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11/25/2005 1:07 PM

Hello everyone!

As this truly is my very first post, I would like to greet everybody with an open heart and a warm longlasting eyecontact!

But, even if i did greet you with all kinds of magic ways there might ever be, it would not hide the fact that I am a beginner. The Free Form RP Forums Guide told me that I could hone my writing skills in the Training ground forums, but when i finally managed to get there, it stroke me from the bottom of my stomach, there is not a single active "jump-in" FFRP going on. So my humble desire from the almighty sages is; please, for the rpg god's sakes make another starter-adventure! It would be an honor to be a part of one, especially if it were a fantasy game, with spells and such. I'm not too much into those "realistic" RP:s, as you can not use your imagination so much in those.

Actually, im into any type of game, but i prefer fantasy games! Therefore my mighty sniveling nose is intrigued to play games! I hope you guys can hook me up with some game! BIG thanks already!

11/25/2005 1:58 PM

Hey Nikki, welcome to the RPGC. It's always good to hear from intelligent new members. You'd be surprised how many people just go ahead and jump straight into the RPs with little clue as to what they are doing...

Anyway, I don't know much about what's going on at the training ground, but if you are interested you could always join my 'The Dungeon' RP which is permanently open for new players. It's a D&D fantasy setting where you can be as imaginative as you like. If you are interested, (don't worry, I won't be offended if you're not) meet me there in the OOC section where I'll answer any question you might have... :)

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11/25/2005 4:50 PM

*nods* yes, the dungeon would work, as would my 'newbie' thread in the same forum "General". I am in the Dungeon thread, and can help you with anything you need.

11/26/2005 5:01 AM

Flark, thank you for your reply! I am VERY interested in that! I'll be joining soon, but I will read the adventure of yours first, and give you some info of the character i am going to use in that adventure. But even before that, i have to fix my computer which is quite jammed at the moment! By the way, I suppose I am allowed to be in a few games at the same time, because I was thinking about that Kalia_Majere's thread too! Thanks, both of you! I have registered to couple RP forums, and their reply wasn't nearly as good as this ones!

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