left arm, Namredips simply turned, as if he had not even been touched by the light saber (even though he had as blood was gushing from the wound) and sliced through the siths hand, the Sith screamed in pain, using this distraction namredips threw one of his explosives at the sith, then hurled himself away, escaping the blast with only minor burns to his leg, the Sith had survived, mainly because Namredips had only used one of his small explosives, but the Sith was in bad shape, Namredips was as well, he crawled over towards Sica, "Soca" he said sofly, as with the last time they had been injured in that room, he used his limited knowlage of Force Healing to patch up some of her wounds, and his own, he hoped that Sica was still alive, he hoped that this wasnt one of those bars where if you fall asleep you get robebd and sold to the nearest hutt as slaves, no, he could not let that happen, he pulled out B.R and leaned up against a wall protecting Sica, as had happened the last time

OOC: i know, i f**ked up on the ending of the post

02/19/2006 9:05 AM

OOC: donno how I didnt see your post. Sorry bout that Nam.

Sythen didnt sense how badly the damage until now. She was strong with the force, but edvidently not so much in battle. He thought quickly. The old man noticed a vehicle parked and lowered a few yards away and pulled it tward him. He used the force and kept Jastik down pinning him on the ground and planted the vehicle on top. He wasnt powerful enought to push it off, just keep it from crushing him. Sythen started walking towards sica. Jastik tried for his lightsaber but Sythen caught it in mid-air.

Walking up to Sica he could see the extent of the damage. She was and easy fix for the wound healing veteran. He placed his hands on her shoulders and closed his eyes. Along with the scrapes, cuts, and damages he could sense her feelings. For him, the mission and almost everything. A little taken back and didnt realize he was kinda being a jerk. Moving closer to her, his lips almost touching her ear, continuing to heal,"Sorry 'bout that, I can be a bit of an old man sometimes. Just let me know next time, we're in this together now. Things need to be hospitable between us."

With the wounds healed she could help Namredips, or she could get a little practice on Jastik,"Get what you can out of that rat outside. I'll help namredips."

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02/19/2006 11:46 PM

OOC: OK so both of you guys healed me right?

IC: Sica slowly woke from her dreary sleep. She was at first a bit lost as to where she was but it all came back to her as Sythen whispered in her ear. Turning and looking at him with a mix of sympathy, fear, and relief, she smiled.

"Namredips. How did you know about him? There has to be some sort of a mistake Namredips and I parted ways a long time ago. There is no way he could possibly...."

Her speech was cut of in the middle as she saw Namredips behind Sythen. A gasp escaped her lips and tears flooded her eyes. It had been so long. As much as she was tempted to run up and give him a huge hug, there was more important tasks that called for attention. Grabbing a sword from the ground by her she ran past Sythen and out towards Jastik. Her eyes took on rage and hatred. She resumed her stance and stod ready for the next move made by this sith scum. He was at a small disadvantage being under a vehicle but she had no doubt he would try to get out from under it.

Taking her window of opportunity, she sliced of one of his arms and tossed in the direction of the blazing bond fire over to her left. Bending down to his level, she smirked. She lets her sword drop so the tip touched the nape of his neck inspiring fear. His eyes look shallow and scared.

"Hello Jastik. Dont you think you could have tried harder to kill me? I mean, come on. I am just a girl remember?"

She spoke slowly and let the blade tip drag over his skin leaving behind a thin trail of blood. Drawing herself to her fullest height, she looked down and pressed the tip through his skin, piercing it but not killing him. She did not severe his spine and she did not pierce anything vital. His scream of pain brought her to a sick sense of immense pleasure and she withdrew her blade. He was not going to move. The vehicle was too heavy. She toyed with the idea of leaving him with a huge gash until he bleed to death or was killed from the weight of the vehicle but took a second thought of what would happen if Gama decided to help him. He would live and there would be two again.

"Any last words loser?"

She asked, taunting him as she spoke. She raised her blade abover her head and paused for his last words.

02/22/2006 2:49 AM

OOC: Yeah two ppl can heal one

Sythen strutted over to Jastik and Sica, "Now then, like I was saying. What was that about Vixous's lair? "As Jastik spat out everything he knew of Darth Vixous and her batch of spies, thugs, and warriors Sythen spoke to her mind.

~Never under estimate the power of the force. Everything happens for a reason and Im sure meeting back up with this Namredips was fortuitous.~

Kama was still half dead in the corner of the bar and by this time not a piece of clothing was left on his body. Only his weapon remain from fear of his wrath if he survives. Once Jastik swore on his life that he had no more information Sythen turned to Namredips,"you are well come to join us or you can go about your marry way. We would graciously accept your help and need it very badly for our mission. What do you say?" His eyes showed that he was sincere in his statement and was eager to receive a new on comer since his first attempt to gain willing accomplices was scarce.

He started walking back in the direction of the bikes with out turning to face them,"We can aquire a bike for you, Namredips, from across the street if you deside to join us. Oh, yeah and, Sica, kill that piece of shit..."

02/22/2006 11:39 AM

OOC: we can sware?

IC: "i would be honoured to join you! and now i have found Sica again i have no intention of leaving, i was lucky back there, i have not wielded a lightsaber in a proper dual for while" replied namredips, he looked at the sith in the corner, "must he die?" he asked

02/22/2006 5:49 PM

OOC: lol yeah we can swear.

IC: Sica never let her gaze move from Jastik. He was her mission at the moment and she would let a small mistake such as moving her gaze from him, lose her the battle. Her sword was still above her head the entire time they talked. She didnt look at Namredips though she really really wanted to. Jastik gave out all the information willingly by then and she let a smile play on her lips. She stayed still and silent through the whole conversation Sythen had with Jastik and through his invitation to Namredips. Her hate and rage sparkle in her eyes and at Sythen's instruction to kill him she let her sword fall with full force driving the blade through the sith's head. Pulling her blade out she turned and looked at Namredips. A nervous laugh escaped her as she remembered what a sight she must be and she moved toward him.

"Hello again Namredips. It has been so long. I'm glad to see that Dilandu didnt get the best of you."

She looked past him to see Sythen leaving and looked back at him with a nod of her head.

"We should follow him."

02/23/2006 11:00 AM

IC: namredips, slightly disturbde as the sight he had just seen, when he had last seen sica she had been innocent, and needing protection, now, she was quite different, but she was still Sica, "its good to see you again Sica" he said happily, he looked at the door Sythen had left out of "yes, lets" he replied

02/23/2006 1:35 PM

"Yes his death was nesassary. Leave Kama, this will be a turning point in his life. He will give up the sword and live a humble life. Jastik was shit, his death wont even be morned."

He mounted his bike and waited for the others to join him. His mind swarmed with thoughts about the upcoming fights in the near future. Vixous will no doubtedly be waiting for them after the ruckus that had happened. Just one more stop and the'll be more than ready for her too.

02/23/2006 2:32 PM

IC: Sica smiled at Namredips and took his hand as they followed behind Sythen. She let Namredips mount her bike and mounted herself right behind him and put her arms around his middle. He would get his own bike like Sythen promised but until then this would do. As they began to ride she laid her had down on his shoulder and sighed as the wind blew threw her hair tangling in as if the mixture of blood and sweat hadnt done enough to it already. She was just happy to see her friend again. It was almost too good to be true. Without realizing she was doing so, She tightened her squeeze on him and kissed his shoulder then lifted her head to look around.

02/25/2006 5:27 AM

IC: as Sica squeezed him and kissed his shoulder namredips smiled, he had missed Sica, he rode behind Sythen, Sythen could take his time finding a bike for Namredips, he wouldnt mind

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02/25/2006 10:45 AM

IC: Sica turned her head slightly as they passed a small trading area on her left. Mentally she asked Sythen if they should stop there for another bike for Namredips. She had the feeling that something else was there and he suspicions were confirmed when the mirror on the bike shattered. Nothing ever broke around her unless she was in danger or there was trouble nearby. That was something she had come to understand about the breaking glass.

02/26/2006 10:14 AM

IC: As they had passed the shops he caught heard the echo in his head then felt a sunden sharp tremble in the force. He whipped around and headed back for the traider's area and slowed his bike to a stop. His dismount was on the steady with his lightsaber in his hand, not on yet but at the ready. Something or someone was here and it sent a quiver down Sythen's spine. When the other two had stopped thier bike, he turned to them, "Keep on your guard and spit up. This post isnt big but I sense a disturbance that could get the best of one off us if we arent carful."

Sythen surveyed the area as he walked, taking his time with each step and staying causious with ever galce. He noticed a woman in at one of the more expencive posts and with in a few seconds a memory flooded is mind. A smirk stole his consintration.

He wrapped his armes around her waist, "Hey there gorgous!" She didnt even turn around.

"Sythen I felt you befor you even landed here." Her words didnt suprise him as much as he thought they should. Her abilities to sense others was incredable. She spun and pushing him off of her. Her cloak fell and she had her saber out. Suddenly a flase of orange and the snap of there blades sparking caught everyone's eyes.

"One last time, baby?"

"You really are something Mellana..." Thier swings were faster than most people could understand. They moved throughout the post all the while no hard feelings were felt by any one force ingorant or not.

[Edited by Thanis on Monday, February 27, 2006 12:58 PM]

02/27/2006 9:24 AM

OOC: OK Namredips you didn't so I did.

