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11/17/2005 8:57 PM

I have an idea for a war epic rp in which the goal of the rp is to defeat the evil tyrant's army and end his reign of torture and terror. But you must travel across harsh deserts, miles of plains, and mountainous regions galore all the while leveling up your army before you finally reach his castle. As you explore the world, you will encounter enemy armies and possibly other players' armies. But you can get equipment for your army by spending gold and items such as fire arrows, bombs, catapults, etc. and even recruit mystical creatures to help out in battle such as dragons, chimeras, etc. A basic army in this game is one commander, 5 generals, 10 officers, and 100 troops. You can be any race you want and so can your army. You can mix and match your entire army but don't make it too confusing. What do you think about this? I've got other ideas if this one doesn't pan out.

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11/18/2005 7:11 AM

I think you should join some other rp threads before you try starting one on your own.

11/18/2005 11:42 AM

It doesnt sound too bad of an idea...however how do you plan on determining battles with two various armies...do all players have to be allied or can they attempt to destroy other players armies and than have their defeated counterparts merge with their army? And why would a dragon just by chance join some army?

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