IC: Sica flew off the bike before it had even landed and sauntered over to the sidelines of where the fight was about to take place. She would wait for him to need her. Until then though she would sit quiet and patient never taking any action against this woman. She used the time to inform Namredips that he would be able to get another bike about a block down and that they would wait for him while he got one.

02/27/2006 1:07 PM

With out missing a beat against the beautiful woman, Sythen echoed another message to Sica, ~This isnt the threat, I can feel it. Keep on your guard be weary of a smaller man in black...~

He couldnt sense much more away from the battle and if he wasnt careful she would get the best of him...and there is no way Sythen could allow that. This woman loves it if some one can best her, a fortuitous event for Sythen. He couldnt help but smile...

02/27/2006 2:10 PM

OOC: sorry i didnt know how to play off that

IC: "shame, i was enjoying that bike ride" namredips said as he walked away form sica towards the bike vendor, as he walked down the street someone bumped into him
"HEY! watch where your going!" said a little man wearing a black leather jacket
"sorry" namredips replied
"so you should be" said the little man, as he walked away namredips made a rude hand gesture behind his back

02/27/2006 2:48 PM

IC: Sica nodded in Sythen direction and turned to follow Namredips, determined to find the guy. She watched Namredips ahead of her bump into a guy who fit the description but kept her profile low in case he was the threat. She watched Namredips' reaction to him and the reaction the man had. Throwing a glance at Sythen behind her she moved forward. As he passed she looked straight into his eyes memorizing his soul. It was dark and empty. She looked away after making eye contact and strolled up behind Namredips. She leaned in close to his ear.

"Boo! Hey be careful. That guy you just flipped off, he's the threat we came here for. Lets grab some food after this until he pulls something."

She moved to his side and stood there. Her shirt torn and covered in blood but her stomach which was showing was unmarked. She had gotten lucky Namredips and Sythen had been able to help her.

02/28/2006 7:28 AM

"good idea..." namredips tilted his head to one side and looked at Sica "you know, while we're here we should probably get you some new clothes, the ones your wearing are torn and blood stained"

02/28/2006 8:08 AM

IC: She looked down over her attire and laughed as she realized that she was definitely a sight to see. She shook her head and smiled at Namredips. He was blissfully unaware that they had a ship waiting for their return.

"No It's ok. I'll be fine. We have but to get to the ship for me to find my clothes."

She took his hand and moved away from the spot she was standing in. She wanted to take him to a place to get some grub but was not able to at the sudden approach of the figure.

03/01/2006 5:40 AM

Sythen and his aquaintence were suddenly interupted by a small explosion on the rim of the shops, taking two with it. People started running and screaming. With in seconds he was alone in a sea of people, more people than what he thought were even at this remote location. The lady was gone, she wasnt much for sticking around when things get heated. Out of the corner of his eye the little man in a black jacket crouched down and planted something small, round, and twinkling. An other bomb.

"Damn terrorists!" The words echoed to his two friends, "get that little basterd!"

He noticed and ran to his bike and headed east towards the largest tusken raider camp in this hemisphere...

03/01/2006 2:39 PM

IC: His message rang clear and at Sythens go ahead she let go of of Namredips and dove. She hit the ground rolling and stood up immediatly running towards the gun shop. Without even paying heed to the shop owners she took a gun with some rounds off the wall and came out at a slow saunter. She smiled with an evil grin and trained the gun on the man. Walking towards him, she let some rounds fly around him, one catching his arm, to let him know of her appraoch.

"Hey buddy, What exactly do you think you're doing? You didn't say please."

She teased. At those last words she pointed the gun at him and fired determined not to miss. Her hair was in a mess around her head and she was still bleeding from the temple. The explosion had not harmed her but it did enough damage to make the walk to him almost impossible. People were running in mad chaos and she didn't care if their irresponsibility to take cover and protect themselves got them killed. Noise was blocked out as she concentrated on him. On killing him.

03/02/2006 1:30 PM

The shot hit his arm and he lost control of the bike only a few hundred yards away. He hit the ground and rolled while his bike slowed to a stop much further from him then Sica was. Her final shot had missed his head and by no miss fire on her part. Her aim was true, some one had directed that blast in a different direction. Someone that was strong with the force. He immediately knew the only one that was that powerful that could prevent that shot from hitting.

'That bitch...she didnt!? How could she be with him? Or was she with the raiders and he was a contact?' He wanted his thoughts do deceive him, but a speeder bike that passed them right that second confirmed it. His blood boiled as she picked the small man up as she passed him. Sythen's eyes became blood shot. The dark side radiated from him...

"Namredips, there is your bike," pointing to the empty seat that the short man left behind, "SICA! GET THAT BITCH! NOW!!!"

03/02/2006 1:53 PM

IC: namredips looked at Sythen in awe and disbelief "fuck... me" he breathed, then coming to his secnes he ran to the fallen bike 'vacated' by the short man, he picked it up, started it, and started after the 'Bitch'

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03/04/2006 6:47 PM

IC: Sica watched her bullets fly every where. None of them hit the target where she originally aimed for. It enraged her as a few flew off into the direction of Sythen. Her face turned into a look of hatred as she glared at the man thinking he had been the one to control her bullets. It hit her that it had not been him as he was picked up by that bitch she had seen Sythen with earlier. As the man was lifted up onto the bike of the woman, Sica was already engaged in running to her own bike. Sythens command to kill her had come a little too late but she nodded in his direction. She jumped on the bike and immediately took off. On her way past Namredips she tossed him the necklace from her neck. It was the amulet she had taken from her father before she left. She hoped he wouldn't lose it. It meant a great deal to her.

Picking up speed she followed the woman and disappeared behind the mountains and into the canyon as the woman rode ahead of her. This bitch would be sentanced to death. She wouldn't get away with almost killing the only friends she had left now. Setting herself up for a bigger fight she was positive would occur once she saw her. They landed on a rock formation and Sica jumped from her bike and looked at her head on.

"It's time for justice you whore. Let's play a little bit."

She would torture this woman. Use her, humiliate her, and even play with her body in front of her men just to embarrass her further. An evil grin spread to Sica's lips as she lowered her head and looked into the eyes of her enemy. This fight would definately be a challenge.

03/05/2006 1:35 AM

IC: Namredips grabbed the necklace Sica threw at him, he held it up and looked at it
"i wonder why she gave me this?" he wondered, "no matter"
Namredips put the necklace into a secure pocket in his jacket and then rode off following Sica, making his bike ride as fast as it would go, he saw Sica on the edge of his vision jump off onto a rockformation, he also saw that there where at least 5 other men, maybe more, they didnt appear to have lightsabers and he couldnt see their race,
"right" Namredips said "time to even the odds"
Namredips gave everything the bike had got into it, he saw the group speeding up towards him, he drew his lightsaber, he it out to his right, and mowed down 3 of the men, slicing them in half, he jumped off the bike and holstered his lightsaber as soon as he had done this, putting the brakes on as he jumped.
Namredips landed and rolled, he got up quickly and drew his lightsaber once more, he saw the bike tumbling off, eventually stopping near a oddly shaped rock, Namredips quickly walked over to sica and said with a grin "Need a hand?"

03/05/2006 8:02 AM

Watching the two of them would have normaly just made him happy to see that they are entering a challange, but all he wanted was revenge and knew that they would not fail him. If sica uses the "jedi mind trick" to mess with this ladies head and throw off her consentration she will have this in the bag. If not she will be challenged far more than she wants. What namredips doesnt know is that two more of those super battle droids are headed there way and he'll have to take care of them because Sica will have her hands full.

Sythen jumped on his bike and headed for thier ship. He could feel the bike ack as he pushed it to a higher potential with the force. With in a few minutes he arrived. The bike eased onto the ships shell like a snake into a hole. He turned everything on but the ship's engens would not turn. 'Damn that's what she went to do!' He started in on repairing it.

03/05/2006 4:28 PM

IC: Sica took her stance and watched as she was being circled by the several men. The woman had not moved. This would be tense. She would not make the first move. Instead, as she waited for this woman to make her move, She forced her mind to push through the many barriers of the womans. She tried to probe into her head and extrect all the information she could but was forced out. So this would be a battle of mentality. She pushed back and began to take control of smaller parts. She was able to read the intentions she had when she fought Sythen. She watched as in her mind the woman tampered with the ship. She saw as the woman headed for the rock formation and immediately signaled to her men. Sica looked and found why the woman smiled so. This was a trap. Something was going to happen.

Out of no where Namredips showed up and threw her concentration off as he spoke. She looked at him and out of the corner of her eye, saw a black man move in towards them. She tucked and rolled as she threw her body out of the way of the knives being thrown at them. She leaped into a back handspring as she tried to escape the outstreached arms of another one of her men. She didn't make it. He grabbed her waist and she was in mid- air and brough her down to the ground ith a hard thud. She cried out in pain as her already tortured body once again went through the process of breaking her arm.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on sending all her information to Sythen and Namredips. She kicked as he pulled her away and still transmitted mental images about the ship. Finally done, she opened her eyes and tears overflowed. She threw a look in Namredips direction and mouthed [i]dont let her go[/i]. Hopefully the woman would follow after her but if not someone had to take care of her. Once more she connected mentally with Namrdeips on a private stream and invoked a feeling of a soft kiss upon his cheek. She released him and switched to connect with the whore again. She kept in link with her as they took her away.

03/06/2006 11:40 PM

Sythen got Sica's message and ran strait to the broken wire. It didnt take more than two minutes ot fix and get the space craft off the ground. But once he had arrived the ship that had Sica on it had already left the planet and Namredips was soon to have his hands full with Mellana's full force. He was as ready as he could be for someone of her calibur. His saber skills out matched her's but she knew the force better. Sythen landed the ship and watched from the rocks. ~Hurry up and deal with her Sica needs our help. She is in over her head right now...~ His words shot strait to Namredip's head.

He couldnt help but think to himself, 'This is gonna be a damn good match...'

03/07/2006 8:45 AM

IC: sica was grabbed suddenly by a man, but before Namredips could help her he was attacked by the strange lady's minions, he fended them off but was not able to go and help Sica, he saw her mouth the words 'dont let her go' and then she was gone, he felt a soft kiss on his cheek, his eyes flamed with pure hatred as he turned towards the lady, he heard a voice in his mind, it sounded like Sythen but he was to enraged to notice, he drew back his lightsaber and charged her

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03/10/2006 7:14 PM

Mellana: She stood infront of him, lightsaber in hand, unwaivering. She didnt even blink waiting for his first move. She was good with a lightsaber, hell she trained under Sythen himself. But he didnt tell her how badly the darkside coudle be. Revenge is what she sought too, and to do so she will have to get past this new apprentice of his and that little bitch. Now all she had to do was take him down and finish her off. Then, and only then will Sythen and pure plesure be all her's.

Mellana was posative that Sythen told this young man about her. He didnt tell him about how much stronger she has become. She waited for him with one lightsaber in her hand and a second behind her.

"Your so dead little boy!"

Sythen just watched patiently...

03/11/2006 1:39 AM

IC: Namredips ran hard an fast, then when he was 15 meteres away he jumped up into the air and as he came back down again brought his lightsaber down on Mellana

03/11/2006 9:27 PM

Mellana stepped into the attack blocking it with simplicity, pointed her tip to the grownd, and pushed. It should be enought to push him off balance and have him start again. She moved back and once again waited for his attack. 'No way am I going to spoil my suprise yet...'

The day was hot as the sun beat down apon them. It was easy to lose focuse on this planet, your eyes start playing tricks on you. 'Hmm...' her thougths lingering on idea. She started in on him. She use the mind trick to send a heat wave into his vision trying to cloud it. 'He can hit me if he doesnt know how may of "me" there are...'

03/12/2006 12:33 PM

IC: namredips reeled back as she blocked his attack, eyes still burning with hated he looked up, he saw her starting in on him, then suddenly, his mind was a blank, he didnt know what he was doing here, what was going on, he slumped to the ground, confused, and wanting to go home, whereever that was.

03/12/2006 1:12 PM

A huge grin creased her face as he slumped to the ground her blade soard over her head as she lept into the air. She, with the hum of the lightsaber, came crashing down on him. Her full force of the darkside she carried strengthend her attack but lost her consentration on the mind trick...

03/13/2006 8:11 AM

IC: Namredips' eyes widened as he realised what was going on, he dove out of the way, but he wasnt lucky enough, his foot was removed by the lightsaber,
he pulled himself up and tried to keep steady on one foot, he wobbled a bit, but kept upright, he wished he had actually learnt how to send messages telepathicly, because he really needed help on this fight, suddenly, he remembered an old trick he picked up from his old master, the ability to shoot lightning from one's fingertips was a favoured sith force move, Namredips' old master was an expert on the subject, and so namredips had learnt a thing or two about how to do it. With a huge grin creeping across his face he raised both arms and pointed his fingertips at her and let loose with the lightning, it was an exeptionaly large amount of lightning, the most he had ever tried in one go, it was singeing the ends of his fingertips, he wouldnt imagine how much it would hurt to be on the receiving end of it



i cant remember how to spell that properly, lol, ment to be singeing as in, oh no the fire is singeing my fingers

03/13/2006 7:17 PM

OOC: Thats why its a good idea to copy and past your post onto word and fix errors there.

IC: Mellana- Kneeling from her landing, her large green eyes piered at the loose foot on the ground. She was amazed at both the fact that he moved and that she still hit his ankle. She stood with a bit of pride at her self. Befor she could trule endulge herself with this feeling she got a different one, pain. The lightinging hit her after she had ignored Namredips' words. Foolish on her part. It took her a few seconds to put her lightsaber in the way, but the lighting had already taken its toll. She couldnt see very well, nor stand sterdy. Her blond hair got in her eyes as she tried to focus on her opponent, and failed at doing so. She couldnt even make out how many of him there were.

"You...yo...you son of a bitch bastered..." Her mind started to blank our and everything got dark...

Sythen- ~Namredips, NOW, befor she can recover!!~

03/13/2006 11:44 PM

IC: namredips, still wobbling from the blast of lightning he had sent out, heard sythens voice in his mind say "NOW". he hopped over towards the slumped figure of mellana on the floor, raised his lightsaber, and brought it down on her neck

03/14/2006 4:24 PM

With the loud fiz Sythen watched Mellana's head roll on the ground and her body disappear. Her cloths filled with air then flattened. Her lightsabers rolled a few feet then stopped. She was gone, one with the force now. Just as a powerful Jedi or Sith should be.

With one quick leap Sythen cleared the rocks below him and made it all the way to Namredip's position. He walked over and picked up the lightsabers tossing one to Namredips. "Keep it as a souvenir. This one is mine, though. It has a crystal in it that I need for my next lightsaber. That is, if YOU dont mine me having it?"

03/15/2006 8:11 AM

IC: as namredips caught the lightsaber he fell over due to lack of balance, he heard Sythen asking if he didnt mind sythen keeping a lightsaber
"sure mate, just find my bloody foot" he replied, slowly getting up again and looking around for it, a swift search discovered it, as he lent over to pick it up he realised too late that this would be impossible with only one foot and promptly fell flat on his face,
"you better bloody be able to re-attach this Sythen" he shouted, the sand muffling his voice

03/15/2006 3:47 PM

"Im sorry my friend. Once its off, it off. A great medical station is only two star systems away I know a man there and he will help us." Sythen looked at the stub that was left from the fight. Not to bad of an outcome. He might have lost his foot, but better than his life. She was good and now she's dead. His new ex-sith might be more useful than he originally anticipated.

He walked over to Namredips put his arm around his own shoulders and grabbed him by the waits, "let me give you a hand," he jumped back to the cliff and helped him into the ship. Sitting Namredips down in the co-pilot seat they wasted no time getting back into space.

03/16/2006 8:37 AM

IC: namredips lay back in the co-pilot's seat, trying to get some sleep, it had been a rough day.
No matter how hard he tried he couldnt get to sleep, he kept thinking about Sica, about what was going on, where she was, what was happening to her, if she was ok, without realising it he had dosed off, when he woke up he saw a bright deep red light from the systems sun, he sat up and looked around, he yawned and then asked "are we there?"

03/16/2006 1:57 PM

IC: Sica woke up. Her head was pounding and she had to blink a few times to clear her eyes. She sat up the best she could in an upright position and attempted to move a hand to her head. To her surprise she was in chains. That startled her into reality and she looked around. She saw darkness. Pure unadulterated darkness. After letting her eyes adjust she noted the cave in which surrounded her. It looked oddly familiar. Memories of her first meeting of Dilandu and Raishu were here. She looked about some more and saw the path that led out of her prison. Taking a quick inventory of what all binded her, the chains extending from the cave walls to her wrists and rabid looking dog asleep in the corner, she set to sending out images in hopes that either Namredips or Sythen would recieve them.

03/16/2006 9:08 PM

"Yes Namredips, we are here." The sun was red and every one in the system knew what was gonna happen in the next couple of hunred years, nobody cared. They made there way to the third planet and sat down on an aquadic base. A team of medics ran up to the spacecraft and waited for Sythen to open the bay door.

As the hatch opend the medics, who didnt say a word, helped Narmredips onto a gerny and instantly administered pain relievers. The doctors got to work on him almost as soon as he entered the operation room. Sythen, on the other hand, waited in the cafe with an ex-jedi by the name of Shanders. They talked for a few hours, until Namredips was done.

03/17/2006 8:00 AM

IC: namredips opened his eyes and sat up, he was sitting on a medical bed, he tried of get up but fell flat on his face, "what a nice little teapot" he murmered
"he's awake" said someone in the distance
"hello? is that you mr.Chair?" he asked unsteadly
"the painkillers must not of worn off yet" said the voice, a young man in a medical uniform came up to him and lifted him back onto the bed
"here, this should wake you up" the man said calmly, then injected something into Namredips' neck.

Namredips looked at the man,
"better?" the man asked
"much, thankyou" namredips responded looking down at the robotic foot that had been crafted onto the end of his leg, he flexed the toes on it
"nicely done" he commented
"why thank you, im the one who operated on you, my name is Dr.Reese" Dr.Reese said extending a hand, namredips shook it
"thank you Dr.Reese" namredips said happily
"any time" Dr.Reese chuckled
"am i free to go?" namredips asked
"you are, just dont go loosing anymore limbs" Dr.Reese joked
"i wont" namredips laughed
namredips stood up unsteadily, testing out the new foot, once he was happy he continued into the cafe where Sythen would almost certainly be waiting, he stood in the doorway of the cafe looking for him in the crowd, a few heads later he spotted him
"Sythen!" Namredips shouted, waving his arm and walking towards Sythen

03/17/2006 10:46 AM

IC: She slumped over again, drained by the physical energy it took for her to mentally try to communicate. Her head grew damp with sweat yet she was cold and her stomach was angry from the lack of food. She was so cold though. Shivers racked her body and she fell unconcious. Her last thought was of Sythen and Namredips rescuing her.

03/17/2006 7:29 PM

Sythen stood and waved Namredips over. His apprenetice didnt even limp, he was im pressed, "You took to the attatchment well". Sythen couldnt even tell his foot was animatronic. Befor he could introduce his friend he got mental images: Dark, cold, chains, guard dog, uneasly familuar. He grabbed Namredips arm and transfered the images to him, "do you know this place?! If so you need to direct us. If not then we will have to use the force and track her down using the feelings from her mental images."

~Sorry couldnt stay longer friend but we need to leave. My other apprentice is in trouble.~
Sythen shot to his older friend.
~Understood. You are welcome any time. In fact dont be a stranger!~ He replied.

With that they left as Sythen tried to listen to Namredip's responce.

03/18/2006 12:36 PM

IC: namredips just stood there for a while in silence, "its where i first met her" he said quietly "its where i first met Sica! quick! to the ship! ill give you the coordinates when we are there" he said loudly, almost shouting and running towards the ship, when they arrived at the ship he entered the coordinates into the navi-computer, a galaxy showed up on the holo-display, a planet highlighted, "there!" namredips pointed, "thats where she is, i could never forget that place" he added,

"i hope Sica's alright" he whispered quietly to himself

03/18/2006 9:19 PM

IC: Sica woke up to a harsh voice and a cold rod in her side. It was disturbing.

"Get up wench the dog is hungry."

From the corner a low growl was heard and Sica's head snapped up as she remembered where she was. Immediately she sat up and looked to see if she was still chained. Her hands had been freed as well as her feet but to make up for them was a taser aimed at her shoulder, a gun at her head, and a beating stick thumping in the hands of the obvious leader of the gang. He was huge and she knew she stood no chance at getting past him so running away was futile. She bowed her head and stood slowly so as not to make sudden movements. She got the feeling that any sudden movements would mean electric shock or gun wounds as well as some substantial wounds to her head. She kept her head low.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked in a barely audible small voice.

"You will not speak to me slave now undress."

At those words she looked up and glared but was met with a cold glare at her. Slowly and shakily she began to undress wondering what exactly is was that they were playing at. Would she be raped? No it was worse.

"Bend over on the platform"

Her mind reeled and at the first blow of the whip a loud outcry echoed through the cave. Blood dribbled out of the open cut and ran in rivulets down her flesh. A second and a third blow dealt from the hands of the big guy. The whip was exchanged and three more equally painful blows were given. Tears leaked through shut eyelids. Her lower back and shoulders stung mixed with sweat, blood, and dirt. As the whip once again changed hands someone suffed her to the steel poles on either side of the platform so she couldn't move. Her legs were spread and also cuffed. There was no chance of escape nor could she move meaning only one thing. This last one would be bad.

The whip cracked on the pavement inticing fear to strike her already heavy heart. She held her breath and prepared herself for the blows. The first one came. Her middle back torn open leaving a vertebrae exposed, eating all the flesh from the area it touched. She shuddered and almost passed out as the searing pain rendered her immobile from arching. The second blow to her hip, bone crushing strength behind it leaving behind a trail of blood. The last one almost killed her. Left inner thigh, fleshy wound. She opened her eyes and couldn't see straight. She felt faint. No longer could she hold herself up and brace for further abuse. Her eyelids closed and her world went blacker than the midnight sky.

"Eh, she's done for. That loser thought she was tough. Why did he bother even taking her under his wing. Probably out of pity or for other purposes. She looks like a good lay!"

The big guy laughed at that and slapped her ass as he and the rest of the men exited the cave leaving her nude and cuffed. When they had more orders as to what to do with her they would be back.

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03/19/2006 7:08 AM

IC: as the ship approched the planet namredips ran to the exit, waiting, the ship decended through the atmosphere, and with a bump, landed, the door opened and namredips ran out full speed, he kept running, one location in purpose, "i hope im not too late" he said to himself, he ran faster, drawing on the force for energy.

Namredips saw the cave up ahead, he rushedin, lightsaber drawn, with one swift movement he sliced the guard dog's head off, there was noone else here, he looked around and saw sica naked, bent over a platform and tied up, she was bleeding "SICA!" he screamed, he ran over "sica are you alright?!?" there was no responce, he untied her and put his jacket over her "its going to be all right Sica dont worry" he said while starting to cry
"hey! who are you?" came a voice
namredips looked up and saw a man holding a whip, the injurys on sicas where from a whip, namredips stood up slowly, his eyes fixed on the man
"get back!" the man shouted brandishing a blaster, namredips calming took out his lightsaber, the fear in the mans eyes was evident,
"time for me to have some fun" namredips said with a wide grin appearing on his face, the man fired, but namredips deflected it easily, he sliced the man's blaster hand off, he screamed in agony and fell to the floor, slowly namredips walked over to him and slowly started to slice the other one off, he was taking his time though, the man was screaming in absoloute agony,
"no one harms my friend and gets away with it!" namredips spat
he got up, and sliced the mans legs off with one movement, the man was sobbing incoherently, namredips walked over to sica and picked her up in his arms, he walked back to the ship, eyes hardly leaving her face, once he reached the ship he put her down on a bed and sat down on a seat beside her, namredips looked up at Sythen "i think we need to go back to that medical station Sythen" he said slowly, he then turned back to Sica and began talking to her, trying to bring her back from the darkness

03/19/2006 4:45 PM

Sythen couldnt stop looking at Sica's wounds. His eyes filled with tears and his heart with sorrow. He squeezed his eyes closed and with a sudden sharp twitch he assimilated Sica's experience. Slowly his weight found his feet as he stood. His eyes opening reveling red irises to replace his gray ones.

"Stay here." His new lightsaber was built as he waited for Namredips to retrieve Sica and he couldnt wait to use it. As he entered the cave and walked past the platform, down the hall and up a fight of stairs, only a door stood between him and at least a dozen other men. His hand gripped the cold steel handle and he turned and pushed. There were a dozen men all laughing about a what they had done to Sica and another dozen minding there own business, playing card, watching the senate report from last week and a couple dueling with lightsabers. One was beat up and old the other was Sica's. They had no idea what they were doing.

"Greetings." They all stopped dead in there tracks and looked at Sythen. "GET 'EM!" A large man yelled. They rushed Sythen and within seconds Sythen's black lightsaber filled the room. Body parts and blood ran every where most of them didnt even have a change to scream. The large man was the last one alive. Sythen couldnt even look at him. His arm reached out and his hand closed, the man grasped his neck trying to breath. Sythen opened his fingers and the brute gasped in relief. Sythens jaw tightened as another dose of Sica's memories ran through him. Rage, hate and anger filled his blood and his fingers, lightening shot out and leached them selves on him. He screamed in agony, his body flailing wildly as his insides fried. His screams turned to pleads of mercy and then finally to a gurgle of blood. Sythen didnt stop once life had left his body. His lightning coursed through him until the room was covered in smoke and laced with the stench of burnt flesh. His body was no more than blackened bones. He made his way back to the ship, Sica's lightsaber in hand, blood covering his face. He didnt even notice as he made his way up the bay door.

"We can go now." He said trying to subside his rage. To the medical lab, I'll do what I can to heal the wounds or at least keep her from giving up on life. His eyes once again closed and his hands: one on her shoulder one on her outer thy. Concentrating as hard as he can, ~Dont give up...dont give in, the pain will stop soon...~

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03/20/2006 3:04 AM

Her mind was a darkened haze as she felt herself flying. She was dreaming. She was cuffed to a platform and hallucenating. There was no way she had been rescued. The men were on their way back to finish her off. She knew it. Her head tilted sideways as her body jerked. Violent convulsions coarsed through her and before she knew it she was on her side leaning over throwing up blood. Her mind echoes with Sythens words but she had no reply. He wasn't really there. She was dying. She was not niave enough to believe that anyone would be able to find her. Her images had not even been broadcasted. Her ears no longer heard the growling or deep breathing of the dog. Thats how far gone she believed herself to be.

The convulsing stopped and she slumped back, back into her blackened area. The place she was safe. The could kill her body but in her haze they would never find her. She retracted away from the world and her pulse slowed. Her fingers grew cold and her lips took on a blue hue. Her hair was matted with dirt, blood, and sweat, to the side of her head and she was cold. Her skin developed goosebumps with the lack of clothes. She didn't even have the warmth of the jacket since she was no longer producing body heat. After a few moments she began to develop hypothermia.

03/20/2006 8:45 AM

IC: namredips watched in horror as he saw Sica throwing up blood and then lying back down, and not moving "SICA!" he screamed, he started shaking her" SICA WAKE UP!" her pluse was slow, her skin cold "SICA DONT DIE! DONT DIE ON ME!" namredips knew she wasnt there, the lights where on but noone was home,, he sat back down and through his tears he reached out gingerly into sicas mind, it was black, black as anything.
he stumbled round in the darkness of her mind, "Sica?" he shouted "Sica where are you? its me, namredips, its ok, im here now your safe", he continued wandering in her mind, wandering in the darkness, trying to find her

03/20/2006 11:34 AM

"Namredips stop shaking her!" Once the frantic ex-sith stopped and proseded into her mind Sythen shook his head in disapointment. "NAMREDIPS! Snap out of this! The darkside will not help us here, emotions are usless. We need the light side, consentration and focus. If you want to help, help me heal her then we can go into her mind to find her. If we cant heal the wounds she wont live long enought to wake up!"

His consentration intensified he didnt even realize that they had made it to the medical lab and the men were waiting for him to get done. He could feel her weaken and lose body heat. He focused on that, his hands grew five degrees warmer and she projected his warmth into sica's body. He couldnt do anything about her pulse, only she controls that. The wound on her thy was healed and the same with the majoritie of the cuts on her back. The large one he was having a very hard time dealing with. Her bone was showing and it was starting to get infected from the sweat and dirt. "Namredips, think about a star and its heat. Thing about the energy it lets off and keep your hands on her. This will keep her warm. I need to try and fix the masive gash on her back..."

"Sir, we are the medical team. Please let us help," a man in all white plead but Sythen didnt even register he was there.

03/20/2006 3:18 PM

IC: Her body was beginning to heat up. That meant to her that it was all over. She had died and now she was in heaven. No one had rescued her, no one had cared. She sobbed out loud. In her mind Namredips was there. he was calling to her. She wanted to reach him but couldn't see him. Where was the singing? She could see the angels in white when she looked but where was the singing damnit. She wanted the heavenly songs to cross over to.

03/20/2006 11:06 PM

IC: namredips had barely listened with half an ear to what Sythen had said, he kept his hands on Sica but was still wandering around sicas mind calling to her "sica?" where are you?, it was eternally black, suddenly he remembered an old trick he had seen a jedi try, he consentraighted really hard and raised his right arm, slowly, light began to seep out, his right arm had become luminescent, he could see and was no longer wandering around blind, he couldnt see far though, so he kept calling and wandering "sica! its me, namredips, dont worry im here now, come towards the light, its safe dont worry"


come towards the light

cliche or what?

03/21/2006 10:50 AM

Her wounds wher mostly healed and body warm though her pulse still weak. Her body will servive thanx to himself and namredips, but her mind was another story. He placed his hand on her head and opend his eyes his pupils where nonexistant and irises frosted over. His could see fog to no end and a bleekness to match. Suddenly he felt her, weak, confused, scared but close. He followed the force and found him self right behind her curled up in a litte ball on the ground, "What are you doing down there? You cant get much revenge sleeping." His voice soft and melow, "Come on there is someone what misses you more than I." His are out reached and a smile on his face, he had found her and if she was willing she will wake up...

03/21/2006 9:35 PM

IC: She felt herself get picked up and looked straight into the face of someone she knew she recognized. She cried then. It was her dad. He had finally passed away. The memories of her dad brought back the amulet and she immediately associated it with Namredips voice. It was right there. Almost as if he was standing next to her. She looked about wildly and could only see angels and her dad.

"Dad, where is Namredips? I know he's here. Show him to me dad please!"

She felt herself get lifed from the ground and passed back out letting a pillow caress her head. She wasn't in pain she wasn't even cold.

03/26/2006 11:01 AM

IC: namredips noted the change in Sica, he opened his eyes and looked down at her "Sica?" he asked, "are you alright", he shook her shoulder gently

03/26/2006 7:26 PM

OOC: See you did it...kinda. Im gonna hand this over to Namredips.

IC: He broke the connection between him self and her when his hands lifted from her body. His heart sank and spirits drifted, he couldnt do any thing. It was no longer in his hand at all, "Namredips, I dont know how much practice you have with this part of the force, but she needs you. Your voice, face, and heart. She doesnt even see me or hear me. I can do nothing more." His attention shifted to the medics, "You are all usless right now. But stay just in case my friend can pull her out of this."

He stood, turned, and walked into the station. He passed the O.R. and the other medical rooms and turned into the cafe once again. He grabbed the attention of his friend and new owner of this underwraps station. His gaze didnt even lift from the cup off tea he held. He could only hope that Namredips can find it in him to feel the force on a higher level.

~You can do it, Namredips. I have faith.~

03/26/2006 11:15 PM

IC: She felt herself falling and opened her eyes. Whoever had been holding her was letting her go. Did that mean she hadn't earned her way into heaven? Tears began to descend from her eyes and she cried out. Where was Namredips? She had heard him, he was there. Why wouldn't he come to her?

03/27/2006 7:05 AM

IC: namredips placed his hand on sica's forehead closed his eyes and concentraighted (sp?) he was once again in sicas mind, it was dark, but it was lighter than before "Sica?" he called "im over here, its alright, your safe, im here now"

03/27/2006 3:46 PM

IC: namredips voice rang out in the darkness and her ears perked. She looked everywhere for him. With a dull thud she hit the ground. Looking to her left she saw him and reached for him but for some reason something was holding her back from touching him. Her arms wouldn't move. Her feet wouldn't budge. She looked at Namredips panicked.

"Namredips, help me. Please help me."

She began to cry. Loud sobs wracked her body as she looked to him to get her away from hell. To take her back to heaven, to her father.

03/27/2006 11:06 PM

The entire station rummbled and shook. "What the Hell what that?" He looked at his friend, "That felt like a..." another violent shake interupeted him. Alarms sounded and the the lights turned red.

"We are under attack!"

Sythen ran to the ship that now only occupied Sica and Namredips. There were two groups of four star fighters circling the station. No doubt recent events had reached Vixous and she wasnt going to wait around for him to get to her. Sythen started the ship,"Hey, Namredips, what ever you are doing...hurry!" The craft gave a slight rumble as one of the fighters shot at him. "Deflectors are up. The force save us...Im a good navagatoin pilot, not so good figher pilot"

~Ok sica need you to wake up...~

03/27/2006 11:11 PM

IC: namredips looked to his left and sw her, "Sica!" he shouted running towards her, he knelt down next to her and held her in his arms, "its ok now, im here for you" he whispered softly in her ear, namredips had heard the alarns and felt the station move, but he ignored them, Sica was more impotant than anything right now, and he wasnt going to lose her again.

03/28/2006 11:51 AM

IC: She felt herself be lifted and opened her eyes to find Namredips whispering in her ear, Smiling she put her arms around his neck and hugged herself close to his body. He had come for her. That could only mean that he wasn't going to leave her again. A jolt brought her back to reality and she looked to Thanis.

"How did I get here, What is happening? Why does my body feel like it has been injected with lead? And why am I not wearing any clothing?"

She looked pointedly at Namredips and glared. He couldn't have taken advantage of he while she was out could he? It didn't matter too much to her because she wasn't dying. The biggest gift he had given back to her was life. She moved her hand to grasp the necklace she had throw to him. He was wearing it. She fingered the pendant and then clenched it in her fist.

"Thank you for not losing this. Now go help him, I'll be fine for right now."

03/28/2006 1:14 PM

OOC: im assuming you took the pendant

IC: namredips was choking back tears, tears of joy, Sica was alright, he wiped his eyes dry, there was no time for this, there would be time later,. but now she was still in danger, namredips got up and walked over the Thanis and sat down in the co-pilot's chair
"what did i miss?" he asked

03/28/2006 1:27 PM

"Your back in the ship, we are on a remote planet in the Quana system. We grabbed you from that cave and now we are under attack. You feal like lead from all that has happend from your body and we didnt have time to dress you." He glanced at Namredips,"I need a fighter pilot, can you accomidate that?" He looked at the hatch above Sica, "if so I need you to pilot so I can blast thies asses off this planet."

His attention turned back to Sican and was goin to inform her that there was extra cloths in the pannel across form her when he was interupted once again by a blast. The ship trembled and roard. Sythen was thrown off his chair and hit the wall hard. His body went limp and mind when dark...

03/28/2006 2:15 PM

IC: namredips was about to say no i cant fly but before he could the ship trembled and Sythen was knocked unconscious, he turned to Sica "please, please say you can fly this thing"

03/29/2006 2:40 PM

IC: Sica listened to everything Sythen said and slowly played with it in her mind. She didn't remember much and closed her eyes to try to envision the scene he had briefly described. In the background she listened to them talk and was abruptly jolted off the bed when a blast hit the ship. Her body flew foward off the bed and she landed on the floor next to an unconcious Sythen. She placed the pendent around his neck in order to preserve his life. The gem glowed orange and then disappeared. She looked back to Namredips as she picked herself fingerly up off the floor and grabbed a sheet to wrap around her naked and sweating form.

"Yes I know how to fly. I watched him as we flew everywhere. Move and let me take over."

She climbed into the pilot seat and flipped the switches to automatic while she adjusted herself and the settings around her. Frantically she looked around for button that would take them into hyperspace and couldn't find one. What the hell kind of ship was this? Just as she was about to asked she saw the red button with the word "Guns" printed above it. She looked at it and grinned then looked at Namredips.

"I think I just came up with a plan"

Switching the switch back to manuel, she manuveured the ship to face the bulk of their attackors. With careful aim she shot at each one catching three out of the five surrounding them. With three destroyers down they had a better chance at getting away.

"Namredips, let me handle this, you call a hospital see if someone can meet us on Triton. Tell them Sythens condition ok?"

She turned her attention back to the navigator and murmured an address on Triton for the ship to go to. It responded immediately and she wondered why Sythen rarely used this feature.

03/31/2006 9:04 AM

IC: "thank goodness" namredips said to himself as he walked over to the radio, he pressed a few buttons and initiated long range contact with Triton "hello? we have come udner attack and one of our shipmates has been injured, can you have someone meet us?... exelent, thankyou" namredips said into the radio before ceascing comunication,
"they want us to dock with the station orbiting the planet, they'll have a doctor waiting there" he shouted to Sica

OOC: im guessing you made Triton up

03/31/2006 2:03 PM

As his mind drifted the plains of reallity and imagination and the fogs of what exists and what doesnt lifted. He was on the planet Cordaia 5 looking over three man made vallys of lava rock and ash. They narrowed to three masive doors. Through the doors what three seperat ways to the same place but different securiety systems. The one on the right had mostly laser presission traps and a hords of former bounty hunters. The left passage was gaurded by more Sith guards than Sythen has ever seen and a Sith lord at the door. Most of the Sith had single lightsabers or double bladed, but the Lord and a blade in each hand. The Middle was swarming with the super battle droids that he had fought earlier. His thoughts pushed through the deffences and into the cave. SHE was waiting for them, double bladed lightsaber in hand with two other Sith Lords beside her. They were training until otherwise interupted...

04/01/2006 2:25 PM

OOC: Yes I made Triton up. I was at a loss of Star Wars planets. I couldn't think of any besides the afore mentioned Tattoine(Sp).

IC: Sica listened to Namredips instructions and docked at the orbiting station. She shut down the whole ship and ran back to help Namredips with Sythen. Tugging the sheet up to keep herself covered she hit the button that opened the doors and unconsciously moved to a position behind Namredips. She didn't know how to help Sythen but shut her eyes to see where he was.

To her surprise, she didn't see him but a completely different place and a woman. A very beautiful woman but obviouslya Sith. She was guarded and training her protegue. She opened her eyes and looked over to Namredips to see if he had seen what she had. She bit her lip nervously and realized that this was where they were to end up. Not for a while but it was their end destination.

04/01/2006 5:42 PM

Sythen had stopped breathing in his sleep. Things started to fog and blur, realizing that something was wrong he forced him self awake. His eyes shot open, head splitting, and he took a gasp for air. His head was made his vision blurry, and he couldnt even talk strait.

"We...umm...gonna...at the...she's..." He got impatient and shut up. Sythen followed Namredips with hesitation or wonder. 'This man knows where he is going...' His steps staid steady even thought he didnt think he was walking strait. He tried again, "where...how...what...when..." sighing and once again shuting up at his own disapointment, he hoped that someone would get his gist and inform him of the situation.

04/07/2006 1:22 AM

IC: namredips, noticing Sythens puzzeled look filled him in on the details of what had happened after he passed out, "come on, lets get you onto the station and have the doctors look at you" he finished


noticing Sythens puzzeled look filled him in on the details of what had happened after he passed out

bwahahahaha, i cheated :-D

04/07/2006 12:48 PM

IC: Sythen was trying to tell them something and Namredips wasn't listening. She glared at his back as she followed behind them. With a shake of her head she branched away from the to go and get something to eat for herself and Namredips. She was positive that after something so strenuous he would be in need of sustanance. Walking up to the hospital cafeteria, she smiled at some of the doctors. She said what she wanted and placed the order for to and sat down in wait.

04/09/2006 11:43 PM

OOC: Sorry for the wait. Got a little busy, you know how it is.

IC: Once his composure was revived, he told Namredips what he had seen. His words came out slow, but steady. He asked the young ex-sith to get his counter part before she gets too comfortable. "We need to leave immeditely. She knows that we are on our way. Not to mention what will happen when the Jedi find out about this. Let me tell you, they wont be pleased that we went over there heads."

After Namredips had left the room to retrieve Sica, Sythen picked up his lightsaber and asked the doctors and nurses to leave the room. With out hesitation or question they obeyed his request. He needed to meditate, if he was to defeat Vixous he needed all the preperation he could muster. His posture straited, back slightly relax and upright, legs cross and arms held no tention as his hands rest on his knees. The lights fluttered and flickered as the master regained energy and stamina. The lightsaber laying in lap slowly rose and switched its self on. The room started glowing as the lights illuminated brighter than the bulbs could handle. All of a sudden the room blackend as the all of the light hand burnt its self out. 'Im ready.' With out realizing his thoughts echoed through the building.

Sythen waited outside the room in the empty hall way for his friends.

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04/17/2006 4:04 AM

IC: namredips walked down the hallway and into the cafeteria
"she's probably in here" he said to himself, he looked around for a bit intill he spotted Sica, he raised his arm and waved, he then walked over and sat dopwn at the table "hey Sica, Sythen sent me to look for you" he said "i wasnt quite sure what he ment but he was clear that we have to go" he added rising and walking towards the door

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04/20/2006 6:48 PM

IC: She waved and smiled as he sat down. He spoke, she nodded and then he made a move to get up. She grabbed his arm at this and made him sit down.

"Namredips, I'm scared. I don't know if we'll be able to fight that lady like he wants us too. I mean, I have had such a close call to death that I think it has me premanently a mess. And I...I..."

She looked away as she fumbled for the words. A faint stain came to her cheeks and she closed her eyes and sighed.

"I dont want to risk losing you again. It was so hard to be alone for all that time."

04/21/2006 8:29 AM

IC: namredips watched Sica intently as she spoke, and saw her blush, and heard her say

"I dont want to risk losing you again. It was so hard to be alone for all that time."

"Sica i wont ever leave you again" he said "i... i love you" he added, and blushed

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04/21/2006 6:35 PM

IC: She looked up at him as he told her that he loved her and her jaw dropped. How quickly he had turned from the one who had wanted her blood on his hands to the one who loved her. She blinked for a second and with wide eyes looked down at the table.

"How could you love me? You don't know who I have become since we parted. I have killed people with no care. I have tainted by innocent demeanor by turning from the pretty princess I once believed myself to be to the mistress of darkness who wants blood everywhere."

She took a hand of his into one of her own and looked at him in the eyes. She wanted him honest answer before she would return to Sythen. She wouldn't go alone either. Calmly she sat there looking up at him with dark eyes.

04/21/2006 10:23 PM

Sythen continuted to wait in the hall way for his companions. Slowly person by person the hallway regained life. Doctors, nurses, helpers, and patience walked and talked, no-one entered the room Sythen was standing next to. The most it got was a glance by one of the gaurds passing by.

His primary doc stopped next to him, "feeling better, sir?"

"Much, thank you. And your self?"

"Well I just need to get some supplied from the room and I'll be find and dandy..."

Sythen's arm blocked the good doc's path, "You dont wanna go in there. In fact, you might just want a clean up crew first. Oh, and a restock."

The doctor looked at him bug eyed and truned to the door. He could see through the windows that it was thrashed and dark, "What hap..."

"Dont ask!" His eyes piered into the doc's.

"...I...wont ask..." His eyes glazed and voice monotoned.

"You dont need anything from this room, everything is in storage!"

"...I think I will check storage instead..." The doctor walked toward the storage room a little dazed and confused, looking back at Sythen.

He waited...

04/22/2006 3:30 AM

IC: namredips looked back into her eyes, "how could i not love you?" he said softly, "i wouldnt expect anyone to remain innocent after going through what you've gone though" he tilted her head up slightly "i wont let anything or anyone ever harm you again, i wont ever leave you" he whispered, and moved his head closer towards her's to kiss her

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04/22/2006 1:39 PM

IC: She closed her eyes to hide the tears welling up in them, When she looked back up he was leaning in to kiss her and she smiled and let him. A blush stained her cheeks and she finished the kiss and broke away. She then stood and faced him. Throwing her arms around him and burying her face in his shoulder she let herself feel free and then grabbed his hand.

"Ok maybe we should go find Sythen now. Where is he?"

04/23/2006 2:31 AM

he looked at her and smiled

"He was in his room last i checked, shall we go?"

he lead her gently out of the cafeteria and towards sythens room

04/23/2006 5:09 PM

Sythen felt Sica and Namredips approaching from around the corner at his right and met up with them.

"We need to leave." He felt something between them now something that had been on the bring but was not in full swing before. They are a little different from a few minutes ago. What ever it was, it was powerful and dangerous at the same time. If this isnt energy isnt controlled the Darkside can corrupt with ease.

"You two ready?" He started towards the ship and briefed them both on how Vixous is waiting and training for there arrival. They need to take the time to train on the way there. Sythen reprogrammed the ship to not operate as full capacity just to take that time. So they too will be ready!

OOC: I hope that makes more sense...

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04/24/2006 5:29 PM

OOC: I'm going to pretend that made sense to me Thanis.

IC: She followed Namredips out to were Sythen was and they were greeted by a brutal hello. Well there was no hello but it was brutal. She lifted an eyebrow and looked over at Namredips still holding his hand. Her eyes rolled as they followed Sythen to the ship, listening to what he was saying about Vixous. When they were on the ship She let go of Namredips hand and stood there with her arms crossed waiting for her instructions. What else did he want to teach her?

04/25/2006 3:23 AM

He didnt even notice Sica's silent remark with her eyes but kept talking. Once on the ship He set in training. Intervals of blind sparing and meditating consumed there time. He started out with Sica and Namredips to spare with blast helmets on while he concentrated on the force. After ten minutes he told Sica to take his place and he continued with Namredips. All three cycled this exercise at least twenty times before they had come even close to the planet. Going through all aspects of force concentration: healing, foresight, object maneuverability, and a general feeling for all things around them they continued to prepare for the small war before them.

}Curilium 5 with in rang{ The animatronics voice let Sythen know to stop the cycles and have all three sit and concentrate on the force, any side, what ever they are comfortable with. As the ship entered the atmosphere Sythen readied his weapon not sure what kind of greeting they will be met with. The ship landed and bay door opened. Not a soul was too be seen.

"Calm before the storm?!"

04/25/2006 2:20 PM

"last time i heard someone say that they where cut to peices by blaster fire ten seconds later"

namredips walked out of the ship and onto the planet and looked around, he then came back in and stood by Sica

"there isnt anything out there, are you sure this is the right place?"

04/25/2006 4:31 PM

Sythen cautously walked out, lightsaber in hand, but not on. Not even wind showed life against the rocks. They where right where they where supposed to be, about a half a click away from the Sith's lair. They should be all over them like a swarm of bees.

"Yes she is hear along with a almost a hundred other Sith, some super battle droids, and a crap load of bounty hunters. But where are they? We should be knee keep in the fight of our lives right now..."

He started towards the man-made valley where Vixous was. He could feel her hate swelling in side of him. She know they are here, but isnt making a move, why? Getting attacked right off the bat would give her the advantage...

"Come on, lets not keep our 'friends' waiting..."

04/26/2006 11:33 PM

IC: Sica looked at Namredips who was standing by her side. She smiled and then moved her gaze back to Sythen. Listening to what he was telling them information that would help them in the long run. She developed a knot in her stomach as she followed Sythen off the ship.

"We wont keep them waiting but what is our method of defense and attack?"

04/28/2006 3:39 PM

"We'll stick together in a tight circle until we arrive to the site. There are three paths, Sica will take the right path. Her agility and ability to mind trick the bounty hunters makes her the most suitable. Namredips you where once a sith, so your passion and anger will help you throught the left path with all the other minor sith. I will take the middle with the super battle droids, this isnt the first time I have fought them so I have the advantage of knowing there weaknesses."

Just as he had ordered they stayed in a tight circle watching each others backs. No one stepped forward to challenge there arrivel. It took only about ten minuts to get to the three vallyes. From here on out ther where on there own. Once they walk through there pre-chosen door it was on. For about a mile in to the caves they will have to use the force like no one has ever seen. Once they met up again only team work will keep them alive.

"Here we go. Namredips to the left, Sica the right. Good luck and may the force be with you both..." He didnt even have the heart to look at them befor he made down the center. 'I hope they are ready. I hope I will see them again...'

04/29/2006 2:57 AM

as Namredips walked down the left he chuckled and shouted
"see you on the otherside" then realisation crept over his face
"damn that was cliche!"
he added, he came up to a door "lets do this" he said to himself, his drew his lightsaber and with his free hand pulled out a fast firing blaster pistol, he knocked on the door politely three times, then blew it off its hinges with a explosive charge, he stepped through

"knock knock" he shouted "guess whos back!"

three lesser sith turned and looked at him

"huh, lowest of the low, they havent even been trusted with real lightsabers yet" he thought to himself as he saw the three lesser sith armed with vibroblades

"a test from the master!" one of them shouted

"nope! guess again" namredips shouted back raising his pistol and firing 5 shots, the first three got one of the siths in the head, torso and leg, the other two missed by a hair width of the other two leser sith, then he charged raiding his lightsaber and before the sith could even move he had mowed them down, slicing their feet off, he circled them,

"please, dont kill us" one of them begged

"hmm, decisions, decisions" namredips said, ignoring the sith "its your lucky day!" he suddenly shouted "ill kill you quickyly" he added with all the evil and malice he could muster, grinning as he saw the two lads expressions change, he pulled up his pistol and fired two shots, then smiling to himself he said

"if thats all they have then i dont know why sythen was so worried"

"he was worried of me" came a voice from the shadows,

a dark robed man came out of them, he dropped his cloak and drew two red lightsabers

"bugger" namredips replied putting away his pistol, it wouldnt do him any good here, with both hands on his lightsaber he looked around quickly, there where plently of rocks around here, he used the force to pick 3 of them up and sent them flying at the sith, the sith then smarly jumped and ducked dodging two of them but the third caught him on the ribs, knocking him to the floor, he quickly got back up, and when he was on his feet he saw namredips running at him full pelt with lightsaber raised, the sith fumbled to grab his ligthsabers to block, and did just that, but only just, the force from namredips attack knocked one of his lightsabers from his hand, namredips extended his arms and lightning arced from his fingers, the sith lord jumped to the side and didnt make it, he was fried beyond recognition, namredips looked down at his charred corpse and sucked his fingers

"damn, too much again" he mumbled

after using the force to cool the blisters on his fingers namredips set off back down the track, well aware that there are many more sith ahead

05/03/2006 1:19 AM

As they split their ways sending Sica down the right path a silence came over her. Nothing around her moved. She looked everywhere and coninued walking with her arms languidly at her side but positioned for quick battle. She came up quietly on the four bounty hunters who were waiting there. They seemed to be in a conversation with each other. She ducked quickly into hiding on the left to decide her tactics. A small evil grin came over her lips and she raised her hands to let her hair down.

Wetting her lips and pushing up her cleavage a little she changed the expression on her face to innocent and probed into the minds of the hunters before exposing herself. Two were new, one wasn't, the fourth was a master at mind tricks. It took little effort to get the two weak hunters to her hiding spot and with quick blows to their neck with her saber she decapitated them. She worked a little harder to get the third one under her influence. It took a while but eventually she won out. Using him against the other she forced the hunter to blast his superiors stomach and then turn the gun to his face.

Emerging from her hiding spot she walked over the dead bodies and opened the door. A smile presented itself on her face and she walked inside with a stride. If there was going to be anything in this passageway, she would still look innocent. She carefully made her way down the passage, letting each small deliberate footstep fall softly so no sound carried. She came to the end of the hall and there was another door. This one she didn't open immediately. She closed her eyes and pressed her ear against it, inside she heard many voices, one from a woman. She knew this woman was the ultimate reason Sythen had wanted her to help him. She shook her head and drew back waiting for her mental orders to enter. She wouldn't go in alone.

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05/03/2006 3:11 PM

After leaving the other two Sythen closed his eyes to soak in the full power of the force. He force pushed the doors open and charged the room, closing the door behind him. A dozen super battle droides awaited his arrival but to little avail. With his black lightsaber in hand, hungry for action, Sythen jumped into the air. Just as he had sensed they would do, they also left the ground. He destroyed the lights forcing the droids to use night vision and only seeing his blade. Blaster shots and his blade filled the air with chaos and devastation. By the time his feet met the ground again it was littered with parts. He opened the door again letting in the light and looked around the room. It was in shambles and if it wasnt re-enforced with metal the place would have come down on them. The walls looked like swish cheese and the ceiling looked as if it was a million years old. He couldnt even begin to count the times he had almost been shot only moments ago and thanked his master under his breath for teaching him so thoroughly

On the other side of the next two doors was at least a hundred sith and some more bounty hunters. After that was Vixous and her two crownies. He stepped in front of hell and opened the doors. He gasped and his eyes grew to oranges he wanst even close to ready for this...

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05/04/2006 12:26 PM

Namredips ran down the corridor, blaster firing and lightsaber whirling,

"bloody hellfire? how many of you are there?" he screamed mowing down sith as he ran,

most of the sith where low level rookies, without lightsabers, there was the occasional with armed with an actual lightsaber, most of them wernt very good with it, suddenly he noticed the hallway was empty, he slowed down, then stopped, advancing slowly, eyes alert for danger, the hallway opened up into a big room, there was a sithlord armed with a doubleended red lightsaber, either side of him there where three sith apprentices, armed with red lightsabers, and behind them where no less than twenty raw recruits, armed with vibroblades, they all stared at namredips,

namredips swore under his breath, one of the sith shot his rifle at him, a single shot, no more, the shot grazed his leg, namredips looked down at the burn mark in his trousers, then looked back up at the sith who had fired, all the sith around him sharply stepped away from him, namredips glared at him, that was enough for the young lad, he tried to run for it, but the sith lord cut him down

"i will not allow cowerdice into my squad" the sithlord said

"he was the smarted one of you" namredips replyed "are we going to fight or stand here talking about it?" he asked

the sith lord grinned

"lets do this" namredips said

ten minutes later, the room was charred, full of bodysbloody was everywhere, namredips spat on the corpse of the sithlord, then walked up to the door, open it, and stepped though quietly, he saw Sythen close by, silently he walked up to his side

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05/05/2006 9:36 AM

A few moments later a sense of overwhelming dread over came her and she knew it was being caused by someone else. Sythen was the most probably culprit. She took that feeling to mean it was time to make an entrance and opened the first door. There was a bounty hunter that was guarding another door. The second the door opened he shot she was able to duck in time and stood up looking dazed and confused.

"I'm sorry I guess this isn't where I'm supposed to be. Do you happen to know where the hospital sector is? I was given orders to make sure Vixious was okay. That Sythen character got to her."

She crossed her hands in front of her stomach and batted her eyelashes while leaving her full lips to tremble slightly showing fear. Her mind slowly battled the barriers he had set against mind control. She had to be careful or he would know. He wasn't buying it, he didn't move, didn't speak, just stood there poised with his gun ready.

"Ok well I can see you aren't going to help me. Perhaps you know someone who can."

She took a small step forward only to jump back when he started to pull the trigger. She bit her lip and looked down in a gesture of defeat. Her mind pushed through the last barrier and replaced the images of Vixious talking and fine to vixious on the ground bleeding and dying with a vivd mental image of Sythen standing over her. The hunter began to rest his gun and nodded.

"I'll take you all you have to do is follow me."

She stood to the side to let him pass. Once he passed by her she unsheather her lightsabe and with a quick run through of his spine, she made a hole in his stomach.

"Hospitality pays asshole"

With those words she moved back through the door and put her lightsaber away but at the ready. This was it. She opened the door again and stepped inside. Her eyes grew wide as she looked around. She had never seen so many Sith masters gathered together in one place. As her jaw opened and her mouth dropped she unconsciously pulled her hair back into a messy bun on top of her head. She continued to survey the area taking in everything. She looked toward the other doors to see Sythen and his facial expression. She had been right, it was his senses that had flooded her. She swallowed the sudden lump in her throat and absently fingered the pendant on her neck as she waited to be noticed.

05/05/2006 4:15 PM

OOC: That last door you went through Namre was the LAST door. Im waiting for YOU and Sica. Now she has joined me but you where supposed to be there too. Is ok just plz make that minor adjustment. Thanx.

Sythen sensed the other two next to him and regained his composure, closing his mouth and focusing his mind. Sica and Namredips where in just as much shock and thought the same thing, "this is bad!"

The next step was obvious, "Greetings and salutations," his voice echoed the halls as the Sith lords all stopped speaking right be for he did, they knew they where there.
"We are just here for her," his finger pointed to a five foot, black haired, red eyed, scantly clad, sexy woman with two light sabers at her sides and two very large men next to her. She chatted away pretending not to notice them. "If you will all kindly get out of our way we will do what is necessary and be on our way." The room feel silent.

"Oh, my dear Sythen you have come home to me! And what is this? New recruits? You shouldnt have! Now come take your place beside me as my king!" Her voice spat out venomous words that soothed his hears and clouded his mind. She filled his thoughts with pictures of ruling the galaxy as the old sith lords Vader and Sidious did once. He felt Sica and Namredips again and snapped too.

"Your sick Vixous! Now come down here and die like a good little girl!" He gnarled.

"You stupid, insignificant fool! You think you can get though an army of Sith lords? THEN take on me and my two best?" She shook her head in disappointment, "you have become over confident and insulting Sythen. Kill them!"

Simultaneously a hundred red lightsabers cut the air. "Whom ever Kills Sythen gets me for a night!" Her voice rang out. All of the Sith jumped into the air blades coming down while Vixous and her two bitches held there stay. Sythen's black blade screamed as he too let go of the ground and met ten Sith in the air. It had begun!

05/17/2006 3:01 PM

Sica's jaw dropped as she looked at the scene before her. There were sith masters everywhere and not one of them looked scrawny. She sighed and shook her head while casting a glance in Namredips direction. This was definitely not going to be easy. She looked back to the woman Sythen called Vixious and lowered her head to glare at her through hooded eyes.

As Sythen spoke to the silent room she looked around studying each of them in quick turn to find the ones who would be the easiest to take out. She spotted two who looked like they were newer masters and decided they would be the easiest because of the way they would try to show off. One had violet eyes and the other had black eyes. Easy enough to remember since the others had pale pale blue or white. Vixious laughed and it rang out giving Sica a slight headache which she shook it away. Sythen was getting mouthy now which meant he was about to start the fight and sure enough a few moments later Sythen was showing off in the air taking on a handful of Sith.

Sica moved around past Namredips and behind the sith with the violet eyes. She quickly put her arm around his neck and pressed her saber into his back. The saber was not on but with the chance of it being turned on in a second the Sith did not move. She nodded her head towards the one with black eyes who was stanced and waiting for his turn to take on Sythen.

"So what made you decide that this was the best way to go? You know, Sith die slower than the Jedi making it torturous...let's test it shall we?"

And before he was able to utter anything she turned her saber on and it pierced through his lungs. He made no sounds as he lay squirming to breath on the ground and none of the other sith had been alerted. She moved around a massive group of them all and swung low letting her saber slice through their ankles. That let all of the sith know they were there also and she quickly became surrounded the sounds of electricity hitting electricity sounding through the air.

05/18/2006 8:12 AM

the whole scene exploded in front of namredips' eyes, he was confused, he tried to clear his mind "kill everyone in black" he thought to himself, he looked down, then across and sythen and sica, "bugger!", he thought for a split second then decided, kill em first, sort it out later, he switched his saber on and scanned the room, the fight was tremendous, many sith where disorientated and attacking each other, "leave them" namredips thought, they will kill each other, and leave less of rme to kill, "oh fook it!" he shouted he turned his attention onto a tall sith "cm'ere ye lanky bastard!" he screamed at him, running full pelt, the sith turned but before he could do anything was sliced clean in half, his torso hit the floor, still twitching,meanwhile namredips had turned his attention onto another sith

05/22/2006 11:36 PM

Sythen busied the ones in the air while Sica caught the ones on the ground off guard. With all of their attention's on Sythen she took full advantage, she was good at her job. Namredips on the other hand had obviously never been in this kind of situation and was out of sorts.

~Namre, force push all of the others in the middle then you and Sica will have a better time dealing with them. Well, as much better as it will get, them being masters and all and now notice your presents.~

Sythen used the walls and the force to keep him afloat. Mostly dodging and parrying he moved around the massive room. He watched how they jumped at him and how long they stayed in the air. Slowly he positioned him self until they had to jump to his plan. He made his move. He knew that they kept ten in the air at all times, so the first two he that came up to him he parried there blades and spun in the air his lightsaber slightly in front of him. There heads hit the ground before they did. The next three caught his force lightning, only one died the other two hit the ground unconscious. Two more dropped with holes in there abdomen from the black blade. A more skill full swords man gave Sythen a run for his money but to no avail as his heart exploded and he too became one with the force. He had only dispatched eight but they where already catching on to him and changing there tactics.

'I hope Sica and Namredips is doing alright down there. They are fast learners, im sure they are fighting a hard battle, but doing well.' He assured himself.

05/23/2006 7:52 AM

Namredips had gone into a battle rage, Fook tactics, he thought charging 5 sith weilding double bladed lightsabers, screaming obsanitys as he ran

"what the bloody hell?" one of them shouted

"DIEEEE!" namredips screamed in return slicing the sith in half

the other sith clusted to try and stop him, but they where as much use as a chocolate battle-droid, namredips sliced through them all, he vaugly heard sythens order and followed it subconciously knwocking all the sith in the middle down, he continued to run though the battlefield screaming insults as we went, throwing explosives and force attacks randomly around, he looked a mess.

05/26/2006 9:56 AM

Sica immediately took to the two sith that had landed on the floor unconcious. She sliced their necks and then strayed back unseen to the outer circle of the Sith. Looking directly at the back of one who sounded like he was breathing heavy she thrust her lightsaber and let it pierce through his heart. As she turned to fight off the Sith who had seen her kill the one she saw namredips making a suicide run into a group of them. With a curse she jump kicked two sith so they lost their vision for a moment while she ran off to help namredips.

"Namredips you're so dumb! What the hell possessed you to do that!"

She was screaming as she manuevered her lightsaber towards and away from the Sith who was fighting her. Suddenly burning hair was smelled and she realized another Sith had unsuccessfully attacked her from behind and cut off most of her hair. Infuriated she used the adrenaline rush to terminate the one Sith and go after the next. It was the Sith with lavender eyes. Her own eye slitted and she stared at the Sith lord with hatred.

"I don't think you intended to give me a haircut but you might want to work on your technique."

With that she charged at him and he at her. Their lightsabers intwined in battle.

05/26/2006 3:27 PM

Sica's calling brought namredips out of his battle rage, he patted himself down, a minor cut, nothing too serious, he was lucky it was nothing more, he was lucky he wasnt dead, the way he was acting.
he suddenly ducked as a sith went screaming overhead, the handywork of sythen, and with barely enough time to stand up straight he parried a blow from a lightsaber, then he ducked from a blow from a different sith, he wanted to go into a battle rage, try and kill everything that moved, he resisted it, knowing that that'd only get him killed, he sliced down at one of the sith but the sith saw it coming and raised his lightsaber to block, as he did this namredips kicked him hard just below the rib cage, knocking him back, and in one fluid movement namredips turned around and cut the siths arm off, it wasnt the siths lightsaber arm however so the sith kept attacking, and namredips kept blocking, suddenly namredips look shocked and scared and his eyes where focused behind the sith, the sith registered this and turned around quickly to see what namredips was looking at, but the sith couldnt see anything of importance, and that was the last thing he ever saw, becuase at that moment namredips removed the sith's head clean off of his shoulders.
suddenly namredips felt a pang in the pit of his stomach, he ducked suddenly, but not quick enough, the sith's lightsaber took a chunck of his ear off,

"argh, you twat! that bloody hurt!"

namredips entered the fighting stance ready to engage the new threat

05/30/2006 5:46 PM

After a good hour of fighting Sythen and his companions thinned out the crowed of Sith. Namredips and Sica had the last ones and was engaging full force. Sythen stopped for a breather and watched Vixous.

"Oh dear, what a fight. It was amusing at most. Tell you what Sythy dear, I'll give you a rest before we end your pittyful lives." She spat at him.

He was hopping she was telling the truth because they where gonna need the rest. He took a seat near the wall but kept his eyes on the dark lord. She tried to use the mind trick on him, but he put up resistance and after a few moments she lost intrest in her game.

"Just waiting for your children to get done. By the way what IS taking them so long? Those two are such pothetic masters and your friends are having a hard time with them!"

He knew she was just trying to get his mind off of her and on to them. He wasnt going to fall for it. She is cleaver but not that clever.

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